Government of Mizoram
Budget Speech: 2002-03
By Zoramthanga
Chief Minister and Minister of Finance

Mr Speaker Sir,

1. I rise to present before this august House, the Supplementary Demands for the current year 2001-2002, Vote on Account for the months of April, May and June, 2002 and the Budget Estimates for the fiscal year 2002-2003.

2. At the outset, I would like to inform this House that the Annual Plan size of Rs 430,00 crore for Mizoram was finalised at New Delhi only on February 18, 2002. As a result of this, there would not be enough time for the honourable Members to discuss and consider the full Budget for 2002-2003 before the end of the current financial year. Therefore, I am now seeking Vote on Account for the first three months of 2002-2003.

3. We are all aware that the country as a whole is facing acute fiscal stress and the impact of which is enormously felt in all the States with no exception to Mizoram. The finances of the State Governments and of the Union Government have shown considerable deterioration over the years and a very high Gross Fiscal Deficit to Gross Domestic Product ratio has called for fiscal reforms at State level which has become an important component of overall economic reforms.

4. I would like to share with you the fact that the fiscal problems have severely limited the capacity of the Government to make substantial investment for building up of adequate infrastructure for development in the State. Wages and salaries of Government employees, as a proportion to total expenditure, have risen from 32.29 per cent in 1997-1998 to 46.13 per cent in 2001-2002. Low user charges for public services have resulted in a high subsidy element in certain sectors like power and water supply. For improvement of financial administration and fiscal management, the Mizoram Government is continuing its efforts to mobilise additional resources by enhancing existing rates of taxes, fees and tariff. Some new measures have also been introduced like realisation of vehicle fees from all Officers who are using Government vehicle and collection of vehicle parking fees. Quite a number of economy measures have also been taken up like non filling up of vacant posts, moratorium on fresh recruitments, substantial reduction of current level of office expenses and of the engagement of Work Charged and Muster Roll employees.

5. The recommendation of the Eleventh Finance Commission (EFC) for a monitorable Medium Term Fiscal Reforms Programme (MTFRP) to augment revenue income and to reduce the revenue deficit of all the States has been accepted by the Government of India. The Mizoram Government is also no exception to the programme launched by the Central Government. The fiscal reforms programme by and large will aim at taking effective steps for revenue augmentation and expenditure compression over a five year period with the base year being 1999-2000. Each state has to draw up its own Medium Term Fiscal Reforms Programme (MTFRP) with objectives to achieve gross fiscal deficit as an aggregate to fall to 2.5 per cent of the Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP), revenue deficit falling to zero, interest payments as a percentage of revenue receipt as a whole maintained at 18 to 20 per cent. Further, increases in wages and salaries should not exceed 5 per cent or increase in the consumer price index which ever is higher, increase in interest payment in absolute terms should also be limited to 10 per cent per year and the explicit subsidies to be brought down by 50 per cent over the next five year period with a view to eliminate subsidies altogether by 2009 to 2010.

6. With the above objectives in view, the Mizoram Government is also drawing up its own Medium Term Fiscal Reforms Programme (MTFRP) under which higher rates of taxes in some areas will have to be considered in due course and also avoidable expenditure may have to be further pruned down. One of such measures for reduction of expenditure is to privatise to the extent possible the fleet of Government vehicles. The State Government is spending quite a substantial amount for the maintenance of vehicles. A proposal is under active consideration of the State Government to provide car loan at a very nominal rate of interest to the affected Officers following implementation of the scheme. The scheme, amongst others, envisages that all the vehicles of Government which have completed seven years of service from the date of purchase shall be disposed off by drawing of lots among the Officers. On implementation of the scheme the Officers shall be allowed to hire private vehicles at the rates approved by the Government for discharging their official duties. Further, all regular drivers thus rendered idle following the implementation of this scheme shall be eligible to voluntary retirement for which special Rules are being finalised. It is hoped that implementation of these schemes will immensely reduce Government expenditure especially under Non-Plan sector.

