Government of Mizoram
Budget Speech: 1981-82
By Pu Lalhmingthanga
Finance Minister

Mr.Speaker Sir,

I rise to the present before the Assembly the Supplementary Demands for the year 1980-81 and the Budget Estimates for the year 1981-82.

At the outset, I would like to mention before the august House that the Government is committed to the task of providing facilities for the basic necessities like foodstuff, water supply, education, health, power, communication etc. to the people. I am happy to state that the Government could fulfill the expectation of the people to a considerable extent. This has become possible with the sincere cooperation of all sections of people and earnest efforts on the part of the executing agencies. During the current year considerable progress could be achieved in all spheres of developmental activities because of prevalence of comparatively peaceful atmosphere.

The Budgetary position of fund in the sanctioned grant 1980-81, Revised Estimates 1980-81 and Budget Estimates 1981-82 are as follows:

                                                                       B.E.        R.E.         B.E
   1980-81   1981-82        
Revenue Acctt  (Gross)                                     5228.27    5521.33    5520.54
Capital Acctt     (Gross)  
                                 2450.59    2584.82    2838.45
                   Total:-                                                    7678.86      8106.15    8358.99

The approved annual plan outlay for 1981-82 is Rs.2300 lakhs as against Rs.2050 lakhs during the current year; out of which Rs.2295 lakhs will come as grant-in-aid and loan from the Central Government and balance of Rs.5 lakhs is to be met from additional sources raised in the territory. Due to some technical difficulty, the provision of Rs.2295 lakhs only has been proposed in the B.E. 1981-82 and the position will be reviewed in the R.E. 1981-82. The total outlay in respect of N.E.C. schemes is Rs.128.86 lakhs as against the final allocation of Rs.155.58 lakhs during the current year. The provision in respect of central plan /centrally sponsored schemes is Rs.110.94 lakhs only as against Rs.296.55 lakhs in the final grant during the current year. As the statement of Accepted Estimates for all central/centrally sponsored schemes are not yet received, only token provisions are proposed in many cases.

In addition to these a provision of Rs.490 lakhs has been proposed for construction and maintenance of Roads by BRTF during 1981-82.

I shall now mention the achievements and activities of different Departments briefly.


AGRICULTURE WING The main objective of the Agriculture Deptt. is to attain self-sufficiency in food production. The traditional method of jhumming will gradually be replaced by permanent cultivation. The use of improved variety of seeds, fertilizers and pesticides is progressively increasing. More agricultural land has been reclaimed and construction of many agricultural link roads connecting potential agricultural areas has been completed. Heavy machineries like bulldozers and tractors are made available to the cultivators on hire for reclamation work. Small agricultural implements, plough animals, fencing materials are also made available to the cultivators at subsidized rates. The target for the current year is for reclamation of 1400 hectares of land and construction of 50 KM of agricultural link road and the target for 1981-82 is reclamation of 2000 hectres of land and construction of 50 KM of link road.

The Soil Testing Laboratory has been equipped with instruments and chemicals for analyzing the soil samples. The target for 1980-81 is for analysis of 14000 soil samples and that for 1981-82 is for 15000.

Under the Seed Distribution Scheme, improved cereals like HYV/ improved paddy, maize, wheat; under commercial crop, potato, sugarcane, oil seeds, pulses, fibre crops are distributed to the cultivators at subsidized rates. Under Horticultural Development Scheme, apart from maintaining the existing 7200 hectres of plantation crop, the scheme aims at bringing fresh 500 hectres area under different fruit crops. The Scheme will take care of settlement of fresh 300 jhumia families. Large cardamom imported from Sikkim has been introduced for the first time in Mizoram and the result is encouraging.

The Demonstration Schemes aim at conducting demonstration on small plots on cultivators’ field on package of practice, fertilizer response, High Yielding variety programme on different crops like pulses, cereals, vegetable, oil seed etc. Demonstrations/trial on pesticide application, improved implements are also carried on under the Scheme.

