Government of Mizoram
Budget Speech: 1982-83
By Pu Lalhmingthanga
Finance Minister

Mr. Speaker Sir,

I rise to present before the Assembly the Supplementary Demands for the year 1981-82 and the Budget Estimates for the year 1982-83.

To begin with I would like to mention that last year during such an occasion like this, I begged the co-operation of all Hon’ble Members and the public in achieving the objectives assigned to the Government under the peaceful atmosphere brought about by the peace negotiation between the Central Government and the M.N.F. Now I feel it is my duty to express my gratitude for all the co-operation rendered to the Government by the Hon’ble Members of this House as well as the general public during the period under review.

Very unfortunately the peace talk between the MNF and the Government of India had broken down recently, the reasons for the breakdown have been stated by the Hon’ble Lt.Governor of Mizoram in his address to this House on 11th March 1982 and I feel I need not repeat them here. However, I would like to appeal to all Members of the House and all sections of the people to render their full co-operation in maintaining peace and tranquility in the Union Territory so that various development programmers envisaged in our budget are implemented smoothly.

During the current year the Government faced an unprecedented law and order situation with the launching of agitation by the MZP volunteers. However, with timely precautionary measures taken under normal legal provisions, the agitation has been kept under control. Law and order has been restored and a consideration peaceful atmosphere prevails at present. In spite of such disturbed condition for quite sometime, considerable progress could be achieved in all spheres of developmental activities.

The Budgetary position of fund in the approved grant for 1981-82, Revised Estimates 1981-82, and Budget Estimates for 1982-83 are as follows:-


(Rupees in lakhs)


1981 – 82



Revenue Accounts


Capital Accounts




The approved Plan outlay for 1982-83 is Rs.29.00 crores; of which Rs.28.89 crores will come as grant-in-aid and loan from the Government of India and Rs.11.00 lakhs are to be met by mobilization of additional financial resources by this Administration.

Total outlay for 1982-83 in respect of the NEC Schemes is Rs.182.99 lakhs against the final allocation of Rs.252.61 lakhs during the current year. The provision in respect of the Central Plan and Centrally Sponsored Schemes is Rs.96.91 lakhs against the final allocation of Rs.351.21 lakhs in the Revised Estimates, 1981-82. This apparently less provision is due to the fact that the approved amount for the coming year in respect of some of the Schemes have not been received yet.

In addition to this to token provision of Rs.0.01 lakh is proposed in the Budget Estimates 1982-83 for construction and maintenance of the Roads in the Territory by the B.R.T.F. This is also for the reason that the approved outlay for the next year has not been received from the B.R.D.B.

I shall now mention some of the achievements and programmers of the different Departments in brief.


Rs.192.00 lakhs is the plan outlay of Agriculture Department. Due to inadequate rainfall during September to November 1981 the harvest was very poor. A number of Agricultural Development Programmers have been taken up with the aim of achieving self-sufficiency in food production and also for settlement of cultivators in permanent cultivation. The programmers include introduction of high yielding varieties of cereal crops, proper application of fertilizers and other practices, supply of selected horticultural plants. Two Development Programmers on project basis have been initiated. The first being Bilkhawthlir – Phaisen ‘grow more food’ project and the other is the installation of hydram in the Mat valley. Among other programmers 4.42 lakhs of different horticultural plants were distributed to the cultivators at subsidized rates.

There is shortage of technical man-power in the Department and steps have been taken to strengthen the availability of technical man-power. The Integrated Training Centre, Hnahthial has started functioning from the current year.

The Department also participated in the International Trade Fair at New Delhi and National Agriculture Fair at Calcutta; through which it has been possible to project various developmental programme undertaken in Mizoram.


The Soil Conservation Wing of the Agriculture Department is making headway by providing alternative occupation for Jhumia families by introducing plantation of crops like Coffee, Rubber etc. on cultivators’ field. Terracing work, which was earlier implemented on subsidy by cash payment, is now being executed by the Department on cultivators’ land by engaging labourers on daily wage basis without any cash payment to the concerned cultivators. Utmost care is being taken in selecting only those sites where irrigation work is also taken up for double cropping on terraced land.

