Government of Mizoram
Budget Speech: 1983-84
By Pu Lalhmingthanga
Finance Minister

Mr. Speaker Sir,

I rise to present before the Assembly the Supplementary Demands for the year 1982-83 and Budget Estimates for the year 1983-84.

The Government of Mizoram has acquitted itself very well in her endeavour in development and other activities for the upliftment of Mizoram and the people inspite of our peculiar problems of living with insurgency which has taken pernicious turn during the year. I would like to mention the spurts of noxious and treacherous activities of our misled underground friends during the months of June-July and afterwards which had caused loss of lives to several number of innocent people including our colleague Pu R.Zadinga, MLA and harassment to the general public. Inspite of this extreme difficult Law and Order situation and the near famine condition faced by this Territory during the year, various departments of this Government have not lessen their developmental activities. In fact, our activities in terms of financial expenditure and concrete physical achievements have been better than ever before. I am bringing out our budgetary position for 1982-83, Revised Estimates 1982-83 and Budget Estimates for 1983-84 which are as follows :-

(Rupees in lakhs)
1982 -- 83
1983 -- 84

Revenue Accounts
Capital Accounts

From these figures, you will notice that our gross provision for the Revised Estimates 1982-83 is significantly higher than the Budget Estimate for 1982-83. The gross difference is about Rs.29.08 crores. The main reason for this higher R.E. is as follows :-

a) Non-Plan ----------------- Rs.11.94 crores
b) Plan -------------------- Rs. 5.07 crores
c) NEC Plan -------------------- Rs. 0.49 crores
d) Central Plan/ C.S.S. --------------------Rs. 2.81 crores
e) Border Road Works --------------------Rs. 9.76 crores

The approved Plan outlay for 1983-84 is Rs.34.80 crores. However, a little portion of this amount is to be raised by us as additional resource during the year.

The total outlay for NEC Schemes for 1983-84 is Rs.234.20 lakhs as against our R.E. of Rs.132.92 lakhs during the current year. The provision in respect of the Central Plan and Centrally Sponsored Schemes is Rs.61.45 lakhs against the final allocation of Rs.1336.99 lakhs in the current year. This is due to the reason that allocation of fund for the next year in respect of some of the Schemes has not been received.

I would like now to mention in brief some of the achievements of various Departments during the current year and the programme during the coming year.


Rs.43 lakhs have been provided in the Budget for 1982-83. During the year 976 houses passes and 1033 Agricultural land passes have been issued. The Department is engaged in maintenance of Land Records as up-to-date as possible. Cadastral survey of both agricultural and non-agricultural land are taken up. During the year, 712 Land Settlement Certificates for non-agricultural lands and 9 for Agricultural land have been issued. The main weakness in the Department has been lack of technically trained personnel in land survey. To mitigate this difficulty, local educated youths have been sent for training as state stipendiaries at various Survey Training Institution in Hyderabad, Karnataka and Meghalaya.

During 1983-84, it is proposed to set up a Record Cell for proper maintenance of Land Records. It is also proposed to send 5 more staffs for in service training and 15 local educated youth for training on stipend.


DISTRICT ADMINISTRATION: The problem of Law and Order has been tackled by the District Administration under the over-all supervision of the Government. Re-organisation of District to remove the disparities in area, population etc. is under consideration. Some new Administrative Centres have been opened. Various Famine Relief Schemes due to scarcity condition in 1982 have been taken up. Schemes under IRDP and NREP have also been taken up by District Administration.

ELECTION: Bye-election to fill up 4 vacant MLA seats was conducted smoothly. Date for Bye-election for Phuldungsei constituency has been notified.

STATE GUEST HOUSES: With the idea of bringing uniformity in the standard and management of the Mizoram Guest Houses at Calcutta and Shillong have been transferred to GAD from Supply & Transport Department and the Mizoram House at Silchar from PWD. Steps are being taken to increase the capacity of Mizoram House at Shillong and Silchar.


The total outlay under Plan during 1982-83 is Rs.19.80 lakhs while during 1983-84 it is Rs.35.80 lakhs.

During 1982-83 the construction of departmental building has been taken up by PWD at the estimated cost of Rs.13.50 lakhs. The ground floor will be ready of use within this financial year and remaining portion is to be completed during 1983-84. This will facilitate utilization of the available machinery more efficiently. During 1983-84, building for an outlet of Stationery and Forms Depot will be taken up at Lunglei by PWD. Rs.2.00 lakhs has been earmarked for this.

Several new posts have been created during 1982-83 and these are being filled up to man the machineries and Stationery Depot effectively. Number of Officers and Staffs has been sent for training to outside for efficient maintenance and handling ofnew machines. The Government Press has ten machines of various kinds including HMT Atena printing machine and Mono Keyboard and Caster (imported from U.K.) and Cutting Machine (imported from West Germany), which ere installed during 1982-82. The various printing works required by this Government have been taken up in this Press. The Annual Administration Report of Mizoram is also being printed for the first time. The aim is to establish a self-contained modern printing Press by the end of 6th Five Year Plan.

