Speech of Shri Pu Swaraj Kaushal, Governor of Mizoram to the 2nd Mizoram State Legislative Assembly on 16th March, 1991

Hon’ble Speaker and distinguished Members of the House,

I am extremely happy to welcome you to this seventh session of the 2nd Mizoram State Legislative Assembly. I offer you my heartiest felicitations and wish you and the people of Mizoram a happy and prosperous new year. The people of Mizoram are known for their tolerance, magnanimity, industriousness and peace-loving nature and, I am proud to be of service to them as the Governor. I have every hope that you will continue, through your efforts and deliberations in the House, to work for the betterment of the people of Mizoram.

2. I recall with deep sorrow the passing away of Pute Laldenga and J.Thanghuama, the former Chief Minister and Speaker of Mizoram Legislative Assembly respectively and the distinguished members of this House. I request you to join me in expressing our sorrow at their premature sad demise.

3. It is a matter of great satisfaction that with the continuing efforts of my Government and the people of Mizoram, all-round developmental activities taken up have significantly been achieved within the last two years. I am fully confident that my Government will keep it up and with its sustained efforts will continue to promote further development to provide higher economic status and socio-economic justice to all throughout the State.

4. In the year that has gone by, law and order situation in the State remained peaceful excepting some stray incidents due to H.P.C. activities like kidnapping and killing of one MAP Constable, and two Congress (I) workers who were on their way to find solution to the demand for Autonomous District Council, setting fire to the A.O’s quarter at Phuaibuang, looting of Rural Bank at Suangpuilawn and killing of one Mizoram Home Guard. Smuggling activities in the border with Burma have been effectively checked. Crime rate has also gone down considerably due to effective and tactful supervision of the concerned authorities.

5. 37 Ex-Servicemen/Widows including their dependents were given financial assistance from Armed Forces Flag Day Fund and Special Fund for relief and rehabilitation of Ex-Servicemen. A sum of Rs.1, 11,000/- has been given to 36 Ex-Servicemen Gallantry Award Winners in Mizoram. The Central Training Institute-cum-District Training at Sesawng for Mizoram Home Guards has been established with Central assistance.

6. My Government continues to attach high priority to increase agricultural production. With a view to achieving self-sufficiency in food grains my Government has taken concrete steps to increase the production of rice, wheat, maize, pulses, oilseeds and the like. With the Agro-climate conditions of Mizoram being conductive to plantation of horticultural crops, we are now more or less self-sufficient in a number of horticultural crops particularly in citrus fruits, pineapple, banana and some seasonal vegetables. In fact the State is in surplus of seedlings of horticultural crops especially of citrus species raised in the departmental Nurseries and in 265 private Nurseries. During the last year 14 lakhs of citrus seedlings including pineapple, 5 lakhs of citro nella-slips, 3 lakhs of sugarcane setts and 2 MT of vegetables seeds have been distributed to the cultivators. 2469 families under horticultural expansion programme are maintaining their 3 years old plantations with the support and assistance of Agriculture department.

7. Promotion of fisheries has always been a thrust area of my Government. 19 lakhs seeds of fish have been distributed to the pisciculturists at 50% subsidy. Steps have been taken to be self-sufficient and subsequently to be surplus in fish seeds by constructing 2 hectares fish seed farms at Darlak, one seed farm each at Tawipui and Ngengpui.

8. Adequate stress was laid by my Government in implementing various plans projects in the field of veterinary and animal husbandry to improve livestock and to augment production of milk, eggs, etc. During last year, 2 new Veterinary Districts at Champhai and Kolasib have been opened and 17 fresh Graduates have joined the profession. Fresh efforts for development of Dairy, Piggery and Poultry industries are proposed to be taken up during the year.

