Government of Mizoram
Budget Speech: 1984-85
By Pu Lalhmingthanga
Finance Minister

Mr. Speaker, Sir,

I rise to present before the Assembly the Supplementary Demands for the year 1983-84 and Budget Estimates for the year 1984-85. This is going to be the last Annual Budget presented by the present Ministry. I would, therefore, like to thank the Speaker and all the members for the cooperation and help rendered during the last four years of this Ministry. The implementations of the Developmental Programmes and Schemes and Administrative Organisation have been improving every year. There has been all round improvement in the activities of Finance Department as also those of other Departments in regard to financial administration. While the Annual Plan outlays have also been growing every year, I would like to particularly point out the substantial growth of non-plan provisions from the Government of India which are mostly of recurring nature during the last two years through the efforts of various Departments principally those of Finance Department. The over all performances and the achievements in terms of financial expenditure and concrete physical achievements have further improved. I am now presenting the Budgetary provisions for 1983-84, Revised Estimates 1983-84 and Budget Estimates for 1984-85 which are as follows :-

                                                (Rupees in lakhs)

          1982-83                      1983-84
             B.E.           R.E.                 B.E

Revenue Accounts       6997.13      9329.59            7928.80

Capital Accounts          4190.78      4294.31           5043.71


TOTAL:                      11187.91    13623.90          12972.51



The above figures indicates that the provisions for Revised Estimates 1983-84 have been signigicantly higher than the Budget Estimates. The gross difference is about Rs.24.36crores. The main reasons for this big increase in R.E. are given below:-

a) Non-Plan                              Rs. 1054.38
b) Plan                                       Rs. 109.20
c) N.E.C.Plan                            Rs. 6.28
d) Central Plan/CSS               Rs. 445.20
e) Border Roads Works         Rs. 833.49
            TOTAL:                           Rs. 2435.99

The approved Plan outlay for 1984-85 is Rs.40crores. Of this amount a small portion is to be raised by us in the form of additional resources during the current year over and above our existing resources. This additional resources to be mobilized during 1984-85 will include Animal Control and Taxation Act, implementation of Sanitation Rules, Taxes on Street light, latrine and drainage, house taxes, trade tax, implementation of Excise Act, mobilization to be done by Transport Department, Forest Department and Soil Conservation Department which are expected to be at least Rs.59lakhs which will be significantly larger as compared to those of the past years.

The total outlay for N.E.C.schemes in Mizoram for 1984-85 is Rs.440lakhs which is almost double of the provision at R.E. stage during the current year which is Rs.227.92 lakhs. The total provision in respect of the Central Plan and Centrally Sponsored Schemes is Rs.96.52 lakhs against the financial allocation of Rs.1340.14 lakhs during the current year. The reason of smaller provision for B.E. 1984-85 is due to non-receipt of allocations for some of the schemes for the next year.

I would now like to briefly mention the achievements of various Departments during current year and the programmes for the coming year.


Government of Mizoram have given emphasis on the importance of Agriculture Department as the bulk of the population are taking out their livelihood from this sector. There are four Agricultural districts, nine sub-divisions and forty six circles in existence during the year under review. Instead of construction of small irrigation channels attached to individual farmers with temporary structures as in the previous years, the Department has taken up bigger irrigation projects in fewer numbers with cement concrete work and brick-lining for cumulative benefits of a group of farmers by bearing full cost of such irrigation projects by the Department. Altogether 31irrigation projects have been taken up during 1983-84. Permanent dams and channels will be constructed so as to create durable assets. In case of land reclamation, the Deptt. is working with 50% of fund for development of individual plots of land without distribution cash to individual cultivators. 900 hectares of land have been reclaimed during 1983-84 and estimates for the remaining areas have been finalized, which will spread over 39 projects. With a view to improving horticulture and commercial crops, seeds and seedlings of various plans like orange, pineapple, arecunut, coconut, cardamom, lentils, etc. have been supplied to the selected cultivators.

The Annual Plan 1984-85 with an approved outlay of Rs.218 lakhs for agriculture and Rs.75 lakhs for minor irrigation envisages production of rice to the level of 49,000 M.T. by double-cropping with fertilizers and high yielding variety of paddy seeds. More areas will be covered by cultivation of wheat and maize as these crops have vast potential in Mizoram. Vegetable development will also be intensified in urban areas where ready local markets are available. Apart from distribution of vegetables seeds, distribution of vegetable packets for kitchen gardens and raising of seedlings are envisaged. With the progress of land reclamation, larger number of farmers have become interested in mechanization for which 40 Tractors and 50 power tillers are kept for distribution through bank financing supported by seed money. A number of cane and maize crushers and oil expellers are also to be distributed to deserving cultivators on 50% subsidy.