7. The Government of Mizoram has been carrying out its bounden duties and responsibilities towards improvement of public welfare and economic upliftment in right earnest through various development programmes in the State. Due to the limited resource base of the State, it has been rather difficult to fulfil all the aspirations of the people to the desired level. I hope, the hon’ble members will appreciate the fact that this Government, despite various constraints is continuing its endeavour to accelerate the pace of development by pursuing relentlessly the implementation of viable projects already in hand and also by laying of new foundations for the economic development of the State. Recently, a new scheme called "Mizoram Intodelhna Project" (MIP), a self-sufficiency project for Mizoram has been launched. The focal point of this project is upliftment of the rural poor, to emancipate them from the drudgery of back breaking, unremunerative and traditional practice of shifting cultivation, which will at the same time help the ongoing afforestation and green Mizoram programmes.

8. We all know that one of the hurdles of development in Mizoram is non-availability of adequate power supply. The restricted power demand of Mizoram today is around 93 MW. The State’s own sector generation including diesel power generation at present is only 22 MW. The power import from outside the State is around 35 MW only against the allocation of 55.09 MW from the Central power stations. This has resulted in a 30 per cent shortfall of power demand. In order to tackle this problem, this Government, has given priority to generation of power within the State. As a result of our untiring efforts, the Bairabi Thermal Plant with a capacity to generate 22.92 MW has been sanctioned and the work will be started shortly. Further, quite a number of other proposals for Hydel Projects are in the final stages.

9. I am happy to inform the honourable Members of the notable progress made in State Roads Project (World Bank Aided Project) which so far will be the biggest project for building up of development infrastructure to be undertaken by the State Public Works Department. All required codal formalities with World Bank authorities and Government of India, are in the final stages. The representatives of Government of India, are in the final stages. The representatives of Government of India, Government of Mizoram and World Bank had signed the important agreements during February 8th-13th, 2002 at Washington (USA). The World Bank road project estimated to cost about Rs 350 crore comprises Improvement (Widening and Strengthening) of Aizawl-Thenzawl-Lunglei road including Aizawl bypass of about 184 kilometres length and rehabilitation and maintenance of about 520 kilometres of 9 selected roads at various places. The works on Aizawl-Thenzawl road is expected to start during this year to be completed within 36 months from the date of commencement of the work. The rest of works will also be taken up in right earnest from the next financial year onwards.

10. Before I highlight the achievements and programmes of various Departments, let me briefly take a view of the Revised Budget Estimates and the Budget Estimates for the year 2001-2002 and 2002-2003 respectively.

11. Revised Budget Estimates: The Revised Budget Estimates for 2001-2002 show tremendous increase in the demands from that of the original Budget Estimates. The main reason for this being the inclusion of all the sanctioned Central Plan and Centrally Sponsored Schemes for which only token provisions had been made in the original budget. It is also seen that the growth of State’s own income is far from proportionate to that of the growth in expenditure requirement. This obviously indicates the need for further efforts in mobilisation of State’s Own Resources. The Revised Budget Estimates aim at closing the current fiscal year with a deficit of Rs 163.68 crore.

12. Budget Estimates for 2002-2003: The State Annual Plan outlay for 2002-2003 has been fixed by the Planning Commission at Rs 430 crore as against Rs 410 crore in 2001-2002. The provision for Rural Connectivity has been taken out from the State Plan funding for 2002-2003. It is expected that not less than Rs 22 crore which is the current year’s allocation for Rural Connectivity will again be allocated outside the normal State Plan for the year 2002-2003. Unlike in the past, allocation of funds under Article 275(1) has been earmarked as Additional Central Assistance from 2002-2003. While we gladly welcome the growth in the Annual Plan allocation, the State Government cannot remain complacent within the allocation alone but must make concerted efforts to generate more resources. The Planning Commission while analysing the State’s finances has found that there is ample scope for further mobilisation of additional resources. The State Government has to put major thrust on collection of additional resources in certain areas like sales tax, power, water, land revenue, forest royalty and through the State Lotteries. The gross Budget Estimates for expenditure during 2002-2003 has come to Rs 1294.52 crore and that of the gross receipt is estimated at RS 1222.24 crore out of which State’s own tax and non-tax revenue is estimated at Rs 81.18 crore with a deficit of Rs 3.08 crore during the year resulting in a closing deficit of Rs 166.76 crore at the end of the next financial year.