9. Great emphasis has been laid on industrial development which is identified to be viable in Mizoram and certain positive action programmes have been launched to accelerate the pace of industrialization. During the year 1990, a sum of Rs.212.58 lakhs has been disbursed on loan to 63 units through Zoram Industrial Development Corporation. Gur and Khandsari sugar plant with the project cost Rs.107.00 lakhs is in the process of completion at Saitual. The Mizoram Handloom & Handicrafts Development Corporation has been functioning effectively to provide strong production and marketing support to the artisans and handloom weavers in the State. Similarly the Mizoram Food and Allied Industries Corporation Limited has also started functioning for the growth and development of industries in Mizoram. Practical steps have been initiated for development of Electronic industries. Under the expert guidance of the Electronic Trade and Technology Development Corporation Limited, a Government of India undertaking, various programmes have been initiated including human resources development in Electronic field, setting up of Mizoram Electronic Complex and formation of Mizoram Electronics Development Corporation and setting up of assembling and servicing unit. Mineral and ground water investigations have been taken up at various places. Efforts have been made to create marketing facilities through participation in Trade Fairs and Exhibitions.

10. Development of rural area and rural people received one of the highest priorities under my Government. The NLUP is one measure for the purpose which had been implemented under the plan sectors from the current year with a budget provision of Rs.1200 lakhs to be utilized for individual family-beneficiaries in the 4 selected Development Blocks. It is proposed to cover another 4 blocks in the next year. In the blocks covered by the NLUP the traditional shifting cultivation is not allowed to continue as all the eligible families in the selected blocks are covered by the Programme to whom adequate land has been allotted. The Department of Rural Development which is implementing NLUP is also executing rural housing programme by providing GCI sheets at a total cost of Rs.370 lakhs free of cost. Under rural communication scheme the department also constructed 29 kms. of jeep road and 21 kms. of I.V. path with 21 number of culverts. For housing the staff of Rural Development department in the rural areas, 19 buildings/quarters had been constructed during the year.

11. Power generation continues to receive the attention of the Government and the 132 KV line from Aizawl to Lunglei has been completed. 226 villages have been electrified during the year raising the total number of villages so far electrified to 257, which is about 49% of total villages in Mizoram as per 1981 census. Under Rural Electrification Programme 50 new villages have been selected for electrification for which works are in progress. Apart from normal distribution works like extension of HT/LT lines and installation of distribution sub-stations to meet increasing demand, system improvement in Aizawl will continue and electrification of 66 new villages by conventional method and some more by solar energy is being taken up.

12. Excise department has taken effective measures to check illicit manufacture, sale and possession of liquor and smuggling of drugs throughout the borders. The Government has also taken effective measures to check, prevent and detect drug trafficking and its abuse, which have assumed alarming proportion in Mizoram.

13. Development of games and sports has become a necessity in modern world. My Government in its capacity as a small State is not lagging behind in matters of Physical Education Programme and on encouragement of games and sports in spite of meagre fund at its command. I am happy to inform that in spite of our limited training resources in the field of Boxing our young local boy Pu Zoramthanga has become an International figure by bagging Bronze Medal in the Sixth World Cup Boxing Championship at Bombay recently. This is the first time that India has ever won Bronze Medal in Boxing in International Competition. Besides that Mizoram Scouts and Guides participated in the 8th World Rover meet in Australia last year.

14. In the matter of essential commodities, despite very early and heavy monsoon last year procurement and availability of essential commodities has been quite satisfactory throughout the State. The Consumer Grievances Redressal Commission at the State Level and District Forums have been set up for effective implementation of the consumers Protection Act in Mizoram. The Mizoram Standard of Weights and Measures (Enforcement) Rules 1988 has also been enforced in Mizoram for proper implementation of the provisions of the Act.

15. It has been the sustained efforts of my Government to achieve all round development of Education. With a view to eradicating illiteracy, State Adult Education Programme and Rural Functional Literacy Project have been launched. Under these programmes 50 Centres have been opened throughout Mizoram in which 54811 persons are enrolled and 29325 persons have achieved literacy. To promote cultural and National Integration, cultural exchange programmes with other states in India are conducted annually.