The Stationery and Forms Depot has now become functional and has procured most of the Forms and Stationery articles, which are normally required by the Government departments and are being issued to them. A retail Depot of Forms and Stationery has been opened at Lunglei. The Government proposes another Forms and Stationery Depot during 1983-84 at Saiha.


Apart from its normal functions, the Department has been functioning as counterpart of the Public Service Commission in other States and also as an agent for conducting various training courses.

The Mizoram Administrative Training Institute has conducted training courses in the Institute itself and also arranged training courses outside Mizoram. A short Foundation Training for 27 newly recruited A.Os (NG) and a short course on Pension Rules were conducted and arrangement for training of 58 Officers/Staff outside Mizoram have been made. It also published a booklet on "Financial Control" .During 1982-83 some key posts have been created and appointments in several Group ‘A’ and Group ‘B’ posts have been regularized.



For re-organisation of District Executive Force (MRP) with additional man-power, 365 posts approved by Govt. of India in April, 1981 have been filled. 6 New Police Stations are being opened in the interior places. Action is under way to procure equipments, transport and expediting construction of offices and residential buildings.

Govt. of India sanctioned additional 175 posts and Rs.25 lakhs in March 1981 for re-organisation of 1st Bn.MAP. These posts have been filled and action has been taken to utilize the sanctioned funds for purpose of equipments etc.

A scheme for raising the 2nd Bn. MAP was submitted to Govt. of India have approved raising of two companies of the 2nd Bn. MAP as a first step by giving a sanction for 280 man-power and expenses to the tune of Rs.11 lakhs for equipments, transport and accommodation. All these 280 posts have been filled. Action is under way for purchase of equipments and transport etc. Ministry is being pursued to sanction the remaining companies of the 2nd Bn. MAP.

With the approval of Home Ministry, ministerial staff of Police Department has been converted into uniform cadre to ensure better discipline amongst the staff and for providing more amenities to them as incentives.

Ministry has approved Mizoram Police Service Rules. Action is under way to promote officers of various ranks as per the approved Rules.

Under the Police Housing Sheme it is proposed to construct 90-nos.of building with the allocation of Rs.48 lakhs, out of which Rs.12.00 lakhs have been transferred to P.W.D. for construction of Police Houses. The remaining amount is proposed to be spent by the Department for providing houses to Policemen up to the rank of S.I.


Govt. of India’s approval has been obtained for construction of a Central Jail at Bungtlang (Aizawl) at a cost of about 55 lakhs; construction work is under progress.

To tone up Jail Administration, a post of Inspector General of Prisons has been created and filled up.

Jail buildings are being renovated for strengthening security of the Jails as well as for welfare of the inmates.


A proposal has been sent to Ministry for re-organisation of the Home Guards. In the said proposal scheme have been incorporated for introduction of Civil Defence and Border Wing Home Guards.


In compliance with recommendation of Kendriya Sainik Board, actions are being taken for revitalization of Rajya Evam Zila Sainik Board. Proposal for strengthening the existing Offices are being examined. Steps are also being taken for implementation of various recommendations for the welfare and settlement of ex-servicemen.


Apart from the normal function in the Secretariat, Finance Deptt. Also control through the Directorate of Accounts & Treasuries all the Treasuries and Sub-Treasuries, Audit and Local Accounts and Accounts staff of the P.W.D. Finance Department also control the cadre of the Finance and Accounts Officers of various Departments. Authorisation of Pay and Allowances of Group ‘A’ and Group ‘B’ Officers and conduct of local Audit of various local Institutions / Boards and Offices throughout Mizoram as well as Offices located outside Mizoram are done by the Directorate of Accounts & Treasuries. During 1982, it has so far conducted audit of 37 Offices/Institutions. The Government of Mizoram have entrusted the Directorate of Accounts & Treasuries, the responsibilities of examing and auditing accounts of 17 selected major Departments/offices from this year.

The authorization of pension of Officers and staff of the Government of Mizoram has already been taken over from the A.G., Shillong from 1.3.1983 and it is expected that maintenance of GPF Accounts will soon be taken over from A.G. Mizoram, Meghalaya etc. Some posts have already been created in order to bear these responsibilities.

During the year, 1982-83, 2 Sub-Treasuries at Champhai and Lawngtlai have started functioning with full strength. While Champhai Sub-Treasuries have been made Banking Sub-Treasury recently, it is expected that Lawngtlai Sub-Treasury will also be a Banking Sub-Treasury very soon. Actions are being taken for opening of Sub-Treasuries at Tlabung, Chawngte and Mamit.