During the current year terracing of 438 hectares of land is being completed; of which 272 hectares are in respect of families who were allotted one hectare each during the last year and 166 hectares for new families brought under the scheme.

In respect of cash crop the existing areas of last year’s selected families are extended by 45 hectares under Coffee plantation and 40 hectares under Rubber. In addition to this Coffee plantation in 120 hectares to benefit 120 families, coconut plantation in 10 hectares for 10 families, large cardamom in 50 hectares for 50 families, betelvine in 15 hectares for 15 families, silk cotton in 30 hectares for 30 families are being created during the current year.

In addition to this the Department has created demonstration plantations of 60 hectares coffee, cocoa 2 hectares, large cardamom 10 hectares, small cardamom 20 hectares. Preliminary work for next year’s plantation is being completed.

During 1982-83,it is proposed to take up Soil Conservation work on watershed basis to benefit 530 families towards settlement under terracing and perennial cash crop plantation. In addition to this 408 hectares of cultivated paddy land will be brought under various forms of soil conservation measures.


Fishery development activities, since inception, are concentrated towards encouraging pisciculture in private sectors.

During the current year 9.64 lakhs of Fish Seeds at 50% subsidized rate were distributed to 179 pisciculturists in 45 villages till December 1981. The target for distribution of 20 lakhs Fish Seeds shall be achieved during the current year. 10,000 Major Carp Seeds have been raised from the Departmental Demonstration Farm at Lengpui. The work on two Fish Seed Farms at Thenzawl and Bilkhawthlir is in progress and expected to be completed during the current year.

The Paddy-cum-Fish Culture introduced in Champhai, Ruantlang, Zote, Hmunhmeltha has become very popular. By now 91 persons are involved in Paddy-cum-Fish Culture covering 94 acres and another 81 persons covering 97 acres are expected to take up Paddy-cum-Fish Culture shortly.

The level of fish production by the end of 1981-82 is expected to be around 1100 M.T., which is proposed to be raised to 1500 M.T. by the end of 1982-83.

The total water area under culture covered by fishponds and paddy land by the end of 1981-82 is expected to be around 2000 acres and this is proposed to be raised to 3400 acres during 1982-83.


The Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Department has undertaken multipurpose schemes with a view to foster economic stability as well as self employment of rural population. The Sixth Plan outlay of the Department is Rs.500 lakhs, with a provision of Rs.80.00 lakhs during the current year.

During the current year, 120 Dairy Cows have been distributed with Bank finance. Besides 200 local cows for agricultural jhuming families have been distributed under subsidy Scheme. To improve the breed of cattle, 8 breeding bulls have been distributed free of cost to the interior villages where artificial insemination technique could not be done. Immediate necessary works have been done for the establishment of Bull Rearing Farm at Thenzawl. State Pig Breeding Farm at Lunglei, Poultry Demonstration Farm at Champhai and Fodder Development Project at Thenzawl during the current year.

The Annual Plan 1982-83, with an outlay of Rs.105 lakhs, envisages augmentation of developmental activities in various fields of Animal Husbandry & Veterinary and Dairy Development. Gobar Gas Plant for Demonstration purpose as well as on private sector is proposed in the Annual Plan of the next year.


The approved outlay for Community Development Department during the Sixth Five Year Plan is Rs.210.00 lakhs only. During the year 1981-82, approved fund allocation is Rs.36.00 lakhs only. However, out of the overall State Plan outlay another Rs.22.32 lakhs is made available to the Department.

During the current year 1981-82, under Social Education Programme 33 Nos. of Playgrounds, 33 Nos of Community Halls are constructed. The construction of Vanapa Hall at Aizawl is in good progress. Beside these, a good number of various sports gods and musical instruments and utensils required for Social services are distributed to the rural youths and voluntary organizations.

Under Health & Rural Sanitation Programme, 20 nos. of cement water tanks, 20 Public Urinal Sheds and 20 nos. of water points are constructed. In 66 villages prizes are distributed under Cleanliness Drive Scheme.

Under Rural Communication, 35 Kms. of Jeepable roads are maintained and repaired and in 20 places suspension bridges are constructed.

