Government of Mizoram
Budget Speech: 2003-2004
By Pu Zoramthanga
Chief Minister

Mr. Speaker Sir,

I rise with your permission to present the Supplementary Demand for the year 2002-2003, Vote on Account for the months of April, May, June & July, 2003 and the Budget Estimates for the fiscal year 2003-04.

2. I would like to inform this august House that due to non-finalisation of the Annual Plan for 2003-04, I am constrained to present a budget which is interim in nature and which will be retained at the level of the Annual Plan size of 2002-03. Therefore, I am seeking Vote on Account for the first four months of 2003-04 to facilitate financial transactions of Government departments will be seeking the approval of this august House for the full budget for the year 2003-04 when the Annual Plan Outlay is finalised by the Planning Commission of India

3. Honourable Members are all aware that the state has been under financial stress throughout the year. Nevertheless, I would like to share with you the financial burden that has been shouldered by the state during the financial year 2002-03 which commenced with an opening deficit of Rs.118. 74 crore. Due to the poor economic background of the majority of the population, the Government has been unable to impose new taxes and enhance various user charges to a substantial level, which would, in turn have a positive impact on our finances. On the other hand, the Government could not deny its employees their entitlements like enhancement of Dearness Allowance and revision of wages, which have further increased the burden of the state exchequer.

4. It is a matter of satisfaction that in spite of these financial constraints, we have had a fairly uneventful financial year due to the efficient financial management of our state as compared to other North Eastern States who have had to resort to various drastic economy measures. The release of Rs.48.42 crore by the Central Government as Special Central Assistance for meeting our Non-Plan liabilities was like succour for our state and went a long way in relieving the financial crisis.

5. I am happy to inform this august House that in pursuance of the recommendation of the Medium Term Fiscal Reforms Committee, the State Government has approved the Special Voluntary Retirement Schemes for Government Drivers, Handymen and Despatch Riders likely to be rendered surplus on implementation of the Scheme of Privatisation of Government Vehicles. There commendations of the Committee for Identification of Government Vehicles for Disposal has also been accepted by the Government. The Central Government had already permitted the State Government to avail Market Loan of Rs.70.00 crore for implementing the Voluntary Retirement Scheme and this fund had been remitted into our account. It is the priority of the state to implement these schemes in right earnest in the coming year, as this will immensely reduce Government expenditure especially under the Non-Plan sector.

6. Though our fiscal future looks bleak, it is heartening that the Central Government has shown its concern and willingness to lend a helping hand in our endeavours to improve the financial situation of the state. To this end, the Central Government has set up a special committee of a 'Group of Officers to study the financial problems of North Eastern States and suggest possible solutions'. This Group has met several times and I am optimistic that their recommendations will playa positive role in improving the State's economy.

7. The Debt Swap Programme envisaged by the Central Government to alleviate our increasing debt burden has also been initiated and it is expected that this will also help in solving our financial problems.

8. Honourable Members will be happy to learn that the Mizoram Intodelhna Project, a self sufficiency project for Mizoram is currently being implemented in various selected -villages and it is hoped that this will do wonders for the economic well being of the rural population.

9. We are all aware of the. Necessity of developing our own source of power to accelerate the development of the state. It has therefore been the priority of the state to achieve this end. I am proud to inform you that the 80MW Bairabi Hydro Electric Project has been approved by the Government of India and all necessary environmental and forest clearance and survey has been completed and actual work is expected to begin shortly. The 12MW Serlui 'B' Hydel Project has also been approved and the work will soon be started.

10. Before I highlight the achievements and programmes of various Departments, let us briefly take a view of the Revised Budget Estimates and the Budget Estimates for the year 2002-03 and 2003-04.

11. As stated earlier, we started this fiscal year with a deficit of Rs.118. 74 crore against the projected deficit of Rs.163.68 crore. This improvement in the opening deficit is mainly due to the concerted efforts of the Government in curtailing expenditure and sound financial management. However, while we welcomed the increased devolution from the Central Government under Non Lapsable Central Pool of Resources and Centrally Sponsored Schemes, the Government could not avoid various increases in Government expenditure like enhancement of the Dearness Allowances of its employees and also upward revision of wages of its casual labourers. All these factors working together have resulted in a tremendous increase in the Revised Estimates for the year 2002-03.Therefore, the current fiscal year is expected to close with a deficit of Rs.169.61 crore against the original estimates of Rs.166.76 crore.

12. The State Annual Plan outlay for 2003-04 has not yet been finalised by the Planning Commission of India and Honourable Members are aware of our budget's heavy dependence on devolution of fund from the Centre. Therefore, all estimates are temporary and subject to change when the plan size is finalised as the quantum of fund from the Centre cannot be accurately predicted. However, it is anticipated that the year 2003-04 will close with a deficit of Rs.266.38 crore. The main reason for this substantial deterioration in the estimated closing deficit of 2003-04 from that of the year 2002-03 is due to reduction in Central devolution in respect of grants-in-aid.

13. Honourable Members will notice that the Demand for Grants for 2003-04 and Revised Estimates for 2002-03 are being presented in two books unlike other years. This is due to a change in the classification of various Object Heads of Account by Government of India, which has necessitated the bifurcation of the Revised Estimates and Budget Estimates in separate books. The Revised Estimates of 2002-03 have been projected as per the normal classification whereas we have adopted the new classification in the Budget Estimates for 2003-04.

14. I shall now briefly review the performance and tentative programmes of various Departments. Tentative programmes are subject to change after finalisation of the Annual Plan size for 2003-04.

