Government of Mizoram
Budget Speech: 1988-89
By Pu Zoramthanga
Finance Minister

Mr. Speaker Sir,

I have great pleasure in fulfilling my responsibility of placing the Supplementary Demands for the year 1987-1988 and the Budget Estimates for the year 1988-1989 before this House for its approval. The financial provisions in the Revised Estimates for 1987-1988 and Budget Estimates for the year 1988-1989 are as follows:-

(Rupees in lakhs)
1987- 88
1988 – 89

Revenue Accounts
Capital Accounts

From above figures it is seen that there is a substantial increase amount in the Revised Estimates for 1987 –1988. The honourable members are aware that on accounts of drought, flood, consequencial inflations, escalation of price level of commodities etc. the Government of India has adopted various economic measures and inspite of that the Central Government is quited generous in giving us substantial amount as additional funds for RE 1987 –1988. You will find that the budget allotment fdor 1988 –1989 is less than the Revised Estimate for 1987 – 1988. The reason of this shortfall is due to the fact that Government of Mizoram has not yet received allocations for BE 1988 –1989 for certain schemes under Centrally Sponsored Schems/Central Plans and grants for Border Roads for which only token provisions have been kept in the Budget.

Being an infant State without any sizeable revenue the State virtually depends on Central Government for funding thee requirements of the State. On becoming a full fledged State, the Administrative machinery of the Government is required to bee strengthened and accordingly number of new posts have been created in the Secretariat and almost in all Departments. For Rehabilitation of MNF personnel who came over ground as a result of Peace Accord, payment of compensation to the public fdor damage of properties and houses during the 20 years long disturbance in Mizoram, construction of drainages etc. the Central Government agreed to grant additional fund to the tune of Rs. 60.94 crores under Non-Plan for the current year 1987-1988. Further, based on the recommendation of the 8th Finance Commission, an amount of Rs. 5.10 crores have been given to the Government of Mizoram for ‘Upgradation of the standard of administration of the State’. This amount is to be utilized during 1987 –1988 and 1988-1989. for proper utilization and implementation of the schemes 50% of the amount is provided in the Revised Budget for 1987-1988 and another 50% in the Budget for 1988 – 1989.

The Annual Plan Outlaty for 1988-1989 is Rs. 85 crores as against Rs. 70 crores fdor 1987-1988. Apart from the State Plan Programmes the Government of Mizoram is also executing number of Developmental Schemes funded by NEC and also Centrally Sponsored Scheme/Central Plans. Unlike the normal practice of the Central Government towards States in respect of Centrally Sponsored Schemes, the Central Government has continued to meet the full expenditure required for execution during the current year 1987 –1988 without insisting matching contributions from the State.

I shall now mention in brief the progress and achievements of some Departments during the current year and also some of the schemes and programmes proposed to be undertaken during the year 1988 –1989.


The Department is responsible for preparation of Electoral Rolls relating to all the Assembly Constituencies in Mizoram and conduct of Election to the Legislative Assembly and Lok Sabha including bye-elections whenever necessary. Intensive revision of Electoral Rolls are being undertaken and will be completed during the current year. The Department has proposed for creation of additional posts to strengthen the Election Machinery at the State Level.


The Plan Outlay for 1987 –1988 is Rs. 23 lakhs with which updating and maintenance of land records, survey training and cadastral Survey of 640 hectares of land were taken up. 3308 Nos. of land Settlement Certificates were issued during the current year. 9 local candidates and 3 in-service personnel have been deputed to undergo training in the Survey Training Institute, Hyderabad. Construction of butcher shed at Vaivakawn, market sheds at Champhai, Biate, Sihphir and Kanhmun, Market Site Office and Government stall at New Market, Aizawl and minor works have been completed. House sites have been allotted to 600 MNF Returnees at Maumual. Surveey and demarcastion of land at Zokhawsasng for shifting of Assam Rifles have been completed.

A sum of Rs. 24 lakhs in provided for 1988 –1989. With this Department envisaged to created 13 different posts and depute 14 Inservice personnel and 4 local candidates for training in survey. Cadastral survey of 700 hactres of land surrounding the areas of Thenzawl, N. Vanlaiphai and Serchhip is also proposed to be taken up. Assessment of land acquired for shifting of Assam Rifles at Zokhawsang and payment of compensation will be completed during 1988 –1989.


