Speech of H. S. Dubey, Lieutenant Governor (Administrator) of Mizoram to the Mizoram Legislature Assembly on 10th March, 1986

Mr. Speaker and Hon'ble Members of the House,

I have great pleasure in welcoming you all to this Fifth Session of the Fourth Mizoram Legislative Assembly. Mizoram, which is a remote and under developed territory of the country needs peace as the pre-requisite for its speedy development. During his recent visit to our country, Pope John Paul has rightly pointed out that peace is another name of development. These words of the great saint of the present generation would certainly make every one realize the importance of peace in relation to development and human welfare. Fortunately, during the past two years, Mizoram has been enjoying peaceful condition, which enabled the Administration to implement development programmes with greater speed. We hope for the same conditions to prevail in future also and look forward optimistically to early conclusion of the Peace Talks between Government of India and the MNF. This would go a long way in improving our performance in various areas of development. The Council of Ministers, which assumed office in May 1984 with the people’s mandate, is striving hard to promote development of the territory and improve the living conditions of the people, particularly the rural populace and the disadvantaged sections of the society. I am happy to mention that the people of Mizoram have also lent full support to the popular Government in implementing the programmes successfully.

The Year 1985 witnessed the settlement of some major problems faced by the country both in the eastern and western sectors and promotion of an atmosphere of hope and achievement. The Government of India headed by our dynamic, youthful progressive Prime Minister have initiated National Policies and programmes in many areas. This period in our nation’s history appears to be a period of change for the better. My Government is committed to introducing and adopting changes in various spheres of activities without which no progress is possible. I hope that peoples’ co-operation, which is necessary for adequate implementation of such changes designed to promote their welfare, would be forthcoming in the fullest measure.

My Government is giving due importance to planning and development of Science and Technology for which a separate cell in the Planning Department headed by a Consultant has been created. The Monitoring and Evaluation wing of the Planning Department is proposed to be strengthened by creating a post of Director. District Planning Cells are also proposed to be set up during 1986-87 with the Deputy Commissioner heading the cell in each district.

Under the 20-point Programme, we have achieved most of the targets set for this year and in some cases it is heartening to know that we know that we have exceeded the targets. 700 lakhs of trees were planted, 2523 families assisted under IRDP, and 81 biogas plants set up during the current year. Production of oil seeds and pulses also registered an impressive increase of 1500 M.T. and 1000 M.T. respectively. We have been able to generate employment over and above the targets under N.R.E.P. and R.L.E.G.P. 6400 hectares were covered by Social Forestry during this year and 8 lakhs seedlings were planted in various areas by schools, colleges and other voluntary organizations.

With an approved outlay of Rs.687 lakhs for1985-86 in the Power Sector, the power generating capacity by the end of this year will be 15.60 M.W. 2 Diesel generating sets with capacity of 800 K.W. each at Aizawl and Kolasib and 5 diesel generating sets of 250 K.W. each capacity at Lawngtlai, Darlawn, Champhai and Biate have been commissioned during the year. Another Diesel generating set at West Phaileng has also been commissioned in December 1985. Charging of Dulabcherra – Aizawl line with 66 KV in December 1985 enabled us to draw 7 MW from the Assam and Meghalaya grid. Construction of 132 KV line between Aizawl – Lunglei is making good progress and Tower erection along Aizawl to Serchhip line is nearing completion. We have also given adequate attention to non-conventional sources of energy like wind Mills and solar energy in various places in Mizoram such as Chaltlang, Hmuifang, Sangau, Lunglei and Reiek. The Micro-Hydel Projects of 1100 KW capacity at Khawiva near Lunglei and 300 KW capacity at Tuirivang near Aizawl are also being taken up and in fact the preparatory works have already commenced in this regard. In 1986-87, the main thrust would be towards completion of 132 KV line and accelerated execution of Micro-Hydel Projects. Rural electrification and exploitation of renewable sources of energy will be given due priority in the next year.

