Government of Mizoram
Budget Speech: 1986-87
By Pu Sainghaka
Finance Minister

Mr. Speaker Sir,

I rise to present before the Assembly the Supplementary Demand for the year 1985-86 and Budget Estimate for the year 1986-87. This is the second Budget presented to the Assembly by the present Ministry. The financial provisions in the Revised Estimate 1985-86 and the Budget Estimate for the year 1986-87 are as follows :-

(Rupees in lakhs)
1985 -- 86
1986 -- 87

Revenue Accounts
Capital Accounts

From the above figure it is evident that there is a substantial increase of amount in the Revised Estimate 1985-86. The Govt. of India is generous in providing additional fund on the basis of justification given by us in the Revised Estimate 1985-86 and these additional provisions are proposed in the Supplementary Demand. In respect of some of the Centrally Sponsored Schemes and BRDB expenditure allocations fund for the current year were not received in time for incorporation in the BE 85-86. Provisions of fund in respect of these schemes are also included in the Supplementary Demands for 1985-86. Besides, there are some modifications in the allocation of the Union Territory Plan Schemes in the MIZOFED for the loss incurred by them for marketing of 3300 MT of ginger, the Department spent Rs.24.75 lakhs as remunerative price support.

Under the New Land Use Policy, 1069 families are being looked after at the cost of Rs.43.00 lakhs and within the available fund 1000 new families are being assisted during 1985-86.

Under 20 Point Programme, target of production of 1000 MT pulses and 1500 MT of oilseed are achieved. It is expected to complete 12 ongoing projects during the current year and 4 new projects are also being executed for creating irrigation potential to bring 750 ha under minor irrigation.

The production of rice has increased from 40,000 MT last year to 45,000 MT this year. Jeepable Agriculture Link Road of 31.50 Km has also been completed to link Samlukhai to Tlawngkual, Sialsuk-Thenzawl Road to WRC areas, Muallungthu to Darkhuang WRC area and Chawngtlai to Phaisen WRC area.

During 1986-87, it is proposed to open one new Agriculture District at Kolasib with 2 Sub-Divisions at Vairengte and Lokicherra to look after mainly WRC areas. It is also proposed to create a full fledged Marketing Directorate and a separate Horticulture Wing with Joint Director at the top.

It is proposed to start seed testing, fertilizers analysis and pesticide analysis. 3 new seed farms at Ngengpui, Rotlang and Rihte will also come up. Rs.120 lakhs out of total outlay of Rs.281 lakhs during 1986-87 is earmarked for expenditure under New Land Use Policy.

The approved outlay for Minor Irrigation is Rs.100 lakhs; out of which Rs.10 lakhs will be spent for investigation of ground water. The target for minor irrigation for the coming year is to create potential areas of 615 hectares. Management of watershed at Darlak (Teirei) and Central Sector Scheme at Thingfal and Mat Valley will continue. The anticipated production of rice for the next year is 51,000 MT.


Development activities of Fisheries since formation of the Union Territory is concentrated towards encouraging pisciculture.

Highlight of achievements of the Department during 1985-86 are as follows:-

9.84 lakhs Fish Seed have already been supplied to the pisciculture at 50% subsidised rate. 10 lakhs more Fish seed are also to be supplied during February to March ’86.

Fish Seed Farms at Thenzawl and Champhai have been made partly operational. 58,000 fish seed have already been produced at Champhai Fish Seed Farm. Another 5 lakhs fish seeds are expected to be produced from the above farms during the Common Carp breeding season (Feb-March).

108 pisciculturists have been given financial help for construction/improvement of fish pond. Another 400 pisciculturists are proposed to be issued financial help during the year.

89 selected beneficiaries covering 33 villages in the Territory have been taken under pisciculture during the year under New Land Use Policy.

Eleven selected fish ponds have been covered under composite fish culture under which the selected pond owners have been supplied all inputs like seed, fertilizer and feed free of cost for raising a single crop with the idea to dissiminate the technology of composite fish culture for enhanced production.

40 hectars of water area have been covered under Paddy-cum-Fish Culture.

8 Paddy-cum-Fish Culturists have been trained in the technology of Paddy-cum-Fish Culture at the ICAR Farm , Borapani in Meghalaya.

10 personnel have been deputed for training in various courses outside the Territory for strengthening the technical staff of the Department.

Improvement works have been taken up in 5 Demonstration Farms and 2 Fish Seed Farms.

During 1986-87 the approved plan outlay is Rs.29.75 lakhs Emphasis will be given mainly on the creation and development of resources, strengthening of organisation, seed production, composite fish cultue, paddy-cum-fish culture and boosting up of extension activities.


The plan allocation for the current year is Rs.135.00 lakhs and out of that Rs.88.70 lakhs are being spent for implementation of the family oriented schemes.

The total number of families benefitted under cash crop plantation and terrace works during the year is as under:

No. of beneficiaries

1. Cash Crop Plantation            992
2. Terraces with irrigation         424
3. Rainfed terrace                       200
Total:                                            1616 nos.

Link road of 10 Km has been constructed during the current year.

To check soil erosion and also to reduce surface run-off and stabilise economically viable areas subject to land slip/land slide, various soil and water conservation measures were taken up and following are the achievements.

                                                                                    (Likely achievements for 1985-86)


i) Gully Control                                                                             70.00 ha
ii) Stream Bank Erosion Control                                              204.10 ha
iii) Water harvesting /retention dams                                      130.00 ha
iv) Contour bunding                                                                    43.30 ha


i) Management of village Grazing Ground                               50.00 ha
(Fodder Cultivation)
ii) Soil Conservation Plantation                                                  50.00 ha
iii) Construction of building                                                          16 nos.

