Government of Mizoram
Budget Speech: 2000-01
By Zoramthanga,
Chief Minister and Minister of Finance

Mr Speaker Sir,

May I, with your permission, rise to present before this august House the Supplementary Demands for 1999-2000 and the Budget Estimates for 2000-2001.

2. I hope the Honourable Members are aware that the priorities of this Government are achieving self sufficiency in food, accelerating development activities to reduce the dependence on the Centre, creating opportunities for income generation, providing lasting solution to the problems on the social front and promotion of trade and commerce. The Honourable Members of this august House wil be aware that the Government machineries at all levels and all other agencies concerned have seriously devoted themselves to achieve these objectives.

3. Due to non finalisation of the Annual Plan allocation by the Planning Commission, I am constraint to retain the level of the Annual Plan size of 1999-2000 for the year 2000-2001 in the Budget I am presenting now. Unlike the preceding years, this Budget session will continue till middle of April 200 to enable Honourable Members to have ample time to study and discuss the budget in detail. Therefore, I am to seek "Vote on Account" for April, 2000 the first month of 2000-2001 for facilitating financial transaction of the Government departments till full budget for the year 2000-2001 is considered and approved by this august House. It is excepted that the size of the Annual Plan for the year 2000-2001, when finalised by the Planning Commission, would be bigger than the one presented now and revision of the quantum of fund, if any, would again be brought before this august House at the appropriate time for obtaining Supplementary Grants.

4. I feel it appropriate to share with you the financial burden shouldered by the Government throughout this year. According to the records of the Reserve Bank of Inda, the current financial year of 1999-2000 was opened with a deficit of Rs 145.44 crores. This deficit is the result of accumulated deficit since the elevation of Mizoram into Statehood in 1987. Despite the efforts of the Government to narrow down the deficit, the gap has widened as a result of revision of pay and pension of the Government employees and salaries and other entitlements of the Honourable Members of the Legislative Assembly during the current financial year involving additional expenditure of not less than Rs 10 crores every month. In absence of specific additional resources to meet this additional expenditure, the State Government is compelled to exert its efforts to reduce non-development expenditure and at the same time mobilise additional resources to the extent of resorting to unavoidable measures like reintroduction of Sales Tax on selected goods, upward revision of user charges like water and power tariffs and bus fares.

5. I would like to apprise this august House that the Central Government authorities have been approached time and again to evolve solution to our financial problems. They have fully appreciated our problems. It is a matter of satisfaction that unlike previous years, we have been able to manage the State finances without suspension of payments by the Reserve Bank of India till today. I have already informed this august House in my last budget speech about the constitution of a Group of Officers to review the financial problems of Mizoram by the ministry of Finance, Government of India. The recommendations of the Group of Officers have been accepted by the Government of India as announced by the Honourable Prime Minister during his Conference with Governors and Chief Ministers of the North Eastern States and Sikkim on 21st and 22nd January, 2000 at Shillong.

6. Honourable Members are aware that Mizoram has a fair share of the Prime Minister’s announcement for various initiatives for Social and Economic Development of the North East Region and Sikkim. Amongst such initiatives, the most unique is an award of "Peace Bonus" which has never been known so far in the country. This Peace Bonus is awarded with a view to encourage the people of Mizoram who have opted for peaceful economic development. This is the philosophy behind the acceptance of the recommendation of the Committee. This award contains allotment of Rs 180 crores to tide over the financial problems of the State and also Rs 50 crores every year from the Non-lapsable Pool of Central Resources for five years for specific infrastructural development projects in Mizoram Besides this Peace Bonus, other developmental initiatives like Establishment of Central University in Mizoram for which a sum of RS 25 crres will be spent for development of infrastructure, raising one more India Reserve Batalion with an estimated expenditure of Rs 15 crores for three years, Development of Border township at Zokhawthat in Myanmar Border with an estimated cost of Rs 5 crores, International Border Fencing, development of Information Technology and Technology Mission for Horticulture by which Mizoram will largely be benefited have also been announced by the Prime Minister.