Under Minor Irrigation Scheme 2000 hectres of land is proposed to be brought under irrigation during 1981-82 by lift and flow methods and also by use of power pump, polythene pipe, construction of dams reservoirs and minor irrigation canals.

SOIL CONSERVATION DEPARTMENT In respect of the Soil Conservation, apart from maintaining 350 hectres of coffee and 400 hectres of rubber plantation, 203 hectres of coffee plantation is being created during the current year. Settlement of 1560 families brought under permanent cultivation with 2 hectres of land each and 515 families with one hectre of land each will be maintained during 1980-81. These 515 families who have taken up plantation in one hectre of land each during the current year will be extended benefit for the 2nd hectre of land during 1981-82. Construction of bench-terraces in 290 hectres of land will be completed during the current year with irrigation canals. 100 units of erosion control works such as construction of head water dams, gulley plugging and check dams will be completed during 1980-81 and 200 hectres of cultivated field will be brought under the Soil Conservation measure. 500 beds of nursery for fast growing species of trees for stream bank control measure is being raised during the current year and 400 hectres of land will be brought under terracing and 100 hectres under cash crop during 1981-82.

FISHERIES WING The departmental activities since inception are concentrated towards encouraging pisciculture in the private sector. Presently there are about 486 hectres of water areas under culture and about 6000 hectres of water area in the capture sector (comprising rivers only). The combined production from these two sectors is estimated to be around 700 M.T.

In the Sixth Five Year Plan, it is proposed to raise the annual level of production of fish from 700 M.T. to 2800 M.T. To achieve this, provision has been made to bring 1619 hectres of water area under culture against the present available 486 hectres. To meet the demand of fish seeds, 2 fish seed farms presently under construction will be completed and these will have combined annual production target of 104 lakhs fry fingerlings after completion.

During 1980-81 the target for supply of 20 lakhs fish seeds will be achieved and the level of fish production is estimated to be 900 M.T. It is proposed to supply 30 lakhs of fish seeds to the piscisulturists during 1981-82 and the level of fish production is estimated as 1200 M..T. During the Sixth Plan period it is proposed to make a detail survey of the important rivers for identification of fishes, study their cultural possibilities, to locate breeding grounds of economic varieties of fishes and collection of spawn from rivers.

A.H. & VETY. DEPARTMENT The activities of the A.H & Vety. Deptt. have increased many folds during last few years.

During the current year, the Deptt. has achieved most of the targets. 195 high yielding variety of cows with free transportation cost have been distributed at subsidized rate. In number of cases loan has been extended by the State Bank of India, Aizawl Branch and 49 beneficiaries have acquired 98 cows under this scheme. 65 Rural Farm colonys are being supported for rearing local animals and 20 families are also supported to rear heifers.

The artificial Insemination is being extended for which 50 V.F.A have been sent for training in the Artificial Insemination Technique. The Central semen Bank at Selesih have started supply of preserved semen to Kawnpui, Kolasib and same will be expanded to places along the main road.

In Piggery Development 400 families have so far been covered throughout Mizoram and during the current year 100 more beneficiaries are being covered. The Regional Pig Breeding Farm at Selesih and Demonstration Farms at Kolasib and Thenzawl are functioning satisfactorily.

In the field of Animal Health Service and Veterinary, inspite of acute shortage of technical manpower, the Veterinary Institutions throughout Mizoram have been functioning satisfactorily and about 2 lakhs cases have been treated. Apart from this vaccinations against certain diseases like Ranikhet Diseases nearly 4 lakhs and foot and mouth disease, nearly 30,000 have been given.

FOREST DEPARTMENT Mizoram has got 7127 area of Reserved Forest; of which 5106 is unclassified forest. Due to large scale practice of Jhumming which has been going for a long period, thick forest including valuable important species have been destroyed and most of the areas are now barren degraded lands. It is a vital task of the Department to cover up the denuded hill areas by plantation with economically and commercially important species like Teak, Gamari etc.