Rs.10.00 lakhs is made available for Special Nutrition Programme for the year 1982-83 to feed 6820 lactating nursing mothers and 15,180 children of 0-6 years and 5,000 School going children of 6-11 years covering 220 Feeding Centres in Mizoram free of cost.

In addition to these the Community Development Department is implementing Centrally Sponsored Schemes like Applied Nutrition, National Rural Employment Programme and Integrated Rural Development Programme. The allocation of fund under the N.R.E.P. during the current year is Rs.34.50 lakhs and Rs.73.90 lakhs is provided in the Revised Estimates 1981-82 for drought relief.

The basic guideline of utilization of fund provided under N.R.E.P. is to generate employment among rural population with a view to create durable community assets; while the I.R.D. programme is for the benefit of the individual families to bring them above poverty line.


There has been notable improvement and expansion in the field of Co-operative movement during current financial year. To ensure flow of regular rural Co-operative credit the MARK-PEX Bank Ltd., was equipped with Managing Director and some of his supporting staff to enable them to start Co-operative Banking facilities.

To streamline and co-ordinate supply of consumer goods and marketing of agricultural produces from the Co-operative Units as well as for the general public, the Department has organized and given Registration to the Mizoram State Consumer and Marketing Federation Ltd.

The Annual Plan of 1981-82 aims at providing financial assistances to as many as 244 Co-operative Societies of various categories to the tune of Rs.35.50 lakhs. The primary emphasis of the Plan is of strengthening the existing Co-operative Societies rather than giving registration to new Societies.

The Annual Plan of 1982-83 envisages an outlay of Rs.40.00 lakhs to foster and strengthen the various categories of Co-operative Societies.


Mizoram has 7217 Sq.Kms. area of Reserved Forest; of which 5106 Sq.Kms. is unclassified Forest. Due to large scale practice of Jhuming which has been going for a long period, thick forests including valuable species of trees have been destroyed and most of the areas are now denuded lands.

Various plantation schemes have been drawn up for plantation under normal state plan, Operation Soil Watch and Social Forestry. During last year an area of 6000 hectares was taken up for plantation. During the current year 8000 hectares of plantation has been created and 9000 hectares of plantation is proposed during the next year.

Attention is given towards protection and conservation of Wildlife. Besides the present Dampa Wildlife Sanctuary, three Wildlife Sanctuaries are proposed to be created namely :- (1) Tawi Wildlife Sanctuary (2) Ngengpui Wildlife Sanctuary and (3) Blue Mountain (Phawngpui) Wildlife Sanctuary. A Wildlife Forest Division is proposed to be created during 1982-83.


The Industries Department has a number of Schemes in hand both under Medium Industries and Village and Small Industries.

Under Medium Industries, setting up of a medium size Plant for Ginger Oil and Oleoresin at Sairang is in progress and expected to be commissioned during next year. The proposals for setting up of a mini Paper Mill and Plywood Factory are under study.

Under Village and Small Industries, apart from the continuing Schemes in hand, it is proposed to set up Mini Sugar Mill at Kawnpui with crushing capacity of 100 tones a day. The Plant is expected to produce 75 tones of Khansari Sugar out of 15,000 tones of sugar cane per annum. To help the entrepreneurs in setting up of industries in the Territory schemes are in hand for granting them subsidy for interest on loan taken by them from Government or from financial Institute and also for the power consumed by the industrial units upto certain percentage.

In pursuance of Government of India’s liberal industrial policy, the Department took up the claim of investment subsidy of the local entrepreneurs with Government of India. During the current year Central Investment Subsidy amounting to Rs.15.27 lakhs has been disbursed to 124 industrial units in Mizoram. It is expected that this kind of facilities will be available for similar industrial units in the coming years.

With a view to promote the Khadi and Village Industries, the Deparment has taken steps for setting up of the Mizoram Khadi and Village Industries Board by next year.

In view of the abundant resources or Sericulture, due attention is being given to increasing the production of cocoons. It is expected that Sericulture will play an important role in enhancing the income of the rural people. For this purpose the administrative machinery is being strengthened.


The Education Department has taken up various schemes of expansion and improvement of education from Pre-Primary to Collegiate stage. To achieve universalisation of Elementary Education, there are now 775 Primary Schools and 331 Middle Schools as compared to 710 Primary Schools and 294 Middle Schools in the year 1980-81.

