Government of Mizoram
Budget Speech: 1989-90
By Pu Lal Thanhawla
Finance Minister

Mr. Speaker

Sir, With your permission, I rise to present before the August House the Supplementary Demands for the year 1988-89 and the Budget Estimates for 1989-90.

This is the first Budget of my new Ministry which has been voted to power in the General Election held in January, 1989, which was smooth, free and fair. I am exceedingly grateful to God for having chosen us to serve the people once again. I take this opportunity to convey my thanks to the people of Mizoram for their support and confidence reposed in us; and I would like to assure them that my Ministry will leave no stone unturned to fulfill the commitments made to the people. I also take this opportunity to thank all the officials from top to bottom for their able and efficient conduct of the entire election process. My Ministry aims at improving the living conditions of the poor and the weaker section. For this, the programmes under the New Land Use Policy and Housing Scheme will be taken up in a big way and this is reflected in the budget.

Before I take up the Revised Estimates of 1988-1989, I would like to briefly give the financial position that obtained in 1987-1988. The financial year 1987-1988 opened with a surplus balance of Rs.58.70 crores. However, the year ended with a deficit of Rs.53.41 crores. While I would not like to go into the details of how this happened during the time of the previous Government, the fact remains effect in 1988-89 as well. Inspite of our efforts to control expenditure, and increase revenue during the short time available to us and inspite of additional Central Assistance of Rs.20.00 crores, I am afraid, the year 1988-89 will end in deficit.

In 1988-89, there has also been shortfall in Domestic Revenue Receipts. The domestic Revenue Receipts estimated in Budget Estimates 1988-89 were Rs.16.48 crores, but the Revised Estimates show that there will be a shortfall of Rs.5.78 crores.The main reasons for shortfall are :-

1) Non-renewal of retail licence for IMFL; and

2) Less realization from Lotteries.

For 1989-90, the Annual Plan Outlay will be Rs.102.00 crores as against Rs.85.00 crores in 1988-89, showing an increase of 20% I like to mention here that this is the highest percentage increase for any State in the Country. I would like to place on record my gratitude to the Planning Commission for granting this increase so that we can fulfill amongst others our commitments to the people under the New Land Use Policy.

The anticipated domestic revenue receipts for 1989-90 is Rs.12.28 crores as against the Revised Estimate of Rs.10.70 crores in 1988-89. We will take all required steps to maximize the Revenue Receipts from all sources. We must remember that as a State wer must raise our own resources for which all Revenue Earning Departments will have to make earnest efforts.

The financial provisios at a glance of 1989-90 are as follows:-

                                                                  Budget Estimate for 1989-90
Revenue Accounts (Gross)                               Rs.251.16 crores
Capital Accounts (Gross)                                  Rs. 92.00 crores
TOTAL (GROSS)                                                Rs.343.16 crores

For Centrally Sponsored Schemes and B.R.T.F. only token provisions have been given in the absence of confirmed figures from Government of India.

I shall now briefly review the progress and achievements of various Departments in the current year and the programmes envisaged for the next year:


The original Annual Plan Outlay was Rs.426.00 lakhs for 1988-89. However, this Government gives topmost importance to the New Land Use Policy to benefit the rural poor, for which additional Rs.57.00 lakhs have been provided in the supplementary Budget in current year, and additional Rs.2.00 crores next year, over and above the normal Plan allocation.

During the current year, the Department developed 2000 hectares of flat land for foodgrains cultivation. The area under Irrigation is being increased by 585 hectares with the help of 15 Minor Irrigation Projects. For Vegetable Development 200 individual water tanks are being constructed. 75% Watershed Management works at Darlak for land Development have been completed. 920 families of small and marginal farmers were assisted during 1988-89.

During 1989-90 giving due importance to our New Land Use Policy it is proposed to bring new areas under cultivation, including 2700 hectares in Chhimtuipui District. This will bring additional production of 4050 tonnes of rice annually. 14 Minor Irrigatio Projects will be completed and 18 new Projects will be taken up.


With the Plan Outlay of Rs.90.00 lakhs for 1988-89, construction of 81 playgrounds, 168 Community Halls and 19 Kms of Jeep Roads, have been taken up to provide employment to the economically weaker sections in rural areas. The New Housing Schemes for Rural poor is being implemented by providing GCI sheets for roofing purposes to a large number of poor families, for which additional Rs.2.00 crores is given in the current year and Rs.1.70 crores in the next year.