15.1. Agriculture Department: During 2002-03, the Department undertook construction of 136.36 Km of Agricultural Potential Area Connectivity link roads from main roads and villages to different Wet Rice Cultivation (WRC) areas to facilitate easy transport of agricultural produces and movement of farm machineries at an estimated cost of Rs.129.43 lakhs. In keeping with the State's objectives of achieving self-sufficiency in production of foodgrains, we have recently launched the Mizoram Intodelhna Project wherein 21812 families will be assisted at the rate of Rs.75001- per family during 2002-03. So far, 9366 families have been assisted at the rate of Rs.40001- per family as 1st installment. As many as fifty awareness campaigns, exhibitions and seminars were conducted. Land development in 237.50 hectares for Wet Rice Cultivation (WRC) at an estimated cost of Rs.80.00 lakhs was taken up. Under Minor Irrigation, five Minor Irrigation projects are currently under construction under the assistance of Accelerated Irrigation Benefit Programme (AIBP) and Seven Minor Irrigation projects were taken up and completed with the assistance of NABARD.

15.2 During 2003-04, the Department proposes to continue the Mizoram Intodelhna Project by assisting a further 25,000 families. Besides completing its on-going Minor Irrigation projects, the department proposes to take up construction of twelve Minor Irrigation Projects with loan assistance under RIDF-IX from NABARD and the Accelerated Irrigation Benefit Programme (AIBP). It is also proposed to continue the on-going programmes of land development for Wet Rice Cultivation, terracing on hill slopes and Potential Area Connectivity. Cultivation of high yielding varieties of crops is also proposed to be continued.

16.1. Horticulture Department: During 2002-03, 36 Km of Horticulture link roads for Potential Area Connectivity in rural areas was undertaken with the active participation of the villagers. With a view to achieving higher productivity, 2000 Horticulture tools and implements were purchased and distributed at 50% subsidy to needy farmers. Awareness campaigns, exhibitions and seminars were conducted in all Horticulture Divisions and Sub-Divisions in the state. Office buildings, godowns and quarters were constructed at Lunglei, Saiha, Haulawng, Ngopa, N. Vanlaiphai, Reiek, Thingfal and Tuidam. 170 tonnes of potato seed tubers (Kufri Joyti) were distributed to farmers in various places.

16.2 During 2003-04, it is proposed to further build up Horticulture Infrastructure in the Divisions, Sub-Divisions and Circle headquarters. Rs.10.00 lakhs has been earmarked for providing HDPE pipes to small farmers to ensure irrigation of crops during the dry season. Construction of 500 hectares of Horticulture Potential Area Connectivity roads is also proposed to be taken up. The Department also proposes to make organic manures, bio-fertilizers, P.P. Chemicals and equipments easily accessible to the farmers.

17.1. Power & Electricity Department: During the year 2002-03, construction of 132KV sub-stations at Baktawng and upgradation of EHV/Sub Station at Saitual were undertaken. Construction of 22.92 MW Bairabi Thermal Project funded under Non Lapsable Central Pool of Resources was also started. The much awaited necessary environmental clearance, completion of survey and consultant works for the 80 MW Bairabi Hydro Electric Project have been obtained and all out efforts will be made to take up the work as early as possible.

17.2 During 2003-04, the Department proposes to complete the on-going works of construction of 132 KV Jines at Saitual to Darlawn, Khawzawl to Lungdar 'E' and Khawzawl to Ngopa. Augmentation and upgradation of Sub-stations at Darlawn, Khawzawl and Ngopa are in the pipeline. The Bairabi Thermal Power Plant is also slated for completion by October, 2003. The ongoing works of 12 MW Serlui 'B' Hydel Project, 3MW Maicham Phase-II, 500 KW Lamsial Micro Hydel Project, 3MW Kau-Tlabung small Hydel Project and 3MW Tuipang MHEP are also proposed to be continued. Systems I Improvement at Diltlang, Sangau, Chawngte and Thenzawl are also proposed to be taken up. These initiatives are a clear I indication of the State Government's commitment to alleviating the power deficiency problem in the state.

18.1. Industries Department: During 2002-2003, the Bamboo Development Agency was made functional and significant progress has been made for setting up of a Joint Venture Bamboo Processing Industrial Unit at Sairang. Share Capital contribution was given to various corporations/Boards like MIFCO, ZOHANDCO, ZIDCO and ZENICS. To generate employment and promote economic development, grant-in-aid was disbursed to various rural artisans, handloom weavers and craftsmen. Training on handloom, crafts, EDP, PMRY, electronics and Information Technology, Electrical and engineering trades as well as food processing were imparted. 2.5 lakh tea seedlings were distributed to various tea planters allover the state. Maintenance and augmentation of' several Community Information Centres were undertaken.

19.1 Public Health Engineering Department: The Department has taken up various schemes under the Urban Water Supply Programme at New Kawnpui, Serchhip Vengthar, Kolasib, Ramhlun North(Aizawl) and Khawzawl. The newly created Champhai WATSAN Division was inaugurated on 14.8.2002. During this fiscal year, the Bilkhawthlir and North Chhimluang (Composite) Water Supply Scheme, Ratu (Pumping) Water Supply Scheme and the Composite Vairengte I Water Supply Scheme were commissioned. It is proposed to cover all the targeted 180 habitations under the Rural Water Supply Programme.

19.2. During 2003-04, it is proposed to cover 130 habitations for completion of ongoing works under Rural Water Supply Programme and Rural Sanitation. Completion of the Bilkhawthlir and North Chhimluang Water Supply Scheme is proposed. The composite North Kawnpui Water Supply Scheme is proposed to be continued and the Greater Mamit Water Supply Scheme and Kawrthah Water Supply Scheme I will be started during this year.

