Government of Mizoram
Budget Speech: 1987-88
By Pu Zoramthanga
Finance Minister

Mr. Speaker

Sir, I rise to present before the Assembly the supplementary Demands for the year 1986-1987 and Budget Estimates for the year 1987-1988. this is the first Budget being laid in the Mizoram State Legislative Assembly. The Financial provisions in the Revised Estimates for 1986-1987 and Budget Estimates for the year 1987-1988 are as follows:-

The Revenue Receipt for the year 1987-1988 is estimated at Rs. 14890.79 lakhs of the Revised Estimates for 1986-1987. the estimated expenditure on Revenue Account for 1987-1988 is Rs. 16422.79 lakhs as against Rs. 17910.53 lakhs of the Revised estimates for 1986-1987. On the Capital side, the receipts during 1987-1988 are estimated at Rs. 4611.70 lakhs as against Rs. 3750.86 lakhs of Revised Estimates for the year 1986-1987.

As the Hon’ble Members are aware, the outlay for the State Annual Plan for 1987-1988 is fixed at Rs. 7000.00 lakhs as against Rs. 5950.00 lakhs for 1986-1987. Sectoral –wise distribution of this outlay is depicted is Annexure –I of the Explanatory Memorandum.


The total outlay NEC Schemes during 1987-1988 is Rs. 534.81 lakhs as against rs. 433.83 lakhs in the Revised Estimates for 1987-1988 as against Rs. 1886.32 lakhs in the Revised Estimates for 1986-1987. I may mention is this connection that statement of approved expenditure in respect of some of the Central Plan/Centrally Sponsored Schemes for the year 1987-1988 have not yet been received till now and therefore, only token provisions are indicated for these schemes. Details of the Centrally Sponsored Schemes and schemes under NEC of General Provident Fund, supervision of Treasureis e etc. is the responsibility of the Directorate of Accounts and Treasuries. During 1986-1987, 242 pension cases have been disposed of and payment of 97 cases of insurance money finalized. Out of the 24622 General Provident Fund Accounts maintained, 281 cases of financial payment have also been settled. The local audit wing of t he Department had audited accounts of 26 offices during the year.

The main functions of Excise 7 Taxation Department are collection of varius taxes and duties and prevention and detection of Excise crimes. For enforcement of the Mizoram Excise Act 1973 , 2 bonded Warehouse Licence-cum-wholesale licenses were issued along with 16 retail licences at Aizawl and 5 at Lunglei for selling Indian Made Foreign Liquor. 3 bars and 2 club-bar licences were issued at Aizawl while one bar licence was issued for Lunglei. Chhimtuipui District could not be adequately covered due to shortage of staff. During the current year, considerable quantities of intoxication an dangerous drugs, such heroin, ganja and phensydyl were seized by the Excise personnel. The Excise Department also discovered and destroyed 18 acres of opium plantation and 1 acre of ganja cultivation in the southern belt bordering Burma. 264 illegal traders in liquor were arrested. A sum of Rs. 112.19 lakhs was realized towards Excise duty as against B.E Rs. 86.04 lakhs was realized towards Excise duty as against B.E. Rs. 86.04 lakhs during the year 1985-1986. It is expected that the income from Excise would be Rs. 200.00 lakhs at the end of the current financial year. The Taxation Wing of the Department has collected Rs, 34.26 lakhs as taxes under various Acts and Regulations upto 31.1.1987.


A sum of Rs. 172.00 lakhs has been provided during 1986-1987 with which new machines were purchased and commissioned which considerably improved the efficiency and output of the Government Press. A sum of Rs. 224.90 lakhs has been provided for 1987-1988. It is proposed to set up a branch of the Government Press at Lunglei which will take up printing works of Lunglei and Chhimtuipui Districts. A plot of land has already been acquired at Lunglei for construction of the building.


The target of rehabilitation of 120 destitute women under Women and Child Welfare Scheme has been achieved. As many as 80 Pre-school Centres are continued to be maintained in places where Integrated Child Development Scheme Projects have not been implemented. In the Trainng-cum-Production Centres for physically handicapped persons, the intake capacity of 25 persons each fro male and female has been increased to 45 each. 373 handicapped students reading in Class I-VIII have been awarded stipends during the year. 1563 persons have been benefited by the Scheme of Assistance to the aged 234 voluntary organizations have been grants-in-aid. One new Integrated Child development Project has been started at Darlawn during the year.