The Department has taken up cash crop plantations for demonstration and supply of planting materials for settlement of jhumia families. In respect of plantations of coffee, rubber and large cardamom, the Department has exceeded its target of 290 hectares by 9 hectares. Since jhumming causes heavy soil erosion in hilly terrains like Mizoram, the main objective is on terrace and permanent wet rice cultivators and cash crop plantations.

Various schemes covered in the previous year will be continued during 1984-85 with particular emphasis on permanent settlement. For this purpose, a physical target of 862 hectares has been laid down in respect of terracing for the benefit of 862 families and 461 hectares of cash crop plantations for 461 families.


Activities in fishery development are concentrated towards Pisciculture in private sectors.During this year seven fishery demonstration farms are maintained. 24 fish ponds covering 29 acres of water area have been taken up under composite fish culture in 7 villages, namely Vairengte, Bilkhawthlir, Buhchang, Chawnpui, Phaisen, Kolasib and Lengpui. 459 private Pisciculturists have been given subsidy in cash for construction and improvement of fish ponds. 7.63 lakhs of major-carp fish seeds have been supplied to private Pisciculturists at 50% subsidized rate.

With the annual plan outlay of Rs.22 lakhs during 1984-85, priority will be given to completion of fish seed farms which are now under construction. It is proposed to start production of fish seeds, to the maximum extent possible from these farms to meet local requirements. The targets for production of fish during 1984-85 is 2000 M.T. as against the estimated production of 1700 M.T. during this year.


With the current years plan provision of Rs.119 lakhs the Deptt. of A.H & Veterinary has opened a new sub-divisional headquarters at Chawngte and action is in hand for opening another sub-divisional headquarters at Tlabung. Three dispensaries and five Rural Animal Health Centres also have been opened. 130 cows of high yielding varieties have been distributed and 40 families identified for assistance under hill Cattle Farming Colony. The hatchery at Selesih produced 25,000 chicks and the eggs produced from this farm played a vital role in supply of fresh eggs to Aizawl Town. A new duck farm has been started at Thenzawl and another one is being started at Mampui. Bio-gas development is another activity undertaken by the Department with the achievement of 50 units against the target of 39 during this year.

During the year 1984-85, the Department’s annual Plan provision is Rs.128 lakhs which will be utilized for expansion and improvement of the existing establishments and continuation of on-going schemes.


The Department have an Annual Plan provision of Rs.36.73 lakhs during 1983-84 out of which Rs.24 lakhs has been utilized for completion of Vanapa Hall.The remaining budget provision has been utilized for social education, rural health and rural communication such as construction of play-grounds, indoor stadia, suspension bridges, Village approach roads and purchase of musical instruments, sports goods and utensils for distribution to deserving organisatiions at 50% subsidy. With the amount of Rs.160 lakhs sanctioned for I.R.D.P. by Government of India, 4035 families have been assisted upto January, 1984 including 418 youths who have received training under TRYSEM for a period of six months in 16 different trades and 690 trainees undergoing training. More beneficiaries are being given assistance during the current year.

With an outlay of Rs.60 lakhs during 1984-85 on-going schemes along with rural development carried out during the previous year will be continued. More attention will be given to deserving voluntary organizations who are undergoing construction of Community Halls and Playgrounds.


The Department has plan provision of Rs.40 lakhs for 1983-84. During this period, 5 new service societies, 3 LAMPS, 5 Industrial societies and 5 fishery societies have been organized which are the targets laid down for the year.

With similar budget provision for the year 1984-85, the Department will continue to organize more credit Co-operatives, marketing and Consumer societies, industrial, labour, farming, handloom and fishery societies.


With the financial plan allocation of Rs.185 lakhs during 1983-84, the Deptt. have implemented 14,200 hectares of plantations, 2000 roadside plantation of trees and 40,290 nursery beds in 75 nurseries. Boundary line cutting of 200 kms., demarcation of about 300 kms. for reserved forests, field data collection for 800 kms. and inner line forest boundary cutting of 20 kms. have been done. Under forestry education, 22 Foresters and 53 Forest-Guards passed out from the Forest Education Research Institute during 1983. From December, 1983, the Deptt. is now headed by the Chief Conservator of Forests.