20.1. Health & Family Welfare DeDartment : During 2002-03, much importance has been attached to providing better medical facilities for the general population and therefore various schemes for upgradation and establishment of Public Health Centres, Community Health Centres and Sub Centres at various places allover the state under Pradhan Mantri Gramodaya Yojana were initiated. Ongoing works of construction of Community Health Centre at Thenzawl and Mamit were completed. Construction of Public Health Centres at Phullen, Bungtlang South, Phuldungsei and Kanhmun were also started and are well in progress. Proposals for upgradation of various hospitals at Champhai, Saiha and Lawngtlai were initiated as also construction of multi-storeyed building at Civil Hospital, Lunglei. Ongoing works of construction of Outdoor Patient Department, CT Scan building and mortuary at Civil Hospital, Aizawl and upgradation of Serchhip Hospital were continued. Under the Eleventh Finance Commission awards, five Chief Medical Officers' quarters at Champhai, Serchhip, Kolasib, Mamit and Lawngtlai were completed and construction of Regional Diagnostic Centres at Champhai and Lunglei are in progress.

20.2. The long awaited CT Scan machine was installed at the Civil Hospital, Aizawl. Besides, various medical equipments and instruments like sterilizer, Ultra Sound Machine, Upper G.I. Endoscope, orthopaedic instruments, dental chair and unit and dental X-ray machines as well as five I 300 MA X-ray machines were purchased for various Hospitals around the State.

20.3. During 2003-2004, it is proposed to continue the ongoing projects of upgradation of Public Health Centres and establishment of five new Sub Centres. Continuation and completion of ongoing construction of Community Health Centres and Public Health Centres at various locations are also on the agenda. With a view to modernising and updating the two Regional Diagnostic Centres at Champhai and Lunglei, various medical equipments like Electro Encephalogram (EEG) Mode Machines, Ultra Sound Machine, ECG Machine,Chemical Pathology laboratory equipments, Brachytherapy unit and operation theatre equipments as well as maternal and child health equipments are proposed to be procured. The Government is distressed at the high rate of cancer related deaths. Therefore an Oncology Wing to facilitate early detection of cancer under the Cancer Control Programme is proposed to be set up for which the necessary equipments are being procured.

21.1. Public Works Department: Construction of the ongoing Aizawl-Reiek-West Lungdar Road and Rawpuichhip-Buarpui Road undertaken with financial assistance from NABARD were continued, and re-surfacing of town roads within Aizawl, Lunglei and Saiha was taken up. Under World Bank funded projects improvement and Iupgradation of Aizawl- Thenzawl-Buangpui Road, rehabilitation and maintenance of Kawlkulh-Ngopa- Tuivai road, Lungsen-Chawngte Road and Khawzawl-Biate and Chekkawn-North Vanlaiphai road were taken up. Under Pradhan Mantri Gramoday Sadak Yojana scheme, 29 road schemes were taken up and proposals for construction of 14 roads covering a total length of 184.98 km has been proposed and submitted to Government of India for approval. Zamuang-Hriphaw Road and construction of bridges on River Tuivai and River Phaite were taken up under NEC schemes. Construction of nine roads and one bridge duly approved by the NEC is also I in the pipeline. Under Economic and Inter-State Road schemes, works on construction of single lane girder bridge over River Tuichang on Hnahthial -Thingsai Road and a single girder bridge over River Tlawng on Aibawk-Darlung Road have been started. Infrastructure building at various places-within the construction of a new Mizoram House at Vasant Vihar, New Delhi are also taken up. 745 running metres of drainage system at essential places within Lunglei and Saiha was completed.

22.1 Food & Civil Supplies Department: During 2002-03, the Department constructed two supply godowns at Saiphai and North Hlimen, two staff quarters at Mualthuam North and one check gate-cum-Area Inspector Office at Vairengte. During the year, in pursuance of its primary duties of ensuring availability of food grains, the Department distributed 2446 Metric Tonne of APL rice, 2022 Metric Tonne of BPL rice and 368 Metric Tonne of AAY rice per month. The Midday Meal Scheme of Supplying rice to Primary School students, free of cost, was successfully implemented and 3369.89 Metric Tonne of rice was distributed. 1212 Metric Tonne of rice Was also distributed at BPL rate under the Special scheme for scheduled tribe hostellers (Naranikentans).The Legal Metrology (Weights and Measures) purchased 20 sets of verification tools to ensure accuracy while checking the quality and quantity of Petroleum products. Vigorous inspections were carried out regularly during the year and 23377 weights & measures were verified, 40200 LPG Cylinders Were checked and 1188 tank lorries Carrying Petroleum products checked.

22.2 During 2003-04, the Department proposes to construct/renovate five Supply 90downs and four staff quarters at various places around the state.

2 3. Social Welfare Department : Social Welfare has been implementing programmes for the upliftment of women and children, the aged, the disabled, maintenance of correctional institutions in the field of social defence as Well as support to voluntary organisations. Some important and notable achievements during 2002-03 include application and release of fund for construction of 200 Anganwadi Centres under Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS), enhancement of rate of honorarium given to Anganwadi workers and helpers. In respect of welfare of handicapped, the National Programme for Rehabilitation of persons with disabilities is being implemented for which multipurpose rehabilitation workers and community based rehabilitation workers have been appointed in the block and village levels. Women Empowerment Programme has also been given new impetus with the approval of a Centrally Sponsored Swayamsidha Scheme, which will address the socio-economic upliftment of women. Further, 200 bedridden severely handicapped persons were given disability pension during 2002-03. 515 persons were also given financial assistance for starting business like poultry, piggery, etc. and 14 physically and socially handicapped persons were given prosthetic aids. These programmes are proposed to be continued in the coming financial year. 75 addicts are being treated and rehabilitated at the De-addiction-cum-Rehabilitation Centre at Sethawn. Women Welfare is also amongst the agenda of the Department and 531 destitute widows of the state were given assistance in kind and in cash. The Women's Commission established by the Department continues to Work I for the welfare and safeguard of women.