7. For all these socio-economic development initiatives, I would like to put on records my sincere gratitude to the Honourable Prime Minister.

8. I am happy to inform this august House that a number of projects have also been considered and recommended by the Government of India to be funded from the Non-lapsable Pool of Central Resources during the current financial year 1999-2000 Among them, new projects like Mobilisation and Development of Feed and Fodder resources, Integrated Piggery Development Project, Bamboo Processing Industries, Establishment of Fish Seed Farms at Zawlnuam, Zobawk, Lengpuri, Phura, Marketing facilities and marketing of Tung seeds and oils of Mizoram, Minor Irrigation Schemes, North Eastern Hill University and Basic Minimum Service are being taken up Apart from these projects, ongoing projects like State Referral Hospital Projects and Aizawl Water Supply Scheme Phase-II will also be continued. All these will account for Rs 62.24 crores. Besides, an additional amount of Rs 4 crores for Basic Minimum Services have been granted under Prime Minister’s Package for Mizoram and also additional amount of Rs 15 crores for Social Housing Schemes have been allotted to us as negotiated loan from Life Insurance Corporation. This additional allotment for Social Housing Scheme will go a long way in meeting the requirements of the Government employees and the public in the housing sector.

9. I may also enlighten the Honourable Members that many of our other proposals are under active considerations of the Planning Commission for clearance within the remaining period of the current financial year Among such proposals, Champhai Water Supply Scheme, State Capital Project and Rehabilitation of Drainage System in Aizawl are in the pipeline for release of sanctions.

10. I may now give a very brief account of some of the performances and tentative programmes of the departments which may undergo some changes when the Annual Plan size for 2000-2001 is received from the Planning Commission.

(i) Agriculture Department: To achieve self-sufficiency in food, the Department has taken up a programme of land development to create 395 hectares of Wet Rice Cultivation oat various locations. To increase crop production with high yielding variety of rice, 9 Minor Irrigation Projects with a command area of 465 hectares have been completed. New method of farming with "pit system" is introduced to transform the system of destructive shifting cultivation into permanent cultivation. 20 Minor Irrigation Projects are being implemented with the loan assistance from National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) and another 10 projects under Accelerated Irrigation Benefit Programme.

During 2000-2001, mechanisation and privatisation will be given priority under land development. It is targeted to reclaim 300 hectares by mechanisation and additional 200 hectares manually. Cultivation of cash crops like sugarcane, cotton and jute are to be given importance. It is proposed to distribute Tractors and Power Tillers at subsidised rate to the farmers.

(ii) Horticulture Department: An area of 655 hectares are covered under different Horticulture crops like Orange. Passion fruit, Banana, Ginger, Turmeric, Arecanut and Sunflower. 100 numbers of farmers are given roofing materials free of cost for water harvesting.

During 2000-2001, emphasis will be given on area expansion and procurement of good quality planting materials of fruit crops of high market value like Passion fruit, Orange and Banana. It is proposed to construct 100 km link roads in rural areas to connect the orchard and garden with main roads and villages.

(iii) Power & Electricity Department: The notable achievement during the current financial year is the commissioning of 3 MW Teirei small Hydel Project. It is also expected that 3 MW Tuipang lui and 3 MW Kau Tlabung projects will be commissioned shortly. Construction of 132 KV transmission lines covering Saitual to Darlawn, Khawzawl to Ngopa, Khawzawl to Lunglei and Lawngtlai to Tuipang Lui are in good progress. During 2000-2001, the projects like 200 MW Heavy furnace oil Thermal Project at Bairabi, 12 MW Serlui ‘B’ Hydro Electric Project, 3 MW Maicham Small Hydel Project and 0.5 MW Lamsial Micro Hydel Electric Project are proposed to be taken up.

