Government of Mizoram
Budget Speech: 1977-78
By Shri. R. Thangliana
Finance Minister

Mr. Speaker Sir,

I rise to present the Budget Estimates for the year 1977 – 78. The Budget Estimates I am presenting mark the completion of the fifth financial year as Union Territory.

2. Before dealing with the details of the Budget, I would like to place on record the great loss the country has suffered recently in the sudden demise of our beloved President Shri F.A. Ahmed whose concern for an interest in the progress and development of the hill people of the North Eastern Areas will be remembered by us. I would also like to express our heart-felt condolence at the untimely demise of our beloved colleague Pu Lalhmingthanga. He was a very active member of this Assembly who used to be a great source of encouragement and inspiration for all of us. In his death Mizoram as a whole and this house in particular has lost a great citizen and leader.

3. Since I presented to this House the current years’ Budget Estimates, significant changes have occurred in the country. As the honourable members are aware, the emergency imposed by the Central Government to curb the varous anti-social and disruptionist activities has put democracy back on the rails. It has brought about peace and orderly governance and a sense of positive direction in all walks of our national life. The vigorous new economic programme announced by our dynamic and progressive leader ushered in an era of discipline, constructive work and development. A new wave of enthusiasm and urgency swept the length and breadth of the country, stirring the entire nation into serious activity which is leading us to self-sufficiency and prosperity. The implementation of this programme was taken up by this administration with earnestness and the entire administrative machinery has been geared to achieve the economic revolution envisaged in the programme. The people of Mizoram have been greatly benefitted.

4. There has been considerable improvement in the law and order situation in Mfizoram largely due to the untiring efforts of our Leaders, a peace agreement was signed in July, 1976 between the Govt. of India and the M.N.F. This is definitely a great step towards peace and agreement.

5. In my last Budget speech I had mentioned about the threat posed by the impending Thingtam famine. During the year 1976 rats appeared in large numbers and crops were destroyed resulting in poor harvest in some areas. In addition to some relief measures in the affected areas, Govt. have taken all possible preventive measures and the co-operation of the people in this respect is very encouraging. Many cultivators have taken to cultivation of gingers and it is found to be very encouraging.

6. During the year under review unprecedented heavy rainfall caused disruption in communications as a result of which we had to resort to airdropping of rice in many centres. The untimely drought also greatly affected the harvest in some areas. This would remind us of the defect and disadvantage of our dependence on Monsoon because of our uneconomic and harmful method of cultivation.

7. ACCOUNTS 1975 – 76.

During the year 1975-76 the total Budget Estimates both under Revenue and Capital for the year was Rs. 4248.46 lakhs. The position of our Consolidated Fund has further improved and the year closed with a plus balance of Rs. 47.50 lakhs.


The Revised Estimates for 1976-77 compare as follows with the Budget Estimates :

(Rs. In lakhs)



Budget Estimates

Revised Estimates



1. Revenue Account



2. Capital Account



9. The above figures of Revised Estimates 1976-77 indicate an increase of Rs. 330.45 lakhs under Revenue and Rs. 38.98 lakhs under Capital over the original in the Budget Estimate 1976-77. The main reasons for the increase are as follows :-


1.      Arrear  pay  and  allowances 
         Due  to  Revision  of  pay                Rs. 177.53  lakhs
         scales  etc.

2.  Relief  works                                       Rs.   14.39      “

3.  Enhancement of T.A./D.A.                     Rs.     7.30      “

4.  Compensation  for

     destruction  of properties  etc.

     during  disturbance                              Rs.   21.71     “

5.  Borrowed  Battalion                              Rs.   62.82     “

6.  Rehabilitation  of

     M.N.F.  returnees                                Rs.  10.00     “

7.   Purchase  of  vehicles  &

      Wireless  set  in  connec-                    Rs.     9.70     “

      tion  with  VIP  security

8.   Increase  in  U.T.

      Plan  Schemes                                   Rs.   27.00     “


                                             Total  :     Rs.  330.45     “




1.  Repayment  of  loans                          Rs.    17.46  lakhs

     taken  from Govt.of India.