24.1. Soil & Water Conservation: During 2002-03, the Department undertook the Works of water conservation by constructing 30 water harvesting tanks, maintaining 221 hectares of plantation and growing 40 lakhs of coffee seedlings. Under land reclamation and development, the department spent Rs.24.00 lakhs for maintenance of 700 hectares Coffee and Large Cardamom plantations. 106 hectares of land was prepared for extension of Coffee and Large Cardamom plantations as well as 16 hectares for terrace construction. Rs.22.00 lakhs was expended for maintenance of the existing 271 buildings in various Soil Conservation Centres.

24.2. During 2003-04, the Department proposes to continue its works of land reclamation and development to construct 20 hectares terraces and expansion of 200 hectares of plantations. It is proposed to construct 30 water-harvesting tanks and raise 20 lakhs coffee seedlings. Maintenance of 221 hectares of cash crop plantations is also proposed.

25.1. Transport Department: Under Road Transport, six accident victims were awarded compensation under Motor I Accident Claims Tribunal (MACT). Acquisition of five Bus chasis and two oil tankers is under consideration.

25.2. Under Motor Vehicle Wing, the continuing scheme of construction of District Transport Officer's (DTOs) office at Kolasib, District Transport Officer's quarters at Saiha, Laybye at Vairengte check gate and its extension have been completed. The proposal for introduction of Information Technology in District Transport Officers' offices at various I places is also under examination.

25.3. The Department's programme and target for 2003-04 includes purchase of five buses, machines and equipments and upgradation of Mizoram State Transport Bus stations. Under Motor Vehicle Wing, it is also proposed to construct District Transport Officers' staff quarters at Champhai and Kolasib and an Inspection Office at Zemabawk.

26.1. Tourism Department: During 2002-03, the Department, recognising the necessity to market Tourism products of the state in other parts of the country and abroad, participated in ITB Berlin 2002 and World Travel Mart in London, Travel and Trade Fair at Bangalore and Chennai, ITM Fair and ITF at New Delhi. With a view to attracting tourists, Thalfavang Kut was also celebrated. Construction of Tourist Lodges at Sangau and Darzo, Highway Restaurant at South Tawipui and Tourist Cottage at Lawngtlai were undertaken. 48,000 copies of tourist information paraphernalia were printed.

26.2. During 2003-04, it is proposed to construct Tourist Homes at Lunglei and Berawtlang, Lodges and Cottages at Vawmbuk, Saipum, Mamit and at Thingdawl, Kolasib and Rungdil. Construction of wayside amenities at West Phaileng is also envisaged. It is also proposed to celebrate Chapchar Kut and Thalfavang Kut during 2004. In its continuing endeavour to promote tourism in the state, the department proposes to participate in Tourism Trade Fairs at the National level and also conduct study tours to Israel and Asia.

2 7. 1. Local Administration Department: Composite cash loan was given to 2416 Government employees during 2002-03 and housing loan was also given to 606 families. High Mast lights Were installed at Durtlang Hospital complex, Aizawl, Kolasib Diakkawn and Khawzawl. 700 metres of R.C.C. footpaths and pavements were constructed in various places around the state. 131 Villages Were given assistance for construction of cemetery sheds and construction of internal roads. Under Urban Poverty Alleviation Scheme (SJSRY), training was given to 163 tailors, 17 beauticians, 7 offset machine operators, 3 handloom Workers, 2 carpenters and barber during 2002-03.

27.2. During 2003-04, the Department proposes to assist 2548 State Government employees for building houses and 606 families for public housing. It is proposed to install a High Mast light at Ramhlun. 225 running metres of RCC footpath Will also be constructed during this fiscal Year.

28.1. Trade & Commerce Department: The works of the Department during 2002-03 included maintenance, repair and renovation of New Market buildings, disposal of market garbage, construction of godown at Kanhmun, bazar shed at Tlabung and garbage bins in various markets at Aizawi. During he Year, Millennium Market Was also renovated. A new District Office Was also set up at Champhai.

28.2. The programme of the Department during 2003-04 include Setting up of District offices at Vairengte, Mamit and Serchhip and ensuring grading and quality Control and extending assistance to public undertakings.

29.1. Higher & Technical Education Department: In order to develop and augment Collegiate education, 67 guest lecturers Were engaged and 48 government lecturers and 55 deficit College lecturers Were promoted to higher grades as per University Grants Commission norms. The competitive entrance examination for selection of candidates against 183 seats reserved for Mizoram for further studies in Engineering and Medical Colleges was conducted. Four private colleges were amalgamated into two colleges and were upgraded to deficit grants-in-aid system. One more private college was upgraded and provincialisation of one deficit college is expected during this fiscal year as a clear indication of the State's commitment to improving college education. Financial assistance was given to a large number of students of various categories as Post-Matric Scholarship, Post-Matric Merit Scholarship, and cash incentives for passing Civil Services Examinations conducted by the Union Pubic Service Commission (UPSC), Mizoram Research Fellowship and Stipend/Book Grants. Site preparation for establishment of Government Residential Science College at Mualpui, Aizawl was also initiated.