Besides, renovation and modernization of Hydel Generation Stations at Serlui ‘A’, Khawiva, Tuirivang and Tuipui and Diesel Generation Stations at Luangmual, Lunglei, Champhai and Serchhip will be taken up.

The capacity of transformation stations at Zuangtui and Luangmual will also be augmented from 18.5 Mega Volt Ampere (MVA) and 12.5 MVA to 25 MVA in both the cases. Rural Electricification and Distribution Network in the State will also be improved during the year.

Central Water Commission (CWC) has already handed over the Detailed Project Report (DPR) of Kolodyne Phase-I with a capacity of 120 MW on 22nd February, 2000. Submission of DPR in respect of Bairabi Hydel Project with a capacity of 80 MW by Brahmaputra Board is expected very shortly. Investigations works are in progress in respect of Kolodyne Phase-II (400 MW), Tuivawl (48 MW) and Tuirini (60 MW) and the DPRs are expected from CWC within 2001.

(iv) Industry Department: Under the scheme of development of Tea Industry, 144 hectares of land have been covered for tea plantation. 325 tea growing families at Biate have been selected by the Department for scientific management of their tea gardens. In the field of Information and Technology the Department has taken initiatives to keep pace with emerging new technologies and bring the State at par with more advanced States. Under Mines and Minerals Wing, Hydro-Geological Investigation in 5 villages and drilling of 13 tube wells have been completed and various important rock samples were also collected.

During 2000-2001, establishment of Industrial Growth Centre at Luangmual and setting up of Export Promotion Industrial Park will be vigorously pursued. Necessary steps are being taken for setting up of Bamboo based industries where locally available raw materials can be utilised. Investigation, assessment of minor minerals, geo-technical ground water and hydro-geological investigation will be taken up.

(v) Public Health Engineering Department: During the current year, 86 habitations have been provided with drinking water under Rural Water Supply Scheme. Under Urban Water Supply Programme, Greater Saiha Water Supply Scheme has been completed and the works for implementation of Greater Aizawl Water Supply Phase-II under Integrated Project of Aizawl has been started. Under Accelerated Urban Water Supply Programme, Hnahthial and Zawlnuam Water Supply Projects have been completed and the Programmes at Saitual, Sairang and Darlawn are also in progress.

In the next financial year of 2000-2001, it is proposed to take up the Water Supply Schemes at Mamit, Tlabung, Lawngtlai, Kawnpui and Hnahthial as well as Composite Water Supply Scheme at Biate under Urban Water Supply Programme. Steps are also being taken for implementation of Thenzawl and Haulawng Composite Water Supply Scheme under Accelerated Urban Water Supply Programme. It is also proposed to take up Greater Champhai Water Supply Scheme under Non-lapsable Pool of Central Resources.

(vi) Health & Family Welfare Department: Construction of 30 bedded Community Health Centre (CHC) each at Sakawrdai and Saitual have been completed and construction of CHC buildings at Vairengte and Mamit are also nearing completion Construction of 9 Primary Health Centres (PHC) are taken up, of which 5 have been completed and remaining 4 are in good progress Paying cabin having 16 rooms at Aizawl Civil Hospital is also completed. The Construction works of 200 bedded hospital at Lunglei and 50 bedded hospital at Serchhip are also in good progress. Construction of Referral Hospital at Falkawn under Non-lapsable Pool of Central Resources is also being started.

During the next financial year of 2000-2001, construction of Referral Hospital at Falkawn and Hospital at Lunglei and Serchhip will be continued. It is also proposed to construct Out Patient Department building at Champhai and Maternity centre at ITI veng, Aizawl. Introduction of innovative schemes under various Health programmes will be one of the thrust areas of the Department during the year.

(vii) Public Works Department: During the current financial year, the Department has completed formation cutting of 116.17 km under various road development schemes. Improvement and widening of 61.20 km have also been completed. The Department has also completed construction of 5 Bailey bridges and other 4 bridges across various rivers within the State. As many as 15 important buildings including additional Secretariat Building at Aizawl, Mizoram House at Vellore have also been completed.