13. I shall now briefly review the progress and achievements of various Departments during the current year and the programmes envisaged for the next year.

(1) Agriculture: During 2001-2002, the Department has taken up 213.86 hectares of land development under Wet Rice Cultivation by mechanisation as well as by manual in various districts. 400 quintals of high yielding varieties of paddy seedlings were procured and an estimated 5% seed replacement of these varieties with the local low yielding varieties was achieved. To promote and popularise mechanisation, 17 tractors and 13 power tillers were sold to farmers at subsidized rates. Under Minor Irrigation, a Command Area Project Programme covering 1133 hectares was taken up for Wet Rice Cultivation and completed.

Training programmes as well as exchange visits to various places across the country were conducted for the farmers in villages and District Headquarters.

During 2002-2003, the Department proposes to take up land development in 401 hectares for Wet Rice Cultivation at an estimated cost of Rs 35.00 lakh. Under Minor Irrigation, 50 new projects are proposed to be taken up with the assistance of National Bank for Agricultural and Rural Development (NABARD) and Accelerated Irrigation Benefit Programme (AIBP) for which Rs 350.00 lakh has been earmarked. Production of maize, oilseeds and pulses is proposed to be taken up. To parallel the use of chemical fertilizer, production of bio-fertilizers will be taken up under the Bio-fertilizer unit already set up at Neihbawih farm.

(2) Horticulture Department: Under Area Expansion scheme, the Department distributed various planting materials to 4049 beneficiaries/farmers. Term loan amounting to Rs 20,000/- per beneficiary was given to 200 passion fruit growers totalling Rs 40.00 lakh. Agro films, GI sheets and cash component of Rs 3,604 per beneficiary was given to 120 beneficiaries for construction of water harvesting structures. Survey and Investigation for 80 kilometres of Horticulture Link Road was completed during the year and formation cutting has also been started.

During 2002-2003, construction of District Horticulture offices at Aizawl, Lunglei and Saiha will be taken up. To increase the production of potato, 1100 quintals of potato seed tubers is proposed to be procured and given to farmers for which Rs 20.00 lakh has been earmarked. To further facilitate conveyance of farm inputs and outputs further construction of 40 kilometres of Horticulture Link Roads will be given top priority. To apprise and educate cultivators on the modern techniques of orchard management and different aspects of Horticulture, awareness campaigns, seminars, exhibitions and farmers tours will be conducted.

(3) Power & Electricity Department : During this year the Department undertook the extension of 139.40 kilometres of 11 KV and 40.10 kilometres of LT transmission lines and set up 52 distribution Sub-Stations. Modification and augmentation of Zuangtui Sub-station and Luangmual Sub-station by 12.5 MVA each was also completed. In continuation of last year’s Rural Electrification Programme, 9 villages were electrified during the year.

During 2002-2003, the Department will take up construction of the 22.92 MW Bairabi Thermal Project for power generation. Ongoing Hydel Projects like 12 MW Serlui ‘B’, 3 MW Maicham Phase II and 500 KW Lamsial Mini Hydel Project are also proposed to be continued. Improvement and Extension of Transmission lines across the State are proposed to be taken up along with setting up of 22 Sub-stations. The Department also endeavors to further electrify 20 villages within the year.

(4) Industries Department: The Department has taken up construction of internal road, culverts, retaining walls and pavement works for the development of Industrial Growth Centre at Luangmual. For maximum utilisation of Bamboo resources in the State, a Rs 4 crore Project of Bamboo Floor Board Unit at Sairang under Non-Lapsable Pool of Central Resources is in progress. In this connection, an International Bamboo Housing Workshop, the first of its kind in India, was organised at Aizawl, jointly with International Network of Bamboo and Rattan (INBAR) and Cane and Bamboo Technology Centre of UNIDO. For development of Tea industry, 6.89 lakh newly raised tea seedlings were distributed to 467 tea growers at Biate and Ngopa.