The Department is marching ahead with the creation of plantation with a view to cover as much as possible abundant jhum land in the reserved forests as well as in the unclassed forest area. Various plantation schemes have been drawn up for plantation under normal State Plan, Operation Soil Watch and Social Forestry. During last year 2877 hectres of area was taken up for plantation. During the current year 6000 hectres of plantation has been created and 10,000 hectres of plantation is proposed during next year.

The Forest Training School at Bethlehem Veng, Aizawl has been upgraded to Forest Education and Research Institute. During the current year 26 Forest Guards were trained in this Institute and from next year no Forester need be sent outside the state. They will be trained in this Institute.

The wild Life Management work is being strengthened and it will be placed under one Forest Division for intensive management. Work on survey and demarcation, data collection for compilation and Working Plan of different reserve forest is in progress.

CO – OPERATION DEPARTMENT During 1979-80 as many as 82 Co-operative Societies of various categories were given financial assistance to carry out their programme. Short term loan of Rs.40 lakhs was given to the Mizoram Apex marketing Co-operative Societies for procurement and marketing of ginger. The Society marketed about 5000 quintals of ginger at Calcutta market in collaboration with West Bengal Co-operative Marketing Federation. In Mizoram to these, an amount of Rs.10 lakhs was given to the Mizoram Apex Marketing Co-operative Society as short term loan for purchase and open sale of rice from outside the territory to supplement FCI rice.

The Mizoram Apex Marketing Society is useful instrument in checking temporary price rise of the essential commodities like sugar, salt, edible oil, pulses, cement etc. These essential commodities are lifted from outside the State and distributed through the Co-operative retail outlets in towns and through affiliated Primary Societies in the rural areas. It is intended to enhance the activities of the Department to meet the ever-increasing challenge of marketing agricultural products and supply of consumer goods to the interior places at reasonable prices.

REVENUE DEPARTMENT The Department is carrying out cadastral survey in two categories viz. survey Short Term and Survey Long Term and settlement in individual agricultural land holding mostly in areas where there is potentiality of wet rice cultivation, developing Orchard and Farming etc. for the purpose of eventual conversion into regular settlement by issue of Land Settlement Certificate. The Survey Long Term Scheme envisages for large scale cadastral survey on a villagewise basis so that land records system could be built up methodically villagewise. So far the Survey Short Term is concerned, land holdings of 199 individuals covering the area of 1911.57 bighas have been carried out during the current year and it is proposed to carry out cadastral survey of Thenzawl and Serchhip villages during the current year and for this purpose two survey parties are being deployed.

In order to mitigate shortage of technical personnels in survey, local educated youths and inservice personnels are sent to Hyderabad and Meghalaya Survey School, Tura. During the current year 4 inservice personnels have been deputed for undergoing Cartography Technician Course and Cartography Course at Survey & Training Institute, Hyderabad.

So far the land tenure system is concerned our land records are yet to be built up on permanent basis.


The Community Development Department is engaged in various developmental work in 22 blocks by constructing community halls, playgrounds inter-village path and jeepable roads. During the current financial year the Department has undertaken construction of 196 community halls, 10 number of departmental buildings, 144 number of playgrounds. Besides these, the Department distributed sports goods and musical instruments to voluntary organizations at subsidized rates.

Under the Special Nutrition Programme, nutritious foods will be supplied to 22,000 beneficiaries including nursing mothers and children of 0-6 years.

In addition to this, the Department is coordinating in implementation of centrally sponsored scheme of Integrated Rural Development and National Rural Employment Programme. Baseline survey work is carried out by employing College students during the vacation period to identify families who are below poverty line.


There has been noteable improvement and expansion in the field of education. Sustained efforts are made to maintain both qualitative improvements. During 1979-80, 20 Middle Schools and 10 High Schools were upgraded to the status of deficit aided School and 5 non-Government Middle Schools and 3 non-Government High Schools were taken over by Government. 85 additional Primary School teachers have been appointed and 80 teachers were posted in 40 thlawhbawk Primary Schools. New Courses of education are being introduced in 131 Primary Schools following the National Pattern of the education.