As a part of sanitation programme, loans for construction of water tanks and septic tanks is given to 440 individual householders at the rate of Rs.3, 000/- for water tank and Rs.2, 000/- for septic tank. Twenty-five Community Halls at different places of the Territory have been covered with G.C.I. sheets. The Departments also constructed steps, link drains, breast walls, retaining walls, dustbins, urinals etc. at 187 locations within Aizawl & Lunglei districts. The Department also purchased one truck (tipper body) for the implementation of Sanitation Schemes.


During the year, 150 posts of additional Primary School Teachers have been filled up and out of 300 proposed Primary Schools to be opened during 6th Plan, 275 Schools have been opened upto the end of December, 1982. The target for new Middle Schools to be opened during the 6th Plan period has been achieved. The Adult Education Centres, which numbered 267 during last year, has been increased to 290 during the year. During the year, 1 post of DEO and 2 posts of ADEOs have been created in order to create one more Educational District in Aizawl. The new pattern of education has been introduced in all Elementary Schools and High Schools from 1982 and text books are also developed and prepared on the pattern of NCERT.

Special Scholarships have been given to 1149 High School students and 1636 Middle School students. 77 Merit Scholarships and 5648 Scheduled Tribes Students Scholarships have been given to post-Matric students. The capacity of Teachers’ Training Institute at Aizawl and Lunglei has been doubled. Pre-service training enrolment capacity of 20 at T.T.I. Aizawl and 10 at T.T.I. Lunglei has been created. The intake capacity of MIE has been increased from 80 to 100 and provision for pre-service training @ 10 trainees in one academic session have also been made. Youth Adventure Scheme has been started. 134 Scouts and Guides were sent to attend 9th National Jamboree at Bodh Gaya. Coaching has been taken up under Physical Education Programme.

Various steps have been taken up for the improvement of Science education through training and introduction of new curricula. The Institution of Music and Fine Arts have trained artists in Mizo dances and songs.


During 1982-83, the Health & Family Welfare Department has been maintaining 7 hospitals with 550 beds and 30 P.H.Cs with 275 beds. The Department has been organizing various programmes under Non-Plan, State Plan, Centrally Sponsored Scheme and NEC Schemes. The programme includes construction of new buildings for 15 P.H.Cs. and 17 S.H.Cs. It also includes continuation of School Health Services covering 90 Schools, an intensive Pilot Project on School Health Services and also includes Expanded Programme of immunization.

The Department is maintaining 92 stipendiaries including 21 new M.B.B.S. students sponsored during the academic session of 1982-83. Under the N.E.C. Scheme, Artificial Limb Fitting Centre has been opened last year and 2 technicians have been under-going training under this Scheme.

Construction of residential complex at Aizawl Civil Hospital is in good progress and ground floor rooms have been already occupied. During the year 21 girls have joined training for Nursing.

The approved sectoral Plan outlay for 1983-84 is Rs.160.00 lakhs. The Scheme includes opening of 10 new Sub-Centres and upgradation of existing P.H.Cs./S.H.Cs. at Biate, Lawngtlai, Chawngte and Kawrthah are also included.


The target for the year 1982-83 for which an allotment of Rs.235 lakhs have been provided is to complete 29 Rural Water Supply Schemes, out of which 22 are under the State Plan and 7 Schemes under the Centrally Sponsored Scheme of Accelerated Rural Water Supply Programme. Upto the month of January 1983, 16 Rural Water Supply Schemes have so far been completed. It is expected that the target of completing 29 Schemes will be achieved during this year.

Aizawl Water Supply Scheme at an estimated cost of Rs.158 lakhs was designed for a population of 58,000 only. The population of Aizawl has risen to 78,000 as per the census figure. The scheme is, therefore, required to be revised to cope up with this increased population and with a water supply of 30 gallons per capita per day. The Scheme is proposed to be taken up in two phases. The phase-I of the estimate costs about Rs.450 lakhs. The Scheme is sent to CPHEEO, New Delhi for technical clearance and is expected to be cleared shortly. This work will be taken up in right earnest so as to complete it within 2 ½ to 3 years.

Sanitation: On the basis of the proposal of United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Low Cost Pour Flush Latrines are proposed to be taken up in Aizawl Town. Experimental work is proposed to be taken up this year where 20 units of this type of latrines will be constructed in Aizawl. The main Scheme will be done in 1983-84 for which Rs.10 lakhs will be available.

Under the State Plan for 1983-84, Rs.400 lakhs will be available for Water Supply & Sanitation. The target for completion of Rural Water Supply Schemes for the coming year under State Plan has been tentatively fixed as 29. Under the Accelerated Rural Water Supply Programme, 4 schemes are proposed to be completed. Urban Water Supply Schemes of Aizawl is proposed to be taken up on priority.