Three new establishments of Sub-Divisional Educational Offices have been opened at Kolasib, Champhai and Lawngtlai Sub-Divisions. 100 Primary Teachers were appointed during the beginning of 1981 and another 150 posts of Primary Teachers have been created. Building grants have been released for construction of 75 Primary School buildings and 15 Middle School buildings. Five posts of Graduate Teachers have been created for strengthening the staff of Government High Schools.

Scholarships have been sanctioned to 1560 High School students and 1980 Middle School students and 4949 post-matric students during the current year.

The Teachers’ Training Institute at Lunglei has been strengthened. The State Council of Educational Research & Training had arranged and organized short course. Training, Seminars workshop, and as many as 20 orientation courses. New and innovative curricula were developed for Classes I & II and these were tried out in 130 selected experimental schools under the UNICEF aided Project – II. Educational programmers for out-of-Schools children, youths and adults were developed under UNICEF aided Project – III and 23 reading materials were developed and these are being produced for use in the Community Centres. Under UNICEF aided Project – V attempt is made to develop a workable learning episode for out-of-school children of the age group 9-14 years.

Under Collegiate Education two new Colleges are aided since March 1981.

Students and non-student teams were sent participate in various National Sports events outside the State during 1981-82. The 1st Mizoram State Games was held at Aizawl from 30th November to 5th December 1981.

The Polytechnic Institute at Lunglei has started functioning from 1981 academic session with a capacity for 60 students.

The Plan outlay of the Department for 1982-83 is Rs.165 lakhs. Apart from continuing the existing schemes, various developmental programmers are proposed for implementation during the next year. New pattern of education is proposed for introduction in all Elementary Schools during 1982-83.

The present intake capacity of Teachers’ Training Institute (Under Graduate Standard) will be doubled from the academic session 1982 to clear the back log of un-trained teachers.

Science Education is proposed to be strengthened and improved under collegiate education. Under Physical Education it is proposed to establish Youth Adventure Clubs to motivate young and energetic boys and girls in various adventures like mountaineering, ski-ing, hikes and expedition.


The Social Welfare Department has been expanded and upgraded to a full-fledged Directorate during 1981-82, and has a plan outlay of Rs.21 lakhs.

In view of the year 1981 being declared as the International year of the Disabled Persons special attention has been given to the Welfare of the handicapped persons. In addition to the Training-cum-Production Centre for female handicapped persons opened in 1980-81, similar centre for the male handicapped persons is opened during 1981-82. This Centre is expected to train up 60 (sixty) male handicapped persons. Ten persons with imputed limbs were fitted with artificial limbs during 1981-82. In addition to this, six (6) persons were given financial assistance under Prosthetic Aid Scheme, while 150 (one hundred and fifty) persons having defective hearing were provided with hearing aids during the year 1981-82. Financial assistances were provided to 160 persons under Economic Rehabilitation Scheme during this year.

In addition to two ICDS and FLAW, opened in 1979 and 1980,one ICDS is being opened at Lawngtlai covering the entire areas of Tuipang, Lawngtlai and Sangau C.D. Blocks. Three more ICDS Projects are intended to be opened in 1982-83, one from the State Plan Budget and other two under the Central Plan.

Towards the welfare of children two more destitute homes have been started during 1981-82. All of these homes are run by the Salvation Army and such other Welfare Organisations. Ten (10) more Creches / Day Care Centres are intended to be opened during 1982-84.

Towards the welfare of Poor and Destitute, 570 old persons have been provided with financial assistance at the rate of Rs.30/- per month and this is enhanced to Rs.60/- per month from August 1981. Organisation engaged in the welfare of old and aged persons were given financial assistance in kind as well as in cash.


The main feature of publications brought out during 1981-82 are as follows:

1. Wholesale & retail price bulletin. (Quarterly)

2. Quarterly Progress Reports.

3. Statistical Hand Book of Mizoram.

The first publication of the Hand Book was brought out in 1974 and the fourth publication for 1981 is about to be brought out.