The Department is responsible for maintenance of GPG Pension, Local Audit and Service History of all Gazetted Officers. Supervision of works of Treasuries and Sub-Treasuries in Mizoram and issue of Pay-slips to all Gazetted Officer is also vested with this Department. During the current year accounts ofr 12 Officer/;Institutions have been audited. Surprise checks have been done to 4 Offices. 16685 nunmbers of pay fixation with Service Books have been checked. 263 cases of final payment of GPF and 248 pension cases have been settled. A Second Treasury at Aizawl, Sub-Treasury at Chawngte, Mamit and Serchhip are proposed to be opened during 1988 – 1989. For better and more efficient financial administration, a scheme has been drawn up to take over Accounts from the Accountant General during 1988-1989.


The main activity of the Department are collection of various Taxes and duties under different Acts and Rules in force in Mizoram and prevention and detection of Excise Crimes. There are at present two wings in the Department.

(i) EXCISE WING: During the current year, considerable quantities of intoxicating and narcotic drugs such as Heroin, Ganja and Mandrax and huge quantity of unauthorized liquour were seized. 866 persons were arrested under Excise Act 642 Cases have been registered. 9 persons were arrested under Narcotic Drugs & Psychotropic substances Act. To have effective control over the illegal trafficking of drug and liquour 67 posts of various categories have been created during this year. Excise duty collected during the year up to December 1987 was Rs . 208. 67 lakhs as against Rs. 226.16 lakhs during 1986 – 1987.

(ii) TAXATION WING: On becoming a State, the need for building up our own resources cannot be over emphsises. To make detailed and indepth study of the resources are being tapped, the scope for proper rationalization of the existing tax Structurers, the Government of Mizoram has constituted the "Mizoram Resources Mobilisation and Taxation Enquiry Committee". On the recommendation of the Committee, to argument our internal revenue which constitutes abourt3.8% of the State annual expenditure it is proposed to raise at least to 5% by increasing various rates of taxes on Petroleum and its products entertainment, Proffessions trades and callings and excise duty without causing hardship to the common people. Proposal is also under way for Legislation of new Taxation Law on Sales Tax and Tax on passengers goods.


(a) POLICE : On confernment of Statehood, Government has undertaken a review of various policing needs and re-organisation schemes to suit the emerging needs and compulsion. As a result a number of new posts including 1 DIG (Training) and 6 additional S.P. have been created. With the provision of Rs. 100 lakhs during 1987 – 1988, construction of 104 Police quarters will be completed during the current year. Construction of Police Station buildings Quarters at Saron veng will also be taken up under Upgradation Scheme. A sum of Rs. 120 lakhs has been provided for 1988 –1989 under Plan which will be utilized for completion of on going works.

(b) JAIL: The Central Jail at Aizawl, the first of its kind in Mizoram has been commissioned. Action is at hand to introduce vocational courses to provide scope for learning trades to prisoners for their reform and rehabilitation. Work for the District Jail at Armed Veng has been completed and will be commissioned sortly. Construction of Sub-Jail at Champhai and Kolasib with Jail Industry and construction of permanent security wall at new District Jail at Armed Veng Aizawl are being taken up. Establishment of Directorate of Prisons and Central Jail are being strengthened by creation of new posts. A plot of land has been allocated for construction of building for Directorate of Prisons and construction of building will be taken up under Plan during 1988 –1989.

(c) HOME GUARDS: The Mizoram Home Guards Organisation has been placed as a separate Directorate under the administrative control of the Home Department. Vacant post under this sorganisation have been filled up. The wages of Home Guard volunteers have been raised from Rs. 15 to 25 per day.


The Department is responsible for procurement of essential commodities like rice, sugar, rape-seed oil, wheat, iodised salt, control clothes and cement from outside the State and their equitable distributions throughout Mizoram.

28 Staff quarters and 6 Loading and Unloading sheds have been constructed. With 2 Fair Price Shops opened during this year there are 768 Fair Price Shops in Mizoram. Packing of sugar in small bags have also been introduced for issued to the public through Family ration Cards. To ensure quick and accurate weightment of rice, 5 Weight Bridgas are being installed at Vairengte, Aizawl, Serchhip, Lunglei and Lawngtlai. An amount of Rs. 31 lakhs is provided under Plan for 1988 –1989 with which construction of Staff Quarters at various centres will be taken up.