During the next financial year 2000-2001, a number of on-going works like Auditorium at Aizawl, Saikuti Hall, Civil Hospital and D.C. Complex at Lunglei will be continued Construction of Girder bridges at Tuivai, Tlawng and Tuichang rivers will be taken up. It is also proposed to construct a bridge to connect Chawngte ‘L’, Chawngte ‘C’ and Chawngte ‘P’, Road construction works of Aizawl – Reiek – W.Lungdar (40 km) and Rawpuichhip – Buarpui (90 km) sanctioned under NABARD Loan will be continued. Govenrment of India handed over 2 New National Highway of NH 44-A (Sairang – Mamit – Manu Road) and NH 150 (Seling-Tipaimukh-Kohima Road) to the Mizoram PWD and the works are in progress. Upgradation and improvement works of Aizawl-Thenzawl-Lunglei and Bairabi-Zamuang roads to National Highway Standard under World Bank assistance are also contemplated. Development of roads and buildings within Assam Rifles are will also continue.

(viii) Food & Civil Supplies Department: During the current financial year of 1999-2000 selection of site for LPG bottling Plant at Mualkhang have been finalised and Indian Oil Corporation (Assam Oil Division) is expected to start the work shortly. The Department also completed construction of 5 Godowns, 49 quarters and purchased 4 digital weighbridges for installation in 4 main godowns.

In the next financial year of 2000-2001, it is proposed to construct 3 Godowns at Kanghmun, Kawnpui and Vaphai and also 16 Staff quarters in various localities. 15 officers for Area Inspection of Supply are also proposed to be constructed.

(ix) Social Welfare Department: During 1999-2000, the Department has given financial assistance to 750 handicapped persons, 6792 old aged pensioners, 650 destitute women and 600 voluntary organisation. Under Nutrition Programme, 2,47,596 beneficiaries are maintained and midday meal are given to 1,17,237 school going children under Supplementary Nutrition Programme. The Mizoram Social Defence and Rehabilitation Board has been set up to tackle the social problems.

In the year 2000-2001, the Department proposes to provide financial assistance to 500 handicapped persons, 200 destitute women and 6790 old aged pensioners. 1,47,596 persons and 1,17,237 beneficiaries under Nutrition and Midday Meal Programme respectively are proposed to be maintained.

(x) Soil & Water Conservation Department: The Department covers 31 hectares for plantation of large cardamom, 20 hectares for arecanut plantation and 19 hectares for rubber plantation. The existing 164 hectares of coffee plantation, 5 hectares of large cardamom plantation and 40 hectares of Rubber Plantation are also maintained. The Department also distributed 26 quintals of coffee seeds to farmers and cash crop nurseries are raised in 8 Territorial Divisions and 65 families have been settled into permanent cultivation.

During 2000-2001, the Department proposes to create cash crop and spices development, cash crop Nursery and Mixed Nursery at eight functional divisions covering an area of 400 hectares. Construction of water harvesting structure and dug out ponds are also proposed to prevent plants against dry season Importance will be given to watershed management, road construction, input survey and Soil Conservation Engineering works. More nurseries are going to be raised and at least 80 families are to be settled into permanent cultivation.

(xi) Transport Department: During the current year, the Department has improved and renovated Booking Stations at Aizawl, Serchhip, Vairengte, Champhai, Lunglei and Tlabung. The Depot-cum-Workshop at Chaltlang is also improved to meet the ever increasing demand for maintenance of the bus fleet. It is also expected to augment the existing fleet by adding seven new buses.

In the next year of 2000-2001, it is proposed to purchase 10 new buses. Central Workshop at Hlimen and Chaltlang Workshop will be improved by way of purchasing more tools and equipments. The Department also proposed to acquire land and construct thereon offices of District Transport at Kolasib and Lawngtlai. Driving Training School at Aizawl is also expected to be established during the year.

