Speech of Shri Pu P. R. Kyndiah, Governor of Mizoram before the Third Mizoram Legislative State Legislative Assembly on 18th March, 1994

Hon’ble Speaker and distinguished Members of this august House,

It is both a privilege and a pleasure to welcome you all to the Second Session of the Third Mizorm State Legislature. This year has started most auspiciously and the joyous celebrations of the Gospel Centenary are still lingering in our minds. The historic occasion and the manner in which all strata of people in Mizoram participated in the same is unique and will be remembered for long. It is my sincere hope that the deliberations of this august House will lay down the foundations of all-round growth and development of the State in the years to come.

2. In the year gone by, my Government was successful in ensuring all round peace in the State. I am happy that the recent tension on our border with Assam at Vairengte was tactfully handled resulting in restoration of normalcy. As a result of the initiative of my Government, several rounds of peace talks were held with the HPC, which are likely to bear fruits in the form of a final settlement to the problem. To check border infiltration across Indo-Myanmar and Indo-Bangladesh borders, the Government of India has now sanctioned one battalion of Indian Reserve Police to be raised in the State. I commend the zeal and dedication of the law enforcing authorities, which resulted in a decline of the crime rate in the State. The untiring efforts of my Government and the cooperation of the people of Mizoram resulted in the peaceful environment and the all-round development of this State. I am fully confident that my Government will continue and sustain the efforts made in order to accelerate the pace of development and to ensure socio-economic justice of all.

3.1 With the aim of ensuring socio-economic justice to all sections of the society, my Government continues to give high priority to increased production and productivity in Agriculture and Allied Sectors. The objective is to achieve self-sufficiency in foodgrains. Besides Agriculture, there has been growth in the areas of Rural Development, Horticulture, Fisheries, Soil & Water Conservation and Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Department.

3.2 Under Agriculture Department, positive steps have been taken to enhance the production of paddy, maize, pulses, oil seeds and potatoes. During the current year, small tractors and power tillers were distributed to the farmers at subsidized rates. During 1993-94, 1,500 hectares of potential flatland has been developed for cultivation and 510 hectares of wet rice cultivation areas will be brought under irrigation. A Cold Storage Plant at Sihphir and a Tapioca Processing Plant at Thingdawl have been commissioned. The Mizoram Agricultural Marketing Corporation is active in providing marketing assistance to agricultural purposes. In the coming year, over 500 hectares of land will be brought under irrigation and efforts will be made to mechanise cultivation. A Seed Production Farm will also be established at Champhai WRC area and 1,500 hectares of additional potential flatland will be developed.

3.3 The Rural Development programmes taken up by my Government aim to provide economic sustenance to the poor. Efforts are being made to educate the people and wean them away from the unproductive practice of jhumming and replace it by more permanent and productive means of livelihood through the New Land Use Policy. During 1993-94, 6,225 families were covered under this programme and this coverage will be increased by the addition of 15,000 families in the next year. Besides the on-going Jawahar Rozgar Yojana scheme, a new Employment Assurance Scheme has been launched by the Government. Both these schemes target the rural poor. As a result of effective implementation of these schemes, different areas of the State will benefit through development of rural link roads, better drinking water supply, better school buildings and other amenities. Under the scheme of Rural Housing, 3,312 roofless families were provided GCI sheets in 1993-94. An additional 1,656 families will be covered in the coming year. During 1993-94, 4000 Environment Friendly Improved ‘Chullahs’ was distributed to the rural families and an equal number of families will benefit from the scheme, next year also.

3.4 In the field of fish production, my Government has established a separate Directorate of Fisheries. During 1993-94, 6.33 lakh fish seeds from four Fish Seed Farms and 17.6 lakh fish seeds under Fresh Water Aqua Culture Scheme were distributed to fish farmers. In the coming year, Fisheries Demonstration Farm at Tamdil will be developed, 30 lakh fish seeds are targeted for production and an Ice Plant will be established at Bilkhawthlir to provide marketing support for locally produced fish.

