Government of Mizoram
Budget Speech: 1985-86
By Pu Sainghaka
Finance Minister

Mr. Speaker Sir,

I rise to present before the Assembly the Supplementary Demand for the year 1984-85 and Budget Estimate for the year 1985-86. This is the first Budget presented to the Assembly by the present Ministry. There has been significant improvement in the acitivities of the various Departments in implementing the developmental schemes as well as their administrative affairs. In the Revised Estimate for the year 1984-85 and the Budget Estimate for the year 1985-86 financial involvement is as follows :-

(Rupees in lakhs)
1984 -- 85
1985 -- 86

Revenue Accounts
Capital Accounts

From the above figures it is evident that there is a substantial increase of amount in the Revised Estimate 1984-85. The Govt. of India is generous in providing additional fund in the Revised Estimate 1984-85 and some additional provisions are being made by the Supplementary Demand in respect of Centrally Sponsored Scheme and B.R.D.B. expenditure. During the current year, the Budgetary provision in respect of U.T. Plan Schemes required some adjustment of expenditure from one grant to the other and from Capital Section to Revenue Section within the Grant to bring in the line with the Sectoral Allocation of Plan Fund to each Department.

The approved Plan Outlay for the year 1985-86 is Rs.48 crores. Of this amount, a small portion of Rs.116 lakhs are to be raised by us in the form of mobilization of additional resources during the next financial year over and above our existing resources. The additional resources are to be mobilized by some of the Departments like Supply & Transport (Rs.9.93 lakhs), Revenue (Rs.5 lakhs), Finance, Excise & Taxation (Rs.100 lakhs), Forest (Rs.1 lakh) from the new sources. This is significantly a higher amount as compared to the previous years under the Sixth Plan.

The total outlay for N.E.C. Schemes for 1985-86 is Rs.473.46 lakhs. The provision in respect of Central Plan and Centrally Sponsored Scheme is Rs.72.99 lakhs. In this connection, it may also be mentioned that in respect of some of the Schemes of these categories, this administration is not in receipt of the approved allocation for the coming year uptil now and hence token provisions are proposed in the Budget Estimate.

The Non-Plan fund even though being enhanced from year to year are mostly spent for meeting the administrative expenses and maintenance expenditure which include the committed liability of the Plan Schemes also.

I would now like to mention in brief the progress and achievements of some of the Departments during the current year and also for the coming year.


The Annual Plan allocation for the year 1984-85 is Rs.218 lakhs for Agriculture and Rs.75 lakhs for Minor Irrigation. In Agriculture, there has been some improvement in the production of foodgrains. The estimated production of Rice is 43,000 Metric Tonnes as against 24,000 Metric Tonnes in 1983. The target for production of 700 Metric Tonnes of Pulses and 400 Metric Tonnes of Oil-seeds is also being achieved. The improvement in the production of foodgrains is due to enhanced consumption of 300 Metric Tonnes of N.P.K. fertilizer in 1984 against 70 Metric Tonnes in 1983. The early cutting and burning of jhum to avoid vagaries of weather has helped in increasing production of foodgrains. To increase production of foodgrains by double cropping, 1200 hectares of potential areas are being covered by Minor Irrigation by taking up new projects. With the help of 50% subsidy on land reclamation, work in 1078 hectares of fresh areas is in progress. Construction of link road of 56 Km. is in progress and in addition to this 70 km.of link road is also being maintained. 40 cultivators have also been selected for getting Bank Loans for purchase of tractors.

2.66 lakhs of Horticultural Planting materials were supplied to the cultivators in due time. 20 Metric Tonnes of wheat seeds, 8.3 Metric Tones of paddy seeds and 160 Metric Tonnes of seed potatoes were distributed to the cultivators. From this year, sowing of potatoes has been done in the month of January and the harvest is expected in April, 1985. This is done with the aim that same plot of land be available for cultivation of summer paddy to be sown in May.

Survey and investigation of 2 Water Shed Projects at Tuiphai of N. Vanlaiphai and Darlak of Teirei Valley have been completed under the N.E.C. Scheme. The Project Report for Darlak is being finalized during the current financial year.

The target for production of rice during 1985-86 is 50,000 Metric Tonnes. New Schemes for Land Use and Soil Survey will also be operated. The target for production of pulses during the next year is 1,000 Metric Tonnes and that for Oil-seeds is 600 Metric Tonnes. It is also proposed to take up analysis of 4,000 soil samples during the coming year.