Government has given high priority to providing potable water to the urban as well as rural areas. With the Annual Plan allocation of Rs.555.59 lakhs during the current year, supply of piped water to 30 interior villages, completion of major works involved in the Greater Aizawl Water Supply Scheme capable of providing water to 80,000 persons in a day and construction of a total of 900 low cost sanitary latrines in urban and rural areas, apart from other smaller schemes are under implementation. The Greater Aizawl Water Supply Scheme Phase – I is expected to be completed by June 1986. 30 villages have been provided with drinking water through pipelines during the current year.

In the road sector, the major achievements during the year are the permanent bridges over river Vanva on Thenzawl – Lunglei road and the bridge over river Tuisumpui on Saiha – Lawngtlai road. The new approach adopted by the Public Works Department of concentrating available resources only on selected priority roads and adopting mechanization is yielding good result. Renovation of Tuirial airfield, black topping of approach roads to five helipads at various places in Mizoram, completion of buildings like Tourist Lodge at Chaltlang, Mizoram House Annexe at Calcutta, Agriculture Directorate building and Bus Terminal Building at Aizawl and 3600 MTs capacity food grain godown at Zemabawk are some of the major achievements of the Department in the current year. In addition, Central Jail Complex at Bungtlang and bridge over Tlawng on Aizawl – Thenzawl – Lunglei road, Civil Hospital building and Market Complex at Aizawl are also expected to be completed during this year. My Government is further planning to start construction of Mizoram House at Salt Lake, Calcutta, Circuit House at Lawngtlai, Industries Directorate building at Aizawl and Youth Hostel at Luangmual. In 1986-87, the allocation for roads and bridges showed 13 percent rise with a total outlay of Rs.10 crores. We expect significant development in the roads sector with this allocation.

My Government has assessed the destruction done to the precious forest wealth of Mizoram by the wasteful shifting cultivation practiced throughout the length and breadth of Mizoram at Rs.1 crore annually and is deeply concerned about it. It is committed to finding a solution. The New Land Use Policy emphasizes development of plantations. During this year, plantations were raised over 9785 ha under Centrally Sponsored Scheme and Jhumia Rehabilitation Scheme. 1267 selected families under New Land Use Policy are expected to develop 1650 addl. Ha of Jhummed land with plantation. The Forest Department has set a target of covering 4000 ha with quick growing and fuel plantations during the next year.

Two Territorial Forest Divisions, namely North Vanlaiphai and Tlabung Forest Divisions, have been opened for intensification of management. During 1986-87, three Social Forestry Divisions, one Forest Protection Division, one Forest Utilisation Division, one Forest Resources Survey Division, two Wildlife Divisions and Saiha Forest Division with headquarters at Saiha have been proposed. One functional circle, namely Research and Development circle, has also been proposed for 1986-87. My Government is also keen to establish an Eco-battatlion by employing Ex-service men for taking up afforestation works in different areas as part of Ecological Conservation programme in 1986-87. Dampa Wildlife Sanctuary has been notified and more sanctuaries like Ngengpui, Palak, Phawngpui etc. will be declared during 1986-87. Murlen Chamdur area will be taken up for National Park.

The total allocation for Agriculture Department for 1985-86 has been raised to Rs.288.38 lakhs to accommodate the proposed expenditure of Rs.24.75 lakhs for market intervention in regard to Ginger in Mizoram as well as for bringing more jhumia families under the New Land Use Policy Schemes. It is heartening to know that Government of India has approved Teirei Watershed Management Project at a cost of Rs.169 lakhs to be completed in a period of 5 years. 15 Tractors and 20 Power Tillers will be distributed in 1986-87 to cultivators under loan-cum-subsidy scheme. Government of India have also approved Thingfal, Lumtui and Zuangleng projects of Mat Valley for settlement of 300 families to control shifting cultivation.

At present there is one Minor Irrigation Division in Agriculture Department which was transferred from P.W.D. in 1984. In 1986-87, it is proposed to open one more Division at Lunglei. The Department is executing 12 projects during the current year. In 1986-87, four on-going projects will be continued and new ones will be taken up so as to create potential areas of 615 hectares. Out of the approved outlay of Rs.100 lakhs in 1986-87, an amount of Rs.10 lakhs will be transferred to Central Ground Water Board for investigation of ground water potential and Rs.15 lakhs is earmarked for New Land Use Policy.