In the current year, the Department continued to promote plantation crops, besides other activities. In 1989-90, importance will be given for implementation of the New Land Use Policy. The Department aims to develop 861 hectares of Agricultural land by terracing and 530 hectares of lands for Plantation. 573 Jhumia families will be assisted under terracing Schemes and 380 fresh families under plantation schemes.


In 1988-89, 21 lakhs of fish seeds have been supplied to the private pisciculturists at 50% subsidized rate and 676 private pisciculturists have been selected for giving financial assistance for construction and improvement of fish ponds. 5.00 lakhs fish seeds have been produced from the Departmental farms.

During 1989-90 construction of Fish seed farm at Ngengpui in Chhimtuipui District will be completed and about 400 acres of additional water area will be brought under fish culture. Fish farmers training will be conducted at a number of places.

New Fish seed farm will be set up at Zawlnuam. It is also proposed to strengthen the Fisheries organisation by setting up a separate Directorate of Fisheries by re-organising the present organization to accelerate the pace of Fishery development in the State.


During 1988-89, this Department opened 3 new Rural Animal Health Centres and 3 Dispensaries. Rs.27.97 lakhs was utilized for Cattle, Piggery and Sheep and Goat development covering 774 families. Aizawl town Milk supply was also strengthened. 100 families have been assisted with Bank loan for Piggery.

The Department also set up 63 Biogas Plants and opened a School of Veterinary Science with an intake of 20 pupils for the first batch.

During the year 1989-90 two new Divisional Offices will be established at Kolasib and Champhai. 106 Biogas Plants will be set up. Assistance will be given to selected families under the New Land Use Policy.


In 1989-90, besides continuing with the on going schemes, special emphasis will be given for production of seeds Cocoons in the Government owned Sericulture farms and to extend infrastructure facilities for commercial production to Sericulture Department.


The Plan provision in 1988-89 was Rs. 136.00 lakhs. The main achievements in 1988-89 are as follows:-

1) A Beginner’s Swimming Pool at Lawibual was completed.

2) Housing Loans to 1507 house-holds have been given.

3) For the upliftment of Riang (Bru) community, three Riang Villages are being resettled.

4) Physical survey of Thenzawl and Hnahthial towns have been completed and the development Plan preparation of Champhai, Khawzawl and Bairabi towns is being finalized.

5) Socio-Economic survey of Serchhip, Thenzawl and Lawngtlai have been completed. Under Special problem scheme, 450 Village Council House have been constructed.

In 1989-90, it is proposed to take up the following schemes:-

1500 house-holds will be given Housing Loan and 400 House-holds will be given Septic and Water Tank Loan. Market sheds will be constructed at 20 selected villages. Basic facilities like dust-bin, urinals etc. will be constructed as a measure of environmental improvement. Park and recreational place will be constructed around the Swimming Pool at Lawibual. 75 Community Halls will be provided with GCI Sheets. 12 Villages will be given assistance under re-settlement and Rehabilitation Scheme. Socio-Economic survey of Aizawl, Saiha and Bilkhawthlir will be taken up and physical development Plan preparation of Lunglei, Kolaib, Thenzawl, Serchhip and Hnahthial towns will also be taken up.


My Government gives priority to Housing for the poor families who cannot afford to have a tin roofed house. Hundreds of families will be given grants-in-aid, for this purpose. Normal housing schemes for the poor will also continue.


During 1989-90 seven Forest Divisions are proposed to be created. Construction of Office complex at Aizawl and 47 numbers of various buildings and abut 20 Kilometres of Forest roads are also proposed to be taken up. Further, Plantation areas under various schemes are programmed to be created during 1989-90 as follows :-

  1. Production Forestry                             4450 hectares
  2. Rural Fuelwood Plantation                2500 hectares
  3. Operation Soil Watch                         1720 hectares
                TOTAL                                      8670 hectares

Forest resource survey field operation is also proposed to be completed. About 2000 families in Mizoram will be benefited under the New Land Use Policy through Plantation.


The Tourism Department is now running 3 Tourist Lodges at Aizawl, Kolasib and Saitual. Bung Bangalow and Paikhai Bangalow taken over from PWD have been renovated and developed for Picnic Spot. A Highway Restaurant at Thingdawl was constructed. Construction of highway Restaurant at Chhiahtlang and Tourist Lodge at Champhai are nearing completion. Tourist Lodge-cum-Highway Restaurant at Vairengte and low cost accommodation for youth group and tourists called ‘Yetri-Niwas’ at Luangmual are also under construction.