29.2. During 2003-04, the Department proposes to continue its programme for developing college education and assisting students of all categories. It is also proposed to set up various infrastructures within and outside the State. During the year, it is proposed to take up construction of Directorate of Technical Education Building at Chaltlang, Mizoram Women's Polytechnic Building, Lunglei and Women's Polytechnic Building at Durtlang under World Bank assistance.

30.1. School Education Department: During the year 2002-03, the department in its endeavor to eradicate illiteracy, prepared and obtained the approval of Government of India for taking up a project aptly named 'The Eradication of Residual Illiteracy'. 209 in-service teachers underwent a one-year training course at College of Teachers Education (CTE) and District Institute of Educational Training (DIET). The department reconstructed and renovated various Elementary, Secondary and Higher Secondary School buildings with fund received from Non lapsable Pool of Central Resources. Under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA), fund has been received from Government of India for pre-project activities and this has been Completed in all eight Revenue Districts. Importance will also be given to universalisation of elementary education through community ownership of the school system. Six Primary School buildings were constructed under Eleventh Finance Commission awards. With a view to educating and familiarizing our youth in Information Technology (IT), 140 computers were installed in High Schools allover the state.

30.2. During 2003-04, it is proposed to construct 13 Primary School buildings, 30 Middle School buildings under Pradhan Mantri Gramodaya Yojona (PMGY). It is also envisaged to supply stationery materials to 878 primary schools and 575 middle schools. Free school uniforms will also be given to 17490 students.

31.1. Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Department: During 2002-03, the main thrust of the Department was in the maintenance, improvement and upgradation of the existing infrastructure for improving livestock health, prevention and control of animal and poultry diseases as also to give easy access to foundation stock for local farmers. The department has also taken up two major projects in the Mobilisation and Development of Animal Feed and Fodder Resources (MODAFER) and Development of Sustainable Base for Pig Production (DESBAPP). 50 tonne per day capacity animal feed plant and fodder development was established under MODAFER. Under DESBAPP, establishment of piggery village and base pig breeding farm were undertaken. Establishment of 5000 litres per day capacity dairy plant was initiated at Kolasib. Various District Vety Officers' offices and Vety Dispensary buildings and Rural Animal Health Centres were constructed. 600 piggery farmers were provided with feeding materials and 25 sheep/goat rearing families and hill cattle rearing families were given financial assistance. 200 Bio-gas plants were installed.

31.2. Construction of a dairy plant building and induction I of 200 cows on 50% subsidy was taken up at Kolasib. The Department is also distributing wholesome pasteurised milk within Lunglei town.

31.3. During 2003-04, the department proposes to construct Officers' quarters, Vety Hospital, Vety Surgeons' quarters, Vety Assistant Surgeons' quarters, staff quarters and Rural Animal Health Centres in some selected locations. 50% chick and breeding boar subsidy as well as assistance to cattle rearing families and Milk Producers Co-operative Society will also be continued.

32.1. Rural Development Department: Under Border Area Development Programme, the Department continued its objectives of strengthening Rural Infrastructure by constructing truck and jeep roads, community halls, playgrounds, pavilions, bridges and School buildings. Under Pradhan Mantri Gramodaya Yojona, with a view to providing housing to the rural poor and creating durable infrastructure where such facilities are not available, 1230 rural families were assisted and 2150 new houses were constructed for the rural poor. Under Mizoram Intodelhna Project, a scheme intended to bring about self sufficiency in food by adopting permanent system of farming was launched. Rs.6.814 lakh man-days were generated thereby ensuring employment and creation of durable community assets. Under lAY, 479 new houses were constructed and 246 houses were upgraded. 88 Self Help Groups were formed during the year under SGSY successfully paving the way for self-employment.

33.1. Fisheries Department: The Department, with a view to enhancing fish production in the state, covered 163 hectares of water area for fish culture. 118.46 lakhs fish seeds were distributed to private pisciculturists at 50% subsidy. 639 fish farmers were also given training. The three ice plants and two cold storages at Bawngkawn, Kolasib and Bilkhawthlir produced 130 Metric Tone of ice blocks. To ensure self-sufficiency in fish seed and to curtail purchase of fish seeds from outside the state, four fish seed farms were constructed at Pajak, Lengpui, Zawlnuam and Zobawk. Construction of an additional three farms is also nearing completion and it is anticipated that operationalisation of these farms will entail production of around two crore fish seeds per year. 10 lakhs fish seeds were produced in the existing eight Departmental farms.

33.2. During 2003-04, the main thrust will be to boost fish production by bringing in 340 hectares of additional water area under Pisciculture. It is also targeted to impart training to 1000 fish farmers.

34.1. Police Department: Different type of quarters and barracks with a capacity to accommodate 50 police personnel with their families were constructed during the year. Three police stations and five women police rest room-cum-toilet were constructed and various sophisticated and modern equipment were acquired for the Forensic Science Laboratory. Under Fire Service, one building and several staff quarters were constructed. One Fire Tender was also purchased.

34.2. During 2003-04, the department plans to construct different types of quarters, barracks and residential buildings. Construction of four Fire Sub-Station buildings and quarters is also proposed. The department also proposes to continue its programme of strengthening and modernising police administration in addition to providing adequate housing for its personnel.

35.1. Printing & Stationery Department: During 2002- 03, the Printing & Stationery Department, continuing its endeavour to modernise the Government Press at Aizawl, installed one 40KV A three phased stabilizer and 10KV A Uninterruptible Power Supply in order to curtail delay in printing of urgent government publications. Stepping into the computer age, the Department has fully computerised the payroll of the Directorate and has started the process of computerisation of service records and stock inventory. One Gestener copy printer (A-3) with computer interface and three computers were also procured.