Under New Land Use Policy, the Department looks after 1,069 existing families under Horticulture and W.R.C. and 1900 fresh families have been selected during the current year.

In 1986-87, it is proposed to open new Agriculture District at Kolasib having 2 Sub-divisions at Vairengte and Lokicherra mainly to look after ‘Wet rice cultivation’ areas. A full-fledged Marketing Directorate and a separate Horticulture wing with Joint Director are also to be set up during the next year. Out of the total outlay of 281 lakhs for 1986-87, Rs.105 lakhs are earmarked for implementation of New Land Use Policy. During the year, 45345 MT of rice was produced as against 40,000 MT in 1984, which is a sure indication that we are steadily inching our way towards self-sufficiency in the foreseeable future. The target of 51000 MT of rice has been fixed for 1986-87.

The approved outlay for 1985-86 for Fisheries in Mizoram is Rs.25.70 lakhs. The Department has supplied 9.84 lakhs Fish Seeds to pisciculturists at 50% subsidy and another 10 lakhs Fish Seeds will be supplied by the end of March 1986. 108 pisciculturists were given financial assistance for construction and improvement of Fish Ponds. Another 400 pisciculturists are expected to be provided financial help by the end of March ’86. Spot verification of about 1000 cases has been completed. 89 selected beneficiaries in 33 villages of the Territory have taken up pisciculture under New Land Use Policy. 10 persons were sent for various training courses outside Mizoram supported by stipend, Book Grant, etc. for strengthening the technical staff of the Department. 8 Paddy-cum-Fish Farmers have been trained in Paddy-cum-Fish Culture technology at the I.C.A.R. farm Barapani, Meghalaya. Improvement works have been taken up in 5 Demonstration Farms and 2 Fish Seed Farms. 58,000 Fish Seeds have already been produced at Chemphai Fish Seed Farm.

During the year 1985-86, the Animal Husbandry Department has been re-organised by setting up 3 Divisional Offices at Aizawl, Lunglei and Saiha. The Veterinary Dispensary at Lunglei is also upgraded to Veterinary Hospital. The Town Milk Supply Scheme is being extended to Lunglei town and Operation Flood II of the Co-operative Milk Union has also started functioning. During 1986-87 under the New Land Use Policy, it is proposed to support 130 units of dairy farms, 244 units of hill cattle farms and 200 units of duck-and-poultry farms in the rural areas. The Key Village Scheme has made rapid progress during the year with successful artificial insemination of 624 cows during the year. Under the 20-Point Programme, 81 units of Bio-gas plants have been already installed and the targets of 100 units for the current year is likely to be exceeded.

In the rural housing sector, 260 families have been given small loans for construction of houses. Besides, 400 families in Aizawl, Lunglei and Saiha have been advanced loans for construction of septic tanks and water tanks. Likewise, 25 Community Halls and 11 M.H.I.P. buildings have been supplied C.G.I. sheets issued from the Local Administration Department. In the coming year we propose to extend these benefits and cover larger number of families through these loans.

We propose to start construction of a Community Centre aptly christened ‘Saikuti Hall’ at Lunglei within this year. Better amenities are also being provided to the staff working in the development blocks in the remote areas by improving their working conditions and providing accommodation to them in a phased manner.