During 1982-83, the Department will implement the following schemes, over and above the normal works such as collection, compilation, tabulation, analysis of various socio-economic data:-

1. Agricultural Census.

2. National Survey.

3. Economic Census.


The Government has decided that the entire requirement of forms and stationery of various Departments in Mizoram should be procured by the Controller of Printing & Stationery who is to make arrangement for supply of these to the various Departments. However, the Controller of Printing & Stationery is at present able to supply only a limited number of items of forms and stationery to the Departments due to limitation of fund and difficulty in procurement of all items from the Central Store / Depot at Calcutta.

Vigorous attempts are being made to improve the existing Government Press by purchasing sophisticated machines both foreign and Indian.


Government Press, which was a part and parcel of the I & PR Directorate, is now functioning as a separate Wing. The Department is publishing and distributing Tunlai Chanchin, Khawvel, Brochures and Tourist folders. The Department is also maintaining one Mobile Unit equipped with vehicle, cinema projector and P.A. system in each of the District. Information Centres have been established in a few important Grouping Centres.

The Department also looks after the exchange of cultural activities both inside and outside the Territory.

The Department also looks after the Tourism. Apart from construction of one Tourist Rest House at Saitual, two Tourist Lodges, one at Aizawl and other at Kolasib are under construction and expected to be completed by 1982-83.


The Department is in acute shortage of qualified technical personnel for survey work. Local educated youths and inservice personnel are sent to undergo survey training at the Meghalaya Survey School at Tura and S.T.I., Hyderabad.

So far the updating of Land Records is concerned, it is yet to make a headway. A small cell is set up with 2 trained personnel in Cartography. During 1982-83 the Cell is proposed to be strengthened with additional trained staff

During the current year periodic pattas have been issued to 1571 individuals for agricultural land, 301 pattas for House sites and 127 pattas for shop sites.

In respect of land settlement 547 House sites in Aizawl Town, 24 in Champhai and 26 in Kolasib have been converted into Settlement and Land Settlement Certificates issued. In respect of agricultural land holding and area of 216.34 bighas have been settled during the current year.


The role of Power as an important component of the infrastructure for overall development in the Territory can hardly be over emphasized. Before the current financial year ends, the total power availability is expected to rise to about 10 MW, compared to 6.83 MW at the end of 1980-81. So far 47 villages have been electrified and this is expected to rise to 64 by the end of the current financial year. Construction of 1 MW Serlui ‘A’ Micro Hydel Project as well as 3 other micro hydel projects and preliminary works for construction of 132 KV transmission line from Aizawl to Lunglei have also been started.

With Rs.600.00 lakhs as outlay, which is 85 percent more than the outlay for 1981-82, the 1982-83 Annual Plan envisages more ambitious achievements. Total power availability is expected to rise to 17.5 MW. Rs.216.00 lakhs have been provided for the year for our own diesel/hydel generation only. Electrification of 24 more villages and 50 percent completion of the 132 KV transmission line from Aizawl to Lunglei are among other targets of the 1982-83 Annual Plan. Strengthening of the Dullavcherra – Aizawl 66 KV line is expected to be completed by May 1982, enabling us to energise the line at 66 KV and thereby to draw more power from outside. The Administration is also in constant touch with the NEC for timely completion of the 132 KV line from Jiribam to Aizawl so that power from Regional Power Projects like Kopili and Loktak can be drawn on completion of these projects.

Special emphasis has been laid for harnessing enormous hydel potential in the Territory. As you are aware, recently the Union Minister for Energy inaugurated the investigation of the Bairabi Hydel Project on Tlawng River, which has shown a potential of about 160 MW, installed capacity. The National Hydro Electric Power Corporation have started the investigation of the project in the Central Sector and have assured to complete it within a record time of about one year. Investigation of Tuivai, a project under NEC Schemes is already going on and Central Water Commission is taking over the investigation from the NEEPCO. Efforts are also continuing for identifying more micro-hydel projects in the Territory.