The Trade and Commerce Department has been created in February, 1987 and started functioning with one Office Superintendent and three Office Assistants. In all 31 posts have been created and recruitment rules for Joint Director, Deputy Director, Marketing Officer and Marketing Inspector are being framed. A Draft Bill on "Mizoram Trade by Non-Tribals" is now under consideration.


A sum of Rs. 5 lakhs have been provided during 1987 –1988. With this amount some new posts hve been created to strengthen the Department. Office – cum – Laboratory have been constructed at Mamit and one is under construction at Lawngtlai. 14826 numbers of various commercial weights and measures have been verified and stamped for which Rs. 0.19 lakhs have been collected towards verification ans stamping fees 25 cases have been filed in the Courts for violation of Weights and Measures Act and Ruls. Rs. 6 lakhs is allocated for 1988 – 1989 and with this amount the Department will be strengthened and construction works of Inspector’s Office-cum-Laboratory at Tlabung will be taken up. Verification Tools and Standard Balance Tools will also be purchased during 1988-1989.


With the Plan provision of Rs. 55 lakhs during 1987 – 1988. Construction of buildings at Aizawl, Lunglei and Saiha have been taken up. New Machines and equipments have been acquired which have considerably improved the efficiency of the Govt. Press. The Government Press Wing at Lunglei has also ben commissioned.

The approved Plan Outlay of Rs. 55 lakhs for 1988 –1989 will be utilized for completion of on going works and maintenance of the Government Press. With a view streamlining and effecting economy in Government expenditure on Stationery, it is proposed to centralize under Printing & Stationery Department all procurement and distribution of forms and stationery to all Departments, for which Rs. 169.60 lakhs under Non-Plan is provided for 1988-1989.


With the Plan Outlay of Rs. 495 lakhs the Department has taken active steps to achieve the various targets as enumerated in the Programme of Action Set Forth by the Govt. of India on the National Policy on Education 1986. 16 New High Schools and Science Department at Kolasib College were opened. Construction of 144 Primary School Buildings of improved quality have been taken up under the upgradation of the Standard of Administration. Under the new education policy, one Navodays Vidyalays (Model School) at Thenzawl and a Special Hindi School at Aizawl have been established under Centrally Sponsored Scheme.

With the Plan Outlay of rs. 577 lakhs for 1988-1989, the services of Matriculate Teachers engaged on fixed pay in Primary Schools will be regularized, deficit grant-in-aid will be given to some private Middle Schools and High Schools and non-formal education centres will bee established. Teachers Training Institutes at Aizawl will be upgraded to the District Institute of Education and Training. Three aided Colleges are also proposed to be provincialised.


The Sports & Youth Services Department started functioning as a separate Directorate from 8th December, 1986. The Department has completed construction of one Indoor Stadium, One Indoor Stadium-cum-Gymnasium Hall, 4 pavillions and 4 High School Play Grounds during 1987-1988 and also taken up construction of Indoor Stadium, Sp

orts Complex, Play Grounds and establishment of Rural Sports Centres during the current year under Central Assistance.

The Plan Outlay for the year 1988-1989 is Rs. 45lakhs which will be utilized for building up Sports infrastructural facilities and for strengthening the Department.


With the Plan Outlay of Rs. 290 lakhs during 1987-1988, 5 Primary Health Centres and 12 Sub-Centres had been completed. Some of the Primary Health centres are also being upgraded to the status of Rural Hospital. Works of expansion of Aizawl Civil Hospital is in progress. For strengthening the Department, 954 posts of various categories have been created and filled up. Doctors posted in Rural areas are being given Rural area allowances under upgradation scheme.

The Plan Outlay for 1988-1989 of Rs. 765 lakhs during 1987-1988. 60 Rural Water Supply Scheme, 400 ventilated improvement Pit (VIP) latrines, Improvement of 300 Spring Sources (Tuikhur) and providing water tanks with G.C.I. sheets to 102 villages will be completed. The works of Aizawl Greater Water Supply Scheme Phase-I is almost completed. 45 water Supply Schemes and 1772 VIP latrines under Central Plan are also expected to be completed.

With the Plan Outlay of Rs. 775 lakhs during 1988-1989, 70 rural water Supply Schemes and Aizawl Greater Water Supply Schemes Phase-I will be completed. Greater Lunglei Water Supply Scheme, 200 Spring Sources (Tuikhur),495 VIP latrines, 237 pour villages will bee taken up.