Inspite of the special attention given by the Government of India and by my government, entrepreneurs have not entered the industrial field at the rate required for quick industrial development of Mizoram. The commissioning of the dehydration section of the Ginger Oil and Oleoresin plant at Sairang in the current year and the expected commissioning of all other components of the unit during next year will provide enough impetus to industrial development. The Government is also preparing several project reports on plywood factory, maize processing units, match splint manufacturing units, pine apple concentrate plant etc. Rs.4.76 lakhs were spent during the last year for imparting training to 20 artisans in knitting and tailoring and 26 in cane and bamboo works. A provision of Rs.10.00 lakhs is proposed for next year for opening of new craft centres in various places like Kolasib, Chhiahtlang and Ratu and also for continuation of training courses in existing centres. Rs.10.94 lakhs were spent for training of 55 artisans and for construction of necessary buildings. Rs.14.50 lakhs are proposed for the next year for construction of the Handloom Complex at Thenzawl, 3 Weavers Service Centres and for setting up Handloom and Handicraft Corporation. Rs.50.00 lakhs were contributed to ZIDCO as Government share during the last year and Rs.50.00 lakhs were disbursed during this year. Rs.25.00 lakhs are proposed for next year as Govt. Share Capital contribution. Fruit Preservation Factory at Vairengte was commissioned in the month of July 1985. A sum of Rs.10.00 lakhs is proposed for next year for construction of staff quarters, farmhouse, security fencing, and also for raw materials. With the activities of Khadi and Village Industries Board in Mizoram picking up, much needed impetus is expected to be provided to this sector. Last year, Rs.3.27 lakhs were spent on survey of Coal in Phuaibuang area, Lime Stone in Tuirial River and also Geological Survey to tap ground water at Chitelui and Tuithumlui area. This year, a provision of Rs.1.65 lakhs is made for conducting Mineral Survey etc. It is proposed to provide a sum of Rs.15.00 lakhs for ground-water investigation, investigation of limestone, Clay, Coal etc. and also for investigation of Micro-Hydel Project and Salt Springs. In addition to this, it is also proposed to strengthen Mines and Minerals wing of the Industries Department.

In order to accelerate the development of Sericulture, Government created a separate Department of Sericulture during this year. 75 families are being assisted in the current year for taking up Sericulture. The level of production of silkworm seeds and cocoons has been maintained and the departments is fully prepared to open 17 village level centres in addition to the last years’ 17 Centres. It is a matter of satisfaction that more and more families are taking up reeling and spinning and producing beautiful products like silk carpets and wall hangers. The novel idea of blending silk yarn to weave local Puans is also expected to help in finding a ready market for our products. During 1986-87, North Eastern Council will finance a scheme for silk reeling, spinning and weaving at Kolasib at a cost of Rs.15 lakhs. 1334 families will also be assisted under Sericulture scheme for which a sum of Rs.40 lakhs is earmarkd by the Government. Mizoram successfully participated in the India National Trade Fair held in New Delhi in November 1985 and it is hoped that there will be greater demand for various products of Mizoram.

With an outlay of Rs.365.00 lakhs during 1985-86, some remarkable achievements were made in the field of General Education. For effective and successful implementation of the programme for universalisation of Elementary Education and with a view to maintaining uniformity in the standard of education, the Govt. sanctioned Deficit grant-in-aid to 111 Adhoc Aided Middle Schools. For expansion and improvement of Secondary Education, 41 Adhoc Aided High Schools and 17 unaided High Schools were also extended similar benefits.

Two High Schools, namely, St.Paul’s High School and Govt. Higher Secondary School, Aizawl, were selected for Computer Literature Studies in Class Project. Computer System will be installed in these schools by Government of India shortly.

500 Adult Education Centres and 428 Centres for Functional Literacy for Adult Women with a total enrolment of 16,824 illiterate and semi-illiterate adults were in operation during the year. These centres are proposed to be continued during 1986-87 and the enrolment target has been raised to 17,000.

In the field of Physical Education and Youth Services and Sports, Mizoram made good progress by winning 3 Gold and 1 Silver Medals in the National Junior Boxing Championship held at Kanpur. Four boys and two girls from Mizoram were selected for the National Sports Talent Contest. The Second Mizoram State Games were organized at Aizawl during December 1985 wherein sportsmen from all over the Union Territory participated. The North Eastern State Badminton Championship was also hosted at Aizawl during October 1985. The Mizoram Bharat Scouts & Guides participated in the 10 National Jamboree held at Bangalore. The International Youth Year Programme was carried out successfully with colourful programmes such as the Youth Festival. Various scholarships namely, Pre-Matric, Post-Matric, Talent Search, Sainik School etc. were awarded to 16,738 students.