Attempts has been made for encouragement of the Science education especially in the secondary stage of education. Due care has been given for development of collegiate education. 2 new Private Colleges at Kolasib and Saiha have been recognized since April, 1980. Permission has been given for opening of two private colleges at Aizawl during the current year.

With a view to make speedy development both in terms of quality and quantity in higher the existing Government College at Lunglei and other recognized aided Colleges will be developed.

Eradication of illiteracy among adults is the main target under Social Education Progaramme. With a view to motivating the illiterate adult to acquire functional literacy, rural seminars, literacy campaigns have been organized occasionally. One regular adult school had been opened at Phullen with 74 learners. Assistance has been given to 19 organisations engaged in promotion of adult education.

Appointment of Principal for Polytechnic Institute at Lunglei has already been made and other staffs are under the process of appointment. Construction of building is in progress and it is proposed to start class from 1981-82 session.

Steps have been taken towards achieving universalisation of the elementary education from 1981-82. The new pattern of education will be introduced in all schools by 1982 session. Apart from continuing existing schemes, vocational courses are proposed to be introduced in the field of stenography, typing, Secretariat practice, accountancy, etc. by extending financial assistance to private institutes which provides the said courses of training.

Some new items such as State Research Centre, National School for adults are proposed to be implemented during 1981-82.

The Government has been well aware of the vital role that sports play in development of qualities of fortitute and in building of national character. It is proposed to increase physical education, games and sports among students as well as non-students with improved facilities such as playgrounds, indoor stadium and other equipments. It is proposed to hold Mizoram State Games during 1981-82.

Amongst the programme for development and promotion of arts and culture, it is proposed to open a new sub-divisional library in the interior place during 1981-82.

The Social Welfare Department has made several achievements and intends to extend its activities during the ensuing year. The Department has taken up the I.C.D.S. Scheme of Government of India in two Blocks at Lungdar (E) and Hnahthial. Under these Blocks package services of programme of health, nutrition and non-formal education for children of the age Group 0-6 years and expectant and nursing mothers is taken up in 35 villages; on an average there is 5000 beneficiaries in each project. It is also proposed to open one more I.C.D.S. project in the next financial year. It is also intended that supplementary nutrition programme will be taken up in the I.C.D.S. project.

On-going programme like Pre-Primary Schools, Baby Home etc. are continued and extended. As a follow up programme, additional 12 Day-Care Centres have been opened during 1980-81. The rate of old-age pension has been enhanced to Rs.60/- p.m. and the enhanced rate will be implemented from 1981-82.

The year 1981 is celebrated as International Year of the Disabled Persons. Government is paying special attention to the rehabilitation of handicapped. The training-cum-production centre for the handicapped women was opened during 1980-81. It is proposed to open a similar centre for shoe-making and leather craft for physically handicapped.

INDUSTRIES DEPARTMENT During the Fifth Year Plan efforts were confined mostly for development of cottage and small industries. During 1980-81 the MSIDC has signed a contract with N.R.D.C. for commissing the Ginger Processing Plant at Sairang on turnkey basis.The plant is likely to go on for production during the last part of 1981-82. Side by side the Ginger Dehydration Pilot Project, sponsored by N.E.C., is likely to be commissioned within the current financial year at Sairang. The Industria Estate at Kolasib is being completed for giving allotment to the entrepreneurs for setting up of their industry. About 40 acres of land have been acquired at Sairang for another Industrial Estate where the following projects are proposed to be set up:- (1) Oleorasin and ginger oil complex (2) plant for manufacture of corrugated roofing sheets (3) plywood factory (4) timber seasoning plant.

In addition to the Food Preservation Factory at Vairengte, it is proposed to set up a Maize Processing Unit at Champhai during next year.

The District Industrial Centres set up during 1978-79 at Aizawl and Lunglei are functioning smoothly. During the current year 52 local boys and girls were trained in weaving and another 53 are undergoing training. 82 local boys and girls were trained in 4 Handicraft Training Centres and another 83 are undergoing training. Stress is being laid to develop oak tassar, eri silk, mulberry silk and muga silk under sericulture scheme. One more sericulture extension centre is likely to be opened at Saiha during the next year.