The Soil Conservation wing of the Department is taking up Cash Crop Plantation. During the current year, 20 hectares of Coffee Plantation has been completed. The Department also took up Soil Conservation work in cultivators’ field. Out of 20 units (100 hectares) of Stream Bank Erosion work, 19 units have been completed. Under Water Harvesting/Retention Dam, against targeted 12 units (100 hectares), 18 units have been completed thereby exceeding the target by 6 units. In respect of contour bunding works 5 units have been completed. Under the Village Grazing Ground Scheme of 60 hectares, works on 50 hectares have been completed. The target for 100 hectares of Soil Conservation Plantation during the current year has been achieved. During the current year, 384 families were selected for plantation of Cash Crop on terraced and the target fixed for plantation of 173 hectares of coffee plantation, 101 hectares of rubber plantation and 110 hectares of large cardamom have been completed. For plantation of Cash Crops the land is developed by terracing. The selected families are provided with 50% subsidy and other 50% is given to them by supplying plantation materials and fertilizers etc.

For the year 1985-86, the existing Schemes will be continued with the aim of achieving better results.


During 1984-85, the Department has supplied 8 lakhs of Fish-seeds to pisciculturists at 50% subsidized rate and another 12 lakhs will be supplied by March, 1985. One lakh (approximately) fish-seeds have been produced in the departmental demonstration Farms. 25 Fish Farmers have been given training in various aspects of fish culture. 11 Fish Ponds have been taken up under the Scheme of composite fish culture under which all inputs like seeds, fertilizer and feeds had been supplied to the selected tank owners free of cost. Nine service personnel have been sent for training in various courses outside the Territory for strengthening the technical staff of the Department. Improvement works have been taken up at Lengpui, Tamdil and Sopali Fishery Demonstration Farms.

During 1985-86 with an approved outlay of Rs.27 lakhs, the Department proposed to build up the required infrastructure for development of Fisheries, for smooth implementation of various schemes for obtaining higher fish production while assuring economic stability to the poor farmers. Emphasis will be given mainly on seed production, composite fish culture for augmenting per hectare production, paddy-cum-fish culture and boosting up of extension facilities.


The Department is continuing various existing schemes for achieving self-sufficiency in milk, meat and eggs. Under Cattle Development Scheme, 200 crossbred cows have been distributed and 360 Jhumia families have also been identified for Rural Cattle Farming colony. 328 families have also been identified for assistance in piggery under the Centrally sponsored Scheme of S.F.D.A. 2,000 piglets have been distributed under normal Subsidy Scheme. Under Feed Transport Subsidy Scheme, 14,140 Qtls. Of wheat bran have been supplied to private livestock rearers through primary societies.

Three more Dispensaries and 7 R.A.H. Centres have been establishing during the current year. The construction of building for V.F.A. Training Institute at Selesih is near completion. Construction of 72 Gobar Gas Plants have been completed during the current year.

During 1985-86, another new Divisional Office at Aizawl is proposed to be opened. The existing Veterinary Dispensaries at Aizawl and Lunglei are proposed to be upgrated. Four new Veterinary Dispensaries and 9 new R.A.H. Centres are also proposed to be established during the next year. Cattle Breeding Farm at Mampui in the Chhimtuipui District, Liquid Nitrogen Plant at Selesih, Poultry Farm at West Phaileng, Duck Farm at Lunglei, Hatchery-cum-Duck Farm at Thenzawl, Piggery Demonstration Farm at Champhai and Fodder Farm at Lunglei are proposed to be established. It is also proposed to construct 100 units of Bio-Gas Plants during the coming year. The Town Mild Supply Scheme will also be taken up at Lunglei during 1985-86.


The Plan allocation of the Department for the current year is Rs.60 lakhs. With this allocation, the Department is executing the continuing Schemes of Social Education, Rural Health and Sanitation Programme and Rural Communication. Apart from the completion of the residuary work in the Vanapa Hall, construction of which was taken up by the Public Works Department, the Department has undertaken construction and repair of 200 Community Halls and 40 Playgrounds. Under Rural Health and Sanitation Programme Rs. 2 lakhs is being spent for construction and repair of R.C.C. water tanks, construction of urinal sheds and in distribution of prizes for cleanliness drives to the selected villages. Under Rural Communication, construction and maintenance of Inter-village Path, repair and improvement of jeep roads and construction of suspension bridges and culverts are taken up. The Department is also looking into the housing difficulties of the Block staff. 19 units of quarters for Block staff is under construction during the current year.