35.2. During 2003-04, the Department proposes to acquire a Web offset with numbering unit and image setter. Creation of a Departmental website is envisaged during 2003- 04.

36.1. Environment & Forest Department: During 2002-2003, priority has been assigned to the implementation of various programmes and schemes in the conservation, protection and development of forests and wildlife. Afforestation of 10980 hectares through fifteen Forest Development Agencies covering 230 Village Forest Committees and Economic Development Committees was completed. Plantations covering 7630 hectares were maintained under NDFP, IAEP and ASTRP projects/schemes. Under Infrastructure Development Scheme, 82 buildings like offices, staff quarters and forest rest houses were constructed. 490km of protected areas like Wildlife sanctuaries and National Parks were surveyed and demarcated. One new zoo at Aizawl-Sairang road near Police Training Centre is under construction and Development and Eco-development activities were undertaken in two National Parks and three Wildlife Sanctuaries. 203 families were given assistance for development of bamboo plantation. Creation and construction of one Bamboo Setum and hardening unit for I bamboo seedlings was completed. Revenue to the tune of Rs.170 lakhs was collected during the year for bamboo, sand, non-wood forest produce and fishery mahal and permits.

36.2. During 2003-04, it is proposed to continue maintenance of 7500 hectares of older plantations. It is also proposed to establish one tissue culture laboratory and Bamboo Setum including rising of bamboo plantation. An additional 10980 hectares is targeted for afforestation under the National Afforestation Programme.

37.1. Sericulture Department: Mizoram being richly endowed with ideal conditions for breeding of silkworm varieties, the performance of the Sericulture Department during 2002-2003 has been very satisfactory. Bearing testimony to this, 2.10 lakh silkworm seeds were produced, 45 Metric Tonne of cocoon (green) and 1.70 Metric Tonne of raw silk were produced. 350 farmers were trained and 40 lakh Mulberry cuttings were supplied to various new plantations covering an area of 1418 acres.

37.2. During 2003-04, it is proposed to cover an additional area of 650 acres and build up Sericulture infrastructure. A special project for sericulture development has been approved by the Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India for the Chakma, Lai and Mara Autonomous District Councils. Phase of the project will cover 200 hectares in each of the three Autonomous District Councils.

38.1 Economics & Statistics Department: During 2002-2003, the Department published Statistical Handbook 2002, Block Statistics 2001, Census of Government employees 2001 and completed the Agriculture Census Survey. Socio-Economic Survey 2002 was also published. The 58th round of National Sample Survey as well as computerized tabulation of statistical data was completed. The Department has left no I stone unturned to ensure that no birth or death goes unregistered. 100% Registration of Births and Deaths by the year 2010 is envisaged by the Government of India and I am happy to inform you that our state is amongst the forerunners in the race toward this goal.

39.1. Law & Juduicial Department: During 2002-2003, Works for construction of District Court BUilding at AizaWI, Judicial Officer's Quarters at Lunglei, construction of four quarters for Senior Judges, six quarters for Junior Judges and one bungalow for District and Session's Judge Was initiated. An exclusive court building for Consumer Dispute Redressal State CommisSion and District Forum Was completed.

39.2 During 2003-2004, it is envisaged to Continue strengthening and building up of infrastructure through, construction of Court Buildings and quarters at various places around the state.

40. 1. The Information & Public Relations Department:

The Information & Public Relations Department has been disseminating information about the activities of the State Government through media agencies both in and outside the State. It has sponsored tours for members of the Press in order to equip them with first hand knowledge of the developmental activities of the Country as a whole. To enhance public awareness, community information items like televisions and radios were distributed. One of the most notable achievements of the Department is the live telecast of all the deliberations of the Legislative Assembly. In fact, it is a matter of pride that this very Budget Session is being telecast live by two of the pioneer local cable TV operators -the LPS Vision and the Skylinks.

I 41.1 Labour & Employment Department : During 2002-2003, construction of office building at Champhai will commence. 200 persons were given training in fourteen vocational trades and stipend and book grant was granted to each trainee. The Department has also assisted various Non Government Organisations in order to provide assistance to unemployed youth of the State.

41.2. During 2003-2004, the Department proposes to complete construction of the Champhai Office building and continue its training programme at Industrial Training Institute.

42.1. Prisons Deoartment : During 2002-2003, five staff quarters, one administrative building at District Jail, Champhai and two workshop buildings at Central Jail, Aizawl and District Jail, Champhai were completed. Keenly aware of the necessity of reliable security and the importance of ensuring good water supply to the inmates, works for improving the security fencing at District Jails, Lunglei and Saiha and improvement of water supply system at Central Jail, Aizawl, Saiha and Champhai were undertaken.

42.2. During 2003-2004, it is proposed to construct staff quarters, administrative buildings, female wards, male prisoners' barracks and workshops at various District Jails in the State.

43.1. Administrative Training Institute: The Administrative Training Institute striving to achieve its main objectives of providing in-service training for all categories of State Government Employees including the Autonomous Bodies/Corporations conducted thirty training courses for a total of 628 participants of which 280 were Gazetted Officers and 348 were Non Gazetted. Computer Training Courses for fifteen trainees at a time was commenced from June 2002. A Training Course in Mizo Short-hand was also introduced.

43.2. During 2003-2004, it is the agenda of the Institute to conduct 36 normal training courses in different disciplines for in-service government officials. Training in Computers and Mizo Short-hand is also proposed to be continued. A separate establishment is to be set up for imparting training on Disaster Management.