During 1982-83, District Employment Exchange, Saiha has been strengthened, two Sub-divisional Employment Exchanges at Champhai and Chawngte opened and training on Stenography has been introduced in the I.T.I., Aizawl with the intake capacity of 16 persons per course of one year. During 1983-84, it is proposed to construct staff quarters, hostel for women trainees, workshop and storeroom in the I.T.I., Aizawl. One year course in Cutting and Tailoring trade, with an intake capacity of 16 trainees annually and Apprenticeship Training for 20 I.T.I. passed trainees in Engineering Trade is proposed for introduction. The Institute is to be strengthened with an outlay of Rs.8.22 lakhs allotted by N.E.C. by replacing the worn-out machineries, purchase of 5 KW diesel generating set and introduction of Carpentry trade of one year course with an annual intake of 16 trainees.


The Department so far has its offices in the State Capital and District Headquarters only. Attempt has been made to open Field Publicity Offices in the Sub-Divisional Headquarters. The posts of S.D.I.O. and the supporting staff have been created for Lawngtlai, Chawngte and Kolasib and they are expected to be filled within this financial year. During the year, a contingent of 400 boys and girls were sent to New Delhi to present Cheraw Dance at the inaugural function of 9th Asiad, 1982. A 20-minute documentary Film on Mizoram was produced and released in collaboration with the Film Division. A team of 12 Journalists was sent to Delhi during 9th Asiad, 1982. 38 Community Listening sets were distributed in the rural areas. The Department has so far issued 396 Press Releases, 80 issues of Tunlai Chanchin, 32 issues of National Press Round Ups, 26 numbers of pamphlets during the year upto December 1982. Cinema shows in rural areas have been organized.

During 12983-84, the Direction and Administration is proposed to be further strengthened, Field Publicity Offices at Champhai and Mamit are to be opened. It is also proposed to have several officers, staff and artists to man Song and Drama Services under the Department. A Central Workshop in the Directorate is also proposed to cater for repairing of various machineries and equipments in the Department. A Documentary Film on the life and culture of Mizos, is also proposed to be made. Over and above this, the normal services of the Schemes of the Department will be further strengthened.

TOURISM: The main thrust under Tourism has been provision of accommodation for the domestic tourists. The 12 bedded Rest House at Saitual is being provided with catering services. Construction is going on for the 22 bedded Tourist Lodge at Chaltlang at an estimated cost of Rs.42.18 lakhs and also the Tourist Lodge at Kolasib with an estimated cost of Rs.15.5 lakhs. During 1983-84 construction of Tourist Lodge at Champhai is proposed to be taken up. Apart from maintenance of Saitual Tourist Lodge, construction of Tourist Lodge at Chaltlang and Kolasib is expected to be completed during next year.


Rupees 15 lakhs is provided under the scheme of Dairy Farming and Industrial Loan and 25 lakhs for Agricultural Schemes and initial cash grant for rehabilitation of MNF returnees during 1982-83.

The achievements during the year 1982-83 (upto December 1982) in respect of Rehabilitation Department is as follows: -

1) Agriculture grant of Rs.3.88 lakhs was already given to 40 MNF returnees.

2) Initial cash grant of Rs.2.00 lakhs has already been sanctioned for 200 MNF returnees.

3) Sanction for Rupees 14.70 lakhs was already accorded for 147 MNF returnees at the rate of Rs.10, 000/- under the scheme of Dairy Farming as Loan.

4) Two returnees have been rehabilitation under Industrial Scheme and one MNF returnee was given additional amount of Rs.2, 150/- for repair of his Rice Huller.

For the year 1983-84 Budget provision of Rs.15 lakhs is kept for Loan and another Rs.25 lakhs for grant under MNF returnee rehabilitation scheme.


The District Council are given grants-in-aid for meeting the administrative expenses under Non-Plan and Plan funds are provided for execution of the following categories of Schemes: -

1) Rural Communication,

2) Sanitation,

3) Water Supply,

4) Forestry

Under Non-Plan, a provision of Rs.53.05 lakhs was made and this is proposed to be raised to Rs.68.19 lakhs in the R.E. 1982-83 and Rs.60.31 lakhs in the B.E.1983-84 and Rs.20 lakhs is approved under Plan for 1983-84.


During the year, Nutrition Wing of Community Development Department has been made part of the Social Welfare Department. The administrative set up has been strengthened to a great extent. Two Training-cum-Production Centres for handicapped persons were opened. Female handicapped persons who have been given economic rehabilitation grants. The Centre for male handicapped persons has trained 18 persons during the year. 100 handicapped persons were given grants-in-aid and 120 were provided with prosthetic aids. 8 Children Homes having 175 orphans/motherless babies are being given financial help. All together 6 ICDS Projects have been opened in Mizoram. Children between 0-6 years and pregnant and nursing mothers are being taken care in these projects by providing nutrition, non-formal education and medical aids. Under Nutrition Programme, benefits have been given to 32,330 children and 11,315 expectant/nursing mothers within ICDS areas, and 5,000 children 1,700 expectant/nursing mothers in non-ICDS areas.