(xii) Tourism Department: During 1999-2000, improvement of internal roads at Tamdil has been done Site preparation, approach road, electrification and land development have also been taken up in various tourist centres.

During the next financial year of 2000-2001, the Department will take up a multi storied new Tourist Lodge building at Chaltlang, Aizawl. It is also proposed to commission Tourist Cottages at Tamdil, Tourist Lodge at Khawbung, Tourist Complex at Lengpui and Tourist Lodge at Berawtlang which will provide additional 24 Rooms with 90 beds for the Tourists.

(xiii) Fisheries Department: During 1999-2000, the Department released 45 lakhs quality fish seeds in major rivers and distributed additional 25 lakhs seeds on subsidy to the farmers Training in pisciculture technology was imparted to 300 fish farmers. Six cemented nurseriesat Tamdil and four rearing tanks at Zawlnuam are constructed.

During 2000-2001, it is proposed to take up systematic development of riverine fisheries in Mizoram. More emphasis will be given on research and awareness campaign. It is also proposed to cover 92 hectares under pisciculture and also to provide transport and cold storage facilities to fish farmers at Kolasib and Bawngkawn for marketing there products.

(xiv) Local Administration Department: During the current year of 1999-2000, composite cash loan to 1796 Government employees of various categories and public housing loan to 624 families are being given. Under the Tenth Finance Commission award, the department has completed construction of 60 Village Council Houses and 50 Village Markets in various places. The Department has also completed construction of Sanitation Office at Sikulpuikawn, Aizawl.

The Department received sanction of Rs 38.50 lakhs from Housing and Urban Development Corporation (HUDCO) for urban slum area development and rural model village. This allotment is received as grant from HUDCO as a commemoration of India’s 50th year of Independence. Constructions of market buildings at various selected places have also been initiated under the Non-lapsable Pool of Central Resources.

(xv) Trade & Commerce Department: During 1999-2000, construction of market buildings at Bawngkawn, Vairengte and Khawzawl are completed Regional Offices are opened at Champhai and Lunglei. The Department has successfully organised marketing of gingers, potatoes and also procured Tung seeds through Mizoram Agriculture Marketing Corporation. Creation of marketing facilities and avenues for marketing of Tung seeds and its oil products in India and abroad is being explored. Greater emphasis will be laid on Development Programme of border trade with Myanmar and Bangladesh.

(xvi) Higher & Technical Education Department: During 1999-2000, Post Matric Scholarship has been given to 13413 students and research fellowship are given to 11 students. Also incentive cash award are given to successful candidates in the Preliminary and Main Examinations of All India Service Competitive Examination. Construction of Science Block at Lunglei Government College and Boys Hostel at Luangmual are being completed. It will also given priority to technical and science education to cope up with the pace of fast advancing modern world. The establishment of Central University in Mizoram have been approved by the Govt. of India. A sum of Rs 25 crores was also announced by the Prime Minister of India for development of infrastructure for the proposed University. Constructions of Mizoram Hindi Training College Complex and Women Polytechnic buildings at Durtlang are being started. Construction of College of Teachers Training Education at Aizawl is also being started. Directorate building has also been commissioned.

(xvii) School Education Department: The Department’s efforts through its Formal Educational Institutions and Adult Litcracy drives has achieved 95 per cent literacy which is now the highest in the country. Activities will be intensified by the Department towards achieving total literacy. During 1999-2000, the Department supplied text books and uniforms to poor students free of cost. Concrete steps have been taken up for construction and improvement of a large number of school buildings during 2000-2001.

(xviii) Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Department: During 1999-2000, a total of 750 Piglets of pure exotic blood are sold for breeding purposes to the Farmers. In order to improve Piggery production and Dairy Farming, the Department imported 120 Piglets and 20 Calves from Australia for Foundation Stock and then distributed to the Local Farmers. A dairy plant with a capacity of 10000 litres per day at Aizawl is being commissioned shortly, another plant with a capacity of 5000 litres per day at Lunglei will also be set up shortly. Construction of Directorate building is also completed and become functional.