During the current year one new scheme known as Neucleus Seed Supply Scheme has been taken up with a provision of Rs.8.27 lakhs. 6392 cash crop nursery beds have so far been constructed for Coffee, Rubber, Tea, etc.

One new range named as Thingsulthliah Soil Conservation Range has been created. One new Soil Conservation Division within Aizawl District is also expected to be opened soon.

The approved financial outlay for Annual Plan 1986-87 is Rs.172.32 lakhs. The plan envisages settlement of as many as 460 new families under cash croop plantation and 425 families under land development (Terrace & Irrigation) programme.

During 1986-87 it is also proposed to open 2 (two) new Soi Conservation Divisions with headquarters at Khawzawl (Aizawl District) and Saiha. This will result in creation of another 7 new Soil Conservation Ranges.


Total annual plan allocation for the current year is Rs.155 lakhs of which Rs.5 lakhs is for Dairy Development. During 1985-86 the Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Department has re-organised the administrative set-up of the Department by opening 3 Divisional Offices at Aizawl, Lunglei and Saiha to provide better A.H. & Vety. Services to the farmers in rural areas. The Veterinary Hospital at Aizawl has been improved and the Vety. Dispensary at Lunglei has been up-graded to the Veterinary Hospital. At the end of the year there will be 70 RAH Centres, 26 Veterinary Dispensaries and two Vety. Hospitals in Mizoram. During this year 1,69,161 cases of diseases had been treated and 58,686 animals had been castrated.

The Key Village Scheme is making a rapid progress during the year with total successful artificial insemination of 624 cows for increasing the Cross Bred Cattle population in Mizoram.

The Department under the New Land Use Policy, has assisted the families for setting up of 244 units of Hill Cattle Farming Colony, 130 units of Dairy Farm, 7 units of indigenous Goat Farms and 322 units of Piggery Farms during the current year. To improve the quality of existing pigs and cattle, 40 breeding boars and 20 breeding bulls have been distributed. In addition, 1700 piglets and 33000 birds have been distributed at 50% subsidy.

Provision has been made for free transport of 15000 quintals of feed from Silchar to various places in Mizoram for assisting the farmers.

Under 20 point Programme 100 units of Biogas Plants were targetted for the current year, out of which 81 units have already been implemented upto January 1986. One 1 KW aero generator has been installed at Selesih.

The Town Mild Supply Scheme is being extended to Lunglei Town and Co-operative Milk Union’s Operation Flood II Programme has started functioning under a Managing Director.

The existing Farms at Selesih, Thenzawl, Mampui and other places have been maintained and improved to increase production.

The approved outlay for 1986-87 is Rs.185 lakhs of which Rs.8 lakhs is for Dairy Development. During the year two more Divisional Offices are proposed to opened at Champhai and Kolasib and a Sub-Divisional office at Tuipang. The Vety. Field Assistants’ Training Institution at Selesih is also expected to be operative. It is proposed to up-grade Vety.Dispensary at Saiha to a Hospital and opening of 7 new RAH Centres at Lungpho, Bungtlang, Saiphai, Lungpher, Chapui, Zawngling and New Saiha.

In order to bring effective implementationof artificial insemination, it is proposed to introduce Frozen Seme Bank for which Liquid Nitrogen Plant will be installed. Under the Land Use Policy it is proposed to support 150 units of Dairy Farming, 430 units of Hill Cattle Farming and 200 units of Duck & Poultry Farms in private sector. The Duck Farm at Thenzawl will be equipped with Hatchery unit for production of ducklings for distribution to rural families at 50% subsidy. The Poultry Farm at Selesih is being strengthened for production of Broiler Chicks for which the equipments had been installed during the previous year.

1000 Piggery units in private sectors are proposed to be supported and the existing farms are capable to produce more than 1000 pigs for distribution at 50% subsidy to rurla families. The existing farms at Selesih, Thenzawl, Lungpher and Mampui are to be maintained and expanded and the Poultry Farms at Thingdawl is proposed to be strengthened to have at least 1000 layers. 100 units of biogas plants are targetted for the year 1986-87.


The total financial outlay during 1985-86 is Rs.203.20 lakhs under Plan, Rs.202 lakhs under Non-Plan and RS.100 lakhs under CSS. The main achievements of the Department during 1985-86 are as follows:-

Two new Circles, two new Divisions have been opened during the current year along with three new Ranges, including Statistical and Information Cell attached to the Office of the CCF. A total of 9785 hectares of plantations were raised under CSS and Jhumia Rehabilitation Scheme. Under the 20 Point Programme, 700 lakhs seedlings were planted and 6400 hectares of plantation were raised under Social Forestry. Under Farm Forestry Scheme 8 lakhs seedlings have been supplied to schools, colleges etc.

Under the new Land Use Policy, 1267 families have been selected covering approximately 1650 hectars; construction of 97 Departmental Buildings were taken up; of which 30 buildings are expected to be completed during the year. 10 kms (approx) of Forest Road is also constructed.

23 foresters, 25 Forest Guards got training from FERI, Mizoram, and 10 Forest Rangers and 3 ACFs are undergoing training outside Mizoram. 6 ACFs has also joined the Department after the completion of training.