During 1984-85, the Department will continue to maintain 26,739 hectares of old plantations together with another 15,000 hectares for which preliminary works have been done during the year.


An amount of Rs.209 lakhs is provided in the Annual Plan of 1983-84. Under 20 point programme, the targets of 2,000 enrolment of 9-14 age group and 1,400 in non-formal and adult education programme have been fully achieved. 533 Pre-Primary School Teachers have been absorbed as Government Primary Teachers during 1983-84. 17 Primary Schools and 9 Middle Schools have been opened in addition to the existing 803 Primary Schools and 360 Middle Schools.

Bunghmun and Mimbung High Schools located in the back-ward area of Mizoram have been upgraded to deficit status. Five new High Schools have also been opened in addition to the existing 141 High Schools.

Notable achievements have also been made in the field of sports, physical education and youth adventure. Mizoram High School team reached semi-final in the first Sub-junior hockey tournament. Aizawl High School team won the Runner-up trophy in the Subroto Mukherjee Cup Football tournament held at New Delhi. Most notably, Mizoram School team became the champion in badminton in the Mini-National School games meet held at Nagpur. Four teachers attended youth adventure course held at Himalayan Mountaineering Institute at Darjeeling and one of them stood first.

Under science promotion scheme, training in methodology and fundamental concepts in science and mathematics were given to 117 Middle and Primary School teachers. 36 High School teachers were also given four months intensive training course in science and mathematics.

The annual plan allocation of Rs.290.35 lakhs for 1984-85 will be utilized for improvement of various schemes under the Department including construction of building for Museum for which Rs.1.00 lakh has been earmarked for the initial stage.


The Department is dealing with elections to the Lok Sabha and Mizoram Legislative Assembly. Intensive revision of electoral rolls have been started from January, 1983 . The general election to Mizoram Legislative Assembly is scheduled to be held in the early part of 1984.

A sum of Rs.12,50,000/- is estimated for the next year’s budget which includes Rs.10,00,000/- for introduction of photography-identify cards to voters. This scheme will be introduced in Mizoram as soon as the approval of Election Commission of India is received.


The national Sample survey has completed 38th round survey in the whole of Mizoram and collected employment and unemployment data.The Department has also been conducting family living survey in urban areas. Upto –date rainfall data for Mizoram is also available.

As against the allocated budget of Rs.14.93 lakhs during 1983-84, the budget estimate for 1984-85 is Rs.18.19 lakhs. The following publications have been brought out during 1983.

1) Quarterly Progress Report.

2) Quarterly Price Bulletin

3) Annual Census of Govt. employees, 1982


The District Council are given grants-in-aid to meet administrative expenses and also for execution of Plan schemes on rural communication, Sanitation, Water supply and Forests. The administrative expenses are met under non –plan.

In the Budget Estimate of 1983-84, a sum of Rs.60.31 lakhs was provided and in the revised estimate the amount has been raised to Rs.82.42 lakhs. In respect of Plan shemes, Rs.20 lakhs has been provided for 1983-84 and the amount earmarked for 1984-85 is Rs.21 lakhs. Certain amount of Plan allocation has been set aside under the new head "Promotion of Arts and Culture" for the three District Councils.


Proposal for reorganization of District administration with a view to improve District and lower level administrative machineries has been actively pursued. It is very likely that a final shape could be brought about in the coming year.

Mizoram has been included in the airmap of India from November, 1983 by connecting Tuirial airstrip with Silchar and Calcutta by Vayudoot air service.

A new building for Mizoram House at New Delhi has been constructed and occupied from January this year.


The Department has an annual Plan provision of Rs.16 lakhs during 1983-84. Under cultural programme, 22 folk dancers were sent to Kuler to participate in the International Folk Dance festival. 25 members of cultural troupes participated in the Republic Day celebration of 1984 in New Delhi. In addition to this, 44 community listening sets have been distributed in different farflung areas and maintains 12 Information Centres. A multi-media publicity campaign was organized at 10 places and achievements of various departments were explained to the people. Tourist lodges are under construction at Aizawl and Kolasib for visitors and when these are completed Mizoram will be brought into the tourist map of India. Tourist Development Corporation has also sanctioned Rs.6 lakhs initially for construction of youth Hostel at Zemabawk.