Seminars field trips and conducted tours have been organized for the welfare of women and 22 creches/Day-care Centres are opened. Grants-in-aid have been given to various Voluntary Organisations such as YMA and MHIP. 100 such Organisations were given grants-in-aid for purchase of Tarpaulines, Petromaxes, utensils etc.

During 1983-84, more Children Homes are intended to be opened. Three more ICDS Projects are also to be opened at Phaileng (W), Lungsen and Bunghmun and one more for Chhimtuipui District. During the next year, the whole of Chhimtuipui District and Lunglei District will be covered by ICDS Projects.


There are 556 Co-operative Societies in Mizoram of which 32 were organized during the current year. Attempts have been made to ensure regular flow of essential goods and marketing of Agricultural Products through the network of these Societies. The Mizoram Co-operative Apex Bank has started banking operations since July 1982 and it has been doing quite well. Mizoram State Co-operative Marketing and Consumers’ Federation has been organized and apart from continuing the activities of the constituent units which have been absorbed in the Federation, fresh activities such as marketing of broomstick from Mizoram to outside Mizoram is being taken up. Training of the officers of the Department has also been taken up. Emphasis is being made to improve audit, supervision and administration of the Societies and the Department.

The outlay for the Annual Plan 1983-84 is Rs.43 lakhs as against that of Rs.40 lakhs during 1982-83. Rs.12.22 lakhs is meant for salaries and construction of office buildings and quarters at Lunglei, Saiha etc. The balance of the outlay is earmarked for strengthening various Societies.


During 1982-83, the provision under Plan is only Rs.2.20 lakhs. The Department has more funds under snon-Plan and Centrally Sponsored Schemes. During the year, the following collections have been brought out: -

1) Statistical Hand Book for 1981,

2) N.S.S. Summary Report of 34th round,

3) Wholesale and Retail Prize Bulletin,

4) Quarterly Progress Reports.

During the year, the following Census and Survey have been conducted: -

1) The 37th Round of N.S.S.

2) Agricultural Census,

3) Collection of Enterprise List for 1982-83,

4) Collection of Rainfall data.

The total plan outlay for 1983-84 is Rs.3 lakhs and the following Schemes are proposed to be executed: -

1) Data Bank,

2) Maintenance of Raingauges,

3) Prices and Marketing Intelligence,

4) Various Programme under Centrally Sponsored Schemes.


Steps have been taken for double and triple cropping by the introduction of suitable cropping pattern. Wheat, which has been grown successfully in Mizoram for the first during 1981, has been given more attention for its further improvement.Substantial amount of various seeds such as high yielding variety of paddy, hybrid and composite maize and wheat have been supplied to the cultivators during the year. Development of various other crops such as oil-seeds, pulse-seeds, soya bean, mustard, also has taken further progress and good seeds upplied to the growers. For the first time ‘truthfully labeled seeds’ of high yielding variety of paddy multiplied at our Government farm at Thenzawl will be supplied to the cultivators during the coming Khariff seasons (1983). There has been increase in the consumption of artificial fertilizers during the year and a much better yield of paddy has been obtained. On the basis of crop cutting test carried out by the Department for the first time in Mizoram, yield of paddy upto 25 quintals per hectare in jhum late paddy and 51 quintals per hectare in W.R.C. paddy have been obtained from cultivators’ plot. Agriculture Department has taken up installation of hydrams, which does not require any power source, and one hydram has been successfully installed in Mat valley. Land reclamation and construction of Agricultural Link Roads and the provision of Irrigation on project basis are also being taken up on priority basis. More sponsored students are being sent outside Mizoram to study Agricultural science.

During 1983-84, further improvement to obtain double and triple cropping, propagation of improved varieties of ginger, installation of diesel pump sets and hydrams, management of two selected water-sheds, provision of marketing facilities for various Agricultural products and improvement in research and technological data shall be the main thrust of the programmes over and above the existing programmes. For this, there are outlays of Rs.210 lakhs and Rs.70 lakhs for Minor Irrigations under plan. The target of foodgrains production for the coming year is 61,662 MT.


In order to provide alternative for jhum cultivations, efforts have been made to settle the villagers in terracing cultivation and cash crop plantation. During 1982-83 selected micro-water sheds have been taken up for development, where 580 hectares are being taken up for terracing. For this purpose, 50% of the work is being done by the cultivator himself. The Department has made break-through in two crops of paddy, which were harvested successfully during 1982-83.

In addition to the above activity, 558 hectares belonging to cultivators and 200 hectares of departmental land have been taken up for cash crop cultivation. Various species of plantation crops such as Coffee, Rubber, Cardamom, Coconut, Betelvine and pepper were planted in these plots. 1158 hectares of departmental plantations are also being maintained. Provisions have been made for the coffee planter to get subsidy of Rs.2, 500/- per hectare from Coffee Board and there is no difficulty for marketing. The Large Cardamom planted in 1980 has started yielding fruits. 830 hectares also have been taken up under various soil conservation measures. 17 Kms. Of Link Roads are being completed and 16 buildings have been taken up for staff quarters and Rest Houses. 34 offices and staff have undergone various courses of training and 300 cultivators have been trained in various crop plantation.