In the field of Information Technology, site preparation of 10 Community Information Centres (CIC) is in progress. A Centre for Electronic Design and Technology of India (CEDTI) was set up at Zuangtui, Aizawl and training in DOEACC ‘O’ level has commenced at Aizawl and DOEACC ‘A’ level at Lunglei.

During 2002-2003, it is targeted to initiate works of drawal of water from Tlawng river, electrification, site development and construction of Factory sheds at Luangmual. Bamboo Development Action Plan prepared by INBAR is under active consideration of the Government for implementation. Preparation of Draft Bamboo Policy for Mizoram is in its final stages and a Bamboo Development Agency has recently been established for its effective implementation. It is proposed to vigorously take up computerization and e-governance of Industries Department as well as improvement of Community Information Centre facilities at Government offices.

(5) Public Health Engineering Department: Under Rural Water Supply Programme; 206 habitations are being covered during the current year. Water Supply Scheme to 5 towns had been completed under Plan scheme while 4 towns were covered under Accelerated Urban Water Supply Programme (AUWSP) of which Darlawn and Sairang Water Supply Schemes have been commissioned. Over 1000 Low Cost Sanitary latrines were constructed at different places across the State. A project for the rehabilitation of the drainage system in Mizoram was initiated at 123 places within 60 Village Councils. A Pilot Project for providing safe drinking water with direct participation of the public has been undertaken in various habitations within Serchhip District.

(6) Health & Family Welfare Department: Construction of Community Health Centres at Thenzawl and Mamit and a Primary Health Centre at Pangzawl have been completed. With financial assistance from National Bank for Agricultural and Rural Development, a Primary Health Centre at Sialhawk, a Maternity Centre at ITI Veng and 10 new sub-centres at different places were constructed. Establishment of 2 Regional Diagnostic Centres are being taken up with provision under Eleventh Finance Commission. Under Hospital Programme, a CT Scan has been procured with financial assistance from National Bank for Agricultural and Rural Development.

During 2002-2003, installation of CT Scan and Medical Pipe Gas System will be taken up and operationalised. New schemes for setting up of one Community Health Centre, one Primary Health Centre and ten Sub-centres wil be taken up under Pradhan Mantri Gramodaya Yojana (PMGY).

(7) Public Works Department: During 2001-2002, the Department has completed construction of 170 feet Bailey Bridge over River Tiau on the Indo-Myanmar borer. Construction of Lengpui Airport Terminal buildings, Finance Secretariat, Lamglei DC complex Phase-II were completed. 79 running metres of Retaining Wall and 26 culverts were also completed under Urban Development Scheme. Site preparation of Raj Bhavan Complex and Secretariat building were completed under New Capital Project at Khatla under Eleventh Finance Commission award.

During 2002-2003, the Department proposes to start execution of Mizoram State Roads Project through World Bank assistance, a measure of 184 kilometres of roads will be improved and 520 kilometres of roads will be maintained under the project. It is proposed to complete 25 per cent of construction works of Raj Bhavan and new Secretariat building under New Capital Project at Khatla.

It is also proposed to continue construction of Aizawl-Reiek-West Lungdar road and Rawpuichhip-Buarpui road under financial assistance from NABARD. Under State Capital project, the Department expects to complete construction of Soil & Water Conservation building, Chief Minister’s Secretariat and Assembly Annexe building. Besides, the Deparmtent will also undertake construction of various buildings such as new Mizoram House, New Delhi, Lunglei DC complex Phase-III, Millennium Trade Centre at Aizawl, Taxation building at Vairengte.

(8) Food & Civil Supplies Department: During 2001-2002, the Department has appointed one new Liquefied Petroleum Gas agent and also extended distribution points to 10 villages. A site for Liquefied Petroleum Gas Bottling Plant has been selected at Mualkhang.

During 2002-2003, the Department proposes to take up works for setting up of Liquefied Petroleum Gas Bottling Plant at Mualkhang.