During 2000-2001, the Department proposes to establish Modern Animal Feed Plants with production capacity of 50 Metric tons per day and also implement Integrated Piggery Development Project.

(xix) Rural Development Department: The Department is implementing poverty alleviation programme under IAY, EAS and JGSY and the achievements during the current year are construction of 831 houses, generation of 4.44 lakhs and 2.86 lakhs mandays respectively. Under social education, construction of Saikuti Hall at Lunglei and 30 Community Halls at various places in Mizoram are taken up. Under Rural Housing scheme, 6770 Rural Poor Families will be provided roofing materials.

(xx) Police Department: Under the schemes of modernisation of Police, Central assistance of Rs 21.95 lakhs have been received for purchase of sophisticated equipments and weapons. The proposal for raising additional IR Battallion have also been approved. Police Housing Scheme has been taken up under Annual Plan to raise the existing satisfaction level Besides, a number of vehicles, communication equipments Arms and Ammunitions have been received from Government of India under Special Modernisation Scheme. Efforts are on to upgrade the capacity of the State Police Force by providing better training facilities.

(xxi) Printing & Stationeries Department: During 1999-2000 construction of 8 units of staff quarters at Aizawl have been taken up and it is expected to complete the works within 2000-2001. 2 new Districts Offices at Champhai and Kolasib have been opened.

(xxii) Environment & Forest Department: The Department has created an area of 4200 hectares for raising of plantation and maintained an area of 7100 hectares of existing plantation. The department has raised adequate stock of nursery for planting requirement of 4420 hectares under different afforestation scheme Normal protection, preservation and development of Wildlife are taken up in Damps, Murlen, Ngengpui, Phawngpui, Khawnglung and Lengteng. Economic development works in the peripherial areas are also taken up to provide food and employment security to the people.

A special programme of Green Mizoram 1999 was organised with great success. Government Employees, members of Non-Government Organisations and students actively participated in planting of different species of trees throughout the State and 99,108 tree seeding have been planted under this programme. Extensive drive is being carried out to prevent jungle fire.

During 2000-2001 the Department proposes to establish Bamboo and Rattan Research Institute, Orchid Research Centre at Berawtlang, Ethno-Botanical Garden in Mizoram and Millennium Park at Reiek.

(xxiii) Sericulture Department: During 1999-2000, the Department produced 500 kg of raw silk, 1000 quilts and 480 metres of silk fabrics Mulberry plantation has also been taken up covering 600 acres of land.

During 2000-2001, the Department proposes to produce 400 quilts, 1000 metres of silk fabrics and 31 quintal of raw silk. It is also proposed to impart training to 150 farmers and 17 buildings are also proposed for construction.

(xxiv) Science & Technology: It is expected to complete Integrated Mission for sustainable development project of Aizawl District using satellite remote sensing technology. Installation of 90 kilo-watt Low Head Mizro-turbine Project having 50 kilo-watt capacity has been completed. It is also proposed to establish Planetarium for recreational and educational purpose.

(xxv) Economic & Statistics Department: During 1999-2000, the Department published 12 series of monthly price bulletin and annual report of registration of births and deaths. It has also carried out National Sample Survey and State income estimation.

(xxvi) Law & Judicial Department: The Department has completed construction of High Court building at Aizawl and construction of District Council Court at Aizawl and subordinate District Council Courts of Lunglei and Saiha are nearing completion.

During 2000-2001, the Department proposes to set up consumers dispute redressal agencies in all the 5 new districts.

(xxvii) Art & Culture Department: During 1999-2000, the Department organised various cultural programmes and also participated in various Inter-State Cultural meets. The Department also organised various competitions, seminar, symposium and art exhibition to promote Mizo culture.