Geology and Mining Cell of the Deptt. is proposed to be strengthened so that the survey of Mizoram hills may be completed expeditiously.



Roads are the only means of communication and developmental activities are fully dependent on the road communication net work. In the current year’s annual plan the target is formation cutting 134 k.m, metalling 65 k.m. black topping 65 k.m. The annual plan for 1981-82 envisaged formation cutting 140 k.m. soiling, metalling and black topping 60 k.m. in addition to other on going schemes. The Sixth Five Year Plan provides for formation cutting of 680 k.m.soiling, metalling, black topping of 290 k.m.

Construction of bridges on the river Tuichang and Chawngte are in progress. Construction work of the following bridges have been awarded recently:-

1) Steel Bridge across river Tuipui on Champhai –Ruantlang road span—45—feet.

2) Steel Bridge across river Tuipui on Champhai—Zote road span—45—feet.

3) Steel Bridge across river Varhte on Champhai—Ruantlang road span—45—feet.

BUILDINGS In respect of construction of buildings, the Mizoram House at Silchar, Bus Stations at Saitual and Tlabung, Hospital buildings and quarters at Tlabung. Supply godowns, quarters for other Deptts., like Police, Veterinary etc. taken up for construction during 1979-80 have been completed. Construction of Mizoram House at Delhi and extension of Mizoram House at Calcutta executed by C.P.W.D. are under progress. Other building like polytechnic Institute, College building at Lunglei, Bus stations, extension at T.B. Hospital, addition of ward for handicapped persons at Aizawl, conversion of 10 bedded Hospital at Lawngtlai are under construction.

It has been decided to extend Aizawl Capital to Luangmual where land is available for construction of Secretariat complex, Assembly Hall, Ministers’ Bungalow, Senior officers’ quarters and staff quarters and work will be taken up during 1981-82.

PUBLIC HEALTH ENGINEER DEPARTMENT The Public Health Engineering Department is looking after water supply to different towns and in selected villages. 8 number of village water supply projects have been completed during 1979-80 and another 4 Schemes will be completed during 1980-81.

Sixth Five Year Plan envisages survey and investigations of water supply potentiality in 200 villages with a special emphasis on gravitation system and will take up 100 projects in addition to completion of 39 number of on going projects. The work in respect of Aizawl Water Supply Augmentation Scheme, phase I and II, Lunglei Augmentation Water Supply Scheme are also likely to be completed during Sixth Plan.


A small beginning has been made to this effect about 2 years back under the N.E.C. programme for exploring the feasibilities of utilizing water resources for irrigation purposes. Investigation is going on in Mat valley and Champhai valley and actual work is likely to commence from the next year.

POWER DEPARTMENT Rs.1800.00 lakhs is approved for Sixth Plan 1980-85 which envisages 5MW additional Diesel Generation, 6 MW Gas Turbine/Diesel, 3.5 MW Micro Hydel Installation. Work of 15 MW Serlui—B Medium Hydel Project will also be taken up. Total installed capacity will become about 17 MW by 1985. Additional Power from Regional Projects Loktak and Kopili are expected to become available by 1985-86, with completion of 132 KV Transmission line to Mizoram. This will enable us to meet Power demand projection of 21 MW by 1985-86 which includes mostly domestic requirement and marginal needs of small Industries and water supply schemes. 132 KV Transmission line from Aizawl to Lunglei with substation at Aizawl, Serchhip and Lunglei and construction of 66 KV sub-station at Vairengte and Kolasib will also be completed. It is also proposed to construct 66 KV line from Dullavcherra to Vairengte to improve the existing line on Rail Poles.

Rs. 324.00 lakhs is approved for 1981-82. It is proposed to install additional Diesel Generation of 2.45 MW to augment existing capacities of Rural areas and set up 6 new Diesel stations at Saitual, Biate, Khawzawl, Chawngte, Lokicherra and Kanhmun. Electrification of 22 more villages will be taken up during 1981-82. Total power availability will become 15.78 MW out of which 3 MW Grid Power and 12.78 MW out of Gas Turbine/Diesel Generation.