With the allocation of Rs.121 lakhs for 1985-86, the Department will continue implementation of the continuing Schemes.

Beside these schemes the Department is also co-ordinating the new programme of land use policy for settlement of rural poor families under various schemes of some of the specified Departments. Under the programme 5000 families will be settled during the current year and target for the coming year is 10,000 families. The construction of the Saikuti Hall at Lunglei will also be taken up during the 7th Plan.


The main objective of the Co-operation Department is the restoration of rural economy through Co-operative Institutional Enterprises. Supply of institutional credit for productive purposes, supply of essential goods to the consumers at reasonable prices, all-round help to the weavers, breeders of livestock, craftsmen and labourers are a few important fields of work of the Co-operation Department. There are 697 Co-operative Societies at work to cater to the various needs of the rural and urban people. The sectoral allocation of the Department during the current year is Rs.40 lakhs. With this amount, the Department is rendering financial assistance to the Co-operative Societies in the shape of Managerial Subsidy. Transport Subsidy, Working Capital Contribution and Loans to the Societies. In addition to these works, the construction of the Office building of the Assistant Registrar of Co-operative Societies, Aizawl assigned to Public Works Department for execution is in progress.

The Plan Outlay for 1985-86 is Rs.44 lakhs and this amount will be utilized by executing the continuing Schemes.


During the current year, the Department has completed creation of plantation in 7,500 hectares under U.T. Plan and 19.190 hectares of old plantation maintained. In addition to the existing 7 Territorial Divisions, a new Territorial Division namely the Champhai Territorial Division has started functioning from this year and proposal for creation of another 2 Divisions namely Lunglei West Division with Headquarters at Tlabung and N.Vanlaiphai Division is under consideration. Under Re-settlement and Rehabilitation Scheme, 1,000 families have been selected and the target for the coming year under this Scheme is 5,000 families. Under 20-Point Programme (No.12), the Forest Department has fulfilled the target of plantation of 350 lakhs seedlings upto 1984-85. Under Afforestation Scheme, 5 lakhs seedlings have been undistributed among the public and various organizations, Schools and Colleges for plantation on private lands. During 1985-86 one Territorial Division at Saiha and one Silviculture Division at Aizawl is proposed to be created. At present, there are 7 Wildlife Sanctuaries in Mizoram and it is proposed to create 2 Wildlife Divisions during 1985-86. It is also proposed to open a Resource Survey Division at Aizawl to conduct the various Resources Survey in Mizoram. During the current year, 21 Forest Guards and 20 Foresters have been trained up in the Forest Education and Research Institution at Aizawl and 5 Rangers and 3 A.C.Fs are undergoing training in different Forestry Colleges. The Department is also executing the Centrally Sponsored Scheme of Social Forestry and Soil Watch and under these Schemes plantation in 8,280 hectares are being raised during the current year. This is on top of plantation raised under U.T. Plan Scheme.


The Plan outlay for 1984-85 for the Department is Rs.300 lakhs. Some of the achievements made during the current year are indicated below.

Under Non-formal Education Scheme, which is one of the items of 20-Point Programme, as many as 2,020 students of the age-group of 9-14 years have been enrolled. Under Adult Education Programme, 100 more learning centres have been opened during the current year in addition to 300 such centres opened during last year.

For improvement and extension of educational facilities throughout the Territory, all eligible unaided recognized Middle Schools and High Schools have been brought under the Grants-in-aid Scheme from this year. There are 13 Colleges and one University Campus in Mizoram. The Aizawl College and the Serchhip College have been brought under the deficit Grants-in-aid status from November, 1984 and the Saiha and Kolasib Colleges have been brought under the deficit Grants-in-aid Scheme from February, 1985 for strengthening and improving the programmes for higher education. One new Educational District has also been created to facilitate supervision and administration work.

The State Council of Education Research and Training Centres have also been strengthened by filling up 12 posts in different cadres. Under Science Promotion Scheme, Training and Orientation Courses have been conducted to the Teachers for gaining efficiency in teaching Science and Mathematics. Students’ Science Seminar was organized on "Environment and Human Survival". The top winners in the State Level Science Seminar were selected to participate in the National Level Science Seminar held in Delhi wherein one of our participants got the Second Prize. Eastern India Science Camp organized at Calcutta was also attended by our selected students.