44.1. Land Revenue & Settlement Department:

During 2002-2003, to ensure better and safer custody of important land records, construction of one record room-cum-staff quarter was taken up. House site Plans for 2000 plots and Cadastral survey of seven villages was completed. Summary survey of agricultural land in 18 Rural Development Blocks was undertaken and completed. Under the Development Project Survey (Bamboo Plantation) nine villages were covered.

44.2. The Department proposes to construct six record rooms/quarters and prepare house site plans in 4000 plots. Cadastral survey of five major towns and aerial cadastral survey covering 1000 sq. km. is in the pipeline. Revision of Summary Survey of Agricultural land is also proposed to be continued in 18 Rural Development Blocks.

45.1. Co-operation Department: During 2002-2003, financial assistance in the form of Managerial subsidy, transport subsidy and purchase of raw materials was given to the MCAB, MUCO Bank, MULCO, MAHCO, MAFF, MIZOFED, WOMEN FED, Co-operative Union and also to primary level Co-operative Societies. 30 lakh litres of fresh milk, 1700 quintals of compound feeds and 330 Metric Tonnes of fertilisers were purchased and distributed. Rs.4261.73 lakh and Rs.25.49 lakh as demand loan was advanced through the MCAB and MUCO Bank Ltd. respectively. 13 Training Courses were conducted for 113 participants by the Co-operative Union. A Junior Co-operative Training Centre for imparting training to Co-operative Officers and Society Members was constructed at Luangmual.

45.2. During 2003-2004, it is proposed to strengthen the Co-operative Credit movement in Mizoram for Socio-economic upliftment of productive societies, private artisans and farmers. To this end, it is proposed to assist 50 selected primary societies and 10 state level Co-operative Societies in the form of managerial subsidy, transport subsidy and for purchase of raw materials.

46.1. Sports & Youth Services Department: Fourteen projects for construction of outdoors and indoor stadium, basketball courts at various localities were taken up. In its aim to promote and encourage our talented youth, 143 sports persons given cash awards. The State was proud to participate in and organise various sports programmes like Subroto Mukherjee Cup Football Tournament, Nehru Hockey Tournament, National Games, Inter Department Sports, and Republic Day and Independence Day tournaments. Several of our youth participated in the 20th World Scouts Jamboree at Thailand and the SAF-SAARC friendship camp at Maldive Islands. My congratulations go to the Mizoram Football Team for winning the Sub Junior Subroto Football Tournament and also to Ms.K.Lalnunsiami, Gold Medallist in the Women's boxing category at the National Games, 2002 held at Hyderabad.

46.2. In order to ensure active participation and exploitation of the talents of our younger generation, the Sports Department proposes to give cash incentive awards to 160 sports persons and participate in various major sports events around the country. It is also planned to further promote sports I by conducting coaching camps as well as tournaments.

47 District Council Affairs Department:

47.1. Chakma Autonomous District Council: 87 hectares of land was developed manually. Bouldering of Kamalanagar and Borapansury Town roads was completed.The ongoing construction of CADC Rest House at Kamalanagar was completed. 800 km of inter village paths was maintained. A Teachers' Inn at Kamalanagar and Bazar shed were constructed along with 20 rain water harvesting tanks 37 km of jeep road from Kamalanagar to Ajasora and 30 bridges and culverts were constructed.

47.2. Lai Autonomous District Council: During 2002- 2003, 40 families were given financial assistance for Minor Irrigation, 60 horticulturist families were also assisted.

47.3. Recognising the need to address the overwhelming water scarcity problem, 20 RCC water tanks and 26-rain water harvesting tanks were constructed. Construction of one bazar shed and 760 running metres of masonry steps and side drains were undertaken. Several quarters were constructed and 32 km of jeep/truck roads were successfully maintained.

47.4. Mara Autonomous District Council: 600 km of village internal roads were constructed and maintained during 2002-2003. 580 bundles of GCI sheets were distributed to poor families. 233 families were given cash crop seedlings and 50,000 fish seeds were released at Pala Lake to promote fish culture. Six Bazar sheds were constructed at major villages and eight Primary School buildings were constructed.

48.1. Taxation Department: In addition to administering and implementing various taxes, the Taxation Department, during 2002-2003, constructed new sales tax check gate with counter fencing, various quarters and two duty posts at Vairengte. Computerisation of the administration in the context of Value Added Tax (VAT) introduction in the state is being pursued and a Departmental web-site to enable interaction between the Government and the tax payers particularly for exchange of information relating to tax matters is being created.

48.2. During the year, Rs.2084.19 lakh has been collected by the Department as on 31.1.2003 as against their target of Rs.1585.00 lakh. The Department deserves to be lauded for its outstanding performance.

48.3. During 2003-2004, the process of computerization of tax administration is scheduled to be completed. With a view to adopting the policy for introduction of VAT in the country as a whole in lieu of the traditional sales tax regime, concrete I steps like drafting the bill for switching over to VAT system in I Mizoram which has been initiated and will be completed during 2003-04.

49.1. Planning & Programme Implementation Department : Besides its normal works of Plan Formulation, evaluation and monitoring of State Plan, NEC Schemes and Centrally Sponsored Schemes, the Department is looking after the Science and Technology Cell and it is envisaged to continue setting up of the Natural Resources Information System (NRIS project) to cover Lunglei, Saiha and Lawngtlai Districts during 2002-2003. Environmental studies of Aizawl city using remote sensing and GIS were also taken up. In collaboration with the National Council of Science Museums, a Sub-Regional Science Centre was established at Berawtlang, Aizawl for providing recreational and educational facilities.