During 1983-84, efforts to settle jhumia families will be continued more vigorously. Various forms of soil conservation works will also be undertaken. Our targets are 621 hectares for contour bunding, 303 hectares for cash crop with maintenance of 900 hectares, creation of 167 hectares of departmental plantation, and maintenance of 1058 hectares. One new Division is being proposed. During 1982-83 our outlay under Plan was Rs.105 lakhs and for 1983-84 the outlay is Rs.110 lakhs.


The Plan outlay for 1982-83 is Rs.105 lakhs of which Rs.21 lakhs is required by P.W.D. for undertking works assigned to them.

The Animal Husbandary and Veterinary Department is laying increased emphasis on achieving self-sufficiency in Milk, Meat and Eggs. Towards this end, 288 Cross-bred Cows/Heifers, 400 local Hill Cows, 1600 improved piglets and 65 breeding bulls are distributed under various subsidy Schemes. Adoption of villages scheme has been tarted during the year giving direct benefit to some 1180 families. Besides, the Department has launched a new scheme for production of "Gobar Gas" from cowdung, very useful gas for cooking and lighting the house. 30 such Gobar Gas plants are to be installed during the year the scheme is fast gaining popularity.

The Annual Plan for 1983-84 with an approved outlay of Rs.119 lakhs besides augmenting the various existing activities envisages starting of the first V.F.A. Training School at Selesih A.H. Farm Complex with a view to making it a full-fledged Training Institute in due course. A new Poultry Farm is proposed to be located in Lawngtlai area during 1983-84 and one more Sub-Division at Tlabung is also proposed to meet the ever-expanding responsibility. In order to implement operation Flood II Programme, the Mizoram Milk Producers’ Co-operative Union Ltd. has been recently formed.



The Department has been procuring foodstuff for Mizoram U.T. During the year 1982, 58,574 MT of rice, 2039 MT of sugar and 150 MT of wheat were procured against the target of 60,000 MT of rice, 2695 MT of sugar and 600 MT of wheat with the fund provision of Rs.1580.19 lakhs in the R.E. 1982-83. For the current year the department propose to procure 70,000 MT of rice, 2695 MT of sugar and 600 MT of wheat with the proposed expenditure of Rs.1685.10 lakhs.


The plan outlay for 1982-83 is Rs.2.00 lakhs and under non-plan Rs.2.73 lakhs is provided. During the current year, 17 cases have been lodged in the Court for violation of Weights & Measures Act and Rules and a total of Rs.10744.34 has been collected toward verification, stamping and adjusting fees.

During 1983-84, more vigorous enforcement of Weights and Measures Act and Rules is contemplated. It is also proposed to construct a Vehicle tank Calibration centre where tank lorries plying in Mizoram will be calibrated. The plan outlay for 1983-84 is Rs.3.00 lakhs.


Mizoram State Transport has increased the frequencies of Bus Services in different routes. A Deluxe Bus Service has been introduced in Aizawl-Silchar route from April 1982. A few more Deluxe Buses are being acquired to improve the quality of service. 35 Bus permits have been issued to private operators for services in 32 selected routes. The construction of Aizawl Terminal-cum-Booking Office is in progress. A full-fledged Bus station cum-terminal at Silchar with all basic amenities has been opened since June 1982. The Department has undertaken construction of more Bus stations and wayside amenities to passengers at different important places.

The captive fleet of Trucks of the Department did an excellent job in reaching foodgrains and other essential commodities to the interior. The consumers’ petrol pump run by the Department has acquired two Oil Tankers.

The site for Central Workshop has been finally selected at Lungding ram, Durtlang. Consultancy report in this regard has also been obtained from CIRT, Pune. The functioning of the existing Departmental Workshop has been vastly improved to undertake all kinds of minor repairs and maintenance of the vehicles of the Department.

The approved plan outlay for 1983-84 is Rs.62 lakhs.


During 1982-83, the Department have taken up the following Schemes: -

1) Economic Plantation,

2) Teak Plantation,

3) Fuel Wood Plantation,

4) Avenue Plantation.

32,775 hectares area has been covered upto the end of this financial year. Apart from the above Schemes, there are two other Schemes, namely, Soil Watch and Social Forestry under which 4400 hectares has been planted upto the end of the year. A new Forest Division has started functioning in Chhimtuipui District and another one at Kawrthah. Protection and conservation of Wild Life has also been given special attention. The Forest Education and Research Institute at Aizawl is giving training to 22 Foresters and 28 Forest Guards. Development of Zoo-cum-Botanical Garden at Aizawl has also been taken up.