(9) Social Welfare Department: During 2001-2002, the Department has taken up various schemes for upliftment of women and children, handicapped and old aged persons and strengthening of voluntary organisations. The Department has given assistance to 1780 physically and mentally challenged persons. A State Council for Child Welfare was constituted. Assistance was also given to 10525 old aged persons and 1505 groups of voluntary organisations. A Protective Home and Reception Centre were established under the Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act, 1980. There were as many as 72244 beneficiaries of the Special Nutrition Programme provided under Pradhan Mantri Gramodaya Yojana (PMGY)

(10) Soil and Water Conservation Department: During the year, the Department continued their works towards permanent settlement of jhuming families by giving financial assistance to 700 families for Coffee and large Cardamom plantations.

It is envisaged to cover an additional area of 700 hectares for Coffee and Cardamom Plantations during 2002-2003. Emphasis will also be given to bush terracing on the hill sides and drainage line treatment consisting of water harvesting dams, gully plugging and stream bank erosion control.

(11) Transport Department: Under Road Transport, compensation was awarded to 7 accident victims. Various stations and offices of the Department were improved and constructed at different places in the State. Under Motor Vehicle Wing, construction of District Transport Officer’s offices at Lunglei and Kolasib have been completed. Various check-gates have been constructed and improved. Construction of District Transport Officer’s quarters at Saiha is in progress.

During 2002-2003, improvement and construction of several Mizoram State Transport stations, Directorate building, Depot-cum-Workshop at Chaltlang and Central Workshop at South Hlimen are proposed. Acquisition of 8 numbers of Buses is also envisaged for replacement of some over-aged buses.

(12) Tourism Department: During 2001-2002, the Deparmtent concentrated on construction of Tourist infrastructures for accommodation, Wayside Amenities and Recreation. Construction of four Tourist Lodges and 14 Tourist Cottages were completed. The Department will participate at the Tourism and Travel Fair at Chennai and Bangalore as well as Internationale Tourismuss Bourse (ITB) Berlin during the current year with a view to marketing and selling the products of Mizoram in the national and international level.

During 2002-2003, the Department will take up construction of a typical Mizo Village at Reiek and a Viewing Gallery at Berawtlang. Water sports equipments will be installed at Rungdil and Palak lake.

(13) Local Administration Department: During 2001-2002, the Department constructed 718.28 metres of R.C.C. pedestrian pavements at Aizawl and other towns. A Composite Cash Loan was given to 2346 Government employees of various categories as House Building Advance and Public Housing Loan to 636 families. 500 families were given cash assistance in various districts under Urban Poverty Alleviation Scheme.

During 2002-2003, the Department proposes to give construction assistance to 400 families both in rural and urban areas. Construction of approach road to garbage dumping grounds at Sakawrhmuituai is also envisaged. 700 kilometres of RCC pedestrian pavements will be constructed during the year under Eleventh Finance Commission award.

(14) Trade and Commerce Department: During 2001-2002, the District Marketing office at Lunglei started functioning under the Department. The Department has also taken steps for developing Indo-Myanmar Border Trade.

During 2002-2003, the Department proposes to establish 4 Wholesale Markets, 18 Rural Primary Markets and 2 Grading Laboratories at various villages under Mini-Mission Technology. It is also proposed to take up exchange of Trade Delegations with South East Asian countries.

(15) Higher & Technical Education Department: During 2001-2002, Computer Science Engineering courses were introduced in Mizoram Polytechnic, Lunglei, Garment Technology was also introduced in Women Polytechnic, Aizawl.

A World Bank assisted project namely "Third Technician Education Project" with a total project cost of Rs 35 crore was initiated and so far Rs 5.30 crore has been utilised during 2001-2002. Construction works of Higher and Technical Education Directorate building, Women Polytechnic building at Aizawl and Mizoram Polytechnic building at Lunglei are being taken up under this project.

During 2002-2003, the Department proposes to establish an Engineering College at Aizawl, where Electronic and Communication, Computer Science and Engineering and Civil Engineering courses will be introduced at the initial stage. Construction of Boys’ Hostel at Shillong and Government College buildings at Saiha and Kolasib will be started during 2002-2003. Construction of Mizoram Hindi Training College and College of Teachers’ Education buildings under Centrally Sponsored Schemes will be completed.

