Government of Mizoram
Budget Speech: 2001-2002
By Pu Zoramthanga
Chief Minister

Mr. Speaker Sir,

I rise with your permission, to present before this august House the Supplementary Demands for 2000-2001, vote on Account for one month, for the month April, 2001 and the Budget Estimates form 2001-2002.

2. The Honourable Members are aware that I had presented the budget for the year 2000-2001 on 21st March, 2000 and the House considered and passed the same though the amount of the Annual Plan had not been finalized by the Central Government at that time. Nevertheless, you have permitted me to provide the Sate annual Plan at the level of the previous year Plan allocation. The Planning Commission finalized the annual Plan for 2000-2001 only on 14th September, 2000 with an amount of Rs. 401.26 crore. As I had already stated in my last Budget Speech that any additional amount over and above the Annual Plan allocation for the year would be brought before this august House at the appropriate time for obtaining Supplementary Grants. Accordingly, I am to seek the approval of the House for the Supplementary Demands for the Annual Plan 2000-2001.

3. Unlike the previous year. The Planning Commission fortunately initiated the discussions of the States Annual Plan proposals for the year 2001-2002 early which enable the States Government to incorporate the finalized Annual Plan allocation in the budget. The Annual Plan for the State of Mizoram for 2001-2002 was thus finalized on 7th February, 2001 and fixed at Rs. 410 crore. In absence of any allocation for works under Centrally Sponsored Schemes and Central Plan Schemes at this stage only token provisions are provided in the budget for 2001-2002. the actual sanctioned amounts under Centrally Sponsored Schemes, Central Plan Schemes and Schemes covered by funds from Non-lapsable Pool of central Resources in the course of the year will be regularized through Supplementary Grants in due course.

4. The Honourable Mmembers are aware that the Government of Mizoram has all along been facing financial constraints and that we have been trying to solve the problems not only by seeking assistance from Central Government but also by our own efforts. I am happy to say that the Peace Bonus for Mizoram amounting to Rs. 182.45 crore has already been released by Central Government. In fact, an amount of rs. 10 crore released during the last week of March, 2000 in the form of extended Ways and Menas Advance to tide over the crucial financial position of the State was subsequently converted into one-time Non-Plan grant as Peace Bonus. The balance amount of Rs. 82.45 crore for clearing some of the accumulated liabilities of the State Government was released in May, 2001.

5. This Peace Bonus has relieved the State of its financial burden to a great extent and also reduced the State’s fiscal deficit. Whereas the original estimated opening deficit in the budget for 2000-2001 was Rs. 245.37 crore, the release of Peace Bonus supplementary by State’s own efforts had narrowed down the opening deficit gap to Rs. 44.99 crore. As I had already informed the House in my last Budget Speech, apart from the one-time Non-Plan grant of Peace Bonus of Rs. 182.45 crore, allocation of rs. 50 crore every year from the Non-lapsable Pool of Central Resources for a period of 5 years for specific infrastructure development schemes in Mizoram has now been substantially translated into reality. The various Departments of the State Government had prepared and submitted projects to be covered under Non-lapsable Pool of Central Resources which will gradually be increased.

6. You will be happy to learn that a number of schemes have already been approved and sanctioned to be funded from the Non-lapsable Pool of Central Resources. Apart from funds released for on going projects which I had already mentioned in my Budget Speech. Central Government has so fare released during this year Rs. 5 crore for Champhai Greater Water Supply Schemes, Rs. 1 croree for Bamboo Processing Industry, Rs. 10 crore for Improvement of Sub-transmission and Distribution Network in Aizawl City. Rs. 5 croree form construction and Distribution Network in Aizawl city, Rs. 5 crore for construction of market buildings at Aizawl and Lunglei, Rs. 10.72 crore for construction and renovation of elementary school buildings. Therefore, and amount of Rs. 55.52 crore is provided in the Revised Budget Estimates for 2000-2001 for implementation of the on-going as well as newly sanctioned projects under Non-lapsable Pool of Central Resources. Some more projects which are in the pipeline are also expected to be sanctioned shortly. The funds thus release for the schemes undertaken from Non-lapsable Pool of Central Resources are over and above the normal State Annual Plan. However, in absence of specific allocation for 2001-2002 for schemes under Non-lapsable Pool of Central Resources at this stage, no provision could be made now in the Budget Estimates form 2001-2002. it will bee the responsibility of the State Government to see that funds allotted and released for schemes covered by Non-lapsable Pool of Central Resources are utilized for the purpose for which they are sanctioned and I will seek to get such expenditure regularized by obtaining supplementary Demands for Grants at the appropriate time.