During 1989-90 it is proposed to take up construction of a Tourist Lodge at Lunglei, Highway Restaurant at Hnahthial, Kawlkulh and on the bank of Tuitlawk river in Chhimtuipui District, a Tourist Centre at Hmuifang hill top and a view point a South Hlimen.


With a Plan Outlay of Rs.342.00 lakhs in 1988-89, the Department has undertaken construction of 12 new Sub-Centres, 3 new PHCs at Khawhai, Bukpui and Kawrtethawveng and upgradation of Lawngtlai PHC into 30 bedded. Upgradation work of Hnahthial PHC into 30 bedded have also started.


(a) Police

Law and Order situation has been well under control. It is the endeavour of the State to re-organise the police into a full-fledged state Police Force. The 2nd Battalion of MAP which was functioning only with 2 companies has been strengthened by raising the remaining 4 companies. A proposal has also been submitted to the Ninth Finance Commission for raising the 3rd Battalion.

A Fire Station at Aizawl is being constructed at a cost of Rs.1.12 crores. Construction of Fire Stations at Kolasib and Saiha is also under progress.

One new Police station and 11 outposts have been opened during 1988-89. A Narcotics Cell and Forensic Laboratory Unit have also been sanctioned. Housing for the Police personnel has also received due attention. The construction of 93 Housing units has been taken up in 1988-89. The pay anomalies of Police personnel have also been removed.

In 1989-90, it is proposed to strengthen the Police Organisation and also provide more housing facilities to the Staff.

(b) Jails:

Action is being taken to initiate vocational training courses at Central Jails at Aizawl .Two Sub-Jails-one at Kolasib and the other at Champhai at the cost of Rs.66 lakhs and 40 lakhs respectively have been taken up for construction.

(c) Home Guards :

A site has been selected for establishment of Central Training Institute for Home Guards at Sesawng at a cost of Rs.1 crore. The wages of the Home Guards have been raised from Rs.25 to Rs.32 per day. A scheme for re-organisation of Home Guards by increasing the present strength of 746 to 2200 has been sent to Government of India and approval is awaited.


The Department seized sizeable quantities of intoxicating and narcotic drugs and also destroyed illegal cultivation of opium Poppy covering 33 acres of land within the areas of Lungpuk and Khengkhawng villages and 35 bighas of land within the areas of Vapar and Siata villages. A new office at Saiha to be headed by a Superindent of Excise will be opened during 1989-90.


To improve revenue collection the Department has taken measures for enhancement of the existing rates of taxes by Legislation and enactment of the Mizoram Passengers and Goods Taxation Act, 1988.


General Election to the Legislative Assembly of Mizoram 1989 was conducted smoothly and special revision of electoral rolls is being taken up.


Training has been imparted in the Industrial Training Institute to Craftsmen in 10 selected trades such as Electrician, Wiremen, Motor Mechanic,Fitter, Welder, Stenographer (English), Cutting and Tailoring, Electronics, Carpentry and Confectionary. A women’s Hostel with capacity of 20 seats has also been constructed. Under the apprenticeship training scheme, clerical apprentices and ITI passed trainees were imparted vocational training by attaching them to various departments.


For up-dating of Land records it is intended to set up infrastructures of Technical Staff including Officers to undertake Large Scale Cadastral Survey. 21 nos. of inservice personnel have been sent to undergo training for Survey Training. Large Scale Cadastral Survey of 600 hectares has also been made during this year.

During 1989-90 it is proposed to send 30 inservice and local candidates to undergo training in various courses. Cadastral Survey of 900 hectares under Long Term Scheme and 600 hectares under Short Term Scheme will also be carried out.


During 1988-89 the new curriculum which is the corner stone for implementation of National Policy on Education has been fanalised for Mizoram. The Scheme for trifurcation of Education Department has materialized.

With the primary objectives of universalization of elementary education and implementing the schemes of operation Blackboard, 43 Primary School Teachers were appointed for strengthening single teacher schools and with the State Upgradation funds, 144 Primary Schools buildings were constructed. 14 private Middle Schools, 3 private High Schools and 2 Private Colleges were placed under deficit grants-in-aid, Aizawl, Serchhip and Champhai Colleges were provincialised. A special Hindi School, the first of its kind in Mizoram was opened for improvement of Hindi Education in the State.