The Annual Plan for 1986-87 envisages plantation of 4000 hectares under Economic Quick Growing and Rural Fuel Wood plantations, providing of assistance to another 1704 families under Rehabilitation of Jhumia Families in addition to 1267 families selected during 1985-86. Under the special scheme of Protectionery Environment of Forest another 5000 families are targetted for assistance. The target under Social Forestry is 6000 hectares while that of Operation Soil Watch is 4000 hectares. Three new Social Forestry Divisions and one Forest Protection Division are also proposed to be created during 1986-87. A full-fledged Wildlife Wing to be headed by a Chief Wildlife Warden and Wildlife Division one each at Aizawl and Lunglei are also proposed. Creation of one Eco-Battalion consisting of Ex-Servicemen to take up afforestation works in different areas as a measure of environmental and ecological conservation is also proposed. Construction of Forest Offices and Forest Roads are also included in the programme for 1986-87.


The aims of the Co-operation Department is to improve the economic conditions of the rural people through Co-operative endeavours. At present, there are 691 Societies catering the needs of the people.

The Plan outlay for 1985-86 is Rs.42.00 lakhs out of which Rs.4.90 lakhs has been transferred to PWD for construction of office buildings at Aizawl and Lunglei which are nearing completion. During 1985-86 the MIZOFED procured 3300 tons of ginger, 100 tons of chilly and 90 tons of grass broom, costing Rs.80.02 lakhs from the public for marketing. Besides this, MIZOFED is dealing in consumer and controlled goods and also has dealership in edible oil, sugar, iodised salt, cement and POL products.

The Mizoram State Co-operative Union has conducted as many as 33 different training courses and seminars covering up 3156 participants.

In the credit sector, the Mizoram Co-operative Apex Bank is providing credit facilities to the public and also earned substantial profit. A new Branch is opened at Lunglei.

The plan outlay for 1986-87 is Rs.52.00 lakhs which will be utilised for continuing and expanding the existing scheme.


The approved plan outlay for 1985-86 and 1986-87 are Rs.365.00 lakhs and Rs.424.00 lakhs respectively. During 1985-86, all the approved plan schemes have been implemented except creation of posts for which there is a ban. Some remarkable achievements have been made in the field of General Education by giving deficit grants-in-aid status to 111 Adhoc Aided Middle Schools, 41 Adhoc aided High Schools and 17 un-aided High Schools. Two High Schools viz. St. Paul’s High School and Government Higher Secondary School, Aizawl have been selected for Computer Literacy Studies in class project.

In the field of Adult Education, 500 Adult Education Centres and 428 Centres for Functional Literacy for adult women with a total enrolment of 16,824 illiterate and semi-literate adults were in operation. These centres are proposed to be continued during 1986-87 and the enrolment target is fixed as 17,000.

In the fielde of Physical Education, Youth Services and Sports, Mizoram made a big headway by winning 3 Gold and 1 Silverr medals in the National Junior Boxing Championships held at Kanpur. Four boys and girls from Mizoram were selected in the National Sports Talent Contest.

The Second Mizoram State Games was organised at Aizawl during December, 1985 wherein sportsman from all over the Union Territory participated. The North Eastern State Badminton Championship was also hosted at Aizawl during October, 1985.

The Mizoram Bharat Scouts and Guides participated in 10th National Jamboree at Bangalore. The International Youth Year Programmes were carried out successfully in Mizoram.

Different types of Stipend/Scholarships viz. Pre-Matric, Post Matric, Talent Search, Sainik School etc. were awarded to 16,738 students of Mizoram.

To promote arts and culture of the Mizos, various programmes like cultural tours, painting and singing competition etc. were conducted. 28 guitarists and 16 dancers were trained from the Institute of Music and Fine Arts during 1985-86.


Under Social Welfare Department, there are a number of welfare schemes such as Women & Child Welfare, Welfare of Physically Handicapped persons, Welfare of the Aged and Infirm persons etc. which are executed by the Department mostly through voluntary organisations.

During the current financial year, these schemes are effectively carried out with significant progress. The annual plan for the coming year 1986-87 also envisages continuation of these ongoing schemes with certain additions and expansion to cover more people. The highlights of these families schemes are summarised as follows :-

A Social Defence Cell headed by the Deputy Director is proposed to be created to monitor such Acts as the Children Act, S.I.T. Act and Probation of Offenders Act. At present, there are 22 Creches /Day Care Centresl 13 new centres are being opened during 1985-86. 80 Pre-Primary Schools where Anganwadi Centre under ICDS are not functioning will be opened during 1986-87. Protective Home for women convicted under S.I.T. Act will also be opened. Competitions in handicraft, essay writing and spot painting will again be organised. Opening of Children Court and Remand/ Observation Home is proposed to be implemented during 1986-87. Educational and Vocational Training Courses to prisoners is proposed to be conducted during 1986-87 and 1336 persons are proposed to be given Old Age Pension and two Training-cum-Production Centres for the Physically Handicapped persons will be opened at Lunglei. About 200 handicapped students (upto Class VIII) will be given stipend and 500 handicapped persons is proposed to be given economic rehabilitation. During 1986-87 one Residential Deaf & Dumb School is also proposed to be opened. About 300 voluntary organisations will be given assistance in kind or in cash for carrying out social work and a Recreational-cum-Counselling Centre already opened will be activated to deal with anti-social behaviours.


The Department of Information & Public Relation has already completed expansion and consolidation in the field areas and full-fledged offices are functioning in all the Districts and Sub-Divisional Headquarters except Tlabung for which posts are yet to be created. 14 Rural Information Centres at various places in Mizoram are functioning in full wing.