Roads are the only means of communication in Mizoram and it is essential pre-requisite for economic progress and development activities. In the current year, formation cutting of 90 Kms and blacktopping of 17 Kms have been completed so far. Construction of a bridge on the river Tuichang on Keitum – North Vanlaiphai road is also expected to be completed by the end of March 1982. Three new PWD Divisions have been opened this year with their headquarters at Lungsen, Kawrthah and Khawzawl in order to speed up the construction of road in these areas. An outlay of Rs.528 lakhs has been provided for the Annual Plan 1982-83, which envisages formation cutting in 100 Kms. and soling and metalling and blacktopping of 50 Kms. in addition to the construction of small bridges and culverts.

BRDB is also making a significant contribution towards building up the infrastructure of road communication in Mizoram. Formation cutting is in progress in Phaileng – Marpara – Demagiri Road Lawngtlai – Diltlang – Parva Road, and Kawnpui – Sairang portion of National Highway 54. Construction of Thenzawl – Bunghmun Nalkawn – Chamdur and Tuipuibari – Phuldungsei roads have also been entrusted to BRDB.

As you are aware, the Government of India have sanctioned extension of the Metre Gauge Line from Lalabazar to Bairabi – a distances of 46.76 Kms. The Union Minister for Railway ceremoniously laid the foundation stone of the Bairabi Railway Station on the 12th December 1981. The line is expected to be opened for traffic by the end of 1984 when Bairabi will be the first in Mizoram to find a place in the Railway Map of India. Survey work on alignment to connect Vairengte from Lalaghat has also been completed.


Construction of much-needed and prestigious buildings like MLA Hostel at Aizawl, Circuit House at Saiha and 14 units of residential quarters for Civil Hospital, Aizawl have been completed this year. Further, Tourist Lodge at Chaltlang, Circuit House annexe at Aizawl, Directorate of Agriculture Building and 300 bedded hospital at Aizawl have been taken up for construction.

Construction of Mizoram House at Calcutta and Delhi are in progress. A plot of land has been acquired in the current year for Mizoram House at Shillong and drawings of the buildings are under preparation. The Annual Plan 1982-83 provides for Rs.25 lakhs for the aforesaid projects in addition to the construction of the Mizoram House at Gauhati and Imphal.

The new capital project for extension of Aizawl town in Luangmual area has been taken up and detail planning is in progress with the Town and Country Planning Cell of Works and Housing Ministry. It is expected that construction will be started at the later part of 1982-83.


In pursuance of National Policy and of the objectives set for the Integration Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Decade 19881-1990, adequate emphasis has been laid in the Sixth Plan for providing drinking water in rural areas. So far 21 villages (some of them partially) including 3 towns during 1981-82, have been brought under the coverage of piped water supply services. Despite severe constraint in respect of technical manpower and materials, 10 more villages expected to be covered by the end of the current financial year. Other temporary measures like tapping rain water for distribution during dry season, water supply through truck carriage in certain places during difficult lean period and improvement of village water spring have also been continued. Stress has been laid on works of the augmentation schemes at Aizawl and Lunglei.

With an outlay of Rs.235.00 lakhs the 1982-83 Annual Plan envisages completion of water supply schemes in 25 villages. All efforts will also be made to partially commission the augmentation scheme at Aizawl by the end of the next financial year.


The Housing facilities of Government servants as well as of public are dealt with by P.W.D., Home, Secretariat Administration Department, L.A.T.P. & H. and Finance Department. The P.W.D. has taken up construction of residential accommodation of Government servants in various places. To begin with 177 residential accommodations were taken up at Luangmual and 50% of the work has been completed this year and the outlay for the next year is Rs.80.00 lakhs. The Home Department had an allocation of Rs.28.00 lakhs in the Annual Plan for the current year and this is being utilized in full for construction of residential accommodation of Police Personnel. The outlay for the next year is Rs.48.00 lakhs.

Rs. 57.00 lakhs have been sanctioned to 192 Govt. servants during the current year as House Building Advance. Under M.I.G.H. and L.I.G.H. the existing provision of Rs.86.00 lakhs has been sanctioned to 442 individuals in three districts. On top of this in 59 cases where the loaners could not complete construction of the house with the sanctioned amount, additional loan within the ceiling laid down for the purpose has been sanctioned to them. It is proposed to sanction another additional amount of Rs.45.00 lakhs during the current year under this scheme.