50.1. Parliamentarv Affairs Department: During the current fiscal year, 20 Ex-MDC/MRC members were granted pension and 47 Ex-members were also granted family pension. 50.2. During 2003-2004, the Department proposes to continue granting pension and family pension to these Ex-MDC/MRC members.

51.1. Election Department: During the year 2002- 2003, special revision of a summary nature of Electoral Rolls with 1.1.03 as the qualifying date was conducted and completed satisfactorily. Electors Photo Identify Card (EPIC) Scheme was also implemented.

51.2. During 2003-2004, it is anticipated to conduct the elections to the Fifth Mizoram Legislative Assembly.

52.1. Art & Culture Department: During the year, the Department organised various cultural programmes, competitions, seminars, symposiums and art exhibitions to promote the Mizo Culture. It also participated in various inter state Cultural Meets. Prominent among these activities is the organisation and participation in 15 Inter State Cultural exchange programmes, celebration of Thalfavang Kut 2002 and Chapchar Kut 2003. With a view to ensuring that the youth of today be kept aware of their rich cultural heritage, a Zawlbuk and Mizo Lal In were renovated at Cultural Centre, Falkawn. Several ancient monoliths and landmarks were protected and preserved under the Heritage Protection Scheme. In order to promote national integration while simultaneously preserving the Mizo Culture, 150 children participated in the Republic Day dance parade at New Delhi at the initiative of the Department under North East Zone Cultural Committee (NEZCC) sponsorship. 20 cultural Non Government Organisations were given cultural costumes and musical instruments during the year.

52.2. During 2003-2004, the Department proposes to organise Cultural meets at 12 interior places in the state and I continue its programme of promoting awareness and appreciation of the Mizo culture.

53.1. Relief & Rehabilitation Department: Realising the importance of equipping the state and its people with knowledge as well as materials for dealing with any unforeseen natural calamities, the Department during 2002-2003 conducted awareness campaigns through local newspapers and magazines and regular distribution of pamphlets and advertisements. Besides procuring and storing relief materials, 21,740 silpaulines were distributed free of cost to prevent damage of dwelling houses by landslides. Ex-gratia was also given to victims of natural calamities.

54.1. General Administration Department: During the year 2002-2003, action was initiated for undertaking works for Upgradation of Standards of District Administration under Eleventh Finance Commission grants. Eight computer education school buildings were also constructed in all the District Headquarters. Under Aviation Wing, improvement of aviation fuel station for refueling of aircraft at Lengpui Airport was undertaken. Two Airforce Recruitment Rallies were conducted and nine Mizo candidates were selected to join the Indian Air Force. The Lengpui Airport Terminal building was inaugurated on 23 .3.03.

54.2. During 2003-2004, it is proposed to complete the projects under Upgradation of Standards of District Administration and procure as many as 400 computer sets with peripherals under the Computer Education Programme for school children. The Lengpui Airport improvement project funded by the North Eastern Council is also proposed to be taken up.

55.1. Excise Department: As a result of the untiring efforts of the Excise Department, 712 drug traffickers and abusers were arrested as concern for the increasing menace of drug trafficking and abuse assumed alarming proportions. In its efforts to ensure a clean and healthy society, 3240 persons I were apprehended for contravention of the Prohibition Law.

56.1. Mizoram Home Guard: During 2002-2003, 114 Home Guard Volunteers completed their basic and advance course of Home Guards and Civil Defence subjects at Central Training Institute, Sesawng. Refresher course for 110 volunteers was also conducted. A three months basic and advanced training was conducted for 86 trainees from the Excise Department at Central Training Institute, Sesawng.

57.1. Finance Department: Under Accounts & Treasuries Department, 531 fresh cases of pension and family pension, 181 cases of revision of pension and family pension, 112 Deposit Linked Insurance Schemes (DLI) cases were settled and 575 cases were authorised for final payment of Group Insurance Scheme along with 670 cases of General Provident Fund. Pay of 1766 State Government employees were fixed as per the 5th Pay Commission's Recommendation and approved.

57.2. During 2003-2004, it is proposed to begin disbursement to civil and military pensioners in the Aizawl I North Treasury for the convenience of pensioners.

57.3. Under Institutional Finance & Small Savings, Rs.14.83 crore was the net collection of Small Savings Fund as on January, 2003 against the target of Rs.15.00 crore. I am delighted to inform you that we are likely to achieve this target. The Mizoram Protection of Interest of Depositors (in financial establishments) was legislated on 18.2.2002 purely in the interest of the general public who are investing in financial institutions. I 57.4. Rs.5.50 crore was collected by the Mizoram State Lottery as on 18.2.2003. Efforts are on to increase the quantum of revenue with the introduction of Online Lottery in the State. Because of the sound financial management of the Department and inspite of severe financial drawbacks the state could conclude this financial year without any untoward financial disasters.

57.5. With a view to restoring fiscal balance, I am committed to ensuring effective compliance of the existing economy measures already in place. I am aware that this is an uphill task and can only be accomplished with the active and wholehearted co-operation of all concerned. I invite all the Honorable members to join me in this endeavour.

58.1. It is a matter of pride that in addition to being one of the most peaceful states in the country, Mizoram is spearheading the peace process in the North Eastern region. Let us take advantage of this peaceful scenario and work I towards ushering in a new era of prosperity and development.

58.2. Before I conclude, I wish -to thank the Honorable members for giving me a patient hearing. I would also like to thank the officers and staff of the Finance Department with whose untiring support and dedication this Budget has been prepared. With these words, I commend the Supplementary Demands for 2002-2003 and Vote on Account for the first four months of 2003-2004 for consideration and approval of the House.

Thank you.




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