3.5 To increase horiticultural production, my Government has established a separate Directorate of Horticulture. Horticulture development will now get a fillip and this is likely to give an impetus to the selling up of Agro-based Industries in all parts of the State.

3.6 Under the Soil & Water Conservation Department, my Government has taken up Land Development Programmes such as Terracing and Engineering Protection Measures, as well as Cash Crop Plantations. During 1993-94, 3,450 hectares of land have been developed and an additional 3,640 hectares will be developed next year.

3.7 Under the Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Department, my Government has taken steps for augmenting field infrastructures and to increase production of meat and eggs. During the year, 4,700 Artificial Inseminations were performed, 12,000 tonne of milk produced and distributed and 12 lakhs chicks distributed. 100 Bio-gas Plants were also installed. In the coming year, a Veterinary College, under the Central Agriculture University, will be established at Aizawl.

4.1 My Government continues to attach great importance to the development of the vital sector of Power and Electricity. Scarcity of power stunts industrialisaton and our efforts to expand economic activities in the State. Hence the Government is making all out efforts to develop hydel power through mini, micro and small projects. The preliminary works for Serlui ‘B’ Hyel Project (9MW) are underway and the project is slated for commissioning in 1997-98. Maicham Mini Hydel Project (2MW) is expected to be commissioned in May 1994. Two other mini hydel projects, Ramri Lui (300KW) and Vawra Lui (50MW), taken up under NEC, will also be commissioned in the coming year. The Government is also actively pursuing to obtain early environment and forest clearance for the Tuirial Hydel Project and further progress will be made on this project in the coming year. Investigations in respect of Tuivai Hydel Project (210MW) and Kolodyne Phase I (60MW) have been completed. Another project of tremendous importance to our region, is the hydel project on Dhaleswari River, popularly known as Bairabi Hydro Electric Project. My Government is keen that this project should be taken up as early as possible by a Central Agency like NHPC. The importance of this project lies in the multi-dimensional benefits that will acrue to the people of Mizoram.

4.2 The construcion of transmission and distribution network is going on in full swing to cover the entire State with a distributin grid. This network will connect important load centers. The Zemabawk – West Phaileng and the Serchhip – E.Lungdar, 132 KV lines are likely to be commissioned shortly. In the coming year, construction on three more 132 KV lines, connecting Marpara, Lungsen and Lawngtlai is also expected to be completed. Rural Electrification has also made good progress and an additional 50 villages were electrified during 1993-94, bringing the total number of electrified villages in the State to 617 villages.

5. My Government accords high priority to the improvement of road communication network and to construction of Government buildings. During 1993-94, formation cutting of over 68 kms, blacktopping of over 60 kms and construction of 97 culverts was completed. Works on sixteen Government buildings, as well as on the Secretariat building and the Legislative Assembly building, are in progress. In the coming year, efforts will be intensified so as to increase the length of roads, which are blacktopped, and to expand the network of surface communications. Eleven Government buildings are also slated for completion.

6.1 In order to alleviate the difficulties of the people with regard to access to drinking water, the Greater Lunglei Water Supply Scheme has been partially commissioned and has started supplying water to Lunglei town. Forty villages have been covered under the scheme of Augmentation of Rural Water Supply. So far, 166 villages, out of 721 villages and habitations, get regular water supply.

6.2 In the coming year the Water Supply Schemes for Serchhip and Kolasib towns will be taken up. The Scheme of supply of water to Saiha town will also be speeded up. Forty more villages in the rural areas are targeted to be covered under augmentation of Rural Water Supply Scheme.

7.1 My Government realizes the importance of development of human resources and therefore due emphasis is placed on spread of education and the development of games and sports as well as arts and culture.