With a view to imparting information and education to the people, regular weekly bulletins are published. A video documentary film on Mizoram called, ‘Return to Life’, if being produced, A prestigious publication marking the first Anniversary of Mizoram Statehood is being produced. An amount of Rs. 35 lakhs is provided under Plan for 1988-1989.


Tourism Department started functioning as a separate Directorate since May, 1987. During 1987-1988, the existing P.W.D. Inspection Bungalows Bung and Paikhai have been renovated and converted for Picnic Spots. A High way restaurant at Chaltlang is also expected to be completed during this year. The Champhai Tourist Lodge and Yatri Niwas at Luangmual are under construction.

During 1988-1989 a sum of Rs. 35 lakhs has been provided under Plan and with this the Department proposed to construct Tourist Lodge at Lunglei, High Way Restaurant at Vairengte and Hnahthial. A mini Bus will be purchased for conducting sight seeing and tourist publicity in and outside mIzoram will be stepped up.


With the approved Plan outlay of Rs. 15 lakhs for 1987-1988 the Industrial Training Institute imparted training in 9 vocational trades. Confectionery and Bakery Trades have bee n newly introduced, and construction of Women Hostel is completed. Apprenticeship trainees are being imparted training in various Departments. Labour Welfare measures has been undertaken by fixing minimum wages after revision. An amount of rs. 16 lakhs is approved for 1988-1989.


The Department is mainly concern with the rehabilitation and resettlement of MNF personnel who came overground as a result of Peace Accord. During 1987-1988 house sites have been give to 600 MNF personnel at Maumual and cash grant of Rs. 40,000/- is proposed to be given to each head of the family measures of rehabilitation about 270 MNF returnees have been accommodated in various categories of posts. It is expected that Forest Guards/Constables in Forest Department.

Rules are being framed for payment of ex-gratia grant to persons who were injured or killed during the insurgency in Mizoram. The Govt. of India has agreed to give a sum of Rs. 1480 lakhs for Housing Scheme of MNF returnees, Ex-gratia Grants and compensation on damaged properties and buildings during the disturbances in Mizoram. Detailed schemes for these have been submitted to the Govt. of Indis for final approval.

The Department is also responsible for relief of effected people on Natural Calamities, Famine, Cyclones, Drought etc, and for generating purchasing powers to the needy and helpless people in the State.


With the Annual Plan Outlay of rS. 299 lakhs during 1987-1988, 26 KM of agriculture link roads for 259 hectares of potential area are being covered with ongoing minor irrigation projects. Construction of 50 Staff Quarters are being completed, a new seed Testing Laboratory is being set up and 1490 Gram Sevaks have successfully completed the training course from Integrated Training centre at Hnahthial and 53 candidates are undergoing training. Farmers tours were conducted two times during the current year and crop Exhibition at Serchhip is programmed to be held in March 1988. Agricultural Farms at Thingdawl and Tuitlawk have been irrigated to produced seeds Kharif and Rabi.

Following the state Government Policy at self-sufficiency in rice within a span of 3 years, the entire Aibawk Block consisting of 17 villages with 1993 families has been taken up a pilot project under Central Sector Scheme. To bring all the available potential flat lands under cultivation, steps have been taken by positioning 5 Bull Dozers to supplement manual labours. For strengthening the Department, one new Agriculture Division at Kolasib with two sub-divisions at Bilkhawthlir and Zawlnuam and one Irrigaiton Division at Lunglei are being opened. During the current year production of Rice 54,000 MT, pulses 2000 MT, Oil Seeds 2000MT and Horticulture 21450MT, are expected. A sum of Rs. 426 lakhs is allotted for 1988-1989 and with this amount it is proposed to created Horticulture Department and Marketing Department. Fertilizer and Pesticides Testing Laboratory will be established. Supply of high quality seeds of ginger, Horticulture crops to the cultivators will be enhanced. Ongoing Projects of Minor Irrigation to benefit 255 hectare will bee completed and 10 new projects to create potential are of 336 hectares will be taken up during 1988-1989.


The Plan Outlay for 1987-1988 is Rs. 30 lakhs and with this amount 6.64 lakhs of fish seeds have been produced of which 4.14 lakhs were produced in the Departmental farms. Training cum-demonstration for communicating the last pisciculture technology to fish farmers was organized and more than 105 farmers participated. 8 ponds with area of 4 acres were brought under Composite Fish Culture. Construction of Fish sees Farms phase-II at Ngengpui and Hatchery Unit at Bilkhawthlir are expected to bee completed during 1987-1988. 400 acres of additional water area will be brought under culture.