16. In matters of Public Works, the Government has undertaken construction of important Government buildings like Mizoram House at Salt-Lake, Calcutta, Directorate of Food & Civil Supplies, Directorate of Forest, Directorate of Sericulture, Directorate of School Education, Yatri Niwas and Youth Hostel all at Aizawl, the works of which are in full progress. Under building sector, residential quarters for 23 families, 3 nos. of PWD division office buildings at Aizawl, 300 bedded Civil Hospital, Directorate of Prisons, Directorate of Industries, Central Workshop (at South Hlimen), renovation of Type-V quarters for High Court Bench, Circuit House at Lawngtlai, upgradation of 30 bedded Primary Health Centre at Lawngtlai, Directorate of Geology and Mining, Circuit House Phase-I at Lunglei and Police Station at Kolasib and Wayside Restaurant at Bung Bungalow have been completed. Besides road networks have also been expanded to connect the interior of the State.

17. The Department of Information & Public Relations continues to perform its role of publicizing policies, programmes, activities and achievements of the Government in various fields.

18. Our policy has been to encourage the growth of Tourism. The Directorate of Tourism has taken up several schemes to have tourist spots and attract tourists to this beautiful State having natural landscapes and sceneries. Construction of Tourist Lodge at Lunglei and Saiha has already been decided and is likely to start shortly. Recreational facilities for tourists are being provided. 7 boats have already been installed at Tamdil Lake. A viewing gallery is being constructed at Vantawng Falls in Thenzawl. Construction of Wayside facilities at Kawlkulh, Hnahthial and Tuitlawk has also been decided.

19. Special attention is being paid to enhance the quality of life of inhabitants of the State by providing basic civic amenities. Various steps have been taken upto improve towns and sub-towns. During last year, 14,000 RMS of Masonry steps/RCC steps were constructed in different villages and towns. Septic Tank loan was given to 160 house-holds at the rate of Rs.10,000 each family. 112 nos. of Sodium Lights are installed along the main street of Aizawl towns. 408 house-holds were given normal housing loans under MIG and LIG schemes. Besides 694 persons were given housing loan under HUDCO. It is also proposed to construct 4 nos. of Slaughter Houses during the year. Election of 438 Village Councils in Aizawl and Lunglei districts has been conducted smoothly and peacefully.

20. My Government has taken various steps to reform revenue administration. Cadastral survey operation was taken up in various agricultural potential areas such as Hnahlan, Zawlnuam, Bilkhawthlir and Chawngte.

21. Welfare of Government Servants has not been neglected. 35 Recruitment Rules have been finalized. Priority has also been attached to cases of pension and other service matters. With a view to ameliorating the service conditions of the Government servants, my Government has constituted the Mizoram Pay Commission, which is actively considering the pay structure of various categories. The MPSC is also being constituted soon for which necessary rules and Regulations have been framed.

22. My Government continues to attach great importance to the protection of the existing Forest and afforestation of barren land. Rs.30 lakhs has been earmarked for preservation of Wildlife in Dampa and Murlen Wildlife Sanctuaries, Ngengpui and Phawngpui Reserves. Under various schemes of Plantation an area of 8720 hectares approximately has been covered. Under Kisan Nursery/Decentralized People’s Nursery Scheme, 332 families have been benefited.

23. During last year a sum of Rs.1, 95,71,161/- was disbursed as compensation to 374 beneficiaries on account of building/property destroyed in Aizawl town in the wake of insurgency in 1966. A sum of Rs.1.6 lakhs was paid as ex-gratia grant to the next of kinds of persons killed as a result of encounters with HPC volunteers. The State Level Committee on Natural Calamities has been formed with a view to rendering immediate relief assistance to the victim of natural calamities.

24. Soil Conservation measures like and land development, plantation and water harvesting schemes have received good popular support. The department took up 10 schemes and priority was given to assistance to jhumia families for rehabilitation. 3260 families were assisted for cash crop cultivation. Land development of 264 hectares has been achieved and 124 nos. of check-dams have been constructed to provide engineering measures to erosion prone and erosion affected areas. By implementing Aibawk Jhum Control Replication Scheme in Hnahthial RD Block, about 654 families are being assisted on 933 hectares of land under cash crop.