The Department comes to be headed by its own Chief Engineering during the year. The Department, at present has one Circle and 6 working Divisions. The Planning Commission has already y approved for creation of another Circle, 2 working Divisions, one Mechanical Division and a Testing Laboratory. There is a provision of Rs. 715.00 lakhs during the year 1986-1987 and it is expected that the target of 67 villages for Rural Water Supply Scheme would be achieved. About 240 villages, Constituting 32% of problem villages in Mizoram have already been covered under Rural Water Supply Schemes. A sum of Rs. 350.00 lakhs has been provided during the year for implementation of Greated Aizawl Water Supply Schemed Phase-I is expected to be commissioned in June, 1987.


"Health for all by 2000 A.D." is strategy and objective of the Department. A sum of Rs. 290.00 lakhs was provided for 1986-1987 which is being utilized for strengthening Health Services, establishment of new Primary Health Centres and Sub-Centres. 4( four) Primary Health Centres having 10 beds ae proposed to e set up at Khawlailung, Haulawng, Phuldungsei and Lunglei and these are expected to be completed during this year and 12 new sub-centres have also ben established at various places. Master plan for expension of Civil Hospital at Aizawl having 300 beds has been implemented and the first and second phase for accommodating 40 bed have been completed.


The Government of India sanctioned Rs. 191.00 lakhs during 1986-1987 of rehabilitation of MNF personnel who case over ground as a result of the Peace Accord. Rs. 13.00 lakhs was sanctioned as initial Grant for 650 MNF personnel at Rs. 2000.00 each. 40 (forty) persons were given agricultural grants at the rate of rs. 9,720 .00 each while 554 persons were given Rs. 20,000.00 each for starting grocery shops for their rehabilitation. A provision of Rs. 20.00 lakhs has also been made for housing assistance at the rate of Rs. 5000.00 each.


The Plan outlay for 1986-1987 for the Department is Rs. 7.00 lakhs during the current year which has been utilized for strengthening the Department by creation of posts. A sum of Rs. 9.00 lakhs has been allotted during 1987-1988 for further strengthening of the Department. It is proposed to create one post of Adviser and one post of Deputy Adviser with supporting staff to strengthening the State Planning Board.


This Departmental exe cutes 2 types of scheme-Community Development Schemes under State Sector and IRDP, NREP, RLEGP, etc. under Central Sector. The provision during 1986-1987 in the State Section was Rs. 80.00 lakhs and the following works have been taken: construction of 60 Community Halls, 60 playgrounds, 85 water points, 290 kms. Inter-village paths and it also provides Rs. 4.00 lakhs worth material assistance to social organizations. The outlay for 1987-1988 is Rs. 88.00 lakhs and the Department proposes to construct 82 community halls, 60 playgrounds, 80 RCC water tanks, 10 km. Jeep road, 40 urinal sheds and construction of Directorate building. Under the Central Sector 7000 families living below the poverty line are given assistance. Under NREP Schemes, various works such as construction of School buildings, playgrounds, community halls, suspension bridges, drinking water points, rural roads and steps were taken up. 385 Kms. Rural link roads have been constructed under RLEGP. 1493 families have been given assistance for minor irrigation, land development, distribution of mini kits etc. under ASMF.


The main function of this department is collection of vital statistics relating to Agriculture, Industry, Education, Roads, Rainfall, Births and Deaths etc. The department had taken up National Sample Survey and agriculture census. The department brings out some periodic publications pertaining to statistical and other related information of Mizoram.


Construction of the main factory building of Ginger dehydration plant at Sairang has been completed. The ginger oil and oleoresin plant is ecpected to be commissioned shortly. Construction of building at Aizawl for Rural Idustries Development Centre, which will serve as training-cum-workshop facilities for entrepreneurs, has been completed and installation of machineries is in progress. Construction of buildings for Information Centre at Serchhip and Knitting and Tailoring Centre at Lunglei has been completed. With a view to encourage local enterpreneurship, 3 Enterpreneurs Development Programme courses were held at Aizawl, Lunglei and Saiha attended by 96 persons. 15 persons were sent for further training at Industrial development Institute, Ahmedabad. As many as 547 artisans were assisted by supply of swing and knitting machine, carpentry and blacksmithy tool. Etc.