In order that Soil Conservation may get the required boost, it has been declared a full-fledged Department. Out of the total outlay of Rs.135.00 lakhs for the Soil Conservation Department, Rs.88.70 lakhs are being spent during the year for Jhumia Family Oriented Schemes benefiting 1616 families as against 947 families of the last year. A new scheme known as ‘Nucleus Seed Supply Scheme’ is also being taken up to ensure supply of disease-free and improved varieties of seeds and seedlings for further plantation in the fields of individual cultivators. 6392 cash crop Nursery beds have so far been created for Coffee, Rubber, Tea, etc. The present Aizawl Soil Conservation Division is expected to be bifurcated into two divisions with four new ranges so as to ensure equitable distribution of works under close and constant supervision. It is also proposed to create a new Soil Conservation Division in Chhimtuipui district and another 3 Soil Conservation ranges.

At present there are 691 Co-operative Societies catering to the needs of the people in regard to agriculture credit, consumer and other essential goods, and marketing of agricultural produce, milk, handicraft products, etc. Co-operative Societies advances loans to the extent of Rs.198.78 lakhs during June 1984 to December 1985. MIZOFED have procured 3300 MTs of Ginger valued at Rs.66.00 lakhs. The outlay for Co-operation in 1986-87 is Rs.52.00 lakhs.

Following the enforcement of Mizoram Excise Act and Rules, the total collection of excise duties during the year is expected to cross Rs.1 crore as against Rs.30 lakhs during 1984-85. Action has also been taken against illegal trafficking in Heroin, Ganja and Opium. The Taxation Wing of the Department of Excise and Taxation has also collected Rs.22 lakhs as taxes during the year.

Under the Public Distribution System, 55,000 MTs of Rice, 2900 MTs of Sugar, 1585 MTs of Edible oil and 4338 MTs. Of Cement valued about Rs.1325 lakhs were supplied to the public in 1984-85. During the current year the same trend was maintained.

40 beds were added to the Civil Hospital Aizawl by using the basement of the new Aizawl Hospital building. During the current year, 10-bedded Subsidiary Health Centres at Khawruhlian, Phuaibuang, Mimbung and Rabung have been opened. In addition, 10-bedded Primary Health Centres at Khawzawl, Lungpher, Bungtlang ‘S’ and 10-bedded Subsidiary Health Centres at Hnahthial and Kawnpui are to be opened within the current year. We are developing our medical manpower by sending 139 officials to various training courses. 8 nominees of ours have completed the MBBS course and 22 persons Diploma in Pharmacy. One of our nominees has joined Aizawl Civil Hospital after completing his BDS. 7 Doctors are currently pursuing post-graduate course and 97 others in medical degree courses in various places outside Mizoram.

At present, 682 Fair Price Shops are functioning all over Mizoram under the public distribution system. 21 Fair Price Shops were opened during the current year as against the target of 20 shops. Supply situation in the matter of food grains remained satisfactory during 1985-86 and we did away with the costly practice of airdropping food grains in far-flung areas for the first time. For storage of essential commodities, there are now, 169 go downs, out of which 13 go downs are pucca, 155 semi-pucca and 1 kutcha. For 10 semi-pucca go downs which are proposed to be constructed in the New Year selection of sites has already been completed and the works started. Construction of the central go down with a capacity of 3600 MT at Zemabawk, Aizawl is completed.

The Mizoram State Transport did an excellent job in providing conveyance to about 1000 participants of the State Games held in Aizawl during December 1985. It maintains a very effective fleet of 69 buses at present and 23 buses will be added in the next financial year. The fleet of Trucks maintained by the Supply and Transport Department has done wonderful job in the movement of essential commodities. The Central Workshop proposed to be constructed at South Hlimen, where a site has already been acquired, will meet the service needs of the department. It is also heartening to know that private operators have been taking more interest in road transport than ever before. My Government has adopted a liberal attitude towards throwing this sector open to private enterprise. The Department of Transport has contributed an impressive sum of over Rs.66 lakhs to the State Exchequer during the current year.