Mizoram is having a very promising hydel-power potentiality and Govt. is taking keen interest in harnessing those hydel resources. The expert teams of C.W.C. and NEEPCO have, at our instance, indentified a numbers of projects like KAWLCHAW of Chhimtuipui, BAIRABI of Tlawng river and Tuivai river. Out of these three major projects Tuivai is already under investigation by NEEPCO and the Central Govt. have agreed in principle to investigat both Chhimtuipui and Tlawng river in the Central sector.

INFORMATION AND PUBLIC RELATIONS DEPARTMENT The I & P R Deptt. used to look after the maintenance of Information Centres, advertising and visual publicity programmes, publication of magazines, calendars, tourist folders etc. every year. Department also take effective steps for promotion of cultural activities, conducted tours etc. Apart from these functions the Government Press and Tourism were also given to the Department. From the current year Printing & Stationery has been made a separate wing in the Department. Efforts has been made to centralize the procurement of office stationeries and Govt. forms for re-distribution to various Departments. During the next year, two sophisticated machines monotype and Linotype imported from United Kingdom will be installed.

ECONOMICS AND STATISTICS The Department of Economics and Statistics provides the Government at the centre and the state with necessary information and vital statistics pertaining to all development activities of Mizoram to reflect achievements to enable them to formulate Plan policy and programmes. The Department has been collecting some basic information relating to Agriculture, Education, Soil Conservation, Population, Forest, Co-operation, Labour & Employment, Trade & Commerce, Industry, Finance, Health and Family Planning, Road Statistics, Crime and Relegious Institutions etc.

During the current year, the department of National sample survey has conducted 34th/35th Rounds of sample survey covering the whole area of Mizoram. Another survey, such as House Building and Major properties survey of Urban and sub-urban areas, the Domestic Fuel Consumption Survey and socio-education survey are also conducted. Collection of information on the estimation of State Domestic product is also in progress and the preparation for the 4th issue of Statistical Hand Book of Mizoram is also in progress. Result of the Urban Survey of Mizoram and Economic Review of Mizoram are also prepared by this department. The second round of Economic Census of Mizoram also had been completed during the current financial year.

SUPPLY AND TRANSPORT DEPARTMENT Mizoram being a deficit area, foodgrain has to be imported from outside Mizoram. During 1979, 31,320 MT rice was received. As against the target of 42,938 for 1980, 29,434 MT rice was received. This was mainly due to inability of Food Corporation of India to supply according to our requirement. Beside this, disturbed condition in Assam also adversely affected movement of rice. Monsoon stocking could not, therefore, be done in all the interior places as scheduled and as a result air dropping of rice has be resorted to. A total quantity of 800.00 MT rice was air dropped in 30 centres to save people from starvation.

The target for import of rice during 1981 is 45,781 MT.

Apart from rice, other essential commodities were also imported through Government appointed dealers after obtaining allotments from the Government of India. This benefited public to a great extent in getting essential commodities at reasonable price in a deficit area like Mizoram. These essential commodities include 230 MT Free sale sugar, 2100 MT Salt, 538 MT edible oil and 3882 MT Cement. Steps have already been taken to import essential commodities in larger quantities during 1981 also.

To facilitate drawal of rations Government have appointed 51 more retailers during 1980.

TRANSPORT WING The strength of flect under Mizoram State Transport had been increased to 68 during 1980 as against 46 during 1979 by acquiring 22 buses. These buses ply in 19 routes covering 2100 km. It is also contempted to buy 10 more buses raising the strength of fleet to 78 by the end of 1980-81. Planning Commission has approved an outlay of Rs.57 lakhs for 1981-82. The Department will buy another 14 buses to augment the existing fleet. Introduction of Jeep/Trecker service in the interior, by procuring Jeep/Trecker where Jeepable road exist, is also under consideration of Government.