A sum of Rs. 80.00 lakhs was allotted during the current year. 18900 Kgs of cocoons and 4500 kgs. Of raw silk were produced. Silkworm rearing has benefited 4200 families. The approval outlay for 1987-1988 is Rs. 100.00 lakhs which will be utilized for strengthening the existing set- up, construction of grainages, rearing houses and godowns as well as training is sericulture and marketing.


A sum of Rs. 52.00 lakhs have been provided to the department during 1986-19887. 23815 quintals of ginger, some quantities of chillies an broom-sticks have been procured through MIZOFED. The POL Depot of IOC at Vairengte has also been taken over and proposals are under way for opening POL retail outlets at Hnah thial and Vairengte. With a view to enable the MIZOFED to diversity its activities, Government of India has agreed to sanction Rs. 1.0 crore as working capital for taking up public distribution system and sanction of rs. 12.52 lakhshas been accorded for opening 7(seven) new branches of the federation for the benefit of the rural poor. Government of India, through the National Cooperative Departmen corporation, have also sanctioned for the first time a sum of rs. 10.00 lakhs margin money, Rs. 10.40 l akhs for construction of 5(five) godowns, purchase of one truck and re-imbursement of rs. 2.04 lakhs to strength en the administrative set up of MIZOFED and two more group a post have been c related. Feasibility report for setting up an integrated fruit and vegetable project in the cooperative sector at an estimated cost of Rs. 301.43 lakhs, with an annual capacity of 13000 MT has already been submitted to the Central Government. The plan outlay of Rs. 84.00 lakhs during 1987-1988 will be utilized for continuing and expanding the e existing schemes.


The Annual Plan Outlay for 1986-1987 is Rs. 281.00 lakhs 3 new Agriculture Sub-Divisions were opened at Tuipang, Tlabung and Hnahthial. Rs. 32.00 lakhs was spent as price support subsidy for purchase of Ginger through MIZOFED, which procured 2,500 MT of Ginger, under the New Land Use Policy, (NLUP)1 ,773 families were selected during 1984-1985 and 1985-1986 were continued t o be maintained. Production of rice is expected to go up from 45,000 MT last year to 50000 MT this year. 6.25 MT high yielding variety seeds are produced from the departmental seed farms. The target of distribution of 7 MT pesticides has also been achieved. The various schemes for training of farmers were continued and agriculture implements including tractors and powers tillers were supplied to selected cultivators. 3.15 lakhs planting materials and 4 MT of improved seeds were distributed to the cultivators. Additional areas of 615 ha. Of land were covered under Minor Irrigation. Larger areas have been brought under double cropping and cultivation of pulses and oil-seeds have been made possible with increased irrigation facilities.


The department was allotted a sum of s. 29.5 lakhs during 1986-1987. the 2 Fish Seed Farms at Thenzawl and Chemphai have produced 2.13 lakhs fish seeds. 13.81 lakhs fish seeds have been procured and supplied to pisciculturist at 50% subsidized rate. The department has a program to bring about 400 acres of additional water aras under pisciculture during this year and also various program for training of fish farmers and demonstrations. The approved outlay for 1987-1988 is Rs. 30.00 lakhs. The Department proposes to bring more than 160 ha. Of additional water area under pisciculture during the n ext year. It is also proposed to set up an Indoor H atchery Unit at Bilkhawthlir and 2 Fry Distribution Centres at Thingdawl and Lokicherra. It is expected to produce 2500 MT fish during the year 1987-1988.


The department has attached great importance to the settlement of jhummia families to permanent way o cultivation during the Seventh Plan period. To achieve this objective, schemes such as terracing, cash crop cultivation and construction of link roads were taken up. During 1986-1987, a sum of rs. 172.32 lakhs were allocated out of which Rs. 110.74 lakhs was spent for implementation of family oriented schemes. A number of schemes were undertaken to check soil erosion and for reducing susrface run-off. 346 hectres of land covered under gully control scheme, 540 hectares under contour bunding and 280 hectares under water harvesting schemes.

The approved plan outlay of the department during 1987-1988 is Rs. 180.00 lakhs out of which a sum of Rs. 75.50 lakhs has been earmarked for settlement of jhummia families. It is proposed to settle 660 families under cash crop plantation and 1350 families under terracing and irrigation programs. 445 hectares of land are also proposed to be covered under Soil Conservation department plantations, cash crop nursery, etc. during 1987-1988.