With the approved Plan Outlay of rs. 40 lakhs during 1988-1989 ongoing works will bee completed and new Fish Sees Farm at Zawlnuam will be taken up. Construction works of Regional Fish Sees Farm at Tawipui under NEC and establishment of Regional Fish Farmers Development Agency in the State under Centrally Sponsored Schemes covering 10 hectare of water area will be taken up during 1988-1989.


With the plan provision of Rs. 180 lakhs during 1987-1988, one Division with two new Ranges have been opened. 704 Families for cash crop cultivation and 234 families for terrace construction were given assistance. 265 hectares of land of economics value have been conserved.

The approved plan outlay for 1988-1989 is Rs. 190 lakhs which will be utilized for assistance to 470 Fresh Jhumia Families to deviate them from Jhum cultivation. 980 hectares of agricultural and, 200 hectares of Forest land and 400 hectares under Cash Crop (Orchard) Plantation are also programmed to be developed during 1988-1989. 3 new Division at Kolasib, Khawzawl and Saiha will be opened and one Training Institute is also proposed to be established at Durtlang.


With the annual plan Outlay of rs. 197 lakhs for 1987-1988 small Unit Poultry Farm at Serchhip, 50 Unit Sow Pig Farm at Mampui and Duck Farm at Lungpher, Cattle breeding Farm at Mampui and Milk Supply Scheme at Lunglei and Saiha have been started. In the two Veterinary hospitals, 30 dispensaries and 80 Rural Animal Health Centres 130678 cases have been treated, 4,14,798 animals vaccinated and 5658 castrated. Artificial Insemination has been given to 875 animals. Accommodations have been provided to staff in Rural Animal Health Centres. A new Duck Farm at Lungpher and Broiler Chick Farm at Tanhril under NEC are taken up. The new Hatchery having capacity of 27,000 eggs have been commissioned. Against the target of 60 Biogas plan, 84 have been achieved during the current year.

The approved plan outlay for 1988-1989 is Rs. 208 lakhs with this amount. New dispensaries at Hnahlan, Biate and Kawrthah and Rural Animal Health Centres at Thingdawl and Farkawn will be opened. Poultry Farm at Thingdawl will be established and 65 Biogas plant will bee set up at various places. The Schoolsof Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandary is expected to start functioning at Selesih.


The approved plan Outlay for 1987-1988 is Rs. 450 lakhs with which new Divisions and Circles wre created. Construction of 45 buildings of various types will be completed during the current year. With the approved annual plan outlay of Rs. 475 lakhs for 1988-1989 an area of bout 5000 hectares is to be planted up and 835 lakhs seedlings will be planted. 10 Staff quarters, Rest Houses and 10 km length of road will be constructed during 1988-1989.


With the provision of Rs. 84 lakhs under Plan during 1987-1988 the department organized 14 societies. MIZOFED has taken up 5 godowns and distribute consumers and essential commodities with the help of 18 affiliated LAMP and Primary Cooperative Societies. It also distributes P.O.L. at Virengte with net profit of rs. 10.50 lakhs . The Apex Bank proposed to open 2 more Branchers at Kolasib and Serchhip and earned a profit of Rs. 33.57 lakhs during the year ending 30th June 1987. An amount of Rs. 100 lakhs has been provided under Plan for 1988-1989.


With the Plan Outlay of rs. 88 lakhs for 1987-1988 construction of 70 play grounds, 300 KM improvement of inter village paths 17 KM of internal jeep roads, 33 buildings for Project Staff and fencing for 7 Block compounds have been taken up to provide employment to the economically weaker sections in rural areas. 2783 families below the poverty line have been given assistance under IRDP.

The approved annual Plan Outlay for 1988-1989 is Rs. 90 lakhs and with this amount it is proposed to take up construction of 200 Community Halls, 80 Play grounds, Construction and improvement of water tanks, 50 urinals sheds and 400 KM inter Village paths.


With the Plan Outlay of rS. 1071 lakhs the works of 132 KW Aizawl-Lunglei line has been completed, 132 KV Aizawl Su-station will be completed. The installed capacity of the power generation will be rasied to 19.4 MW and 46 villages will be electrified bringing the total number of villages electrified to 256. Five villages have also have been electrified through photovoltaic system.