During 1983-84, plantation in 14,000 hectares are proposed to be taken up under State Plan and 5,600 hectares under two Centrally Sponsored Schemes already mentioned. Apart from the existing Dampa Sanctuary, three other Sanctuaries in Tawi, Ngengpui and Blue Mountain are proposed to be taken up.


During 1982-83, the Department has a provision of Rs.36 lakhs, of which Rs.10 lakhs is set aside for construction of Vana-Pa Hall at Aizawl. Rs.13.82 lakhs is spent for Direction and Administration. Rs.7 lakhs is spent for construction of Community Halls and Playgrounds in the rural areas. Another Rs.2.18 lakhs is spent for purchase of musical instruments, sports goods, and utensils etc. for distribution to voluntary organizations at subsidized rate. Rs.1 lakh was spent for construction of cemented water tanks, public urinals, latrines and prizes for cleanliness drives. Village paths and suspension bridges are taken up with Rs.1 lakh only.

During 1983-84, the outlay for the Department is Rs.52.70lakhs. Out of this allocation Rs.24lakhs is earmarked for completion of Vana-Pa Hall at Aizawl. The remaining Rs.28.70lakhs will be spent for other programmes.


The Industries Department has a number of Schemes in hand both under Medium Industries and Village and Small Industries.

Apart from continuance of the existing Village and Small Industries Scheme, the following Medium Industries have been taken up:-

1) Ginger Oil and Oleoresin Plant at Sairang,

2) Fruit Preservation Factory at Vairengte,

3) Ginger de-hydration Plant at Sairang,

4) Paper Plant at Bairabi,

5) Plywood Factory at Bairabi,

6) Saw-Mill-cum-Timber Treatment Plant.

In respect of Sericulture, the progress so for achieved has raised our expectation of improving the economy of rural population. The cocoon production during the current year is more than 42,000 kgs, and it is expected that the production will be doubled in the next year. For expansion activities under Sericulture, the Budgetary provision is proposed to be increased from Rs.26.00lakhs during the current year to Rs.40.00lakhs during the next year. Opening of Spinning, Reeling and Weaving Units are proposed in the Plan Programme for 1983-84.

Industrial exhibition held successfully in February, 1983 had shown tremendous progress made in industry in Mizoram.


The Annual Plan outlay for 1982-83 is Rs.600lakhs. Diesel engines to generate 5.1MW electricity has been envisaged during the year and Serlui ‘A’ Micro-Hydel Project to generate 1 MW is expected to be completed upto 90% during the current year. Procurement of 6 diesel-generating sets has been finalized and commissioning will spill over to the next financial year. Against the target of electrifying 21 villages, the Department expect to complete electrification of 28 villages including 5 villages in Chhimtuipui District. Strengthening of the Dullavcherra-Aizawl 66 KV line is scheduled to be completed by March 1983, which may allow additional 4 MW of grid power from outside Mizoram. Works on 132 KV Transmission Line from Jiribam to Aizawl is also under execution and in progress.

Investigation of 4 Hydel Projects under State Plan is in progress. 14 Micro-Hydel Projects has also been identified. Investigation of Bairabi (Dhaleswari) Hydel Project in the Central Sector is in good progress and final Project Report is expected to be ready soon. Investigation of Tuivai as a major Hydel Project under NEC has also been started.

In order to cope with the increasing volume of works a fullfledged Directorate, one Hydel Circle, one Hydel Division and three Electrical Sub-Divisions have been created recently.

The approved outlay for 1983-84 is Rs.505lakhs. Installation of 5.1 MW diesel Schemes, completion of 1 MW Serlui ‘A’ Micro-Hydel Project, electrification of 30 villages, taking up to Khawiva Micro-Hydel Project construction with an installed capacity of 450 KW, completion of 50% works of 132 KV Aizawl-Lunglei Line and investigation of 8 Micro-Hydel Projects are expected during 1983-84. This Government is also pursuing the Government of India for starting investigation of Chhimtuipui at Kawchaw as a major Hyder Project in the Central Sector.



Against this year’s outlay of Rs.528.00lakhs, formation cutting of 60kms. Blacktopping of 9 kms. And construction of 45 minor bridges have been completed so far. This also includes 20-kms.of formations cutting of rural roads under MNP. An outlay of Rs.680.00lakhs have been approved for the Annual Plan, 1983-84. The main stress during 193-84 will be to link the unconnected portions of road and to complete construction of minor bridges and culverts. The physical targets for 1983-84 will be as follows: -

i. Formation cutting ------------50 kms.

ii. Improvement and widening ------------25 kms.

iii. Soiling, metalling and blacktopping ------------60 kms.

iv. Minor bridges and culverts ------------200 nos

The Public Works Department is being re-organised to take up the additional workload and effectively monitoring of the on going works. The following additional functional units proposed in the Plan of 1983-84 have been appreciated by the Planning Commission when they approved the draft plan for 1983-84: -

a) One circle.

b) One Mechanical Operation Division.

c) Strengthening of Mechanical Workshop for repair engineering equipments

d) Technical Training Institute for training of Assistant Engineers, Junior Engineers, Sub-Overseers and Sectional Assistants. The Institute will also hold seminars and refresher courses for the Executive Engineers.

e) Material Testing Laboratory for Roads and Bridges and Building Works.