A sum of Rs. 185.00 lakhs was allotted during 1986-1987 out of which Rs. 70.00 lakhs has been earmarked for family oriented schemes, particularly for settlement of 2180 jhummia families in dairy farming, hill cattle farming, piggery and other livestick farming. The Rural Animal Health Centres at Kawnpui, Lungsen and Sangau have been upgraded to dispensaries status. 10 (ten) more such Centres have also been opened at Saiphal, Lallen, Bukpui, Lungpho, Lungrang, New Saiha, Zawngling, Bungtlang (S), Chapui and Borapansury, About 500 families h ave been making dairy farming their sole occupation. The department has acquired liquied nitrogen plant for introduction of frozen semen technique which is expected to considerably improved the genetic quality of cattle in Mioram. The NEC has also sanctioned schemes for Broiler Chicken production costing Rs. 50.00 lakhs and fodder seed farm costing Rs. 25.00 lakhs. A sum of rs. 197.00 lakhs have been allotted to the department for the year 1987-1988. the fund is proposed to be utilized for expansion if veterinary services, expansion of existing farms at Lunglei and Dampui, research and education as well as continuation of the existing schemes.


A sum of Rs. 769.35 lakhs has been provided for 1986-1987 and Rs. 1971.00 lakhs for 1987-1988. Work on the 132 KV Aizawl-Lunglei line was intensified and Aizawl-Serchhip section was completed by May, 1986. the entire work in expected to be completed by March, 1987. Construction of 132 KV Aizawl Sub-Station is expected to be partly completed during the current year and it will be possible to receive power from NEEPCO’s Sub-station at Luangmual. The program for 1986-1987 envisages electrification of 50 villages have already been electrified by January, 1987. 60 villages are proposed to be covered under the Electrification Program during the next year. Setting up of Wind Electrification program during the next year. Setting up of wind Electric Generators, one each at Hmuifang and Sangau will be taken up soon. 5 villages are expected to be electrified through Solar Photo Voltaic System by March, 1987. Integrated Rural Energy Program undertaken in Reiek Community Block in continuing and one more Community Development Block is proposed to be covered under Integrated Rural Energy Program during 1987-1988.


Supply Wing: Procurement of essential commodities such as rice, sugar iodised salt, POL, controlled cloth and cement and their distribution is the main function of the department. The supply position during the year has been year very comfortable. With the provision of Rs. 27.10 lakhs during the year, 10 godonws and 1 staff quarters were constructed 23 Fair Price Shops were opened against the target of 20, thus making a total of 790 Fair Price Shops in the State.

Transport Wing: The strength of the fleet has been increased from 69 last year to 89 during the current year. 6 more buses are expected to join the fleet by the end of the current year. Construction of building for Central Workshop at South Hlimen has commenced. 13 private buses and 33 taxies have been pressed into service during the year. With the Plan outlay of Rs. 160.00 lakhs during 1987-1988, the main thrist will be replacement of 23 old buses and luggage vans, construction of Central Workshop, additional bus terminal buildings at Aizawl and bus stations at Vairengte and Thenzawl.

Weight & Measures Wing: The wing filed 52 cases in the Courts of violaion of Weights & Measures Acts and Rules. During the year, 65 ,121 weights and measures instruments were verified and stamped.


The Department has completed opening of offices in all Districts and sub-divisional headquarters during the y ear. To promote national integration, the scheme of Inter-state Cultural Exchange was intensified and as many as 250 youths had been sent to various places of India on 6 occasions. In turn, Mizoram received cultural troupes from the Goa, Uttar Pradesh, Maharastra, Gujarat, Manipur and Madhya Pradesh, Press and photo-coverage are regularly carried out for the VIPs visiting Mizoram as well as tour of local VIPs 9 Community T.V. sets and 10 Community Receiving sets have been installed at various places of Mizoam. To facilitate wider coverage, a low power transmitter-cum-production Centre in under construction at Durtlang. With a view to encourage tourism. Tourist Lodge at Aizawl was constructed having 14 room, Conference Hall and Dining Hall. Another Tourist Lodge having 5 rooms, dormitory nd common room had also been constructed at Kolasib. Sanction has also been received for construction of Yatri Niwas at Aizwl at a cost of Rs. 34.00 lakhs and a
Tourist Lodge with 15 rooms at Champhai at a cost of Rs. 18.00 lakhs.