25. Supply of adequate quantities of clean drinking water has been an area of prime concern of my Government. Urban water supply sector continued to receive emphasis during last year. Greater Lunglei Water Supply Scheme costing Rs.1, 420 lakhs have been taken up. 20 villages have been given water supply and 48 villages water supply schemes have been augmented under Rural Water Supply Programme. It would be the endeavour of my Government to give water supply to all the inhabitants of the State by the end of March 1991.

26. The Government has been encouraging Sericulture as an Employment Oriented Productive Activity. About 3.17 lakhs of cocoons, 1850 kgs.of silk, 900 metres of cloth, 500 nos. of silk quilts and 100 nos. of silk rugs have been produced during the 7th Plan period. During last year the department has achieved production and sale of a good number of silk cloths like shirting, suiting, blanket, quilts, etc. worth Rs.1 lakh within the last few months.

27. Co-operatives have played and will continue to play the dominant role along-with co-operative Banks and Commercial Banks in providing essential assistance to accelerate cooperative movement in the State. My Government has given due priority to cooperative Education. Seminars and workshops are held to explore ways and means of strengthening cooperative movement. About 50 Primary Fruit, Forestry and Vegetable Societies have been organized with a view to increasing production of fruits and vegetables. An oil Expeller with 6 MT capacities has been installed at Zuangtui by the MIZOFED. Various schemes are being taken up for attaining self-sufficiency in meat and vegetables, edible oils and other essential Commodities.

28. My Government is committed to improve responsive health services to the people living in rural and urban areas. Far this purposed existing hospitals have been expanded. A 6 bedded sterilization ward under extension of the Post Partum Programmes at Sub-Division level Hospitals, have been started at Serchhip hospital and a De-addiction center with a capacity of 50 beds has also been established as a part of the Civil Hospital at Aizawl. Elisha Test kit for investigation of AIDS has also been installed at Civil Hospital Aizawl and 17 portable X-RAY Machines have been installed in the Primary Health Centres in the interior places of Mizoram. In respect of Leprosy cases more than 50 percent of the total cases detected are arrested and 6 Leprosy patients have been completely cured. Towards achieving the growth of Health for all by 2000 AD, the targets for bringing down mortality rates and crude death rates have been successfully achieved.

29. My Government is determined to improve Transport facilities for the people of Mizoram. For this purpose a number of Bus stations have been constructed. Provisions have been made to improve Central Workshop, more Bus-station, and compensation to accident victims, grant-in-aid to staff welfare and research and training. Negotiation with Railway authority is also under way for selling Railway tickets from Aizawl in theRailway Out-Agency to various destinations in the country. In fact, Mizoram will soon be in th Railway map due to the sustained efforts of my Government in this regard.

30. Development and Economic upliftment of the District Council areas in the Chhimtuipui district continues to receive high priority of my Government. The Autonomous District Councils continue to play an important role in the development of the areas placed under their contro. With the grant-in-aid provide to the 3 District Councils they have taken up and completed a number of schemes for the betterment of public. 37 kilometres of jeepable and link roads and 325 kilometres of IVP under Rural Communication have been constructed, 94 public latrines, 10 public urinals, 34 water tanks, 17 playgrounds and 5 Community Halls have been constructed under various schemes. The Councils have also provided financial assistance to 55 physically handicapped persons and 590 old-age pensioners.

31. In my last address to this August House, I mentioned about the efforts of my Government in getting the permanent Bench of the Gauhati High Court established in Mizoram. With the continued efforts, the permanent Bench of the Gauhati High Court was inaugurated on 5th July 1990 and it has started functioning.

32. Minorities are the integral parts of the National main stream who are entitled to equal rights along with the others. My Government is committed to undertake measures for their economic advancement, which would make them equal partners in the Nation’s prosperity.

33. I have highlighted some of the important achievements and the programmes. I am sure, the Hon’ble Members will have the opportunity to obtain further details about the programmes of action drawn up in various field by the Government.

34. Now, I must make way for the Hon’ble Members for their deliberations wishing them very enlivening and successful session.






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