We have also made significant progress in the field of National Integration through inter-state cultural exchanges by the Department of Information and Public Relations. 9 groups consisting of 164 persons were sponsored during 1985-86 for tours outside Mizoram. The impressive ‘Youth Festival’ at Aizawl, appropriately held during the International Youth Year in 1985 has made a permanent impact on the minds of the youth in Mizoram. This festival has also contributed significantly to closer relations between the Army and the civil authorities in Mizoram. Tourist activities are also expected to get a filling with the recent commissioning of the Tourist Lodge at Chaltlang.

The progress in the Department of Printing has been indeed impressive and has achieved few firsts to its credit. Modernization of Government Press with sophisticated machinery is in progress. During 1985-86, two colour H.M.T. offset machine, automatic binding machine, repro-proof processor and central stitching machine have been acquired. A Mechanical photo section with block-making accessories has also been established. During 1986-87, photo type setting and super caster to produce metal required for types is being installed. Recently, construction of a departmental depot at Lunglei was completed and this depot is expected to cater to the requirement of various offices of Lunglei district to a great extent. This Building was inaugurated by Hon’ble Chief Minister on 20.2.1986. The department has acquired about 4.97 bighas of land at Lunglei for further expansion of department. The work on forms and stationery depot Building at Saiha at the estimate cost of Rs.10.60 lakhs is progressing well. The department has also acquired 8 bighas of land at Luangmual for the purpose of constructing depot godowns to stock stationery. It is planning to take up the printing of textbooks and exercise books in the next year.

The shortage of technical personnel to undertake systematic cadastral survey is expected to be made good with the creation of 68 posts in the Land Settlement Department as approved by the Planning Commission. In addition, we have deputed 31 local officials and candidates for various survey-training courses outside Mizoram. Inspite of the constraints, the Department has already exceeded its target of surveying 300 hectares. Apart from this, about 6000 isolated plots of non-agricultural land, agricultural land and departmental land have been successfully surveyed. This compares very favourably with our performance last year.

During 1985-86, the approved scheme of introduction of two additional trades such as Electronics and Confectionery and Bakery could not be implemented owing to the ban on creation of new posts of instructors. However, construction works of 4 Units of Type II quarters, Women’s Hostel and Extension of Workshop, were undertaken and are nearing completion. Machinery and Equipments were purchased for the additional trades already introduced. During 1986-87, it is proposed to introduce Electronics, Confectionery & Bakery and Draft men Civil trades in the I.T.I. It is also proposed to set up State Employment Market Information Unit-cum-Vocational Guidance Cell.

The poverty eradication programmers such as IRDP, NREP and RLEGP were implemented with adequate care by my Government. Under IRDP, 3900 families are being provided financial assistance in 1985-86 and 3333 families will be assisted in1986-87. The allocation for 1986-87 will be Rs.146.45 lakhs. 120 kms of inter-village pathways, 10 school buildings, 17 playgrounds, 13 Community Halls and 9 Water Tanks were constructed at a cost of Rs.20.42 lakhs in 1985-86 under NREP. 30 kms of Rural Roads were constructed under RLEGP in 1985-86. 920 families of Small and Marginal farmers were covered under the Central Sector Programme of Assistance to Small and Marginal Farmers. Government of India has sanctioned Rs.100.00 lakhs for this programme n 1985-86.

The conduct of the elections to the Village Councils in January 1986 has been a smooth exercise.

