Speech of the Governor of Mizoram to the Mizoram Legislative Assembly on 22th January, 1990

Mr. Speaker and the Hon’ble Members,

I am happy to have this opportunity of meeting and addressing you in this august House today. First of all, I would like to extend to all the Hon’ble Members my heartiest greetings for the New Year. I am sure that with the active involvement of all the Hon’ble Members and the people outside in the development of Mizoram, 1990 will be a year of remarkable progress for our State.

This Session has been specially summoned to ratify the Constitution 62nd Ammendment Bill, 1989 which has been passed by the Parliament to extend constitutional provision for the reservation of seats in the House of people and the Legislative Assemblies for the members of the Scheduled Castes/ Scheduled Tribes and Anglo-Indian Community by another 10 years from the 26th of January of this year. The Bill is of importance for the whole nation and assumed special significance for our State. As the Hon’ble members are aware,the Hill leaders of the North Eastern States had been forcefully pleaded for providing special weightage in reserving seats in our Assemblies to the members of the Scheduled Tribes and the national Leadership had recognized the validity of our stand and accordingly the Parliament in 1987 had amended the Constitution and the Representation of the People Act. As a consequence, 39 seats out of 40 seats in the Legislative Assembly of Mizoram have been reserved for Scheduled Tribe. It is, therefore, a matter of gratification for the people of our State that such special provision for SC/ST as also for Anglo Indian Community is sought to be extended for a further period of 10 years.

I am addressing this House, as this is the first Session in the New Year. I am sure; this august House will have meaningful discussion and deliberations.






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