2.  Internal Debt of the State         

     Govt.for transmission and                    Rs.      8.58     “

     Distribution  scheme  for

     66 KV  Sub-Station at


3.  Loans for Road & Water

     Transport/Loans  to provide

     Seed  money  for obtaining                     Rs.    5.00     “

     Truck/Loan from the State

     Bank by the unemployed

     Youth/MNF Returnees  etc.

4.  Loans to Co-operative

     Societies for furtherance                          Rs.    5.00     “

     of  Marketing  of  Ginger.

5.  Miscellaneous  &                                     Rs.    2.94     “

     Other  loans.

                                                         Total  :     Rs.   38.98     “



10.        BUDGET  ESTIMATES  1977-78


            I  shall  now  present  before  you  the  Budget  Estimates  for  the  year  1977-78.  In  brief  the  Budgetary  position  of  the  Union  Territory  for  the  year  1977-78  is  as  follows  :-


                                                     (in  lakhs  of  Rupees)

                                                     R.E. 76-77      BE  77-78



(i)   Gross  Expdr.

Non-Plan                                    2209.59             20.56.74

U.T.  Plan                                    643.40                717.31

NEC  Plan                                    100.95                153.08

Central  Plan/Centrally

Sponsored  Schemes                68.45                 31.54

Central  Road  Schemes/

Construction  of  Roads  by      722.02                547.00



               TOTAL :         3744.41                       3505.67


(ii)  Revenue  Receipts            109.03                    127.54

(iii) Recoveries  of  Expdt.         36.00                       36.00




(i)   Non   Plan                      651.62                          743.45

(ii)   U.T.  Plan                      248.60                          415.72

(iii)  N.E.C.  Plan                       -                       -

(iv)  Central  Plan/C.S.S.           4.00                               -


             TOTAL  :          904.22                         1159.17


(v)   Recoveries  of  Expdr.   505.80                         575.69

Gross  Total  of  Revenue

and  Capital                            4648.63                         4664.84


11. The approved plan outlay for 1977-78 is Rs. 11.07 crores as against Rs. 8.92 for 1976-77 (revised). The sector wise distribution of this amount is shown in Appendix ‘A’. Over and above this amount we will get a sum of Rs. 1.53 crores under the regional Plan of the North Easter Council. The department wise detail break up of this amount is shown in Appendix ‘B’. For the Central Scheme and Centrally Sponsored Schemes we have made a token provision of Rs. 0.32 Crores. The final figure when received is expected to be about Rs. 0.70 Crores. In addition to above we have a provision of Rs. 5.47 crores under Central Plan for construction and maintenance of Border Roads by the B.R.T.F. The total Plan expenditure during the year will, therefore, work out to Rs. 18.39 crores.


The revised scales of pay for employees of Mizoram have been notified in most of the cases. There are still some posts yet to be covered and some cases of anomalies not yet finalised. These cases are actively pursued with the Govt. of India. As already pointed our earlier sufficient fund has been made available in the RE 1976-77 for disbursement of arrear pay and allowances due to revision of pay scales. It is hoped that most of the employees will be able to draw their arrear pay and allowances during current year.

13. The Govt. of India have approved establishment of Sub-Treasuries in the following Sub-Divisional Headquarters :-

(1) Kolasib (2) Champhai (3) Demagiri and (4) Chawngte. Necessary fund for the purpose has been provided in the RE 1976-77 and BE 1977-78. The Sub-Treasuries are expected to be opened during the year 1977-78. The question of upgrading the Saiha Sub-Treasury to a full-fledged District Treasury is also under active consideration.

14. Opening of more branch offices of the State Bank of India and other scheduled Banks in Mizoram is also actively considered by the Bank authorities. The Branch offices of the State Bank of India are expected to be opened during 1977-78 at Champhai, Saiha and Demagiri.


(i) During 1976-77 the department issued 1148 passes under the Lushai Hills District (House Site) Act, 1953 for House, shops and stalls. Under the Mizo District (Agricultural Land) Act, 1963 and the rules made there-under 2092 permits for various purposes such as Farms, Garden, W.R.C., Fish Pond and Dry Terrace covering 20,928.87 bighas of land have been issued. Under the Mizo District (Land and Revenue) Act, 1957, 851 house sites covering 432.45 bighas have been settled.

(ii) There have been great improvements in the collection of Land Revenue and Taxes on income and Expenditure.