(16) School Education Department: During 2001-2002, the Department imparted training to 60 Primary School Teachers and 67 Middle school Teachers in the District Teachers and 67 Middle school Teachers in the District Institute of Educational Training at Aizawl and Lunglei. Four new Primary Schools were opened and three District Centres for English (DCE) were introduced at Lunglei, Kolasib and Serchhip. A new scheme called Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) has been introduced in Mizoram and a sum of Rs 100.25 lakh has been received from Government of India during this year.

(17) Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Department: During 2001-2002, the office of the Joint Director, Lunglei Phase II, Veterinary dispensaries at four villages, District Veterinary office building at Saiha, three Rural Animal Health Centres and General Manager’s quarters at Tanhril were constructed. A Diary Plant with a capacity of 5000 litres per day was commissioned at Lunglei and another Plant at Kolasib is in progress. Three Rural Animal Health Centres were also completed under Border Area Development Programme. 400 Biogas Plants are being installed for farmers at various places. The Regulation of Mizoram Animal Movement Act was implemented during this year.

During 2002-2003, the Department will take up the construction of Animal Husbandry & Veterinary offices at Lawngtlai and Mamit, Veterinary Dispensary at Zawlnuam, Veterinary Assistant Surgeon’s quarters at Turipang and four Rural Animal Health Centres at selected places. Provisions have also been made for chick subsidy, breeding Boar and assistance to farmers and cattle rearing families. Animal slaughter houses will also be established at different places during 2002-2003.

(18) Rural Development Department: The Department has assisted 3247 families under Rural Housing, 423 rural poor families for construction of new houses and 191 families for upgrading their houses under Indira Awaas Yojana (IAY) scheme. Under Border Area Development Programme, various development works such as construction of roads, community halls, drinking water supply, playgrounds etc. in different places have been taken up for which Rs 13.32 crore have been received from the Government of India. The Department also generated 3.336 lakh and 1.723 lakh mandays under Employment Assurance Scheme (EAS) and Jawahar Gram Samridhi Yojana (JGSY) respectively. 285 groups have also been formed under Swarnjayanti Gram Swarojgar Yojana (SGSY) within Mizoram. Under Roof Top Rain Water Harvesting Scheme as many as 34 villages are expected to be covered. The existing Rural Employment Schemes of EAS and SGSY have been merged into one scheme known as "Sampoorna Grameen Rozgar Yojana" (SGRY) which is implemented in the State.

During 2002-2003, the Department proposes to implement "Mizoram Intodelh-na Project" (MIP) for which Rs 20 crore has been earmarked.

(19) Fisheries Department: The Department procured 112.66 lakh fish seeds for distribution to private pisciculturists at 50% subsidized rate and stocking in the major rivers of the State as well as Departmental farms. Around 300 farmers have been given training in fish culture technology under the Fish Farmers Development Agency Scheme.

(20) Police Department: During 2001-2002 several staff quarters and barracks were constructed. The Department will also receive 123 vehicles of various types and a large number of communication equipments from the Central Government under Special Central Assistance Scheme. Comparative crime figures for the years 2000 and 2001 show a decline in overall crime under IPC and Local and Special Laws.

Consequent upon the opening of a Forensic Science Laboratory at Aizawl, the Department plans to take steps for strengthening the laboratory by opening of three more divisions namely Physics and Ballistics, question documents and Biological Science divisions during 2002-2003. All out efforts will be made to continue the ongoing projects to strengthen and modernize the State Police Force.

(21) Printing and Stationery Department: During 2001-2002, the Department, in an endeavour to modernize the Government Press at Aizawl, procured one offset Press of PO-36, Mini Offset Press and one Computer. During 2002-2003, it is proposed to repair and renovate various departmental buildings at Aizawl, Lunglei and Saiha. Computerization of all Government Presses and impartation of training in Desk Top publishing to existing staff is amongst the agenda of the Department.

(22) Environment and Forest Department: During 2001-2002, the major schemes implemented by the Department had been Bamboo Development Project under which as many as 203 farmers were assisted for raising plantations of superior quality bamboo besides establishment of Central Bamboo – setum. Another programme pursued was the development of a new Zoological Park near Aizawl. Afforestation of denuded areas is also another important programme of the Department.