7. Sir, despite the grant of Peace Bonus by the Central Government, the State is still facing financial constrint which the respected Members of this august House are aware, is not an isolated one. In fact, it is a phenomenon is the whole country. We may perhaps be aware that the Central Government as well as other States are also taking various steps for fiscal reform measures. Uou are aware that the resourxe base of the Mizoram State at this moment staill being very poor, reduction of avoidable expenditure and tapping of the available resources are the few options left to us to improve our financial position and the State’s economy. With these objectives in view, the Mizoram Fiscal Reforms Committee was constituted. A number of economy measures have been initiated and the possibility of expanding our resource base has also already been explored. User charges like water, electricity, room rent in Government accommodation, bus fares, vehicle allotment fee realized from Government Officers and various other fees have been revised upward. Vehicle parking fees will also bee collected from a number of identified parking areas in Aizawl city shortly. Schemes have also been initiated from privatization of Government vehicles, Voluntary Retirement for Drivers and Medical Insurance for Government employees. I hope the Honourable Members of this august House will appreciate these initiatives as the implementation of these schemes will susbstantially improve State’s finances.

8. Let me briefly apprise the Honourable Members of this august House, the position of the Revised Budget Estimates for the year 2000-2001 and the Budget Estimates for 2001-2002.


9. As already mentioned, the year 2000-2001 commenced with a deficit of Rs.44.99 crore against the estimated deficit of Rs.245.37 crore. This notable improvement in the opening deficit is due to grant of Peace Bonus and improvement in management of the State finances. However, due to various increases in Government expenditure specially in Non-Plan sector without sufficient corresponding increase in income, it is not possible to maintain the same level of opening deficit for the closing of the current financial year. The Revised Budget Estimates for 2000-2001 envisage closing deficit in the order of Rs.146.99 crore. The total estimate for Revised Budget expenditure under the consolidated fund of the State is Rs.1311.01 crore. Therefore, I am now seeking Supplementary Demands for Grants to the tune of Rs.419.09 crore out of which Rs.92.87 crore is by way of adjustment of the existing budget provision which is not additive. Therefore, the actual additionality beyond the existing budget provision in the Supplementary Demands for Grants for 200-2001 is Rs.326.22 crore.


10. The total Budget Estimates for disbursement under the consolidated fund of the State during the year 2001-2002 is Rs.1147.91 crore which is more by Rs.163.12 crore over the Budget Estimates of 2000-2001. The Budget Estimates for 2001-2002 envisages closing deficit of Rs.148.59 crore.

11. I have a pleasure to inform the Honourable Members that the efforts made by the State Government in financial management has bagged positive comment from the Planning Commission. In fact, the Planning Commission mentioned that the realization of the aggregate Plan resources of Mizoram has been commendable in comparison with other North Eastern States. The improvement in fiscal management of the State has thus undoubtedly evoked the positive attitude of the Central Government and is instrumental in bringing quite substantial amount of additional fund for various developmental schemes outside the Annual Plan.

12. I would like to inform the Honourable Members that this Government is vigorously pursuing the set priorities towards achieving self-sufficiency in food, accelerating the pace of developmental activities, creating opportunities for gainful employment, solution of social problems and promotion of Trade and Commerce. It will be the continuous endeavour of all Government Departments and other agencies to achieve their respective assigned goals towards these activities.

13. I may, with your permission, now give a brief account of some of the performances and programmers of the Departments for 2000-2001 and 2001-2002.

(i) Agriculture Department: -

(a) During 2000-2001, the Department has taken up 144 hectares of Land Development under Wet Rice Cultivation by manual and 200 hectares of land by mechanization. 200 hectares of land development of hill slope by terracing will also be completed. Under Minor Irrigation, 26 Projects with a command area of 1042 hectares and Irrigation potential of 2229 hectares under Accelerated Irrigation Benefit Programme. 10 projects with a command area of 525 hectares under National Bank for Agricultural and Rural Development loan are under implementation.

(b) During 2001-2002, a pilot project for mechanization for replacement of Draft Animals by establishing a community & nursery for IR – 64 variety of rice to cover an area of 40 hectares will be taken up at Tuichhuahen Village. Under Minor Irrigation, a Command Area Project to cover 1361 hectares of wet rice cultivation areas within the 40 completed Minor Irrigation Project will be taken up. To promote and popularize mechanization, farm machineries will be supplied to t he farmers at a subsidized cost.

(ii) Horticulture Department: -

(a) Under Area Expansion Programme, the Department has given emphasis on production of fruit crops of high market value like Passion fruit, Hatkora and Banana. Arrangement has been made for providing low interest loan to a large number of rural farmers for procurement of quality ginger seeds with an objective to enable them earn higher income through such ginger cultivation.