With the plan allotment of Rs.18 lakhs during 1984-85, the Department will continue to look after various schemes already undertaken.


Under large and medium industries, there are 8 projects undertaken by the Department. Some of this projects, namely Ginger Oil and Oleoresin plant, fruit preservation and food processing factory and Ginger dehydration Plant are n ow half way through. A sum of Rs.50.25 lakhs have already been spent on them. Under small scale industries, 61 new entrepreneurs have been given loan and also machineries on hire purchase basis. 128 small artisans have also been given loans for starting cottage industry during 1983-84.

In sericulture sector, cocoon production has gone up from 2,400 kgs to 48,000 kgs and seed production from 65,000 to 4,56,000 number. Number of private rearers have also gone up from 1,000 to 3,5000. One Experimental Geologist has been newly appointed and 2400 sq. km. Geological mapping has been completed in collaboration with Geological Survey of India.

There are 600 registered small scale industrial Units till December, 1983. The Deaprtment has Spent Rs.309.50 lakhs during 6th Five Year Plan and Rs.180.40 lakhs has been earmarked for 1984-85.


The Plan outlay during 1983-84 is Rs.8.50 lakhs. Besides maintaining on-going schemes, the Department introduced Cutting and Tailoring trade of one year course with an intake of 16 trainees at I.T.I. Aizawl. Apprenticeship training scheme for 20 I.T.I. passed out trainees in engineering trades has also been introduced. The most notable achievement had been strengthening of I.T.I. Aizawl to meet the increasing demand of manpower in industrial enterprises as well as for self employment.

During 1984-85, the approved Plan outlay is Rs.10.10 lakhs. Besides continuing on-going schemes, 15 trainees from I.T.I. will be sent outside Mizoram for training in various trades for which there is no training facility in Mizoram.


With financial target of Rs.62.30 lakhs during the year defunct village councils, as a result of grouping of villages, have been restored. Housing loan under the scheme of economically weaker sections of rural area have been given to 20 families. There are 234 beneficiaries under the Water tank/ Septic tank loan schemes. Provisions for granting material aid in the form of G.C.I. sheet roofing of Community Halls has been made. Construction of steps, breast walls and drains have been carried out in town areas.

During 1984-85, on-going schemes will be continued with total financial budget of Rs.116.69 lakhs.


The Department has a total budget provision of Rs.58 lakhs during 1983-84. During this year 1952 house passes and 525 agricultural land passes have been issued. A sum of Rs.26,11,389/- have also been collected as land revenue. Total number of Land Settlement Certificates issued for non-agricultural lands is 1,449 and 19 for Agricultural lands. Due to lack of technical personnel to headway could be made in survey operation of agricultural and non-agricultural lands. In order to overcome this problem, 10 stipendiary candidates and 4 in-service personnel will be sent for survey training in the coming year over and about 2 in-service and 3 stipendiary trainees now receiving training in survey schools.

With the proposed total budget provision of Rs.74.32 lakhs during 1984-85, efforts will be made for updating of land records by setting up Record Cell for land records besides sending of trainees in survey institutes.


The total budget provision of the Department during 1983-84 is Rs.98.80 lakhs. With the acquisition of sophisticated machines, the Govt. Press has been able to print important Govt. Publications such as Annual Administrative Reports, Mizoram Gazette, Electoral Rolls, Budget Books, etc. Mizoram has become the first in the North Eastern States to produce coloured calendar from its own Press. The aim is to have self contained printing press by the end of the 6th Five Year Plan. Supply of stationery articles and standard forms commonly used in Government offices has been centralized under this Department. Stationery and Forms Depots have been opened at Aizawl and Lunglei.

With total budget provision of Rs.132 laksh during 1984-85 another depot will be opened at Saiha besides construction of buildings in all districts for Forms and Stationery depots. Attempt will also be made to print educational text books in the Government Press. Thus, the department is not only expanding its overall capacity of manpower, machinery and depots but is going ahead with modernization programme with the proposal of installing Polymer Plate making, Photo Processing Camera and Off-Set during 1984-85.

Department also proposed to establish a Hand-made Paper Mill of the Capacity of 50-60 M.T. per annum near Serlui ‘A’ at the estimated cost of Rs.12.50 lakhs during 1984-85 for which only Rs.5.00 lakhs have been provided in the B.E. 1984-85.