During 2002-2003, the Department intends to lay major emphasis on the same projects of Bamboo Development, Wildlife preservation and afforestation.

(23) Sericulture Department: During 2001-2002, two Sericulture District offices were opened at Serchhip and Champhai. A Central grainage with a capacity to produce 30000 seeds at a time is presently under construction and a Pre-Fabricated cold storage with a capacity to preserve 1.00 lakh seeds at a time was installed at the Directorate building.

For the year 2002-2003, some of the projects proposed to be undertaken are Eri and Muga Silk Development, Bivoltine Silk Development in Mizoram and special schemes for the three District Councils.

(24) Economic and Statistics Department: During 2001-2002, the Department conducted surveys on various sections like Agriculture, Industries, Floriculture and Personal Service. Training of statistical personnel was also conducted to enhance the efficiency of the Department.

During 2002-2003, the Department proposes to conduct surveys on State Income Estimation, Public Finance, Socio-Economic Survey, Price Statistics, Industrial Statistics and Statistical Memoire and Gazetteers. Agriculture still being the backbone of the economy of Mizoram, the Department proposes to compile, maintain and generate statistical data from the grass root level on agriculture and its allied activities.

(25) Law & Judicial Department: During 2001-2002, construction of District Court building at Aizawl, construction of Residential quarters for Judicial Officers at Lunglei and Saiha were taken up. Internal wiring of 3 residential quarters at Gauhati High Court Aizawl Bench and installation of Air Conditioners in the Hon’ble Judge’s Chamber and Advocate General’s room were completed.

During 2002-2003, the Department proposes to complete construction of District Court buildings at Aizawl and Saiha. It is also proposed to install Information Technology facilities in various Courts across the State.

(26) Information and Public Relations Department: During 2001-2002, the Department published 30,000 copies per issue of a Quarterly Magazine entitled "Zoram Thlirna", a fortnightly bulletin "Kaladan" was also published from Saiha. Bharat Darshan Tour to visit various places across the country was conducted twice during the year. A workshop on "Basic Course in Communication Skill and Effective Public Relations" was organised at Aizawl in collaboration with Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC). 98 Radios and 13 Television sets were installed in Border areas under Border Area Development Programme.

During 2002-2003, the Department proposes to undertake reconstruction of the Directorate building, construction of Officers’ quarters at Champhai and Mamit and District office at Serchhip. Installation of Community Radios and Televisions in rural areas will also be continued.

(27) Labour and Employment Department: Under this Department’s Labour Wing, three Labour Rules were prepared and implemented during 2001-2002. During 2002-2003, the Department proposes to open two District Employment Exchange offices at Kolasib and Lawngtlai. Computerization of District Employment Exchange at Lunglei is also in the pipe line. Two Industrial Training Institutes are proposed to be opened at Lunglei and Saiha under Prime Minister’s Economic package. Industrial Training Institute at Aizawl will also be augmented by opening various new trades.

(28) Prisons Department: During 2001-2002, the Department completed construction of staff quarters at the Central Jail, Aizawl and District Jails, Aizawl, Lunglei, Kolasib and Champhai. Improvement of internal roads at Central Jail complex and approach road to Sub-Jail, Tlabung was also successfully completed. Water Supply to inmates at District Jail, Champhai was also taken up and completed.

During 2002-2003, the Department proposes to set up three Workshops at selected Jails to undertake vocational training for female and male prisoners. Priority will also be given to construction of water supply system for the inmates at Central Jail, Aizawl and District Jail, Champhai.

(29) Administrative Training Institute: During the current year, 28 Training courses were conducted for 647 participants of which 269 were Gazetted Officers and 378 were Non-Gazetted employees.

During 2002-2003, the Institute proposes to conduct 30 training courses in different disciplines including computer training courses. It is also proposed to establish two separate cells to impart training on (i) Management of natural and man-made disasters (ii) Computer training classes for which Government of India has released Rs 12.00 lakh for purchase of Computers and its accessories.

(30) Land Revenue & Settlement Department: During 2001-2002, summary survey and record operations in 18 Rural Development blocks was undertaken. Cadastral survey operations were also continued and completed in select notified towns. House sites were also planned in various station areas.