During the current year, one note-worthy event in respect of Sports was the hosting of the National School Games – Winter Meet Part I at Aizawl in which our youths participated in numbers and they won championship in Hockey and Third-Runners-up in Badminton and 2 of our boys won Second Prize in Judo. This was a new but welcome experience for our students and people.

Under the Adventure Scheme of the Department, various expeditions to explore un-covered caves, rocky mountains, waterfalls etc, were conducted.

During the current year, the research projects on – (1) The studies of Paihte sub-tribe (2) Riang Tribe in Mizoram (3) Traditional Dances of Mizoram have been completed and ready for printing. As for the future projects, the study of Pawi Tribe, Mara Tribe and Chakma Tribe of Mizoram have been taken up. During the current year, free courses in Traditional Dances, Songs and Modern Music have been given to number of young boys and girls.

The Mizoram District Gazetteer has been completed and is now being processed for approval of the Government of India. The Mizoram State Museum has now 2,000 varieties of collection of antiquities including goods on loans/gifts/donations. The building for the State Museum is in process of construction.

During the next year, the Department will continue the existing Schemes with the aim of attaining higher objectives.


The Social Welfare Department is undertaking a number of Schemes in respect of Child Welfare, Women Welfare, Welfare of Physically Handicapped Persons, Welfare of Aged and Infirmed Persons. The Department is also implementing Special Nutrition Programme.

In respect of Child Welfare Scheme, to serve the children in need of care and protection, financial assistances are given to the Voluntary Organisations running the Children Homes and at present there are 10 Homes of this type. To meet the basic needs of other children of the age group of 0-6 years for their all-round development, 9 I.C.D.S. Projects are now functioning in Mizoram. In order to uplift the status of women and to enhance the economic condition of those who are in need of help, more than 400 Women Welfare Organisations have been given assistances in cash and kind. For working and ailing mothers who cannot afford to look after their young ones during day time, the children are taken care of by ayah and helpers in Day Care Centres from morning till the mothers finish their work and there are 22 such Centres opened so far. Under the programme of Functional Literacy for Adult Woment, 12,600 women are admitted in FLAW classes where teaching in Literacy, Nutrition, Child Care, Family Welfare, Community participation etc. is imparted. In respect of welfare of Physically Handicapped Persons, efforts have been made by the Department to give them training with stipend for their economic rehabilitation by self-employment for which financial assistances are also given to them. So far 1147 students have benefited through stipends and another 1756 physically handicapped persons have been economically rehabilitated. Besides 620 received special aid like hearing aid, artificial limbs etc. Financial assistances have also been given to voluntary organizations for implementing the correctional services by running Counselling Centres.

Under the Special Nutrition Programme, food ingredients are purchased by the Directorate and sent to the Child Development Project Officers for distribution to the beneficiaries through the Anganwadi Workers. During the current year, 55,000 beneficiaries are covered under the Schemes for 190 days.


Due to acute draught the previous years, Famine Relief Measures were taken up by the Department to mitigate the sufferings of the rural people. Rs.121.00 lakhs has been spent during the current year by taking up a number of works to give employment to the people.

The Department is taking appropriate step for resumption of the Vayudoot Air Service. Repair work has been going in the Tuirial Air Field and this is expected to be completed soon. The much needed PABX exchange in the Secretariat has been installed recently.


The Department has been strengthened in the field areas of Mizoram by recruiting staff for Kolasib and Mamit Sub-Divisions from the current year. Film shows in the rural areas of Mizoram is regularly conducted from District and Sub-Divisional Office level. The Department is regularly providing publicity coverage within and outside Mizoram. During the current year the Department has taken up various Cultural Exchange Programmes. The Chawnglaizuan Cance was presented in the Festival of Republic Day Celebration 1985 at New Delhi by sending 30 members of Cultural Troupe from Lawngtlai. The Mizoram Troupe was highly appreciated and featured in T.V. coverage. For the first time this year, the Department presented a Tableau depicting thelife in a Mizo village in the Republic Day Parade at New Delhi. The various development programmes and achievements are publicized in Weekly papers such as Tunlai Chanchin, Khawvel and Kaladan published from Aizawl, Lunglei and Saiha respectively. Reading materials like Newspapers, Magazines and various objectives of the Department including Press Release are made available for public reading in 15 Information Centres run by the Department.