At present there are 24 road worthy trucks. These Trucks are deployed for carriage of essential commodities and also let out on hire to other Departments as well as to public. During 1980 about 6400 M.T. of essential commodities was carried by these Trucks. The Department is trying to augment the fleet of Trucks and it is contemplated to buy 5 more Trucks during 1980-81 and also equal number during 1981-82.

FINANCE DEPARTMENT The regulation of the drawal of pay and allowances by Group ‘A’ officers by issue of pay slip, which hitherto used to be done by the A.G., has been taken over by the Directorate of Accounts and Treasuries from the current year. The question of taking over the maintenance of G.P.F. account of Govt. servants as well as pension cases by the Directorate of Accounts and Treasuries, which are at present done by the A.G., is under consideration of the Government. Six months’ Accounts Training to all the Divisional Accountants and Assistant Divisional Accountants recruited up to March, 1980 has been given by the Directorate of Accounts and Treasuries. Government have since decided to centralize all future courses of training under the Director of Training.

The proposal for opening sub-treasuries at Champhai, Tlabung. Lawngtlai and Chawnte is in hand and it is expected that sub-treasuries in these places may be opened during next year.

The Local Audit Wing attached to the Directorate of Accounts and Treasuries has taken up audit of the accounts of the Local Bodies and non-official organizations. Apart from this the wing has taken up audit of some of the Government offices also.

HOUSING Under housing there are 3 types of scheme, Govt.Housing Scheme, Police Housing, Housing benefit to public. Under Government Housing the scheme envisages construction of different types of quarters for the Government servants. To start with, construction of 177 residential quarters has been taken up at Luangmual, Aizawl. It is proposed to construct 150 quarters at Lunglei and 100 quarters at Saiha during the Sixth Plan.

Under the Police Housing Scheme, it is proposed to construct 161 quarters at various places in Mizoram for accommodating police personnels. Under the other housing scheme, loans are distributed to the public under M.I.G.H. and L.I.G.H.schemes. During 1979-80 a sum of Rs.68 lakhs have been distributed. During the current year there is a provision of Rs.56 lakhs for disbursement of loan under M.I.G.H. and L.I.G.H. In the budget for the next year a provision of Rs. 86.33 lakhs has been proposed.

DISTRICT COUNCIL The 3 District Councils are paid grants-in-aid under non-plan for carrying out their normal functions including the maintenance of the schemes taken up under plan during the Fifth plan period. Apart from these, they are also paid the grants-in-aid required for implementation of the annual plan schemes. For discharging the functions both under plan and non-plan a sum of Rs.60.85 lakhs is proposed for payment to the District Councils next year.

Sir, once again, I would like to inform the Hon’ble Members that the quantum of backwardness in Mizoram is one of the largest magnitudes all over the country. As you all know Mizoram is having no economic infrastructure so as to ensure local production in various fields. Our main efforts today are construction of such economic infrastructure. Our Domestic Revenue is very much limited. It is intended to mobilize additional financial resource of Rs.24.50 lakhs during the 6th plan. This target is proposed to be achieved from the following sources:-

1) Land Revenue

2.40 lakhs.

2) Animal (Control & Taxation ) Act

1.00 lakhs

3) Revision of rates of freight and hiring charges of vehicles

11.50 lakhs

4) Forest Royalty

9.50 lakhs


24.40 lakhs

The Government of India is very much sympathetic towards the economic development of this area and liberally extend financial assistance for the growing needs of this Territory. It is upon us to make fruitful utilization of the fund provided and in this context financial discipline is very much necessary for extending the maximum benefit to the common people. I am sure that with the cooperation of Hon’ble members and the public, under the peaceful atmosphere brought about by the peace negotiation between the Central Govt. and the MNF we shall succeed in achieving the objectives. Before I conclude, I would like to express my appreciation and thanks to the officers and staffs who had to work hard in preparation of the Budget Documents to enable me to present these in the House today.

With your permission Sir, I present the Budget for 1981-82 before the House for favour of consideration and approval.

Jai Hind.





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