(xxviii) Information & Public Relations Department: The Department participated in the Republic Day Celebration in New Delhi by putting up Mizoram Tableau this year and displayed the concept of signing of the historic Mizo peace accord which heralded an era of peaceful atmosphere followed by accelerated developmental activities.

The Department is also poised to catch up the development of information technology with the rest of the world by opening website for Mizoram on the internet and thereby exposing Mizoram for the global audience.

(xxix) Labour & Employment Department: During 1999-2000, the department established District Employment Exchange offices at Champhai, Kolasib and Lawntlai.

During 2000-2001, the Department proposes to establish two more Industrial Training Institutes (ITI) and a scheme of modernisation of ITI at Aizawl will also be taken up.

(xxx) Prisons Department: During 1999-2000, construction of 12 quarters and 5 units of barracks have been completed. During 2000-2001, construction of 28 staff quarters, 5 units of barracks and establishment of jails in new district headquarters will be taken up.

(xxxi) Administrative Training Institute: The institute has conducted 25 batches of traiing programmes for various categories of Government official during this year and also propose to conduct 32 more training programme in 2000-2001. Upgradation and improvement of the Institute is also comtempleted.

(xxxii) Land Revenue & Settlement Department: During 1999-2002, computerisation of land records has been initiated. A total of 2000 hectares cadastral survey covering 15 towns and 3000 survey stations work was completed. Construction of 3 village level land record room cum staff quarter within Mamit district is also completed.

During 2000-2001, it is proposed to allot 2000 plots of land to the poor and landless families at various convenient locations within towns and sub-town areas. For strengthening district level functionaries, construction of record rooms at Serchhip, Mamit and Aizawl are proposed. Refresher Course Training for in-service technical personnel is also proposed.

(xxxiii) Cooperation Department: Under this Department there are 10 State undertaking Apex Cooperative Institutions, 2900 societies are organised and registered at different levels.

During 2000-2001, the Department envisages envisages improvement in the functioning of the existing different State levels Cooperative Societies & Institutions and to cover new areas by organising new Cooperative Societies. It is also proposed to install market complexes, godowns and check gates at Tlabung. Marpara and Kanhamun border towns.

(xxiv) Sports & Youth Services Department: The Department continued to lay emphasis on promotion of various sport activities. 2 new district offices have been opened at Champhai and Kilasib. Inspite of inadequate infrastructural facilities in the field of sports and youth services, the Mizo youth in different national and State level championships, organised during this year, bagged a number of medals. The proposal of the Department for infrastructural development projects have been approved by Union Minister of State for Youth Affairs and Sport during his recent visit to Mizoram. The approved proposals include 100 bedded sport hostel at Aizawl and Lunglei and special new Games Centre at Lunglei.

(xxxv) Autonomous District Council: The total final annual plan allocation to the 3 Autonomous District Councils this year is Rs 1763 lakhs. During 1999-2000, the 3 district councils could complete various important works like 116 RCC water tanks, 64 Rain Water Harvesting Scheme, 55 kms jeep road, 2 kms truck road, improvement and maintenance of inter-village path, and hill terracing of 25 hectares. Construction of 10 buildings also completed, 1086 old aged pensioners and 170 handicapped persons were given financial assistance. And under housing scheme, 1070 shelterless poor families were given financial assistance.

(xxxvi) Others: The Taxation Department has expanded their network and opened offices at Champhai and Kolasib during this year and with the introduction of local Sales Tax on a few item of notified goods, it is expected that the revenue collection under this Department will be improved substantially.

The Excise Department also continued their efforts to prevent illegal trafficking of drugs and other contraband items. More than 700 drug traffickers were nabbed and huge quantities of intoxicating drugs were seized during the last one year. The Excise Forces have also been posted at Champhai, Serchhip, Kolasib and Vairengte to enforce the Prohibition Law and the drug laws.