In respect of Tourism, the construction of Tourist Lodges at Chaltlang and Kolasib are expected to be completed during the current year. After completion of these Lodges, the difficulties of accommodating Tourists visiting Mizoram is expected to be considerably solved. For construction of wayside facilities for Tourists at Thingdawl and for construction of Youth Hostel at Zemabawk, sanction of Govt. of India has been received and the work will be taken up by the Public Works Department.

During 1985-86, the existing Schemes of the Department will be continued.


The new Scheme introduced this year is the sending of 7 students to I.T.I. under Delhi Administration for training in trade like Electronics, Draught-man, Radio and Television Mechanism etc. The 2 trades namely, cutting and tailoring and Stenography both for men and women are continued with 16 trainees each annually in addition to 5 trades which are being run in the I.T.I. The present capacity of I.T.I. is for 172 trainees with the intake of 108 fresh trainees and 64 senior trainees in 2-year Courses of trade like Electrician, Wire-men, Motor Mechanic and Fitter. The apprenticeship training scheme is also continued with 30 apprentices in clerical trade and 20 in engineering trade. In respect of Employment Services, the strengthening of 3 District Employment Exchanges and 2 Sub-Divisional Exchanges is continuing. In addition to this, the Department is implementing the Self-employment Programme under the Centrally Sponsored Scheme. This scheme is directed towards motivating and guiding of un-employed educated youths in self-employment ventures in co-ordination with other agencies like D.I.C., Lead Banks and Financial Institutes. During the coming year, the existing schemes of the Department will be continued for attaining better achievements.


The Industries Department has made significant achievements during the year. The Fruit Preservation Factory at Vairengte has been commissioned and the Ginger Oil and Oleoresin Plant at Sairang is getting ready for commissioning. These 2 Plants will help the local people in marketing their produce. With the loan given by the Department and by the Mizoram Small Industries Corporation, the number of Small Scale Industries units have gone up to 674 from 599 during the current year. The Khadi and Village Industries Board is going to be established. The Department is also pursuing establishment of the large and medium industries based on local resources and is also programme such as Interest Subsidy, Power Subsidy, Transport Subsidy etc.

The Sericulture Wing which was so long under the Industries Department has been separated from the Industries Department and a new Department of Sericulture is set up with the aim of all-round development of Sericulture in Mizoram for which there is immense potentialily.

The Industrial Estate at Kolasib which could not be made funcitional for want of power supply is being provided with power connection within the current financial year.


The approved Plan Outlay for the Department for the current year is Rs. 552.00 lakhs. This provision is being utilized towards generation, transmission and distribution, rural electrification and investigation of hydel projects. With the commissioning of I MW capacity Serlui ‘A’ Micro-Hydel Project and 3.52 MW capacity Luangmual Diesel Generating Project during the current year, the installed capacity of 4.52 MW has been achieved during the current year. The total installed capacity has thus gone upto 11.41 MW. An additional 1.6 MW is expected to be added by March, 1985 which will raise the total installed capacity to 13 MW. The commissioning of 66 KV sub-station at Vairengte in December, 1984 has enabled drawal of 5MW power in December, 1984 has enabled drawal of 5MW power from Assam Grid. Erection of 66KV sub-station at Kolasib is expected to be completed within the current year. Action is in hand to sped up the work of 132KV Aizawl-Lunglei line for completion by 1986-87. 33 villages have been electrified during the current year upto January, 1985 and 18 more villages are expected to bee covered by the end of March, 1985.

During 1985-1986, emphasis will be given to accelerate investigation of small hydel projects to harness hybeed potential available in the Territory and also for extension of transmission and distribution net work. Rural electrification and use of renewable sources of energy will also be taken up during the next year. The investigation of Dhaleswari Hydel Project at Bairabi has beeen completed by the N.H.P.C. The Department is in contact with Govt. of India for early techno-economic clearance and investment decision on the project.


The Department is making all-out efforts for providing drinking water both in rural and urban areas. During the current year, the Department has completed Piped Water Supply Schemes in 19 villages upto January, 1985 and it is expected during 1985-1986.

The Plan Outlay of the Department for1985-1986 is Rs. 555.000 lakhs. It is proposed to complete 36 Rural Piped Water Supply Schemes, 6 Hand –pump Tube Wells and 5 Rain Water Collection Tanks during 1985-1986. The improvement of village water springs will also be attended to. It is also proposed to strengthen the Department by creation of the Directorate, 1 Circle and 1 more Division.

PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT urface road being the only link with the rest of the country, the road communication in Mizoram is given due emphasis. Major share of the Plan outlay is utilized on this sector by the Public Works Department. At the beginning of the 6th Five Year Plan, the Department was having 2 circles and 9 Divisions only. The strength has since increased to 4 working Cirles, I Planning Cirle in the Directorate and 1 Divisions. During 1984-1985, 78 Kms. of formation cutting, 21Kms. of surfacing and 300 culverts and minor bridges have been targeted with a total outlay of Rs. 730 lakhs. Till the end of Decembe,r 1984, the achievement has beeen 50 Kms. of formation cutting, 12 Kms. of surfacing and 2020 culverts and minor bridges.

During 7th Five Year Plan, more importance will be laid on completion of prolonged schemes under execution since 5th and 6th Five Year Plan. The annual plan 1985-1986 will have more emphasis on the construction of culverts and protection works on all on-going schemes to make the road schemes initially for jeepable traffic to bee widened and converted to truckable road thereafter.

The financial outlay on roads and bridges sector for Annual Plan 1985-1986 has been fixed at Rs. 880 lakhs. Based on this allocation, it is proposed to achieve the targe of 82 Kms. formation cutting, construction of 280 culverts, surfacing of 40 Kms. of road and 2 major bridges over Rivee Vanva and Tlawng. The work Tuirial Air field has made satisfactory progress and is expected to be completed shortly. The Mizoram House in Delhi and Calcutta have been completed and other building projects are expected to be completed soon.

The Annual Plan 1985-1986 envisages construction of One Dropping Centre, Four Type V and Four Type IV quarters as a part of the Capital Project. During the Annual Plan 1985-1986, there is a programme of construction of Rest House at Lawngtlai, four staff quarters at Silchar, Guest House at Salt Lake, Calcutta and other buildings of the Public Works Department at different places.

Or all the above projects, the Annual Plan 1985-1986 provides for fund of Rs. 100 lakhs under Houseing, Rs. 200 lakhs under State Capital Projects and Rs. 55 lakhs under Public Works.


During the current year, the Department has so far sanctioned Dairy Farming loan to 79 MNF returnees, Industrial loan to one returnee and agricultural grant to seven returnees for their settlement.


The total outlay of the Department is Rs. 200.00 lakhs with which the following are the main targets and achievements during the year.

Outlay of the total outlay, a sum of Rs. 65.00 lakhs is transferred to Public Works Department for construction of buildings like Hospitals, PHCs, SHCs, and staff quarters. Maintenance of the existing staff, strengthening of Medical Education and training and construction of Departmental buildings like Dispensarry-cum-Staff Quarters, Staff Quarters and repair etc. are also the other targets during the year. Construction of Phase II for expansion of Civil Hospital, Aizawl has been started by PWD and is likely to bee completed during the current year. Construction of PHCs (up-gradation) is nearly completed. Expansion of T.B. Hospital, Zemabawk by 25 additional beds has also beeen started and is likely to be completed during the year.

Addition to above departmental construction of more than 125 buildings like Dispensary-cum-staff Quarters, Staff Quarters in the interior places is one of the major achievements which the Department has made.

Keeping the global theme" Health for all by 2000 A.D." in the background the strategy in preparation of Seventh Plan and the Annual Plan 1985-1986 is formulated mainly on the following line:-

(a) Continuation of on-going schemes/projects which are not completed during previous year.

(b) In order to have wider coverage of Health Care facilities especially in the interior places, establishment of new PHCs and Sub-centres.

(c) Expansion and improvement of the existing Medical Institutions and strengthening of Man-Power Development for Technical personel.

For completion of the above schemes, a sum of Rs. 240.00 lakhs in provided for the Annual Plan 1985-1986 and out of which Rs. 105.00 lakhs in transferred of Public Works Department for major works like construction of building and Staff Quarters etc.


The Printing & Stationery Department has a Budget provision of Rs. 132 lakhs of which Rs. 40 lakhs is provided under the Public Scheme of the Department. The Government Press has made much achievement by acquiring sophisticated machineries and it is now in a position to undertake most of the Government printing jobs including confidential papers. The new building for the Press has been constructed an inaugurated in November, 1984. The construction of the Depot buildings at Lunglei and Saiha is in progress. The Department is also partially meeting the requirement of office stationeries of various Department by procuring the articles from Govt. of India and also by making centralized purchases.