The Annual Plan outlay for 1983-84 is Rs.505 lakhs. About 6.60 MW generating capacity will be added thereby raising the total installed capacity to about 13 MW by the end of 1983-84. Works for improvement of existing 66 KV Dullabcherra-Aizawl line including construction of 66 KV Sub-stations at Vairengte, Kolasib and Aizawl is in progress. The works are expected to be completed shortly and charge the line at 66 KV which will enable drawal of additional 4 MW grid power over the existing 3 MW. Inverstigation of 3 Micro Hydel Projects is in progress. Central Water commission has also taken up investigation of Serlui-B and Tuirial. It is expected to achieve the target of electrification of 30 villages during 1983-84.

The approved outlay of 1984-85 is Rs.552 lakhs. It is proposed to augment diesel power generation by 0.25 MW each at Champhai, Biate and Lunglei. 22 villages are proposed to be eledtrified during 1984-85 raising the number of electrified villages to 150 out of the total 737 villages. Central Water Commission has also agreed to take up investigation of 4 new Micro Hydel Project. The Department will investigate 4 new Micro Hydel Projects during 1984-85.

Construction of 132 K.V. lines from Zemabawk to Lunglei with 66 K.V. sub-stations at Chhiahtlang Hrangchalkawn etc., is in good progress. Serlui ‘A’ Micro Hydel Project is now nearing completion. Another Mycro Hydel Project is being started at Khuaiva near Lunglei.


The target for the year 1983-84 for which an allotment of Rs.400 lakhs have been provided is to complete 31 Rural Water Supply schemes out of which 29 are under the State Plan and 2 under the Centrally sponsored Scheme for Accelerated Rural water Supply programme. Upto December, 1983, 14 Schemes have been completed and the remaining 17 are expected to be completed during1984-85.

The existing Aizawl Water Supply Augmentation Scheme costing Rs.158 lakhs has been revised to a much bigger scheme at an estimated cost of Rs.443.58 lakhs. Tender for Civil, Mechanical and Electrical works has already been called for. The work for Service/ Storage and Zonal Reservoirs are at various stages of construction and the whole scheme is targeted for completion during 1985.

Under the State Plan, Rs.460 lakhs will be available for water supply and sanitation during 1984-85. With this provision, 38 projects has been fixed tentatively for completion.


A total outlay of Rs.28 lakhs have been allocated during 1983-84. Aizawl district was bifurcated into two districts for the purpose of Social Welfare administration. One new I.C.D.S. Project has been opened at Sangau-Tuipang C.D. Block in addition to the 2 Projects opened during 1982-83. Five Recreation-cum-Libraries have been opened for children below 14 years at Darlawn, Chhinga Veng, Electric Veng, Ramhlun and Vaivakawn. A sum of Rs.1.40 lakhs has been provided as assistance to various orphanage covering 204 children inmates. Assistance has also been given to the only Blind School run by Salvation Army at Kolasib. 303 units of voluntary welfare organizations have been provided with grants-in-aid during the year with total expenditure of Rs.1 lakh.

In view of drastic cut in the Annual Plan provision proposed by the Department from Rs.48 lakhs to Rs.30 lakhs for 1984-85, no new schemes will be undertaken and the existing ones will be continued as far as practicable. It is apprehended that even certain schemes may have to be discontinued due to financial stringency.



During 1983, the Department purchased 51,877 MT of rice and 4,568 MT of wheat against the target of 70,000 MT of rice and also 3,262 MT of rice of levy sugar on Govt. account. The other essential commodities procured are 5,238 MT of wheat for Mill quota, 840 MT of Salt, 1,024 MT of rapeseed oil and 5,129 MT of cement. Air-dropping of 400 MT of rice was carried out in 25 centres. 175 new Fair Price shops have been opened making a total number of Fair Price Shops to 626.


The Annual Plan 1983-84 provides Rs.62 lakhs for road transport. Mizoram State Transport has taken up a number of new routes with increased frequencies of Bus Services to meet the growing requirement of the traveling public. With the acquisition of 4 new Deluxe Buses, daily Deluxe Bus service has been started in Aizawl-Silchar route and every alternate day in Aizawl-Lunglei route from the later part of December, 1983. The construction of Terminal-cum-Booking Office at Aizawl is in progress. Due to various precautionary measures taken up by the Department, the number of accidents has been reduced to a minimum. The first phase of work relating to Central Workshop at Lungdingram Durtlang has been started.