During 2002-2003, the Department proposes to prepare land records of all villages covered by the summary survey and record operations undertaken during 2001-2002. After completion of the work, it is expected to receive annual Land Revenue to the tune of Rs 5.00 to Rs 10.00 crore. Photogrammetric works of aerial photographs covering 2000 square kilometres in Aizawl District is expected to be completed. The Department also proposes to plan and distribute 2000 house sites to deserving families. Construction of Record Rooms at the District Headquarters of Mamit, Serchhip and Champhai districts will also be undertaken.

(31) Cooperation Department: During 2001-2002, Junior Cooperative Training Centre at Luangmual is in the process of completion. To augment skills management, Mizoram State Cooperative Union, Lunglei District Cooperative Union and Chhimtuipui District Cooperative Union have been organised.

During 2002-2003, the Department proposes to avail Rs 1.00 crore each for the next three consecutive years as managerial subsidy for the Mizoram Cooperative Apex Bank as a means to introduce a package like Voluntary Retirement Scheme for infusion of Young blood and competent personnel in the Bank. It is also proposed to attempt to recapitalise the Mizoram Urban Cooperative Bank Limited to the tune of Rs 1.00 crore during 2002-2003.

(32) Sports & Youths Services Department: During 2001-2002, the Department started construction of District Sports and Youth office at Lunglei. Several Mizo Youth participated in and bagged a number of medals in various National and International Sport events in different disciplines.

During 2002-2003, the Department proposes to set up more District offices at various District Headquarters and continue its programme of constructing more playgrounds and indoor stadium’s

(33) Autonomous District Councils: During 2001-2002, some of the important achievements of the three District Councils are construction of 23 kilometres of Link Roads, construction of 128 Rain Water Harvesting Tanks, construction of Market Shed, School building and quarters including maintenance of existing Council Roads and Internal Village Paths. Construction of Lai Autonomous District Council Session Hall at Lawngtlai and Chakma Autonomous District Council Rest House at Kamalanagar are also underway.

(34) Taxation Department: During 2001-2002, the Department’s revenue collection upto January, 2002 was Rs 1306.86 lakh against a target of Rs 1035.00 lakh for the year. As a means of Additional Resource Mobilisation, a few more selected notified goods were made taxable effective from 1st July, 2001, with this new measure it is expected to collect additional revenue to the tune of Rs 180.00 lakh.

During 2002-2003, the Department will take steps for timely implementation and introduction of Value Added Tax in Mizoram.

(35) Excise Department: During 2002-2002, the Department excelled itself in the fight to control the Drug menace prevailing in the State by keeping a strict vigil over the entire State including the Indo Myanmar Border. As a result of this, 702 Drug traffickers and abusers were apprehended and a huge quantity of intoxicating drugs seized. 2936 persons were also arrested for violation of the Mizoram Liquor Total Prohibition Act.

(36) Finance Department: During 2001-2002, the Accounts & Treasuries Department finalised 883 fresh cases and 1786 revision cases of pension/family pensions, audit had been conducted in respect of 30 different accounts. The Institutional Finance and Small Savings has so far collected Rs 6.73 crore. It is also expected to generate an income of Rs 5 crore from the State Lotteries.

14. Before I conclude my speech, I am confident that all the honourable Members will share with me that the State of Mizoram is the Most peaceful State in the country and has often been referred to as an "Island of Peace". Keeping in mind the sacrifices and struggle made to achieve this end, I appeal to all the honourable Members to do their utmost in preserving and maintaining this hard earned peace. It should be our continued endeavour to take advantage of this era of be our continued endeavour to take advantage of this era of peace to accelerate the peace of development in the State. Toward this end, it is the need of the hour to strive relentlessly to generate more resources within our State and to instill a sense of ownership in the minds of the people to ensure their active participation and contribution towards the welfare and development of the State. I am convinced that with your continued support and cooperation a new light of development will dawn on the people of Mizoram.

15. I would like to thank all the honourable Members of this august House for giving me a patient hearing. With these words I commend the Supplementary Demand for 2001-2002, Vote on Account for three months from April to June, 2002 for consideration and approval of the House.

Thank you.




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