(iii) During the year 1976-77 there is a provision of Rs. 6 lakhs for construction and maintenance of Market sheds. The existing markets in the territory have been considerably improved and new market sheds are being constructed in different centres during current year. A sum of Rs. 9 lakhs has been earmarked for construction and maintenance of Market Sheds during the year 1977-78. Construction of Market Sheds at more centres will be taken up during the year 1977-78.

(iv) With the introduction of the Mizo District (Agricultural land) Rules, 1971 Permanent Settlement of various agricultural lands within the territory has become possible. During 1977-78 wet rice Cultivations at Vairengte and Bilkhawthlir areas and Champhai and Serchhip areas will be taken up. For this purpose necessary fund has been provided for entertainment of additional staff.

16. POWER :

The works on construction of 66 KV Line is progressing well and 90% of the work has been completed. The work is expected to be completed by May, 1977 for which a provision of Rs. 11 lakhs has been made in the BE 1977-78. Under Rural Electrification a provision of Rs. 45 lakhs has been made in the BE 1977-78 for electrification of 10 Villages. For extension of distribution lines in Aizawl and Lunglei a provision of Rs. 15 lakhs has been made.


(i) Inspite of shortage of technical personnel the P.W.D. continues to expand its activities and achieved substantial progress particularly in respect of Road Schemes.

(ii) During 1976-77 formation cutting on 19 Kms long Bilkhawthlir – Saiphai Road, 37 Km long Tuivawl Chhuah Suangpuilawn Jeepable Road and 39 Kms long Sateek – Samlukhai portion of Aizawl – Thenzawl Road was completed and these roads have been thrown open for vehicular traffic. The first 22 Kms portion of Kolasib – Bairabi Road also has been opened to vehicular traffic.

(iii) The work of formation cutting in respect of remaining reach covering Samlukhai – Tlawng River of Aizawl – Thenzawl – Lunglei Road, Kolasib – Lokicherra Road, Hnahthial – South Vanlaiphai, Lungsen – Chawngte Road and Lungdar - Chekawn – North Vanlaiphai Roads is making good progress. The work of formation cutting on the N.E.C. ROAD Schemes of Kawnpui – Bairabi – Kumarghat Road and Aizawl – Mamit – Gharmurah Road is also in progress.

(iv) On the State plan Sector the outlay on the Road for the year 1977-78 has been approved at Rs. 281 lakhs which is roughly 17% higher than the outlay of the previous year. In addition an outlay of Rs. 70 lakhs has been provided for the N.E.C. Road Schemes.

(v) In terms of physical target it is expected that by the end of the year 1977-78 formation cutting of the following road projects would be completed and the roads open for vehicular traffic :-

1. Full reach of Kolasib to Zamuang portion of Kolasib – Lokicherra Road.

2. Full reach of Hnahthial – S.Vanlaiphai Road.

3. Full reach of Lungsen – Chawngte Road.

4. Full reach of N. Vanlaiphai – East Lungdar Road.


The Public Health Engineering Department has taken up 21 Nos. of Rural Water Supply Schemes for execution during the year 1976-77 out of which 16 Nos. are spilled over schemes of 1975-76. It is expected that the following schemes would be commissioned shortly :-

1. Thenzawl Water Supply Scheme.

2. Lokicherra Water Supply Scheme.

3. Zobawk Water Supply Scheme.

4. Zemabawk Water Supply Scheme.

5. Khawzawl Water Supply Scheme.

6. Sialsuk Water Supply Scheme.

7. Reiek Water Supply Scheme.

During 1977-78 the department has the

programme to take up 19 Nos. of Water Supply Scheme for which a provision of Rs. 14 lakhs has been made in the be 1977-78.


(i) During the year under review the performance of the Police in dealing with Police work, Law and Order problems has been very effective and the law and order situation also has further improved considerably. To further strengthen the Police Organisation several new posts including one post of Deputy Inspector General of Police have been sanctioned. The 1st Bn. M.A.P. and the District Executive Force of the three districts are also being re-organised.

(ii) Though we do not have Police Training School of our own the training facilities offered by Central Police Organisation and other State Governments have been availed of as far as practicable. A total number of 118 all ranks from various Police Organisations have been trained.