The Department is vigorously pursuing National Integration Programme by way of Inter-State Cultural Exchanges. 9 Groups of people consisting of 164 persons were sent on conducted tour to various places of India including 11 prominent ladies who were sent to New Delhi for witnessing the Republic Day Parade in addition to sight seeing in Delhi, Agra and Calcutta.

For the first time the department in collaboration with the Army organised Youth Festival at Aizawl in Nov., 85 in which all the cultural dances of Mizoram and popular fold dances of India were exhibited in the Assam Rifles Parade Ground at Aizawl. A cultural meet exclusively for all the sub-tribes of Chhimtuipui District and Blue Mountains and Palak Lake Excursions by Youth Group has been organised by the Department during March 1986.

The people of Mizoram are kept informed regularly of Government policies and achievements through various departmental publications such as pamphlets, weekly publication of Tunlai Chanchin, Khawvel and Kaladan published from Aizawl, Lunglei and Saiha respectively and Mizoram News Magazine was regularly published in co-ordination with this Department. The Govt. of India have also kindly consented to opening of AIR Station at Lunglei and construction of TV Low Power Transmission-cum-Production Centre at Durtlang has already come up.

Construction of Chaltlang Tourist Lodge with a provisionof 14 rooms and dormitory has already been completed. Construction of another Tourist Lodge at Kolasib will be completed within the current financial year. Land for Recreational Centre has already been acquired at Durtlang Hill Range and construction will be taken up during 1986-87. Land donation for construction of Youth Hostel and low cost accommodation called ‘Yatrika’ is being finalised at Luangmual and construction will be started with the help of the Government of India during 1986-87.


The functions of the Department can be broadly divided into the following groups (1) Craftsmen Training (2) Apprenticeship training (3) Employment Service (4) Labour Welfare.

During 1985-86, ITI Aizawl, the only Institution of its kind in Mizoram, continued imparting training in seven vocational trades. The approved schemes for 1985-86 regarding introduction of two new trades such as Electronics, Confectinery and Bakery could not be implemented during the year due to ban on creation of posts. During 1986-87 these schemes along with Draughtsman Civil Trade are expected to be implemented.

During 1985-86, construction of 4 units of Type II quarters, extension of workshop and Women Hostel were undertaken and these are nearing completion. The Apprenticeship Training opportunity for 30 in clerical trade and 20 in engineering trade is continuing. Apart from this, provision for deputation of 15 persons annually to undergo vocational training outside Mizoram for which no facilities are available within Mizoram is also made.

To strengthen the Department, a proposal is there for creation of the posts of Inspector of Factories, Labour Officer and some clerical staff. Besides this, a proposal is also under way to set up State Employment Market Information Unit-cum-Vocational Guidance Cell.


The Department is a leading agency for the upliftment of economic conditions of Industries by providing avenues for self-employment and this has greatly contributed to the betterment of the economic condition of the people. During 1985-86 the main achievements are as follows:-

Under the Large and Medium Industries, many projects are being undertaken; viz. establishment of Ginger Oil and Oleoresin Plant, Maize Processing Unit, Match Splint Manufacturing, Pine-apple Juice Concentration Plants etc. Most of these are new schemes approved by Government except Ginger Oil and Oleoresin Plant which was already started in 1982 in collaboration with CFTRI and NRDC. Works on this project is almost completed and Dehydration and Oleoresin Section is expected to be commissioned shortly. During 1986-87 new scheme of Wooden Boat Manufacturing Unit will be taken up.

Under the Village and Small Industries Section, a number of Projects and Schemes were undertaken by the Department most of which are ongoing schemes. These are Rural Industries Development Centre, Development of Industrial Infrastructure, Promotion of Village and Cottage Industries and Tiny Industries, Interest Subsidy, Power Subsidy, Transport Subsidy, Grant-in-aid to artisans, Industrial Loan and Hire Purchase, Entrepreneural Development and Tranining, Information, Publicity and Exhibition, Khadi and Village Industries, Handicraft Industries, Hand-loom Industries, ZIDCO, Fruit Preservation Factory, Research Design and Development, Co-operation, Raw-Materials Depot, Mines and Minerals etc. One of the significant achievement during 1985-86 is the formation of Mizoram Khadi and Village Industries Board. This Board, when equipped with machineries and personnel, will impart training in Khadi, Blacksmithy and Carpentry etc. to the people during 1986-87.


The newly created Sericulture Department have significantly contributed to upliftment of the economic condition of rural people by providing part-time employment. Every effort is being made to have sufficient fund for procuring silk cocoon from the rearers and its subsequent production to yarn, etc.

Under the New Land Use Policy, 75 families have already been assisted during 1985-86 for taking up Sericulture and another 1334 families are proposed to be given assistance during 1986-87 under this programme. A Sericulture Training Centre for imparting training to rearers in nearing completion and is expected to start organising training courses during 1986-87.

One of the significant achievement of the Department is the public effort to use silk threads/cocoons as mean of multi-purpose productive material. Some people already produced beautiful silk puan of their own and silk quilt made out of waste cocoon is becoming very popular now. Government is also making efforts of Silk Dyeing facilities and two officials are sent on training for this purpose. Production of Silkworm seeds and cocoon is also satisfactory. In addition to the existing 17 village level centres, 17 more are proposed to be opened during 1986-87. To popularise reeling and spinning, two centres, one each at Lunglei and Saiha are proposed to be opened. Government of India has selected Mizoram for the development of Muga and Mulberry silk and the NEC has also approved the scheme of Silk Reeling, Spinning and Weaving at Kolasib during 1986-87.