During 1989-90 it is proposed to recruit 50 new Primary School teachers for strengthening of Primary Education and 14 private Middle Schools would also be placed under deficit grants-in-aid.


The Department functions as the coordinating agency at State Level and liaise with the Centre in statistical matters. Besides, this department is a nodal agency for all statistical information and to render technical guidance to all statistical cells in various departments in order to ensure timely availability of reliable information and vital statistics required by the Government to formulate plan policy and for other purposes.


During this year a Stationery Depot and Administrative Buildings at Luangmual and Depot building at Saihs have been completed. The Construction works of Government Press production Centre at Lunglei have also been started. To increase the efficiency and capacity of the Depot a Linotype casting machines from U.K.and Stabilizers for the press were procured 7 technical persons of the Department are imparted professional in-service training at Faridabad and Gauhati.


An Industrial Growth Centre at Luangmual, a Mini Industrial Estates, Cottage and Village Industries, electronics industries etc. and a Handloom and Handicraft Development Corporation and a Rural Industrial Development Centre have been established.

In 1989-90 an Agro Industrial Development Corporation in proposed to be set up. Besides the Mizoram Electronic Development Corporation is being established.

The first Mizoram Industrial Fair was organized at Aizawl in December, 1988 where sales of the local industrial products to the tune of Rs.60.33 lakhs were effected.

Ground Water has been explored at Thenzawl by tube wells and dug wells. During 1989-90, ground water exploration will be intensified and assistance in the form of Loans and grants-in-aid will be given to selected families under the New Land Use Policy.

Zoram Industrial Development Corporation Ltd. has given loans to 135 persons for acquiring MARUTI CARS to be utilized as Local Taxi, Self Employment, Loans to 10 Ex-Service-men, and Industrial Loans to 98 entrepreneurs. The Mizoram Khadi and Village Industries Boards has taken up 20 different schemes for promotion of village Industries during this year and 379 Village Industries will be assisted.


The District Councils undertook construction of 70 kms Jeepable Road in 1988-89. 936 selected families were given grants-in-aid for Animal Husbandry Schemes. As a measure of Social Welfare 340 physically handicapped persons were given assistance.


A Social- Economic Programme for Destitute women was taken up to rehabilitate destitute women. For welfare of the handicapped, three Training cum-production Centres were maintained with an intake capacity of 30 persons each for males and females at Aizawl and Lunglei. 174 persons were given prosthetic Aids and 1884 poor and destitute were given assistance. The target for establishing correctional Children’s Court and Remand Home in the three Districts was achieved.

In 1989-90 a sum of Rs.52 lakhs is allocated under Plan which is proposed to be utilized for economic rehabilitation of handicapped and destitute. 372 handicapped students are proposed to be given stipend.

Voluntary organization in the interior places are given grants-in-aid for purchase of essential material required by them for effective voluntary welfare services in their respective areas.


Rs.2.60 crores was given as housing assistance to 581 MNF Returnees. About 300 MNF returnees have been accommodated in Government Service in various Departments. Contract works have been given to 260 MNF Returnees. A sum of Rs.2.00 crores has been given to the next of kin of persons killed or permanently disabled persons during the period of insurgency. A sum of Rs.121.82 lakhs was utilized for famine relief during this year.


In the current year Diesel Generation sets totaling 6.3 Megawatts have been commissioned and installed. Two units of 350 Kilowatts in Khawiva and one unit of 100 Kilowatts in Tuirivang have already been commissioned. Construction of three new Mini Hydel Projects namely Maicham (2 MW).Tuipui (0.5MW) and Tuisumpui (0.45 MW) has also been taken up. 132 KV Sub-Station at Aizawl connecting Mizoram with the North Eastern Grid has been commissioned. This has enable Mizoram to draw additional grid power upto 6 MW which meets the partial requirement of Aizawl and is also supplied to Lunglei through the 132 KV Aizawl-Lunglei line. Works are in progress to augment the Aizawl Sub-Station to draw more grid power from the Central Sector Projects and commission the 132 KV system upto Lunglei. In order to transmit and distribute grid power to important load centers in the State. Construction of 132 KV Zemabawk-W.Phaileng lines has been taken up.