In line with the policy adopted by Government of India, my Government has a programme of re-organisaiton and modernization of the Mizoram Police. Our proposals for modernization of Police costing Rs.2 crores and that of Fire Service costing Rs.3 crores are under Govt. of India’s consideration. Sanction for establishment of a Police Training Centre with 43 officials, re-organisation of M.P.R.O. with Cipher component comprising additional 93 posts involving Rs.13.37 lakhs, provision of Rs.83 lakhs for ration allowances to the non-gazetted Police personnel and of Rs.1.35 crores for construction of buildings for 21 Police Stations have been received from Government of India this year. Apart from this, we have already filled up 365 sanctioned posts in the Mizoram Police Executive Force. In our attempt to provide Police housing, we have an ambitious target of 849 new buildings in the 7th Plan and we aspire to have 35% satisfaction in this area. In the current year, we propose to construct 64 buildings. Next year we propose to raise the third Company of the 2nd Battalion M.A.P. and more M.P.R.O. stations in the interior areas. We also except to see the Bungtlang Jail completed during the next year at a total expenditure of 1.64 crores. Revitalization of the Rajya and Zilla Sainik Boards, establishment of separate Zilla Sainik Board in Aizawl are the approved programmes of my Govt. during this year.

My Government has taken adequate steps in close liaison with security forces for prevention of influx of foreign nationals into Mizoram. Repatriation process of Chakma Refugees who were sheltered temporarily in the 2 camps at Tablabag and Tiperaghat has also been completed during the year thereby bringing to a close an awkward chapter.

99 widows of Military pensioners in Mizoram were given financial assistance at the rate of Rs.50/- per month each. 20 sons and daughters of ex-servicemen were also given coaching in short hand and typing through classes run by the Rajya Sainik Board, Aizawl.

Vigilance drive against corruption during the current year has brought some encouraging results. Major corruption prone areas have been identified and a well-organized procedure evolved to prevent corruption.

Government of India has approved the bifurcation of existing 5 ICDS blocks into 10 ICDS blocks and sanctioned one additional block. There were thus 15 ICDS blocks functioning in the territory in 1985-86. Apart from providing more efficient delivery of ICDS services to children and pregnant and nursing mothers, these would provide employment opportunities to as many as 325 Anganwadi workers and 325 Helpers in the countryside. The total no. of Anganwadi in Mizoram is now 949. Assistance in kind or in cash was also given to Voluntary Organisations doing welfare services. 500 odd Voluntary Organisations spread out all over the State have, with the Govt. assistance served 42,955 beneficiaries consisting of children under 6 years of age, pregnant and nursing mother during 1985-86.

To monitor various programmes under Social Legislations like the Children Act, the S.I.T. Act and the Probation of Offender’s Act, a Social Defence Cell will be set up in 1986-87. Educational and vocational training courses will also be organized to cover prisoners in two District Jails during 1986-87.

About 200 handicapped students below Class IX will be given stipend at different rates. Residential Deaf and Dumb School is proposed to be opened during 1986-87. A recreation-cum-counseling centre will be started during the coming year to arrest anti-social behavior.

My Government is specially concerned about the rapid development of the District Council Areas of the Chhimtuipui District. I am happy to mention that the District Councils have been making efforts to strengthen their administrative set up so as to undertake efficiently the developmental activities activities assigned to them under the Sixth Schedule to the Constitution of India. Proper monitoring and evaluation of the Sub-Plan are also being done from time to time. Out of a total allocation of Rs.200 lakhs under the 7th Plan, the Planning Commission approved Rs.25 lakhs for 1985-86. In addition, a total sum of Rs.14.37 lakhs has also been allotted to these Councils to meet their requirements. The Planning Commission has approved Rs.36 lakhs for the year 1986-87 on the Plan side. Under non-Plan, a total sum of Rs.119.36 lakhs has been sanctioned for administrative purposes during 1985-86 and Rs.114.37 lakhs for 1986-87 to the three District Councils. I am confident that the District Council areas will definitely achieve a faster rate of development in all fronts and be at par with the other part of the territory soon.

I have briefly outlined the achievements made by the Government in certain important spheres of development during 1985-86 and also the important policies and programmes of the Government for 1986-87. I have no doubt that the Honourble Members will participate in the discussions constructively keeping in view the larger interests of the territory. With these words I leave you to your deliberations, which I hope would be useful and productive.

Jai Hind.




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