(b) During 2001-2002, the Area Expansion Programme will continue. It is proposed to cover 2000 hectares of land under passion fruit cultivation, 200 hectares of land under orange cultivation, 500 hectares of land under banana cultivation, 150 hectares of land under hatkora cultivation and 80 hectares of land under grape cultivation. Under Plantation Cultivation, 300 hectares of land will be covered under Arecanut cultivation. Under vegetable development, 200 tones of potato seed tubers for production of fresh potato in the potential areas and under floriculture development Gladiolus and Lilium cultivation will be taken up.

(iii) Power & Electricity Department:

(a) The Departmnet has made good progress in Rural Electrification, 687 villages out of 698 villages constituting more than 98% of villages have been electrified under Rural Electrification Programme. Schemes for renovation and modernization of diesel generating stations at Tuirivang, Khawiva, Serlui ‘A’ and Tuipui are under active consideration for increase of power generation.

(b) Small Hydel Projects like 3 MW at Tuipang and 3 MW at Kau-Tlabung are expected to be commissioned shortly. 132/33 KV Sub-Station at Luangmual to receive more power by 12.5 MVA has been commissioned. Construction of 132 KV transmission lines from Saitual to Darlawn, Kolasib to Tuirial, Khawzawl to Ngopa, Khawzawl to East Lungdar, Khawzawl to Champhai and Lawngtlai to Tuipang covering a distance of 280 kms are under progress.

(c) During 2001-2002, the department will take up new sub-station schemes like 220 KV Sub-Station at Aizawl and Melriat, 12.5 MVA, 132/66 KV Sub-Station at Kolasib, 33/11 Sub-Station at Mualpui, Aizawl West and Aizawl Power House. Rs.10 crore is already sanctioned from Non Lapsable Pool of Central Resources for taking up improvement of Sub-Transmission and Distribution network at Aizawl city. For improvement of revenue, a metering scheme worth of Rs.1302.90 lakh have been submitted to the Power Finance Corporation for sanction of loan.

(d) Construction of 12 MW Serlui ‘B’ Hydel Project will be started and Environmental and Forest clearance for 80 MW Bairabi Hydel Project is also expected. The Department is vigorously pursuing a project for setting up of 20 MW. Heavy furnace Oil-Based Thermal Generating Plant at Bairabi for which environmental clearance is awaited.

(iv) Industry Department: -

(a) The Department has taken up construction of ring and net work of internal roads for establishment of Industrial Growth Centre at Luangmual. For Exports Promotion Industrial Park, 600 acres of land at Lengte is already selected and preparation of Detailed Project Report has been completed. In the field of Information Technology, Pilot projects of Community Information Centre were set up at Thingsulthliah and Aibawk Rural Development Blocks. A project for manufacture of Bamboo board at Sairang has been started. Under development of Tea industries, 325 families at Biate and 142 families at Ngopa were adopted as small Tea growers. Under Mines and Minerals, Geo-Technical Investigation of the sites for State Referral Hospital at Falkawn and Dam sites for irrigation purposes at various places were carried out. Survey of clay deposit in Chhimtuipui District was also carried out.

(b)During 2001-2002, construction of Industrial Growth Centre at Luangmual and setting up of Bamboo Processing Industry at Sairang will be continued. The project for setting up of Export Promotion Industril Park at Lengte will also be pursued with the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India. Establishment of Community Information Centre at 5 more Rural Development Blocks will be started. Computerization of selected Government offices is to be started shortly.

(v) Public Health Engineering Department: -

(a) The Department aims at providing sufficient safe drinking water supply with sanitation facilities for improving overall public health in the State. Under Rural Water Supply Programme, 911 habitations have been identified, out of which 588 habitations are partially covered and 323 habitations are fully covered. In the current year, 200 habitations are being covered with various types of water supply like piped water supply, Hand pump, submersible pump, Rainwater harvesting and improvement of village spring sources.

(b) Under urban Water Supply, 22 numbers of Urban towns have been identified, out of which water supply programme in 7 towns have been completed. In the current year, Composite Water Supply Scheme at Kawnpui, Khawzawl and Bilkhawthlir are in progress. Under accelerated water supply programme, Darlawn Water Supply Scheme was commissioned and Water Supply Scheme for Saitual, Sairang and Thenzawl are in progress. Greater Aizawl Water Supply Scheme Phase-II is in progress and Greater Champhai Water Supply Scheme under Non-lapsable Pool of Central Resources has already started.