Loans of Rs.5,000/- per individual households have also been given for construction of septic tanks and water Reservoir to 183 households.



40,574 MT rice was brought to Mizoram during 1981 through Supply Department against the target of 46,781 MT. During 1982, it is proposed to bring 60,000 MT. The Government is trying to stock 48,000 MT rice before onset of monsoon for which Railway authorities and FCI are kept in constant touch. The rapid increase in the target is due to failure of crops during 1981. Besides this 1313 MT levy sugar, 108 MT salt and 440 MT edible oil have been brought into Mizoram. To facilitate drawal of these commodities, 14 more retailers were appointed during 1981.


This Wing maintains a transport fleet of 37 trucks, 24 jeeps and 74 buses. More buses are being purchased. MST Service is now operating in 27 different routes. Bus Stations have been commissioned at Saitual, Khawzawl and Darlawn during 1981 and Stations are under construction at Phaileng ‘W’ and Serchhip. Central Workshop is also being constructed at Zemabawk in consultation with Central Institute of Road Transport, Pune.


New Offices have been opened at Saiha, Lawngtlai and Tlabung for enforcement of Weights & Measures Rules. 15 number of cases have been registered in the court of Law for violation of Weights & Measures Laws of which 6 persons were convicted.

It is proposed to open new Offices at Kolasib, Mamit and Champhai during 1982.


During 1981-82 financial assistance and loan have been given to the MNF returnees for their rehabilitation as in the previous year. Cash grant Rs.1,000/- has been given to 22 MNF returnees. Loans have been given Rs.10,000/- each to 8 returnees for taking up Dairy Farming. 31 returnees have also been given Industrial Loan each Rs.10,000/- for setting up Rice Huller in interior villages. 119 returnees have been given Agricultural Grant amounting to Rs.8.19 lakhs for their settlement in agriculture. Applications of some other returnees are in all the process of verification and similar assistance and loan shall be given to them in due course.


The District Councils are given grants-in-aid for meeting the administrative expenses and also for execution of Plan Schemes of the following categories:-

I. Rural communication

II. Sanitation

III. Water Supply and

IV. Forest.

The Administrative expenses of the District Councils are met under Non-Plan. In the Budget Estimate, 1981-82 Rs.50.85 lakhs was provided and in the Revised Estimates 1981-82 the amount is raised to Rs.55.85 lakhs. For the year 1982-83 Rs.52.95 lakhs is proposed.

In respect of Plan fund Rs.100.00 lakhs is approved for the 6th Plan, of which Rs.20.24 lakhs is provided during the current year and Rs.20.00 lakhs for the next year.


Regulation of the drawal of Pay and allowances by the Group A and Group B Officers by issue of payslip has already been taken up by the Directorate of Accounts and Treasuries. It is proposed to take over the maintenance of General Provident Fund Account and authorization of pension to retired and superannuated Government servants by the Directorate of Accounts & Treasuries.

Two Sub-Treasuries, one at Champhai and the other at Lawngtlai have been opened during the current year and the questioni of taking over of cash transactions of these Sub-Treasuries by the State Bank has been taken up with State Bank of India Authorities.

Sir, once again I like to point out to the Hon’ble Members that the financial resources of this Administration is very much limited. Government of India is very helpful in extending financial assistance for building up the infrastructure and also for economic development of this Territory.

It is proposed to mobilize additional financial resources of Rs.11.00 lakhs during 1982-83 from the following sources:-

(i)Animal (Control & Taxation) Act : Rs.1.00 lakhs

(ii)Revision of Land Revenue : Rs.8.00 lakhs

(iii)Supply of Sleeper, Sale of

fire-wood & Charcoal etc., : Rs.2.00 lakhs

Rs.11.00 lakhs

It is upon us to make all sincere efforts for meaningful utilization of the fund made available for extending the maximum benefit to the common people. I solicit the co-operation of all Hon’ble members and the public for carrying out the task assigned to the Government for achieving the objectives.

Before I conclude I would like to express my appreciation and thanks to the Officers and Staff who had to work for preparation of the Budget documents which are presented to the House today.

With your permission Sir, I present the Supplementary Demands for 1981-82 and Budget for 1982-83 before the House for favour of consideration and approval.





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