The approved plan outlay of 1985-886 for generation, transmission and distribution, rural electrification, investigation of Hydel Projects and exploitation of Renewable Sources of Energy including Integrated Rural Energy Programme is Rs.687.00 lakhs and for 1986-87 the outlay is Rs.757.35 lakhs.

There has been a considerable increase in the Power generation capacity during 1985-86. Two 800 KW DG sets, one each at Aizawl and Kolasib have been commissioned in May, 1985 under the 5.10 MW Diesel Scheme with which the scheme has been completed in full Five 250 KW DG sets – two at Lawngtlai, one each at Darlawn, Champhai and Biate have also been commissioned during September/October, 1985. Another significant achievement under generation programme is the commissioning of a New Diesel Power Station at W.Phaileng with a 250 KW DG set in December, 1985. The total diesel generation capacity has thus gone up to 13.60 MW by the end of December, 1985. Construction of another new Diesel Power Station at Saiha is in progress and expected to be completed during the current financial year itself. Augmentation of existing power Station at Lunglei, Serchhip and Khawzawl by 250 KW DG set each is in progress and shall be completed in March 1986. Thus the total power generating capacity by the end of 1985-86 will be 15.60 MW i.e. 14.60 MW Diesel and 1 MW Micro Hydel. Construction of 2 Micro Hydel Projects viz. Khawiva (1100KW) near Lunglei and Tuirivang (300 KW) near Aizawl has been started by the Department and the preliminary works are in progress.

Another major achievement during the current year has been the charging of Dullabcherra –Aizawl 66 KV line upto Aizawl in December, 1985 which has enabled drawal of about 7 MW power from the Assam – Meghalaya Grid. Construction of 132 KV Aizawl – Lunglei line is progressing satisfactory. Tower erection for the Aizawl – Serchhip section is nearing completion and conductor stringing is in progress.

134 villages were electrified by the end of 1984-85. During the current year 22 more villages have been electrified by January, 1986 and work is in progress for electrification of another 18 villages by March 1986 with which 23% of village electrification would be achieved at the end of 1985-86.

Under the Non-Conventional Sources of Energy Programme, 1 KWA Wind Electric Generator has been installed at Chaltlang in Aizawl and eraction works for 3 KW WEG at Sairep is in progress. Procurement of two 20 KW Wind Electric Generators for Hmuifang and Sangau and a 5000 LPD capacity Solar Water heating system for Lunglei Civil Hospital is under finalisation.

Under the Integrated Rural Energy Programme, 20 Solar Photovoltaic Street Lights, 1 Community Lighting System and 1 Solar Photovoltaic Water Pumping System have been installed at Reiek Village in December, 1985.

Programme for 1986-87 is being finalized in consultation with the field officers. The main thrust of the Plan would be the completion of 132 KV Transmission Project and to accelerate the constructio of Khawiva and Tuirivang Micro-Hydel Projects including Rural Electrification and connected distribution works. Priority will be given for exploitation of New and Renewable Sources of Energy and investigation of Small Hydel Projects during the coming year also.


Providing of drinking water to the public is given top-most priority.With the plan outlay of Rs.559.94 lakhs for the current year, number of new projects for supplying water to people both in the Urban and Rural areas have been taken up. Till 6th Plan 144 villages were covered under Rural Water Supply Scheme. Against the target for completion of pipe Water Supply in 40 villages, projects in respect of 30 villages have been completed and the target is likely to be achieved by the end of the year.

The work on the Greater Aizawl Water Supply Projects is in good progress. Construction of Zonal reservoirs and distribution lines are being done through departmental labours and local constractors. The other civil and mechanical works have been awarded to renowned firms.

The outlay for 1986-87 is Rs.715.00 lakhs which envisages supplying of water to 45 villages. On Sanitation side, construction of 500. Low Cost Pour Flush Latrine in the Urban areas and 375 in the Rural areas are targeted. It is also proposed to strengthen the Department by creation of a full-fledged Directorate, one Circle and five more Divisions.


For road communication Rs.856 lakhs is provided for 1985-86. During this financial year it is expected to completed 37 Kms of formation cutting 25 Kms of widening and improvement works, 197 nos. of culverts and minor bridges, metaling and black topping, two major bridges over river Vanva and Tlawng on Aizawl-Thenzawl-Lunglei Road. Another bridge over river Tuisumpui between Saiha and Lawngtlai has also been completed. Another worth mentioning achievement is the renovation of Tuirial Air Field for resuming air services to Mizoram with the rest of the country and metalling and black topping of approach roads to five Helipads at various important places in Mizoram.

During 1986-87, the target for 90 Kms of formation cutting, 33 Kms of widening works, 100 nos. of culverts and minor bridges, 1440 RM of permanent works, 93 KM of soling and metalling, 40 Kms of black topping and three major bridges is set for.

During 1985-86 under Building Construction, there is provision of Rs.200 lakhs for public works under capital extension project and 60 lakhs under Government Housing.

During the current year important buildings like Tourist Lodge at Chaltlang, Agricultural Directorate building, Additional building of Mizoram House at Calcutta, Bus terminal building at Aizawl, 3600 MT capacity food grain godown at Zemabawk and some senior officers quarters at Luangmual are completed. The Central Jail Complex at Bungtlang is also expected to be completed during this year.

During 1986-87 completion of Civil Hospital building and Market complex at Aizawl is expected. New Secretariat Building at Aizawl will also be taken up during the coming financial year along with Circuit House at Lawngtlai, Mizoram House at Salt Lake, Calcutta, re-construction of Circuit House at Lunglei Other Departments building such as Directorate of Industries building at Aizawl, Youth Hostel at Luangmual, Printing & Stationery building will also by started during 1986-87.