(VI) Health and Family Welfare Department: -

(a) Under Minimum Need Programme, the Department has taken up construction of 30-bedded community Health Centre at Sakawrdai, Mamit and Thenzawl which will be completed and commissioned during the current year. Construction of 10-bedded Public Health Centre at Khawruhlian, North East Khawdungsei and Rawpuichhip have been completed.

(b) Under Hospital programme, construction of 200 bedded Civil Hospital at Lunglei is in good progress and expansion of Serchhip Hospital into 50-bedded capacity is also nearly completed.

(c) With the financial assistance from National Bank for Agricultural and Rural Development Loan, it is proposed to install C.T.Scan and Medical Pipe Gases System at Aizawl Civil Hospital.

(d) Construction work of State Referral Hospital at Falkawn under Non-lapsable Pool of Central Resources is also in good progress.

(e) During 2001-2002, the Department proposes to take up establishment of Primary Health Centre at Kanhmun, upgradation of 10-bedded Primary Health Centre at Khawzawl into 30-bedded Community Health Centre building will be completed. Construction of Community Health Centres at Thenzawl and Mamit are proposed to be completed and construction of Primary Health Centre building at Pangzawl, Phullen , Bungtlang ‘S’ and West Phaileng will also be continued.

(f) Under Hospital Programme, construction of 200-bedded Hospital at Lunglei will be completed and construction of Out Patient Department building at Aizawl Civil Hospital and expansion of Saiha Hospital into 100-bedded will also be started.

(vi) Public Work Department: - (a) During the current financial year, the Department will completed formation cutting of 65.79 km. and improvement and widening of 90.92 km. under Roads and Bridges. Under Externally Aided Project it is expected to finalise the Details Project Report for construction of 100 kms. from Aizawl to Lunglei road upto Buangpui. Under Public works Building, construction, renovation, furnishing and repair of 41 buildings will be completed and under Government Housing, construction, renovation and repairs of 38 numbers of various Department buildings will be completed. Construction of New State Capital Project and Raj Bhavan at Khatla under Special Problem Scheme of Eleventh Finance Commission award have also been started and are in good progress.

(b) During 2001-2001, the Department proposes to take up formation cutting of 51.80 km. and improvement and widening of 121 km. under Road and Bridges. Under Public Works buildings, construction of New Mizoram House at New Delhi will be started and purchase of land for Mizoram House at Guwahati and Imphal will also be taken up. Besides these, the on-going work of Referral Hospital at Falkawn and construction of New Capital project and Raj Bhavan at Khatla will be continued.

(vii) Food & Civil Supply Department: - (a) During the current year, the Department has appointed 3 New Liquid Petroleum Gas Agent and also extended distribution points at 17 villages. The Department has taken up construction of Godowns at Khuangleng, Kanghmun and Sialsuk and construction of staff quarter at Khawzawl, Dungtlang, Marpara, Hnahthial, Tuipang, Tlabung, Tlabung, Saiha, Sangau, Aibawk and Vaphai.

(b) During 2001-2002, the Department proposes to take up construction of Godowns at Vaphai, Lungpho, Biate and Rabung and construction of staff quarters at Saitual, Serchhip, Ngopa, North Vanlaiphai, Zawlnuam, Haulawng, Khawlian, Phuaibuang, Saiha and Tlabung and Khawzawl. Under Legal Metrology, verification, periodical inspection, regulate control of packaged commodities and construction of calibration centre of Tank lorries in Mizoram will be taken up.

(viii) Social Welfare Department: - (a) During 2000-2001, the Department has taken up various schemes for the upliftment of women, children, handicapped and old aged persons. The Department has given assistance to 3383 physically and mentally handicapped persons and 10525 old aged persons. 300-bedded De-Addiction-Cum-Rehabilitation Centre at Sethawn is now fully functioning.

(b) During 2001-2002, establishment of Protective Home-cum-Reception Centre and Remand Home-cum-Special School will be taken up in order to implement Immoral Traffic (Prevention Act) and Juvenile Justice Act. Under PMGY a nutrition programme for pregnant, lactating mothers, children below 6 years, malnourished children and adolescent girls will also be continued.

(x) Soil and Water Conservation Department: -

(a) During the current financial year, the Department has created 70 hectares of land for plantation of Large Cardamom, Rubber and Arecanut. It has also constructed 20 Nos. of Erosion control engineering structure and also maintained 424 hectares of cash crop plantations of Coffee, Rubber and Tea.

(b) During 2001-2002, the Department will take up 400 hectares of Coffee plantations and 400 hectares of Large Cardamom plantation for providing source of income to the jhumia farmers.