In order to encourage private operators and also to generate more employment opportunities, 35 Bus permits have been issued in 35 different routes. Steps have also been taken to increase the number of town buses to meet the increasing requirement.


The Plan outlay for 1984-85 is Rs.4 lakhs and under non-plan, Rs.4.13 lakhs is provided. During the year, various weights and measures instruments numbering 13,340 have been verified, adjusted and stamped and Rs.16,839.00 collected as fees. 36 cases have been filed in the Court for violation of Weights and Measures Act and Rules.

The Plan outlay for 1984-85 is Rs.4 lakhs. With a view to ensure more vigorous enforcement of the Act and Rules throughout Mizoram, it is proposed to open Sub-Divisional Offices at Kolasib, Champhai and Mamit.



Mizoram Police Service Rules have been finally approved and notified. Fresh recruitment in Mizoram Police Services as also promotion of Officers are now being made under the said Rules. In keeping with law and order requirement, MRP has been reorganized with 365 additional manpower. 280 posts which were created for raising of the 2nd MAP has also been filled. Six more Police Stations are being opened at Bairabi, Khawzawl, Kanghmun, Sangau, Lungsen and Vervek. It is proposed to open another 11 Police Stations in the outlying areas for which sanction from Government of India is awaited.


Steps have been taken to repair and renovate the existing Jail buildings which are very old and for this purpose a proposal has been sent to Government of India for sanction of Rs.39 lakhs. The construction of Bungtlang Jail at an estimated cost of Rs.1.16 crores is now in rapid progress.


A scheme for reorganization of Home Guards raising the strength from 646 to 1100 and introduction of Civil Defence has been sent to Government of India for approval. A full time Commandant General of Home Guards has been posted and steps are underway to separate Home Guards from the Police.


With a view to meet the requirements of different Major Departments, all the 5 sanctioned posts of Deputy Director of Accounts have been filled up besides creation of additional posts in the Directorate of Accounts and Treasuries to cope with the additional workload. Over and above G.P.F. accounts of the employees of Government Mizoram taken over from the Accountant General, Shillong from 1st April, 1983, 300 new accounts have since been allotted. As many as 363 old pending pension cases were taken over from A.G., Shillong from 1st January, 1983 and 120 persons have been authorized with payment of pensionary benefits.

In 1978-79, fund available for Housing Loan was Rs.48 lakhs which extended benefit to 176 persons whereas in the current year, Rs.166.60 lakhs has been made available which will benefit 858 persons. This increase is as a result of good repayment by the loanees.

The subject "Excise and Taxation" have been allocated to Finance Department since July, 1983. With a limited fund provision of Rs.12.20 lakhs for State Excise and Rs.7 lakhs for Taxation, two district offices of Superintendent of Taxes have been established at Aizawl and Lunglei. The revenue earned by the Excise Wing during the year upto December, 1983 is Rs.12,01,166/- and that of Taxation Wing is Rs.10,34,134/-. The Excise Wing is taking effective steps in curbing sale of narcotic drugs and the enforcement staff had destroyed illicit cultivation of opium poppy covering an area of 131 acres of land within Mizoram side of Burma border.


With the Annual Plan allocation of Rs.160.00 lakhs during 1983-84, a great deal of progress have been made. The base floor of Aizawl Civil Hospital has been expanded which has facilitated provision of 40 additional beds and a Ayurvedic dispensary and a Physiotherapy unit opened in the said hospital during the year. A 30 bedded Hospital and a 20 bedded leprosy Hospital have also been opened at Tlabung. 10 bedded Primary Health Centres have also been opened at Mamit, Khawzawl and Lungsen. Construction of 10 bedded Primary Health Centrea and Sub-Health Centrea are nearing completion at Rabung, Sakawrdai, Phuldungsei, Vahai and Bunghmun. Sub-Health Centres with 10 beds each have also been opened at Aibawk, Bungzung, Ngentiang, Bualpui (NG) and N.E. Khawdungsei.

With the Plan provision of Rs.200.00 lakhs during 1984-85, completion of incomplete buildings and upgradation of some of the Primary Health Centres and Sub-Health Centres will be taken up while expansion and improvement of existing hospitals will also continue. Efforts will also be continued to build up technical manpower.