During 1985-86, Dairy Farming Loan of Rs.10,000/- each is given to 28 MNF Returnees and Agriculture Grant of Rs.9,720/- each is given to 10 MNF Returnees.

During 1986-87 Rs.6.00 lakhs is earmarked for Dairy Farming and Industrial Loan and Rs.10.00 lakhs is proposed for Agriculture Farming and cash grant to MNF Returnees.


The total outlay for 1985-86 under plan and non-plan is Rs.254.50 lakhs and Rs.534.45 lakhs respectively. Under Centrally Sponsored Scheme a sum of Rs.109.50 lakhs have been provided during 1985-86.

The major achievement during 1985-86 are as follows :-

1. Basement Floor of Master Plan for expansion of Aizawl Civil Hospital accommodating 40 beds is completed and occupied. Upper Floor of X-ray building is completed and is being utilized for Homoeopathy, Ayurvedic and Leprosy Clinic. Physiotherapy Units and E.C.G. Cardiac Monitor are also installed at Aizawl Civil Hospital.

2. Ten bedded PHC at Khawruhlian and Phuaibuang, Mimbung, Rabung and indoor building at Sialsuk PHC have been opened during 1985-86. Buildings for 10 bedded PHC/SHC at the following places are already completed and will be opened soon.

1) Hnahthial SHC

2) Khawzawl PHC

3) Lungpher PHC

4) Bungtlang ‘S’ PHC

5) Kawnpui SHC

3. Post-partum Ward under Family Welfare programme is completed.

4. Construction of 7 (seven) Staff Quarters at Lungsen PHC are completed and construction of Indoor and Outdoor buildings are in progress. Construction of PHC complex at the following Centres are taken up by villagers voluntarily with financial help from the Department:- Phuldungsei, N.E. Bualpui, Khawlailung, Vaphai, Farkawn, Haulawng and Chakhang. In addition to this construction of 240 dispensary-cum-staff quarters are taken up departmentally and 10 new sub-centres are also ready for opening.

5. During 1985-86, 139 persons of various categories completed training courses and joined the Department and 12 MBBS students passed out the final examination and are now under Internship training. Apart from this, 104 persons are undergoing different training courses.

The outlay for 1986-87 is Rs.290.00 lakhs and the salient features of Plan are as follows :-

1) To continue works on up-gradation of existing 10 (ten) bedded SHCs into thirty bedded hospital, opening of one STD Clinic and 4 District TB Centres, opening of 12 new Sub-centres and an Early Cancer Detection Centre.

2) To give priority in Medical Education and Training to minimize the inadequacy of technical manpower in Mizoram.


The total outlay for the year 1985-86 is Rs.168.50 lakhs out of which Rs.42.00 lakhs is in the Plan Sector and Rs.126.50 lakhs under Non-Plan.

A 4-storeyed building at Aizawl is already completed and occupied. One 3-storeyed depot building at Lunglei was inaugurated on 20.2.’86 by Hon’ble Chief Minister. The depot building at Saiha is under construction at the estimated cost of Rs.10.60 lakhs. A few sophisticated machineries like 2 colour HMT Offset, Automatic Binding and Stitching Machine, Repro-Proof Processor and other have been purchased to make the Press will equipped to take up all types of printing job of the Government. The Department has also commissioned Mechanical Photo Section with Block making accessories.

For 1986-87, provision of fund proposed for the Department is Rs.172.00 lakhs of which Rs.47.00 lakhs is under Plan and Rs.125.00 lakhs under Non-Plan. With this amount in addition to the expenditure on maintenance of the Press it is proposed to install Photo Type-setting and Super Caster to produce metals and also introduce multi-colour works and construction of Depot building atAizawl including extension of Press building, construction of administrative-cum-Press building at Lunglei.


SUPPLY WING: Procurement and distribution of essential commodities like rice, wheat, rape-seed oil, cement and salt is the main function of the department. At present, there are 682 Fair Price Shops including 21 new shops opened during the current year against the target of 20.For storage of essential commodities, the department is having 169 godowns out of which 13 are pucca, 154 semi-pucca and 1 Kutcha. 10 (ten) more semi-pucca godowns are being constructed during the current year. The Central Godown at Zemabawk with a capacity of 3600 MT is ready for occupation. With all these godowns it is hoped that at least three months stocking capacity will be achieved.

TRANSPORT WING: At present, there are 69 buses plying along 30 routes. Another 23 buses are being procured during the current financial year. On an average, 750 passengers traveled on MST Bus every day. The State Transport did an excellent job in providing transport to about 1000 delegates during the State Games held at Aizawl in the month of December, 1985. The Department already earned revenue of Rs.66.01 lakhs upto 31.12.85 and expect to mobilize additional resources to the tune of Rs.13.00 lakhs against the target of Rs.10.00 lakhs. During 1985-86, 10 (ten) new trucks were added to the existing fleet.

Site for construction of Central Workshop is already acquired at South Hlimen and preliminary work is being taken up.

On the private sector, permit for 278 Town Buses, 149 Bazar Buses, 159 Local Taxis, 100 Tourist Taxis and 333 Zonal Permits were given as on 31.1.1986. Night Bus services on Aizawl-Silchar, Aizawl-Lunglei and Aizawl-Champhai routes are going to be introduced very shortly.

The Annual Plan Outlay for Mizoram State Transport for 1985-86 is Rs.101.20 lakhs while Rs.167.00 lakhs is allocated for 1986-87.