(iii) Out of the 23 Police Stations, 20 Stations have now been provided with Radio Communications. Arrangements for opening Radio Stations in the remaining three stations are also being made.

(i) The Mizoram Home Guards also have made considerable progress, 50% of the raised strength has been armed and they have been detailed for various important armed duties.


(i) During 1976-77 out of the target of 42, 26 Societies have been organised and registered and the remaining 16 Societies are under process for registration. A sum of Rs. 14.23 lakhs is being extended to these Societies as well as to the existing deserving societies to strengthen and improve their infrastructure and economic viability. Almost all the Group Centres and other deserving villages have been covered with service Co-operatives for building up an effective public distribution system. During 1977-78, 44 more Societies covering various activities are earmarked for registration and Rs. 21 lakhs has been provided for giving assistance to various Co-operative institutes.

The two State Level Societies viz the Mizo Wholesale Co-operative Stores and the Mizoram Apex Marketing Co-operative Society have been suitably strengthened to feed and assist the Village and Town level Societies for implementation of the 20 Point Economic Programme, particularly, the responsibility of marketing and distribution of essential commodities and agricultural produces. For Urban Consumers at Aizawl a large-sized departmental Store in the form of "Super Market" has been opened with an investment of Rs. 7 lakhs.

(ii) In the field of AgriculturalMarketing the Apex Marketing Co-operative Society has rendered a great service to growers of ginger in Mizoram. During current year it has already marketed 20,000 Qtls of ginger and the growers have been assured of a fair price for their produce. During the coming year the Society plans to procure 80,000 Qtls of ginger.


(i) Under the Employment Generation Scheme a provision of Rs. 56 lakhs was made in the BE 1976-77 which has been augmented to Rs. 70.39 lakhs in the RE 1976-77. This amount is being spent through the Deputy Commissioners. Under this scheme the people have been provided with alternative source of income through construction of Jeep roads, play grounds etc. the benefits of which are again directly available to them. A provision of Rs. 66.00 lakhs has been made in the BE 1977-78.

(ii) Relief Measures are also taken in the form of Gratuitous Relief to victims of natural calamities and to those who are unable to earn their living owing to physical disability, tender or old age or infirmity. During current year Rs. 4.50 lakhs has been spent as gratuitous relief through the Deputy Commissioners. Under natural calamities a sum of Rs. 10,000/- has been given for Cachar Flood Relief, Rs. 5,000/- for Tripura flood relief and Rs. 35,000 for Medical relief to Cachar flood Victims & Rs. 1.60 lakhs is being spent through the Deputy Commissioner for giving rewards for killing rats. Provisions of Rs. 4.50 lakhs for Gratuitous Relief and Rs. 2.50 lakhs for natural calamities are made in the BE 1977-78.


(i) The Directorate of Education and Social Welfare has been edequately strengthened and has now been functioning effectively. For inspection, supervision and pedagogic guidance of Educational Institutions adequate field staff have now been provided.

(ii) The number of High and M.E. Schools has been increased from 108 to 115 and 223 to 227 respectively. All the Govt. L.P. Schools under three Autonomous District Councils have been transferred to the respective District Councils and substantial grants-in-aid have been given to the District Councils for Primary Education.

(iii) The Mizoram Board of School Education has also been established and started functioning with effect from 23rd December, 1976.

(ii) The new Grant-in-aid Rule and the M.E. and Primary Merit Scholarships Rules have been approved by Govt. of India and are being implemented from current Financial Year 1976-77. This will go along way in putting the Non-Govt. Institutions on proper footing so as to enable them to function effectively for general education. Under the new rules more Merit Primary and M.E. Scholarships can now be awarded.

(v) Due attention is being given to getting more trained teachers in various institutions. The intake of trainees for Graduate Training course has been increased to 50 during current year and now special subjects such as Science and Mathematics have also been introduced. The intake capacity is being increased to 60 from 1977-78.

(vi) Under the scheme of propagation of Hindi, Hindi Teachers have been provided to 13 new Middle Schools and the number of High Schools and M.E. Schools which are now provided with Hindi Teachers are 64 and 204 respectively. The Hindi Teachers are also being given in-service training at Mizoram Hindi Training Institute. The Institute has admitted 20 Hindi Teachers for a two – year training.