An Internal Study Unit has been created and started functioning during 1983-84 in the Department. This Unit has completed work study of one Department and submitted its report and recommendations. The Unit is presently doing work study in other Departments of the Secretarial. Apart from this, all proposals for creation and upgradation of posts on the basis of work-load, job requirements, nature of duties etc. are examined by this Unit which is manned by two Junior Analysts.


With an outlay of Rs.706 for Roads & Bridges during 1983-84, the Deptt. constructed 118 minor bridges and culverts, 7 suspension bridges and 15 semi permanent bridges including one Bailey bridge. Survey of 24 kms. formation cutting of 74.76 kms. and widening and improvement of 49.50 kms. have been completed including pavement work of 59.80 kms. The construction of suspension bridge over Tuivai river on Phullen- Phuaibuang road connects the north eastern region of villages Phuaibuang, Khawlian, Daido and Vangkawt.

Tuirial airfield abandoned for the last 10 years has been restored after extensive repair and necessary building construction done and is now fit for Vayudoot air link services. According to the figure of 1981 census 736 villages are to be connected by appropriate communications. 137 Villages have been connected by road communications upto 1982 and 16 more villages are being connected during 1983-84.

An outlay of Rs.55 lakhs has been provide for public works during 1983-84. With this provision, it is expected to complete the construction of Mizoram House at Delhi by the end of 1984. Mizoram House at Calcutta is also under construction and the ground floor will be available by the end of March,1984. Construction of 4 type 1 quarters within the compound of Mizoram Circuit House at Silchar will also be completed during this year.

Aizawl capital project has been cleared for an expenditure of Rs.19.66 crores and Rs.145 lakhs allotted during the current year for improvement of approach road and site preparation of priority buildings. Preparation of Master Plan has been entrusted to the Town & Country Planning Organistion of Govt. of India and a team consisting of 3 members visited Aizawl in January this year.

Construction of Vanapa Hall, basement floor of Aizawl Civil Hospital, 50 bedded hospital at Saiha, terminal buildings a Tuirial airfield and 5 dispensary buildings have been completed during 1983-84. The following works of other Deptts. will be completed by the end of March, 1984 :-

1) Sainik Rest House at Aizawl.

2) Tourist Lodge at Kolasib.

3) Directorate building of Agriculture Deptt.

4) Bus stations at Lawngtlai and West Phaileng.

5) Levelling of Petrol depot at Vairengt.

6) Dispensary at Bualpui

During 1984-85 expenditure of Rs.200 lakhs have been approved by Planning Commission for Aizawl Capital project and work will be taken up immediately. Construction of Circuit House at Lawngtlai, a 30 metres span bridge over Chawngte river on Aizawl-Thenzawl road and a 35 metres bridge at Daplui on Aizawl-Mamit-Khumarghat road are expected to be completed during 1984-85.

Sir, I would like to express the gratitude of this government for the sympathetic attitude shown by the Government of India in allocating substantial funds for the Development of Mizoram. The mobilization of existing resources and the additional resources to be mobilized during the year are our responsibility and I would like to appeal to the concerned Departments to spare no efforts in achieving the assigned tasks.

I would also like to appeal to the Members, officers and staff of this Government and the general public for their full co-operation, as in the past, to ensure that the provisions of fund are carefully, frugally and effectively utilized and that there is no waste or leakage of fund anywhere. Emphasis of this Ministry has been to provide basic needs of the public as far as possible and I would, therefore, request the co-operation of all to see that the Govt.programmes are implemented in such a way as to benefit the poor and the common people to the greatest extent possible. I would also expect the good wishes and co-operation of all to help the Govt. in implementing the programmes, projects and schemes expeditiously and unhindered.

It is also my appeal to the Members to render their help to the Govt. by giving wholesome criticisms, suggestions, recommendations and guidance in strengthening the administration and implementation of various programmes. The officers and staff are requested to realize their key-roles in proper and regular utilization of fund, judicious and economic use of all available resources. I would particularly appeal to them to always follow the principle of financial discipline and also to give maximum attention and efforts in getting their requirements of funds from the Govt. of India wherever such cases arise.

I would like to conclude in expressing my appreciation to the officers and staff who had been working very hard in the preparation of the Budget Documents which are presented to the House today. The Governmen Press also deserves special praise and appreciation for Printing at a short notice most of the Budget documents this year in spite of their limited resources and capacity.

With your permission, Sir, I present the Supplementary Demands for 1983-84 and Budget Estimates for 1984-85 before the House for favour of consideration and approval.





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