During 1989-90 construction of four new 132 KV lines connecting Lungdar ‘E’ Marpara, Lungsen and Lawngtlai will be taken up. In 1989-90 electrification of 65 Villages is proposed to be taken up. Generation of energy through non-conventional sources has also been taken up. In the current year wind electric generators have been installed at Hmuifang and Reiek Electrification of Wind generator will be taken up during 1989-90.


During 1988-89 construction of 3 Nos. of Sports Complexes, 3 Open Stadiums, 16 Indoor Stadiums, one Swimming Pool and 35 Playfields were taken up. 2 Indoor Stadiums, 5 Play fields and 2 Tennis Courts, 3 Volley Ball Courts, 2 Badminton Courts and 2 Table Tennis Halls were completed. Freedom 40 Run, Marathon, races, tournaments in various sports disciplines and Youth activities were organized.

During 1989-90 it is proposed to strengthen the existing Directorate and to promote various Sports.


The Department has distributed 98 T.V. Sets to different Villages in Mizoram and an Information Centre is proposed to be opened in New Delhi.

A publicity campaign against Drugs Abuse was held in December, 1988 and Posters and Stickers were distributed to the general public. Short documentaries on development activities in Mizoram have been produced with the assistance of Doordarshan.


During 1988-89, posts for three Sub-Treasuries,one each at Serchhip, Aizawl and Mamit have been created. Construction of Sub-Treasury building and Staff Quarters have been started at Serchhip. The department audited 59 Offices and Institutions and conducted surprise check of cash balances of 12 Offices.

During the current year there were 1167 new subscribers to G.P.F. in various departments bringing the total enrolment to 24,353 Nos.An intensive campaign has been started for early settlement of pension cases.


Town Bus facilities to the School Children in Aizawl Town and free travel facilities in Mizoram State Transport Buses for physically disabled persons have been provided. The Department expects to earn revenue of Rs.163.00 lakhs during current year as against Rs.130.00 lakhs during 1987-88.

Construction of additional two floors of the Bus terminal buildings at Aizawl is almost completed and a Central Workshop Building is in progress. To encourage public transport operation permits were issued for local taxi, 21 town buses, 24 bazar buses and 4 Night Buses. The revenue receipts on accounts of taxes on Vehicles has improved and Rs.38.05 lakhs has already been earned by the Motor Vehicles Wing Upto January, 1989 as against Rs.35.74 lakhs during 1987-88.

In 1989-90, 24 Old Buses will be replaced, construction of Central Workshop Building will be completed and land for the Mizoram State Transport Bus Station at Silchar will be purchased and Bus Stations at Kolasib, Champhai and Saiha along with a few Staff Quarters will be reconstructed.


During 1988-89, 145 Kilometres of formation cutting, 11 km soling, metalling and black topping and 160 culverts were completed. A bridge over Teirei River on Kolasib – Zamuang Road has also been started.

The following important buildings have also been constructed during this year:

1) Printing & Stationery Building at Saiha.

2) District Jail Complex at Aizawl.

3) 48 Bedded Boys Hostel under NEHU.

4) SCERT Building at Chaltlang.

5) Extension of 26 Bedded T.B. Hospital at Zemabawk.

6) Planning Department Building Phase I at Aizawl.

7) Inspection Bungalows at W.Phaileng, Tuipuibari and Tuidam.

8) 25 numbers of Staff Quarters at Sialsuk, N.Vanlaiphai, Tlabung and P.T.C., Lungverh.

The works on the following buildings projects were also started:-

1) Office Building for Chief Engineer, P.W.D.

2) Police Station Building at Aizawl.

3) Directorate of Prison at Aizawl.

4) Printing & Stationery Building at Lunglei.

5) 24 Types I and 16 Types II quarters for Police Department.

6) 25 numbers for P.W.D. Staff Quarters at Zemabawk.

During 1989-90 the following are the targets under Roads and Bridges :-

1) Formation Cutting 65 kms.

2) Culverts & Minor Bridges 150 kms.

3) Improvement/Widening 85 kms.

4) Black Topping 132 kms.

5) Soling and Metalling 176 kms.

Further, construction of residential and non-residential buildings will also be taken up.