(vii) The Industrial Training Institute, Aizawl has been functioning effectively in the new buildings. During last year the institute admitted 60 trainees for different trades. Now the intake of trainees has been increased to 80.

(viii) The Social Education Wing has also been functioning effectively. Literacy Campaigns have been organised in 16 different places and 107 new Adult Literacy Centres have so far been opened with a result aht 2445 adult illiterates have so far been made literates. Social Service Camps have been organised in 21 centres and grants have been provided to 60 Village Development Committees, Social Education Centres are provided with reading books, petromax, work implements and Sports Materials. The Programme of Non-Formal Educations has also been introduced in Chhimtuipui District in 100 Centres and 3,000 young people are being benefitted.

(ix) Under Social Welfare Schemes grants-in-aid have been given to various voluntary organisations for the help of handicapped persons, poor and destitutes and motherless babies. Old age pensions at the rate of Rs. 30/- p.m. have been given to 125 old age people beyond 65 years.


With the implementation of the re- organisation of the department the working of the department has improved considerably. The position of recovery also has improved.

(ii) It is proposed to construct permanent godown at 11 (eleven) places in a phased manner. A token provision of Rs. 80,000/- was made in the BE 1976-77. Necessary fund for completion of two godowns one at Serchhip and another at Kolasib has been provided in the RE 1976-77.

(iii) The department is maintaining control over distribution and fixation of prices of K. Oil. There has also been regular flow of all essential baby food and medicines at reasonable prices.

(iv) During 1977-78 it is expected to procure about 29,500 MT of rice 1530 MT of Sugar and 570 MT of Wheat. Building up of buffer stocks of rice in the main distributing centres has already started. The FCI has already started storing their stock of rice required for Aizawl District at Aizawl. The FCI also are subsidising the transportation charges to all the main centres on the Silchar – Lunglei – Lawngtlai road.

(v) Apart from trading in essential commodities construction of 9 (nine) more godowns at a total cost of Rs. 17,39,956.00 has been proposed during next year 1977-78 at the following places :-

(1) Khawzawl (2) Champhai (3) Lokicherra (4) Hnahthial (5) Chawngte (6) Lawngtlai (7) Saiha (8) Saitual (9) Demarigi :

(vi) It has also been proposed to instal a Consumers Petrol Pump under the Government Trading Scheme. The department is now making all arrangements to start operation of the Petrol Pump.


There is a fleet of 115 vehicles out of which 42 vehicles are permanently off-road. The trucks are mainly utilised for carriage of rice. The department is contemplating to increase the number of vehicles by purchasing 5 Nos. Truck, 2 Nos. Diesel Jeep and 10 Nos. 1 Ton Nissan Trucks during 1977-78.


(i) During current year the State Transport Organisation covered 10 routes with a fleet of 32 buses. Two new buses have since been received and body fabrication of 6 more buses is in progress. It is expected that these 8 buses will be received within March, 1977.

(ii) The total revenue earned upto February, 1977 was Rs. 11.56 lakhs. The work on construction of one new bus station and improvement of one existing station is in progress. The construction of about 8 bus Stations is also contemplated. It is also intended to extend the bus service to 15 routes as against 10 (ten) routes at present.


(i) The feasibility report on Paper and Paper Pulp Project has been completed. On the basis of the report there is a good possibility for the establishment of one Paper and Paper Pulp Factory at Bairabi with a production capacity of 100 tonnes of writing paper and 100 tonnes of Draft paper per day. Application for Licence and Letter of Intent has been submitted which is under active consideration of the Ministry of Industrial Development. Further steps would be taken on receipt of the License for establishing the factory.

(ii) A team of experts from the National Sugar Research Institute, Kanpur conducted a survey for the establishment of Mini Sugar Plant. The results of the survey are very encouraging. The team will submit its final report shortly and further steps to establish sugar units will be taken during 1977-78.

(iii) The pace of development of small scales Industries has increased and during the period under review 76 new units were established and given provisional registration. It may be mentioned that one Engineering Unit has developed a new design of machine for combined ginning and carding. Land for developing Industrial Estate at Kolasib Group Centres has been acquired. The work of Jungle clearing and fencing is in progress.