I am happy to inform the Honourable Members that the Guest House at Vellore has been inaugurated in February, 2000 and has become functional, providing much needed relief to the patients and their attendants from Mizoram. We also have been allotted a good plot of land by the Government of India in Vasant Vihar, New Delhi for construction of additional Mizoram House. Effort is on for securing plot of land at Imphal for construction of Mizoram House. Necessary steps are also taken to establish Mizoram Houses in Bangalore and Mumbai.

To relieve heavy work load at Aizawl Treasury and for the benefit of the public, a new Treasury at Aizawl was opened during this year and also the Sub-Trasuries at Mamit and Champhai are also upgraded to full-fledged District Treasuries.


11. The year 1999-2000 was opened with a deficit of Rs 145.44 crores and as per Revised Estimates the current year is estimated to close with a negative balance of Rs 245.37 crores. The deficit during the year itself is Rs 99.93 crores. As I had already mentioned in the beginning, the reasons for this wide gap are mainly due to Revision of pay and pension of Government employees, upward revision of wages of casual employees and revision of salary and other entitlements of the Honourable Members of the Legislative Assembly.

12. In the past few years we used to avail the facility of diversion of Plan Fund for meeting non-plan deficit gap as permissible under the norms set by the Planning Commission. However, during the current year no such diversion is made. On the other hand, efforts have been made to reduce non-developmental expenditure under Non-Plan which have been fulfilled to a certain extent. But due to additional financial burden stated above, the restriction imposed under non-plan expenditure and other various economy measures could not offset the negative balance.

13. As we are all aware, we are almost entirely dependent on Central Government as our State own resources is still very minimal. Being a full fledged State, Mizoram can no longer maintain this trend for long. It is know felt extremely necessary to strengthen our resource base. As a humble beginning Sale Tax has been reintroduced and user charges on power and water have also been raised which will fetch additional income of about Rs 8 crores per year. These measures having been implemented very recently, the additional resources during the current year will be negligible. The positive impact of these measures will be felt only from the next year. Therefore, no new tax measures are proposed in the budget for 2000-2001.


14. According to the Budget Estimates for 2000-2001, the estimated opening deficit is to the order of Rs 245.37 crores which seems unmanageable for a small State like Mizoram. We may be ware that devolution of funds from Central Government for the year 2000-2001 will be covered by the recommendation of the Eleventh Finance Commission. The Eleventh Finance Commission is expected to submit its reports and recommendation shortly. In the usual manner, it is expected that the Eleventh Finance Commission recommendation will provide gap grant and the quan-tum of devolution under share of taxes will also be increased sufficiently to meet the additional requirement on salary related expenditure which are incorporated in the estimated expenditure without any corresponding receipt in the budget for 2000-2001.

15. At the same time, the efforts of the State Government for mobilising Additional Resources will have positive effect to a certain extent on the State finances. But a small State like Mizoram with a population of not even a million is not in a position to generate substantial amount to offset the negative position of the State finances. It is, therefore, imperative that reduction of non-developmental expenditure and adoption of economy and austerity measures are ways of improving the position of State finances.

16. Inspite of the financial problems, the management of the State Finance has drawn the positive attention of the Central Government. This resulted in flow of additional financial assistance from the Central Government for taking up a number of development schemes outside the Annual Plan like funds-flow from Non-lapsable Pool of Central Resources, from various Central Sector Plans and from other Centrally Sponsored Schemes.

17. Therefore, the Annual Financial Statement 2000-2001 and other budget documents are now laid before this august House As already started in the beginning, I am seeking "Vote on Account" for the month of April, 2000 and I also seek the approval of the Budget for the fiscal year 2000-2001..

18. Sir, I would like to thank all the Honourable Members of this august House for giving me patient hearing and before I conclude my speech I would like to call upon the Honourable Members of bestow their well considered thoughts on various proposals and programmes made in the next year Budget Estimates and favour this august House with the benefit of their wisdom, valuable ideas, experiences and positive advice.

19. With these words, I commend the Supplementary Demand for 1999-2000, Vote on Account for April 2000 and the Budget for 2000-2001 for consideration and approval of this House.

Thank you




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