During 1985-1986 the Department will try to modernise and extend the printing jobs by establishing an offset Printing Section with latest equipments and machineries.

It is also proposed to acquire machineries for proper stitching and binding in the Government Press.


SUPPLY WING: The Supply Wing of the Department is handling the procurement of essential commodities such as Rice, Wheat, Sugar, Cement and Salt. Distribution of these essential commodities to the different parts of Mizoram is done through the Fair Price Shops and Retailers. During the current year, 33 more Fair Price Shops have been opened thereby bringing the total to 658 Fair Price Shops. For storage of essential commodities, the Government is having 153 Godowns out of which 13 are pucca, 125 are semi pucca nad 15 Kuchha. 17 more memi-pucca Godowns are being constructed during the current year. The central Godown at Aizawl with the capacity of 36,000 Metric Tonnes is being constructed at Zemablawk, Govt. of India has sanctioned transport subsidy of Rs. 100 lakhs for essential commodities and Rs. 4.83 lakhs for salt for meeting the high transportation cost of these commodities. The amount sanctioned on this account for the next year is 180 lakhs.

TRANSPORT WING: Mizoram State Transport is holding a flet of 78 Buses and these are operating on 30 different routes. All together, 1.48 lakhs of passengers traveled by Mizoram State Transport Buses till tehe end of December, 1984. The Mizoram State Transport job in providing transport to 1,500 delegate of the National School Games held at Aizawl during January- February, 185 for their to and for journey between Silchar and Aizawl.

The first phase of the construction of Bus Terminal-cum-Booking Office at Aizawl is almost complete. The captive fleet of Trucks of the Department is continuing to supply foodgrains and other essential commodities to the remote interior centres. It is proposed to construct a central work shop and a Driving Training School for better maintenance of the Departmental vehicles.

The private operators have been taking more interest in road transport seector than ever before. Upto the period ending on 31st January, 1985, forty Town Bus permits, 31 Bazar permits, 44 Omnibus permits, 93 local Taxi permits, 66 Tourist Taxi permits and 338 Eastern Zone permits have been issued to them.

WEIGHT AND MEASURES: During the current year, the following weighing and measuring instruments have been verified and stamped.

1) Weights - 10,000 Nos.

2) Capacity of Liquid Measures - 4,348 Nos.

3) Gross Beaming Scales - 2,110 Nos.

4) Length Measures - 186 Nos.

5) Counter Machine - 6 Nos.

6) Dispensing Pump - 11 Nos.

7) Platform Machine - 2 Nos.

8) Spring Balance - 4 Nos.

A sum of Rs. 28,000 has been collected as verification and stamping fees and 64 cases have been lodged in the Court for violation of the provision of Weights & Measures Act and Rules.

RAILWAY OUT AGENCY: During the current year, Railway Out Agency at Aizawl has carried a load of 5,000 Quintals of goods of various types belonging to different Departments and the Revenue collected is Rs. 4.75 lakhs against previous year’s carriage of 4,000 Quintals of goods and earned revenue of Rs. 4 lakhs.

ECONOMIC & STATISTICS DEPARTMENT:The Department of Economics and Statistics is collecting vital statistical data pertaining to developmental activities to enable the Administration to formulate plans and programmes of development Departments. The Department has collected some basic information relating to Agriculture, Industries, Education, Soil Conservation, Road Statistics, crimes, religion and rainfall date from various centres and vital even on population, death and birth report and published the following bulletins:-

(1) Quarterly Progress Report of Development Departments.

(2) Quarterly price bulletins.

(3) Annual census of Govt. employees.

(4) Mizoram At a Glance

(5) Statistical Hand Book.

The Department has also taken up national Sample Survey and completed 40th round survey upto 1984. The Department has also been entrusted with the responsibility to conduct evaluation studies on economic impact of the schemes under IRDP. This has been completed in respect of eight selected villages.


The Department is continuing execution of the existing schemes. During the current year 4145 RM of steps have been constructed in Aizawl, Lunglei, Saiha, Kolasib, Champhai, Serchhip and Mamit. Twenty two wooden bridges have also constructed across the streams in the lower portion of the towns. Under Rural Housing Schemes 400 economically weaker section families are being provided with small loans. GCI sheets have also been provided for roofing 42 community Halls and 28 MHIP buildings. The Village Councils have alos been provided with office stationeries required by them. Under Urban Development schemes Septic Tank and Water Tank loans have been given to 298 families in Aizawl, Lunglei and Saiha. Thirty three families have also been given financial assistance for construction of pour lush latrines.