A sum of Rs. 1000.00 lakhs has been provided for road communication during 1986-1987. It is expected to complete 90 kms. Formation cutting. 33 kms widening and improvement works, 180 culverts and minor bridges, 93 kms. Soling and metalling, 40 kms black topping and costructin of 3 b ridges. A-24 metrs span b ridge over Vanva nad 52 m etrs span bridge over Tlawng on Aizawl – Thenzawl- Lunglei road were completed during the year and one foot suspension bridge over river Kolodyne is also expected to be completed during this year. A sum of R.180.00 lakhs has been approved for 1987-1988. In addition, Bairabi road. It is proposed to complete 84 Kms. And formation culverts and minor bridges, soling and metalling of 105 Kms., black topping of 70 Kms of roads, construction of 3 bridges and 3 truck terminals.


The 2 District Councils are allotted Rs. 114.37 lakhs during 1986-1987 under Non-Plan an dRs. 36.00 lakhs under Plan. The Plan funds are utilized for execution of schemes under Rural Communication, sanitation, Water Supply, Forest, Arts & Culture, etc. The Planning Commission has allotted Rs. 400.00 lakhs during 1987-1988 for ex ecution of additional schemes under Rural development, Agriculture, Soil Conservation, Community Project, Social Welfare, Animal Husbandry, Industries and Forestry.

I have briefly reviewed the activities and achievements of the Departments of the Government and their programs. I also wish to mention that th eGovernemtn has opened a separate Department to deal with trade and commerce. This department is expected to act as a catalyst to improve to economic condition of the people of Mizoram by discovering better avenues of trade and commerce. Tourism used to be dealt with by the department of Information and Public Relations. The Government has now established a separate Directorate to promote Tourism in the State. The Government is also concerned with the unsatisfactory working environment of the Ministers and Government servants due to lack of proper accommodation while at the same time huge expenditure has to be incurred for renting private buildings. The Government would pay close attention to this problem and would try to solve t he a cute accommodation problem be constructing more administrative and residential buildings as Plan program.

You would have notices from the annual Financial Statement that the estimat ed revenue receipts for 1986-1987 is considerable less than the Revised Estimate of 1986-1987. This should be no cause for alarm. The shortfall is only due to the fact that the Government has no so far received the approved the approved allocations aid for financing Centrally Sponsored Schemes/Central Plan, etc. and only token provisions have been indicated in the Budget Estimates for 1987-1988.

It may also be noticed that the estimated internal revenue receipts of the state for 1987-1988 is Rs. 788.30 lakhs only. From this, it is evident that major portion of our revenue expenditure is being met by Grants-in-aid from the Central Government I may also point out at this stage that our target for mobilization of additional resources is Rs. 476.00 lakhs. Though there is no proposal in the Budget for introduction of new taxes, the additional resources h ave to be mobilized by increasing certain taxes and duties. The Revenue Department has proposed increased of land revenue from Rs. 13.00 per bigha to Rs. 20.00 per bigha. It is also proposed to increase, to some extent, the fees for land recording and redemption fees. It is also be necessary to revise the tariff rats for electricity and also taxes on vehicles and bus fares. The Excise duty exemption granted earlier to military and para-military forces has recently been withdrawn which netted considerable income for the St ate Government. Efforts are also being made to mobilize additional resources through State Lotteries and it is expected that more than Rs. 263.00 lakhs towards royalty from the State Lottery would be secured by the Government.

We have now attained statehood. While we rejoice over this fact, we should also realize that create responsibility h as now devolved on everyone of us. We are now fully responsible for our welfare and development and we can no monget shift the responsibility upon the Central Government. While the Central Government has given us assurance of full co-operation and support, we have to learn to stand on our own feet. The people of Mizoram may be called upon in he near future to shoulder heavier burden by way of contributing to meet at least a small portion of the expenditure required to run the administration and to meet the growing developmental expenditure. I am happy to inform you that the Government has formed a Resources mobilization Committee, which will study ways and means to increase the resources of the new State. We should all co-operate with this Committee by supporting the recommendations and also be giving constructive ideas and suggestions.

While locating additional sources of income is very essential, it is equally important that we should avoid excessive and unproductive Government spending.

I would be failing in my duty if I do not express my appreciation to all the Departments and in particular to the officials of the Finance department and the Gover nment Press whole dedication and hard work has enabled me to present this Budget within a very short time.

Mr. Speaker Sir, I think you and all the Members of the House for giving me your attention. I now place the Supplementary Demands for 1986-1987 and Budget Estimats for 1987-1988 for consideration and approval of this august House.

Thank you.




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