(iv) As there is no financial institution to finance Industrial Units in Mizoram the Govt. has to play a vital role in providing the finance required for establishment of new Small Scale Units. During 1976-77 a sum of Rs. 5 lakhs for big loans and Rs. 3 lakhs for small loans will be given to various Industrial Units. Apart from these loans the Rural Industrial Project will also disburse Rs. 4 lakhs as industrial loans.

(v) Under grant-in-aid Schemes Sewing Machines, Carpentry Tools, etc are given free of cost and Knitting machines, Handloom tools etc. are given on 50% subsidy.

(vi) Sites for the establishment of one Apiary in each of the three districts have been selected. Eash district has been given Rs. 17,000/- for jungle clearing, fencing, and site preparation etc. During 1977-78 the same amount will be given for development of these Apiaries.

(vii) Under the 20-Point Economic Programme special emphasis is being given for development of Handloom Industries. During 1976-77, 7 (seven) buildings for establishment of Weavers’ Service Centres have been completed. One Design-cum-Production Centre has been established at Luangmual. During 1977-78 provision has been made for starting one Cane & Bamboo Training Centre in Lunglei District and two training centres in Chhimtuipui District.

(viii) Officers of the department have been given training in Sericulture and Management and Development of Cottage and Small Industries. Entrepreneurs from Mizoram were also sent on Study Tour to visit industrial units in various places.


(i) During the year 1976-77 the department achieved great progress. During this period 118 new hospital beds have been added to the existing 404 beds bringing the total number of hospital beds to 522. The increase in the number of hospital beds has been possible due to the completion of buildings at Aizawl Hospital, Zemabawk T.B. Hospital, Champhai Hospital, Hnahthial Primary Health Centre, South Vanlaiphai Dispensary and part of new building of Saiha Hospital.

(ii) Reorganisation of the Public Health Services and restructuring of the departmental organisation have been started. Different sets of workers functioning separately under different programmes have now been pooled. Against the 80 Sub-Centres functioning prior to re-organisation 118 Sub-Centres with 30 supervisory centres have started functioning now. The idea is to cover every individual by health services instead of keeping Medical Aid Centres here and there. The workers pooled from different wings are now functioning as multipurpose workers. It is expected that as a result of this re-organisation there will be considerable improvement in the Health Services.

(iii) Shortage of qualified doctors and specialists continues to be our main problem. To overcome this problem Government have sent students on stipend to undergo studies in Medical Science. At present there are 47 Medical Students in various Medical Colleges sent by Mizoram Govt. It is expected that 5 to 8 qualified doctors will be added to the strength of the department every year. During current year 3 Medical Students have completed their M.B.B.S. and joined the department.

(iv) In the field of Family Planning we have not been able to make much headway. This is again due to shortage of qualified doctors. With the restructuring of the Health Services/Organisation it is hoped that we would be able to give better health education to the people and the message of family planning will reach every nook and corner of Mizoram and the people would be able to realise the need and also the advantage of keeping the size of a family within reasonable limit.

(v) Total expenditure of the department under Plan and Non-Plan during current year will be about Rs. 186 lakhs. This figure includes expenditures under the Central Plan and Centrally Sponsored Schemes. During the year 1977-78 the total proposed expenditure under Plan and Non-Plan is about Rs. 220 lakhs.


(i) The department functions as administrative department in respect of the three District Councils viz. Pawi, Lakher and Chakma Councils. In addition to the normal grants-in-aid the Districts Councils have been given grants under Plan Schemes for various works, such as Rural Communication, Sanitation, Water Supply and Forest. A total grant-in-aid amounting to Rs. 9.30 lakhs has been sanctioned for these works to be executed by the District Councils. A provision of Rs. 8 lakhs will be available during the year 1977-78.

(ii) Under Plan Sector the allocation of fund for current year is Rs. 19 lakhs. Out of this Rs. 5 lakhs is being spent in Urban Development and Rs. 14 lakhs for housing.