WEIGHTS & MEASURES WING: During 1985-86 various commercial Weights & Measures numbering 8865 were stamped and verified. 82 cases have been filed in the Courts for violation of Weights & Measures Act & Rules.

RAILWAY OUT AGENCY: During 1985-86, 2609.60 quintals of gods were carried earning revenue of Rs.2.56 lakhs. It is proposed to open passenger and parcel traffic booking facilities as agreed by the Government of India.


The Department of Economics and Statistics is collecting some basic information relating to Agriculture, Industry, Medical, Education, Soil Conservation, Road, Crime, Religion, Rainfall, Data of vital events in population i.e. birth and death.

The Department has also taken up National Sample Survey in rural areas and Agriculture Census in collaboration with the Central Government sharing expenditure for the execution and implementation of the Schemes.

The Department brought out the following periodic publications during 1985-86.

1) Quarterly Progress Report of Development Departments.

2) Quarterly Price Bulletin.

3) Annual Census of Government Employees.

4) Mizoram at a glance.

5) Statistical Hand-Book.

6) Rainfall Records.

7) Temperature Records.


During the current year 4,000 Rm of steps have been constructed at different places in Aizawl, Lunglei, Saiha and in other Satellite Towns. 6 shopping centers are constructed at important villages along the main roads whereby villagers can sell their crops and vegetables. 400 families are given septic/water tank loan.

Under Rural Housing Scheme, 260 families are given assistance for construction of dwelling houses under EWS loan. Habitants of 8 small villages in Aizawl District and two villages in Chhimtuipui District are being resettled at permanent village sites where they would enjoy the facilities of education, rural development programmes, etc. 25 Community Halls and 11 MHIP buildings are supplied with GCI sheets for roofing, 200 Village Councils are supplied with portable loudspeakers.

The remuneration paid to Village Council members has been increased by 70% of the existing rate with effect from 1.8.1985.


POLICE: During the current year, Govt. of India have sanctioned the schemes for Re-Organising of M.P.R.O. with a Cipher Celland 93 additional man power for opening of more stations in the outlying areas. The establishment of Lungverh with a total staff strength of 43 has also been sanctioned. Government of India have further sanctioned Rs.135.00 lakhs for construction of buildings for 21 Police stations.

Non Gazetted Police personnel were so long issued free ration. From November, 1985 Ration Allowance at the rate of Rs.210/- p.m. has been sanctioned to them.

During 1985-86, a sum of RS.70.00 lakhs is provided for construction of 64 buildings under Police Housing. The allocation for Police Housing for 1986-87 is Rs.122.00 lakhs.

Govt. of India have approved revitalization of Rajya and Zilla Sainik Board by creating additional posts and also establishment of a separate Zilla Sainik Board in Aizawl District.

The present strength of MRHG is 646 volunteers including 30 women Home Guards. Home Guards are deployed as Security Guards for important Government Installations, Stores, Banks, etc. The Organisation consists of 1 Regional Training Centre and 5 Companies. During current year Basic and Advanced training was imparted to 206 volunteers. Apart from this, training is also imparted to 44 constables of MPRO and 17 Excise Constables.


Apart from preparation of Budget Estimates and Sanction of expenditure, the Department also look after opening of Banks and other Financial Institutions, sanction of Housing Loan, State Lottery, etc. During 1985-86, Housing Loan sanctioned under M.I.G. and L.I.G. are indicated below District-wise:-

                                                              M.I.G.          L.I.G.H.        TOTAL
               Aizawl District                       319               306              625
               Lunglei District                     99                 118               217
               Chhimtuipui District            125               107               232
               TOTAL:                                    543              531               1074

To mobilize additional resources the Mizoram State Lottery is introduced with effect from 3rd March ’86. It is expected to get an annual profit of Rs.1.03 crores by running the Lottery. Subject to the approval of Govt. of India 50% of this resource is proposed for development of sports, sanitation etc. For this purpose Rules are under preparation.

The Directorate of Accounts & Treasuries and Excise & Taxation under Finance Department have made significant achievements in administrative field.

The task of local audit, authorization of pension, maintenance of GPF, issue of pay slips, looking after the Treasuries and PWD Accounts staff etc., undertaken by the Directorate of Accounts & Treasuries is quite satisfactory. 307 cases of pension etc., have been disposed of during 1985-86 and new GPF Account Numbers were allotted to 5176 Government servants. A proposal is under way for introduction of the scheme of separation of Accounts from Audit and opening of another Treasury at Aizawl and two Sub-Treasuries at Chawngte and Mamit during 1986-87.

The main functions of Excise & Taxation Department are collection of various taxes, duties and enforcement of the Mizoram Excise Act & Rules. The Department also operated Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985, The Assam Opium Prohibition Act, 1947 and the Assam Ganja and Bhang Prohibition Act, 1958. For enforcement of the Mizoram Excise Act, 1973, tow Bonded Warehouse-cum-wholesale Licences were issued along with ten retail licences at Aizawl, 3(three) at Lunglei Town for selling IMFL in bottles. Six Hotel Bar, one Club Bar Licences were given at Aizawl while 3 Licences were given at Lunglei Town. Due to shortage of staff, the Department could not fully cover Chhimtuipui District uptil now.

During the current year following dangerous Drugs were seized – Heroin 0.330 gm, Ganja 0.65 kgs and Opium 8.00 kgs. 1227 illegal traders in liquor were arrested with 1423 tins of fermented rice, 6720.125 Litres of fermented Liquor, 558 bottles of IMFL (750 ml), 316 bottles of IMFL (375 ml), 26 bottles of IMFL (180 ml), 661 bottles of Beer (650 ml) and 6205 pieces of yeast.Excised Duty realized from 1.4.1985 to 31.1.86 is Rs.86.04 lakhs against last year’s figure of Rs.29.85 lakhs.