(xi) Transport Department:- (a) Under Road Transport, improvement of Bus Stations at Aizawl, Khazawl, N.E. Khawdungsei, Silchar and Vairengte has been taken up. Under acquisition of fleet, 7 bus chassis are under fabrication. A Project Report for construction of Inter-State-Bus Terminal at Aizawl is under preparation to be funded by North Eastern Council. Under Motor Vehicle Wing, construction of District Transport Office at Champhai is already completed and constructions of District Transport Office at Lunglei, Kolasib and Saiha are in progress.

(c) During 2001-2002, construction of fencing of Bus Station at various places will be taken up. Acquisition of 5 Bus chassis and fabrication will also be undertaken. Under Motor Vehicle Wing, construction of District Transport Offices and Staff Quarters at Lunglei, Kolasib and Saiha will also be taken up. It has also been decided to collect Vehicle parking fees for Additional Resource Mobilisation.

(xii) Tourism Department: - (a) The Department has made good progress to attract tourist from within the country and abroad. The Department participated at Tourism and Travel fair at Calcutta, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, New Delhi and Berlin. It is expected to receive 30,000 Tourist this year.

(b) During 2001-2002, the Department expects to commission Tourist Lodges at Khawbung, Berawtlang, Lunglei, Darzo, Sangau and Tawipui which will provide 34 rooms with 80 beds. To provide more accommodation for tourist, Tourist Lodge at Berawtlang and a multi-storied new Tourist Lodge buildings at Chaltlang are being constructed.

(xiii) Local Administration Department:-

(a) During 2000-2001, the Department has completed 5500 running meter of inter-village link road, completed construction of 13136 running meter of steps and retaining walls at various places. A composite cash loan are given to 2012 Government employees of various categories and Public Housing Loan to 556 families.

(b) During 2001-2001, the Department proposes to construct 7000 running meter of inter-village link road and 14449 running meter of steps and retaining wall at various places.

(xiv) Trade & Commerce Department: -

(a) During 200-2001, the Department completed construction of Regional office at Lunglei. Concrete steps for constructions of Regional Office at Champhai has been taken. Management of markets has been streamlined and garbage disposal system has been improved. The Department is also actively taking up concrete steps for construction of necessary infrastructural facilities for the proposed Indo-Bangladesh Trade at Tlabung and Indo-Myanmar Trade at Zokhawthar.

(b) During 2001-2002, the Department will take up construction of New Regional Offices at Serchhip, Kolasib and Mamit. Repairs and renovation of existing dilapidated market buildings at various localities will also be taken up. Various works connected with the proposed trade with Bangladesh and with Myanmar will be pursued vigorously.

(xv) Higher & Technical Education Department: -

(a) During 200-2001, Zirtiri Women College was converted into Zirtiri Residential Science College for which construction of the building has already started.

Constructions of Mizoram Hindi Training College Complex at Durtlang and College of Teachers Education Building at Republic Veng under Centrally Sponsored Scheme are in progress.

(b) During 2001-2002, construction of Science Block at Lunglei Government will be completed. For improvement of technical education in the State the Department will start implementation of World Bank Assistance Project under which modernization and computerization of Mizoram Polytechnic at Lunglei and Women Polytechnic at Aizawl will be taken up.

(xvi) School Education Department: -

(a) During 200-2001, the Department has given training to 90 high school teachers in the College of Teachers Education at Aizawl, 73 Middle School Teachers and 13 Primary School Teachers in the District Institute of Educational Training at Aizawl and Lunglei. The Department has taken up constructions and renovations of elementary school buildings under Non Lapsable Pool of Central Resources.

(b) During 2001-2002, apart from maintaining the existing infrastructure, the Department proposed to launch a scheme known as Sarva Shiksa Abhyan and a Pre-project Proposal for 4 Districts have been submitted to the Government of India. Sanction for assistance under Non-lapsable Pool of Central Resources for various infrastructure improvement in the Department is also expected.

(xvii) Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Department: -

(a) During 200-2001, the Department has completed construction of Diary Plant with a capacity of 10,000 litre per day at Aizawl and another Plant with a capacity of 5000 litre per day at Lunglei is in progress. The Department has strengthened Poultry Hatching Scheme at Tanhril and distributed 8923 chicks at subsidized rate to local farmers. The Department has so far provided 285 Bio-Gas Plants to Private farmers. The work for development of sustainable Animal Feed-Based for Pig Production and development for mobilization of Fodder resources under Non-Lapsable Pool of Central Resources are in good progress.

(b) During 2001-2002, the Department will continue the work for establishment of Animal Feed Plants with 50 tones per day capacity of Ramrikawn and Piggery Village at Kawlkulh. The Department will also take up establishment of animal grazing grounds at different places.




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