7.2 During 1993-94, the scheme for supply of Free Text Books to poor students in primary and middle schools was launched. Eighty-seven Aided Middle Schools and sixty-two Aided High Schools have been provincialised. The completion of the building of the Directorate of School Education has been an achievement. In the sphere of Higher Education, the Saitual and Mamit Colleges have been upgraded and Aizawl Law College has been affiliated to NEHU.

7.3 We are proud of the achievements of our youth in the sphere of sports. Two players had participated in the Wushu Championhsip held at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in November 1993. At the 3rd National Games, held in Pune, our sportsmen did us proud by winning 1 Gold, 2 Silver and 1 Bronze Medal. Our Scouts and Guides also received awards at the hands of the President, in New Delhi.

7.4 The need to preserve and nurture our rich culture and heritage cannot be over-emphasized. Important festivals like Chapchar Kut and YMA Day give us the opportunity to inculcate a sense of pride for our tradition and our past amongst our youth.

8.1 Industrial development has been in the forefront, amongst the sectors identified for development by my Government. The foundations for two tea factories, at Ngopa and Biate, have been laid. A big tea nursery has been raised at Luangmual Growth Centre and another nursery will come up at Pawlrang shortly. The Gur and Khansari unit of 10 MT capacities has been commissioned at Saitual. A Fruit Juice Concentrate Plant at Chhingchhip is also under construction. As a result of the Government’s effort to tap our latent natural resources, the Geology and Mining Wing has identified exploitable deposits of Shell Limestone in Muthi area, suitable for production of glazed slabs.

8.2 In the field of Sericulture, my Government has provided encouragement to private farmers by distributing 20 lakhs Mulberry cuttings and has also given Grants-in-aid to 100 families. Our silk quilts, carpets and handloom cloth have a ready market outside the State.

9.1 The Government is committed to achieving "Health for all by 2000 AD". In line with this objective, the hospital at Lunglei is being expanded to a 200-bedded capacity. Improvement is being carried out in respect of other buildings also under the Health Department. The Regional Para-Medical Training Institute will also start functioning shortly.

9.2 In the coming year, the improvements in Civil Hospital at Aizawl will continue. Besides, 2 Community Health Centres and 4 Primary Health Centres, in the rural areas, and a Maternity Hospital at Luangmual, will also be established.

10. During the year, the Environment and Forests Department opened 11 Range Offices and has taken up 12,000 hectares under afforestation. The joint efforts of the Department and YMA for preservation of Wild Life have been very successful.

11. My Government lays due emphasis on achieving self-sufficiency in handloom products and on supply of consumer goods, at reasonable prices, to the public. Financial assistance of Rs.54.50 lakhs has been extended to 353 Primary Co-operative Societies and of Rs.80.00 lakhs to 11 State Level Cooperative Institutions.

12. In respect of roads and other means of transport, my Government has taken necessary steps for their improvement and development. Inter-State Bus Service, between Aizawl and Shillong, has been resumed and Night Services have been introduced between Aizawl and Saiha and Aizawl and Lunglei. Aircraft refueling facilities have also been introduced at Tuirial airport.

13. The Local Administration Department has taken up work of improvement of the areas under town and sub-town. Social Welfare Department continues to provide midday meals to needy children and 2,291 persons are being given old age pension. Schemes have also been taken up to attract tourists to this land of natural scenic beauty. Tourist Lodges have been constructed at important points and tourism has been declared as an industry. The Department of Information and Public Relations has installed Community Viewing Sets and Community Listening Sets in order to educate and update the knowledge of the rural people. In order to dispense speedy justice, Lok Adalats are conducted at regular intervals. Permanent Lok Adalat & Conciliation Centre has been established at Aizawl. Similar centers are proposed to be established at all Sub-divisional Headquarters during the coming year.

14. I am sure this august Assembly will recognize the steps taken by Government on many fronts. I hope that the deliberations on this House will guide the Government to plan and implement its policies and programmes, in a more effective manner, in the interest of the State and in order to ensure a decent life for the poor and under-privileged people of Mizoram.

I wish you all a very successful Session.

Ka lawm e.






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