The Plan Outlay for 1988-1989 is Rs. 1535 lakhs and with this amount it is proposed to commission Khawiva and Tuirivang Micro Hyde Projects. Micro Hydel Projects at Tuipui, Tuisumpui, and Maicham will also be taken up. The works of 132 KV lines with sub-stations at Aizawl-Khawzawl and Aizawl-Phaileng (W) will be started and 52 more villages are proposed to be electrified Installation of 2x20 KV Wind Generator at Hmuifang and Sangau are being taken up and solar lighting to 4 villages, 3 Biogas Plant 1520 improved chullah, and Wind Generator 2x5 KW will also be taken up. More Division and Sub-Divisions and Sub-divisions will also be created during 1988-1989.


With the Annual Plan Outlay of Rs. 250 lakhs for 1987-1988, the Ginger Oil and Oleoresin Plant at Sairang has been Commissioned is now ready for processing of 1200 MT of raw ginger in a year. This plant is expected to earn annual profit of Rs. 18 lakhs revenue. The first ever Industrial Covention organized at Aizawl was participated about 1800 persons. A plot of land with an area of 292 acres has been identified at Luangmual to establish Industrial Growth Centre which will provide infrastructure facilities for the development of modern Small Scale Industries. To develop Thenzawl area as a Growth Cenre of Hanloom Industry, 11 sheds have been constructed. Trainings are also imparted to weavers and assisted. Multi-disciplinary Engineering Workshop in technical collaboration with HMT Ltd is proposed to bee Commissioned. Drilling Rig & Crew was established and the first tube-well is being constructed at Mizoram House Silchar and tube wells dug wells dug wells will be constructed Champhai & Thenzawl.

The approved Plan Outlay for 1988-1989 is Rs. 388 lakhs and with this amount construction works for Maize processing Unit Project at Khawzawl and Pine Apple Juice Concentrate-cum-Fruit Processing Plant at Chhingchhip will be taken up. Land for the Cement Corporation of India to set up Cement Clinker Grinding Unit at Bairabi will bee acquired. For establishing Medium Density Fibre Board Manufacturing Unit Project for utilization of bamboo materials in Mizoram, preliminary works wil bee taken up. Hanloom and Handicraft and electronic development Corporations are proposed to be organized.


With the approved plan outlay of Rs. 100 lakhs over 6 lakhs diseases free layings and 43,000 Kgs of Cocoons were produced till the end of December 1987. for 1988-1989 Rs. 105 lakhs has beeen provided under Plan and with this is proposed to produce 9 lakhs layings and 70,000 Kgs of Cocoons. A new scheme called Seri Production is proposed to be introduced to utilize Eri Cocoons into silk goods.


Transport Department has started functioning as a separate Department during 1987-1988. With Rs. 160 lakhs provided under Plan for the current year the Department has been able to provide better facilities to the traveling public. Construction of 2 Bus stations have been completed and construction of Central Workshop is in good progress. Against the revenue receipt of Rs. 62 lakhs during 1986-1987, RS. 80 lakhs is expected during 1987-1988. 169 Buses/Taxi permits were issued.

The Plan Outlay for 1988-1989 is SRs. 160 lakhs and with this amount it is proposed to complete the Central Workshop and Bus terminal buildings at Aizawl. New Buses will be purchased and the frequency of existing services on some routes will be increased and few more new routes will be opened. A district Transport Office for Chhimtuipui District at Saiha is also programmed to start functioning during 1988-1989.


The Department is collecting vital statistical informations and primary data for Micro-Level Planning and Developmental Projects at district level. The raingauges have been installed in 20 C.D. Blocks National Sample Survey and Agriculture census in collaboration with the Central Government has also been taken up. The Department continued issue of periodic publication of statistical information.


With the Plan provision of Rs. 106 lakhs for 1987-1988, 33800 running metres of steps and pavings and 10 market sheds have been constructed. New public cemetery have been provided to Thankthing Salem, Venghlui and Diakkawn, 800 families were given Septic Tank and Water Tank Loan. 200 houe-holds in rural areas were given assistance for construction of house under EWS loans. 30 Community Halls were given GCI sheets for roofing and 200 families were also assited with GCI Sheets under IYSH Schemes. Construction works of Village Council House in all the village Council Stations

have been taken up.

The Annual Plan outlay for 1988-1989 is Rs. 136 lakhs which will be utilized for construction of 23320 running metres of steps and pavements. 800 persons will be given housing loan and 400 Govt. Servants will be given House Building Advances. 200 household will be give grant—in-aid under IYSH Schemes. Another 200 households in rural areas will be given assistance EWS loans. 60 Community Halls will be provided with G.C.I . Sheets. The Department is being strengthened by creation of essential new posts and two new Circle Officer at Champhai and Kolasib.