Under Taxation Wing, taxes collected by the Department under various Acts/Regulations amounts to Rs.21.81 lakhs only as on 31.1.1986.


The Plan Outlay for 1985-86 is Rs.15.00 lakhs only with which the following activities are untaken : 1) up-dating of Land Records, 2) Survey Training and 3) Cadastral Survey. Under these activities, it is proposed to undertake large-scale Cadastral Survey for which 68 posts of different categories are already approved by the Planning Commission. The Department sent 9 inservice personnel and 7 local candidates in Short Term Course of training. During 1986-87, the Department propose to send 12 inservice personnel and 4 local candidates for training in Long Term Survey Course and Cartography and 12 inservice personnel and 2 local candidates for Short Term Courses. The achievement during the current year is completion of cadastral survey of 545 hectares against the target of 300 hectares.

The target for 1986-87 is survey of 500 hectares under long term scheme and 500 hectares under short term scheme.


The approved outlay for 1985-86 and 1986-87 is Rs.5.00 lakhs and Rs.7.00 lakhs respectively. During 1986-87 the District Planning Cell is proposed to be created at each District Headquarters. During 7th Plan it is proposed to create the post of Director, Monitoring and Evaluation with supporting staff. A separate cell has already been created for Science and Technology and Environment during 1985-86 headed by a Consultant.


The Rural Development Department executes two types of schemes viz.(1) Community Development schemes in the State Sector and IRDP, NREP, RLEGP and ASMF under Central Sector.

(1) Under the State Sector with the approved Plan outlay of Rs.94.22 lakhs following works are taken up and expected to be completed during the current year.

                               1.      Block buildings                                  - 22 nos.
2.      Rural Communication (Roads)              - 230 Kms.
                  3.      Water Points                                    - 40 nos.
                  4.      Community Halls                               - 164 nos.
                  5.      Urinal sheds                                     - 30 nos.
                  6.      Play-ground                                     - 112 nos.
                  7.      Material assistance to
                      voluntary organizations                                 - worth Rs.6.00 lakhs.

For 1986-87 the outlay is Rs.80.00 lakhs. In line with the decision of the Govt. of India to step-up Rural Development and anti poverty programmes it is proposed to created a commissionerate and ten new Blocks. Under state plan schemes it is proposed to take up the following works :-

  1. Block building                                                  - 75 nos.

  2. Rural Communication (Roads)                             - 300 Kms.

  3. Water Points                                                  - 90 nos.

  4. Community Halls                                              - 60 nos.

  5. Urinal sheds                                                   - 60 nos.

  6. Play-grounds                                                  - 60 nos.

  7. Construction of Directorate Building                    - 1 nos.

(II) Under Central Sector Schemes of NREP, IRDP, RLEGP and ASMF followings are the programmes and achievements.

(a) IRDP- During the current year it is proposed to assist 3900 families for which allocation is Rs.89.20 lakhs. Upto February ’86, 2523 families have been assisted and remaining 1377 families are expected to be covered during the remaining period.

The target for 1986-87 is fixed for 3333 families.

(b) Under NREP followings are the achievements :-

                1. Schools Buildings - 10 nos.
                2. Rural Road/IVP - 124 Kms.
                3. Watertanks - 9 nos.
                4. Community Halls - 13 nos.
                5. Play-grounds - 17 nos.

(c) Under RLEGP 30 km of village road have been constructed.

(d) It is expected to render assistance to 290 families under A.S.M.F.

The allocation of fund for these schemes has not been received.


The District Councils are provided with fund for meeting their administrative expenses under Non-Plan and development expenditure under Plan. The Non-plan allocation for BE 1985-86 was Rs.103.00 lakhs and this is enhanced to Rs.119.00 lakhs in the RE 1985-86. Under the Plan Scheme the allocation for the current year is Rs.39.37 lakhs and that for the coming year is Rs.36.00 lakhs. The plan funds are utilized by the District Councils in construction of jeepable roads wooden bridges, culverts, steps, side drain, water tanks, public urinals, plantation of trees, etc.

This is in brief I havre narrated the activities and achievements of some of the Departments. So far as domestic revenue is concerned the sources are limited and the Govt. of India is generous in giving us substantial financial assistance to cover up our shortfall. I wish that the present peace talk will be successful and with the restoration of peace we would be in a position to look into all possible avenues for augmenting our domestic Revenue.

I would fail in my duty if I do not express the gratitude for the help given by the Government of India in allocating substantial fund for meeting the administrative and developmental expenditure of this Government. It is only a small amount which is to be mobilized by some of the Departments in addition to the existing sources. I would like to request the concerned Departments to make all-out sincere efforts for achieving the target assigned to them.

Also I would like to appeal to the Hon’ble Members and the public in general and request the officers and staff of this Government for their active co-operation with the Govt. for proper utilization of the fund being made available for implementation of various plans and programmes of the Government.

I would like to conclude with expressing my thanks to the officers and staff who have been working very hard in preparation of the Budget documents which are being presented to the Assembly today. Like previous years, the Government Press has undertaken printing of the Budget papers and has completed it within a short period by working very hard even on holidays. They have printed for the first time all budget papers and for this the officers and staff of Govt. Press deserve special commendation.

And now with your permission Sir, I present the Supplementary Demands for the year 1985-86 and Budget Estimates for 1986-87 before the House for favour of consideration and approval.





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