The BRDB is also making a significant contribution in building up the infrastructure of road communication in this Union Territory. Formation cutting is in progress in Phaileng-Marpara-Demagiri road, Lawngtlai-Diltlang-Parva road and Tuipuibari-Phuldungsei road. Construction work of Thenzawl-Bunghmun road. Falkawn-Chamdur road, Champhai-North Vanlaiphai road, Kawlkulh-Mimbung road have been entrusted to BRDB for execution.


With the approved outlay of Rs.25.00lakhs during 1982-83, the desired progress is achieved in respect of Mizoram House, New Delhi that is expected to be completed in the early part of the next financial year. Construction of Mizoram House, Calcutta, is also in progress. An outlay of Rs.55.00lakhs has been approved for the year, 1983-84. It is proposed to complete construction of Mizoram Houses at New Delhi and Calcutta. It is also planned to construct a Dak bungalow, quarters for Government servants and barracks for the security personnel at Mizoram Circuit House, Silchar. A Circuit House is also proposed to construct at Lawngtlai to solve accommodation problems of visiting officials.

In respect of Housing twelve nos. of Type III quarters, which were taken up for execution at different localities in Aizawl town to solve the problem of accommodation, have been completed. Out of 177 nos. of Government quarters taken up at Luangmual, 161 quarters have been completed. Construction of Circuit House Annexe at Aizawl is in progress. With the outlay of Rs.84.00lakhs approved for 1983-84 it is proposed to construct the remaining residential quarters at Luangmual, Circuit House Annexe at Aizawl and shopping Centre etc. at Luangmual and twenty-five Government quarters of various types in Chhimtuipui District.

The approved outlay for 1983-84 in respect of the Aizawl Town Expansion project is Rs.1 crore.


PWD have also completed a number of buildings of other Departments in various places in Mizoram and Construction of Vanapa Hall, Tourist Lodge, Agriculture Directorate, Vety. Directorate and Sainik Rest House buildings at Aizawl is progressing well. Construction of Craft Centre at Aizawl, 30 bedded Hospital at Tlabung, Primary Health Centres at Phaileng and Darlawn, SDVO’s (Vety) quarters and other Government staff quarters at Champhai etc. is expected to be completed within this Financial year.


A sum of Rs.80.00lakhs has been sanctioned by the Government of India under the Centrally Sponsored Scheme for development of Aizawl Town. Out of this, Rs.21.00lakhs is proposed for construction of new Buildings at New Market, Khatla and Bungkawn with a total cost of Rs.35.97lakhs. It is also proposed to construct car parkings, Truck terminal at Chaltlang with a total estimate of Rs.6.14lakhs and to build a diversion road from Zarkawt to Chandmary and to improve the existing road.

Sir, though there has been some increase in the provision of fund of various Departments, the increase has been mostly in the mostly in the form of Grants and other assistance generously given by the Government of India. Here I may mention that Govt. of India was kind enough to augment the plan allocation by Rs.2.00 crores in the RE 82-83 in Road and Bridge sector. I would like to express our deep gratitude for the sympathetic attitude shown to us by Govt. of India. Our own financial resources are limited. I would, therefore, request all the Departments concerned not to spare any efforts to achieve the assigned task of mobilizing additional financial resources.

I would like to appeal to the Honourable members, the Officers and staff of this Government and the general public to see that the fund provided to each Department is utilized carefully and frugally so that there is no waste of money anywhere. It is our earnest hope and endeavour that each paise is spent for building the essential infrastructure and for improvement of our socio economic condition. I solicit the cooperation of all to see that maximum benefits should go to the common man and also to help the Government in carrying out the important task of achieving the objectives.

As the Honourable Members are aware that our administration is very young one. The task of socio-economic development is gigantic. But with our firm determination and co-operation of Honourable Members, I am sure we will succeed in our mission. I earnestly request the Honourable Members to give the Government their full support and cooperation.We will welcome their valuable and constructive suggestions and criticism for improving Administrative system and procedure and for economy in public expenditure. I would like to make a mention of the need of financial discipline without which the utmost use of resources would not be possible. What we lack in resources has to be made good through judicious and economic use of the available resources and efficient administration.

Before I conclude, I would like to express my appreciations to the Officers and staff that had to work very hard in preparing the Budget documents which are presented to the House today. The Government Press also deserves special appreciation for printing out most of the Budget documents this year.

With your permission Sir, I present the Supplementary Demands for 1982-83 and Budget Estimates for 1983-84 before the House for favour of consideration and approval.






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