With the Plan allocation of rS. 1127 lakhs for 1987-1988 under Roads & Bridges 480 feets span of suspension bridge at Kawlchaw over River Koladyne, 16 KMs black topping of roads 78 KMs of formation cuttings, installation of 20 tonnes capacity Marboat at Darzokai were completed. The approved Plan Outlay for 1988-1989 is Rs. 1300. lakhs widening, 312 numbers of culverts and minor bridges, 1364 RM of retaining walls, 149 KMs of permanent works, 3 number of bridges and Bus terminal at 3 places at Aizawl and Central Workshop at Zemabawk are also proposed to be completed.

The Department is also taking up construction works for Office building and Government Quarters in various places, during the current year. New Divisions with Sub-divisions are also crated for strengthening the Department to cope up with increased work load. The investigation works of Mat Valley project for Medium irrigation is nearing completion.


With a provision of Rs. 8 lakhs various of training have been conducted for Group ‘A’ ‘B’ & ‘C’ Officers and 4th Stenography Training Course have also been completed. Rs. 8 lakhs is provided for 1988-1989 and with this amount various categories of Government employees will be conducted and new modern equipments for training and teaching aids will be procured.


The approved Plan Outlay for the three District Councils during 1987-1988 is Rs. 400 lakhs which is being utilized for execution of various schemes like Rural Development, Agriculture, Soil Conservation, Community Development, Social Welfare, A.H. & Vety, Industries & Fisheries. The approved Plan outlay for 1988-1989 is Rs. 500 lakhs.

I would like to inform the Honourable members that Revenue Receipt of the State has also been improved. As against the Budget Estimate of revenue collection of Rs. 788.30 lakhs, an amount of Rs. 1595.73 lakhs is expected as Internal Revenue during 1987-1988. Attempts have been made for mobilization of additional resources in various sectors by increasing rates taxes and duties during the current year. The Resources Mobilisation Committee of the State is to earnestly endeavouring to find wwys and means to increase the resources in the State, and as a result certain new taxation measures will be introduced from 1988-1989. It is our duty to encourage the people of Mizoram to shoulder heavier responsibilities and burden by way of contribution towards taxes to meet at least a small portion of expenditure required to run the Administration and the growing developmental expenditure.

For mobilization of additional resources, the Government if running three Lottery Schemes from which annual royalty of rs. 263.20 lakhs is expected. The royalty received through lottery during 1986-1987 could not be credited to the U.T. account due to shortage of item and the same has been taken into our receipt account for the State. For this reason, the Revenue Receipt under Lottery Schemes during 1988-1989, Posts have been created for opening separate State Lottery Directorate and are expected to be filled up shortly. At present the State Lottery is attached in the Directorate of Accounts & Treasuries under the administrative control of Finance Department.

I would like to mention further that for promoting Banking facilities and Small Savings Schemes, post of Director Institutional Finance and Small Savings with complementary posts have been crated and is expected to function with a very short time. In the meantime the Finance Department is looking after the wworks of Institutional Finance and Small Savings with the existing Officers and Staff. Attemps have been made to promote the Small Savings Schemes in Mizoram for which the State Govt. will be benefited with 75 % of the net collection through various Small Savings Schemes such as National Saving Certificate, Monthly income Schemes, Indira Vikas Patra etc. A target share for Rs. 0.50 lakhs only through Small Savings have been given for 1987-1988 and 1988-1989.

I have been reviewed the activities and achievements of the Departments of the Government of Mizoram and their programmes for 1988-1989. I hope that the opinions to be expressed by Hounourable members during discussion on this budget which emanate from their good intentions and constructive criticism and other observations would be of great help to the Government. To ensure the success of our development schemes, all of us have to make constant efforts and rise above pretty personal considerations so that we are able to fulfill at least the basic needs of the people.

Before concluding my speech, I would which to express my sincere thanks to the Officers and Staff of Finance Department and Government Press whose dedication and hardwork has enable me to present this Budget in time.

Mr. Speaker, I thank you and all the members of the House for giving me your patient hearing and attention. I now place the Supplementary Demands for 1987-1988 and the Budget Estimate for 1988-1989 for consideration and approval of this August House.

Thank you.




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