Keeping the law and order and other administrative necessities in view a scheme for modernization of police organization has been sent to Govt. of India and this is under their consideration. In the first phase the MRP and MAP have already been strengthened with 356 and 175 personnel respectively and the proposal for raising of the 3rd company of the 2nd Battalion is under consideration of the Home Ministry. By opening of six more Police stations at Bairabi, Khawzawl, Verveek, Kanhmun, Lungsen and Sangau within the current year the number of Police Stations will go upto 29.

With the introduction of the Mizoram Police Service Rules ,avenues for promotion of the serving personnel have been widened. The disparity in the scale of pay of the police drivers has been removed with the sanction of Govt. of Indis by giving them the scale of pay of Rs. 260-350 and Rs. 260-400 for Light and Heavy Vehicles respectively.

The Department is also attending the Housing difficulties of police personnel with the fund made available under the Police Housing Scheme by constructing number of Quarters.


The construction work in the Bungtlang Central Jail is going on in full swing and is likely to be completed soon.


The sanctioned strength of the Mizoram Home Guards is 646 volunteers. A proposal is in hand for reorganization of the Home Guard organization. The proposal for establishment of Civil Defence Organisation has been sent to Govt. of India. This organization is proposed for functioning along with Home Guard. The wages of Home Guard volunteers have been enhanced from Rs. 10/- to Rs. 15/- from Nov.,1984.


The Department, apart from its Secretariat functions have 2 Directorates under its administrative control. These are for Account & Treasuries and Excise & Taxation. The Directorate of Accounts & Treasuries is administering the establishment of the accounts staff of the Public Works Department, conduct of audit of accounts of local bodies including surprise cash verification of different offices including their internal audit, authorization of entitlement of pay and allowances of members of the Legislative Assembly including members of the Council of Ministers, all Group A & B Officers of the Govt. of Mizoram, maintenance of GPF Accounts of the employees of the Govt. of Mizoram, authorization of Pension etc. of the Government servants and authorization of payment of insured amounts/deposit in the saving account of the Government servants under the Government Employees’ Insurance Scheme.

This Directorate is also supervising the work of Treasuries and Sub-Treasuries. At present, there are 3 District Treasuries and 3 Sub-Treasuries. Action is being taken for opening of Sub-Treasuries at Tlabung, Chawngte and Mamit during the coming year.

The Directorate of Exice & Taxation have not been able to extend its activities in all the 3 Districts of Mizoram due to lack of personnel with the Department at present. The activities are confined only in Aizawl and Lunglei Districts. So far the Excise is concerned, the activities has now been expanded as a result of the enforcement of the long awaited Mizoram Excisee Act with effect from October, 1984. The Excise Wing has been able to earn substantial revenue of Rs. 12.83 lakhs upto January, 1985.

The Department has also seized 2.29 Kgs. of Heroin and 200 gms. Of Opium and substantial quantity of local liquors during the current year. The enforcement staff of the Departent have been able to distroy an illicit cultivation of popy covering and area of 146 acres of land during the period from January, 1983 to January, 1984.

From the other sources of Tax Revenue administered by the Department, an amount of Rs. 14.98 lakhs have been realized during the current year (upto January, 1985). The aim and objective of the Department is to prevent evasion of Taxes and commission of Excise offences and also to earn substantial revenue for the Government.

This in brief I have narrated the activities and achievement of some of the Dapartments. So far our domestic revenue is concerned the sources are limited and the government of India is generous in giving us substantial financial assistance to cover up our sortfall. I wish that the present peace talk will be successful and with the restoration of peace we would be in a position to look into all possible avenues for augmenting our domestic Revenue.

I would like to conclude expressing my thanks to the officers and staff who have been working very hard in preparation of the Budget documents which are being presented to the Assembly today. Like previous years, the Government Press has undertaken printing of most of the Budget papers within a short period and for this they deserve special appreciation.

And now with your permission Sir, I present the Supplementary Demands for the year 1984-1985 and Budget Estimate for 1985-1986 before the House for favour of consideration and approval.

Jai Hind.




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