During this year 50 Rural Water Supply Schemes and 14 tube-well have been commissioned. The Greater Aizawl Water. Supply Schemes Phase-I has also been commissioned. In 1989-90, inter-connection of Greater Aizawl Water Supply Schemes Phase I from Tuikhuahtlang to Laipuitlang will be made to enable-supply of Water to Northern Parts of Aizawl Town. The Greater Lunglei Water Supply Scheme costing Rs.14.20 crores will also be taken up. The Department will also continue implementation of Rural Water Supply Schemes and tube wells in various places.


The Department has continued to procure and supply essential commodities to the Public. Thirty new Fair-Price Shops have been opened during 1988-89, raising the total number of Fair-Price Shop to 776. The monthly quota of rice has been increased from 6500 tonnes to 7500 tonnes from November, 1988.

During 1989-90, the department propose to strengthen the inspection and control over the distribution of Food-grains and the other essential commodities. For this purpose, additional staff will be appointed.

Weight and Measure Wing:

An Inspector’s Office-cum-Laboratory has been constructed at Chawngte, Rs.28,824 has been collected by way of stamping and verification fees. In 1989-90, it is proposed to strengthen the organization by creating required posts and also through purchase of necessary equipments. It is also proposed to construct Vehicles Tank Caliberation Centre at Vairengte for verification of Oil Tankers.


There are at present 685 Cooperative Societies in Mizoram. During 1988-89, a new urban cooperative Bank was established, similarly, a number of primary cooperative Societies for fruit growing and marketing, and for piggery have been established. The Registrar’s Office Complex is nearing completion and will be ready by April, 1989.

During the next year, a Training Centre for Managers, Staff and Cooperators is proposed to be organized. Which will be run by the Cooperative Union of Mizoram. The Assistance of NCDC will also be availed of in larger measures in the coming year.


The Planning Department looks after Planning formulation, coordination, evaluation and monitoring of Plans Schemes. The Science Technology and Environment Council also comes under this Department. The Plan Outlay for Science Technology and Environment was Rs.18 lakhs for 1988-89. This will be increased to Rs.27 lakhs in 1989-90 for promotion of various Science and Technology activities in Mizoram.


This is a newly created department. During 1989-90 the department is proposed to be strengthened for taking up various activities including promotion of Agriculture Marketing the ensure adequate price for the farmers. The matter regarding Border Trade with Bangladesh and Burma will also be pursued with the Government of India.


During 1988-89, the Administrative Training Institute organized various training programmes for the staff including:

1) In-Service Training Programme for Superintendents.

2) Foundational Training Course for Assistants.

3) In-Service Training Programme for Assistants.

4) English Stenography Training Course and

5) In-Service and Foundational Training Programmes for Taxation Officers.

The Government proposes to lay great stress on proper training of officers and Staff in the coming year. For this purpose, it is proposed to create three posts of Consultants, and various Training Programmes will be undertaken.


This is a wing of the Finance Department, to promote the habit of savings among the people of Mizoram and to help the banking development in Mizoram , this Directorate has been established. The Cell gives assistance to the banks in opening of branches and in promoting banking.

The total net collections of National Savings during 1987-88 was Rs.51 lakhs. The target fixed for 1988-89 was Rs.1 crore which has been attained. Target fro 1989-90 is fixed at Rs.1.6 crores.

During 1988-89, 11 new bank branches were opened by the Mizoram Rural Bank. Two branches of State Bank of India are going to be opened shortly. During 1989-90, 27 more bank branches are targeted to be opened in Mizoram and the banking activities expanded.

I have briefly reviewed the activities and achievements of various Departments for 1988-89 and their programmes for 1989-90. I am sure that the opinions to be expressed by the Hon’ble Members during discussion of this budget would be immensely helpful to the Government. The documents I am presenting before the House can be utilized by the Hon’ble Members as the basis for giving their valued suggestions for improvement in the workings of various Departments of the Government at the time when general discussions are taken up. To ensure the success of our programmes all of us have to make constant effort so that we are able to fulfill the basic needs of the people.

Before concluding my speech I would like to put on record my appreciation of the commendable work done by all the officials of Finance Department for the pains they have taken in getting the budget documents ready within a very limited period, I should also thank all categories of officials of the Printing & Stationery Department for their relentless efforts and hard work to print the budget documents in time.

With these words, Sir, I beg to present the Supplementary Demands for 1988-89 and the Budget Estimates for 1989-90 before this august House for approval.

Thank you.




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