The Middle Income Group and Low Income Group Housing Schemes have been implemented right from the first year of the Union Territory. Under the Schemes loans have been sanctioned to hundreds of deserving families. The utilisation of the loans by the loanees is also very encouraging. During current year we have a provision of Rs. 20 lakhs under Non-Plan and Rs. 5 lakhs under Plan. The Non-Plan provision has been augmented by Rs. 9.20 lakhs. The entire amount of Rs. 34.20 lakhs is being utilised in full during current year. A provision of Rs. 30 lakhs under Non-Plan and Rs. 6 lakhs under Plan will be available for housing loans under the schemes during 1977-78.


The Govt. of Mizoram and the Govt. of India are taking keen interest in the rehabilitation of M.N.F. returnees. A full time Rehabilitation Commissioner has been appointed. A very ambitious rehabilitation scheme has been prepared and submitted to Govt. of India. The scheme has been approved by Govt. of India in principle and budget provisions of Rs. 10 lakhs in the RE 1976-77 and Rs. 30 lakhs in the BE 1977-78 have been made.


(i) Three mobile units set up in the 3 District during 1974-75 have been further strengthened with more documentary films and technical equipments. An outstanding achievement in this respect is production of coloured documentary film on Mizoram in collaboration with Film Division of the Govt. of India.

(ii) During current year more reading materials and furniture have been supplied to the District and Rural information Centres. These centres will be further strengthened during 1977-78 for which a provision of Rs. 1.70 lakhs has been made.

(iii) The Govt. Press has been further strengthened during current year by acquiring more machines and equipments. The question of converting the existing Press into a full-fledged Govt. Press has been taken up with the Govt. of India and it is expected that the full-fledged Press will be established within 2 to 3 years. A provision of Rs. 1,00,000 has been made in the be 1977-78 for strengthening of the existing Press.

(iv) The Tourist Lodge at Saitual has been furnished during current year. Acquisition of land at Chaltlang for construction of a Tourist Lodge is expected to be completed during current year. Construction work will be taken up during 1977-78 for which Rs. 1 lakh has been provided.


The performance of the department has considerably improved during current year. The department is engaged in regular collection/tabulation/evaluation/compilation and submission of basic and important statistical datas and also in occasional surveys/census. The department ensured regular submission of basic and important statistics to the Central Government. Such informations includes (I) Agricultural Statistics such as crops, forecast report, production and yield rate of major crops and land utilisation statistics, (ii) Socio-Economic Statistics (iii) Education Statistics (iv) Health Statistics, etc. The department plays a vital role in the development activities of various departments by furnishing required datas and statistics and disseminating statistical informations.


The department is mainly engaged in various development works such as, construction and improvement of playgrounds, Community Halls, Craft Centre buildings, Cement Water tanks in rural areas, Jeepable roads, Inter-village paths, suspension bridges, indoor stadium etc. A total expenditure of Rs. 32.6 lakhs including expenditure on special Development Scheme of Chhimtuipui District is being incurred during current year. In addition a dum of Rs. 8 lakhs is being spent under the programme of nutrition. The provision for the above schemes and works in BE 1977-78 will be Rs. 9.00 lakhs.


(i) In the field of Piggery Development the Regional Pig Breeding Farm financed by N.E.C. has been doing well and a target of 100 Sow units is expected to be achieved during 1977-78. The department also propose to assist the poor farmers in the form of meterial grants such as pigs and housing materials. In respect of sheep and goat development the department propose to assist few selected villages where sheep and goats have been found to be flourishing.

(ii) In the field of Dairy and Milk Supply the Town Milk Supply scheme for Aizawl town is being expanded by commissioning the Chilling Plant at Zemabawk and all the collecting centres at Durtlang and Zemabawk.

35. I shall now conclude my Speech. My predecessor had mentioned in the first Budget Session of Mizoram Union Territory about the assurance given by the Central Leaders that shortage of fund would not be allowed to stand in the way of our economic development. From the Budget Estimates being presented now it will be seen that there has been steady rise in the allotment of fund for various developmental work and we have not been faced with shortage of fund so far. It is now our responsibility to ensure proper utilisation of fund placed at our disposal. I have no doubt that it would be possible for us to continue our financial management with seriousness of purpose and discipline, which alone would enable us to achieve better results in various fields of our developmental activities. In this endeavor I seek the co-operation of members of this House and the different sectors of Mizoram administration.

36. With these words, Sir I commend the Revised Estimates 1976-77 and the Budget Estimates 1977-78 for the consideration and approval of the House.





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