Governor Address - 1988


Hon'ble Speaker and Distinguished Members of the House,

I am very happy to have the privilege of welcoming you to this Session and addressing this First Session of the Fourth Legislative Assembly for 1988.

Last year while addressing this august House, I had the occasion to request the Hon'ble Members to appreciate their responsibilities and make sincere endeavors for ensuring justice, social as well as economic to our people. I am happy that, during the last one year, we have taken significant steps ahead and succeeded in satisfying the needs and aspirations of our people and thereby progressed towards the overall objectives of equality, justice and self-reliance in various spheres of our activities.


During the year 1987, general crime and law and order situation in the State remained well under control.

It is gratifying to note that overall crime showed downward trend during the year, which was particularly noticeable under crime heads, viz. dacoity, burglaries and theft. The efforts of my Government in the direction of revamping and strengthening the State Police force had a desired impact over the general crime situation.

I am happy to mention that, my Government has successfully contained the activities of insurgents, operating in Valley area, with the active support from Security Forces. Some areas of the districts of Ukhrul, Senapati and Chandel, however, remained affected by the activities of N.S.C.N. I am sanguine that with the initiation of positive measures, such as, introduction of Village Police System and thereby strengthening Village Authority, re-organisation of Intelligence machinery and seeking mass co-operation by speedy implementation of various economic and welfare schemes, which have already been undertaken by my Government, in right earnest, the activities of N.S.C.N. will also be controlled firmly. I am also hopeful that, misguided youth who form a microscopic minority will realize follies of their illegal ways refrain from violence and join National mainstream, to enable the Government to improve their lot and usher in a new era of peace and prosperity for the people. Time has come for my Government not only to curb and contain insurgency but also to put an end within the framework of the Constitution.

My Government has re-organised the Home Guards set up in Manipur on National pattern and has improved the service conditions of volunteers, including enhancement of Duty Allowance and sanctioning food Packet Allowance at the rates which are one of the best in the country. The Police Housing Corporation which has been set up to look after the construction of Police Housing and administrative Police buildings has started functioning and efforts are being made to provide adequate finances for speedy execution of works. Further, to reduce dependence on other Forces and to tackle law and order problem on its own, two additional Manipur Rifles Bns. have been sanctioned during the year. Significant measures initiated by my Government also include concerted efforts made to check the social menace of Drug trafficking and addiction. I am sanguine that with the implementation of various schemes, Manipur Police shall occupy a proud place along with the best of the State Police Forces in the country.


Jail administration has further improved and no untoward incident was reported during the year under review. Great emphasis was laid to modernize Jail Administration in accordance with the recommendation of All India Jail Reforms Committee and the Report of National Expert Committee on Women Prisoners appointed by the Government of India. Pending establishment of a Rehabilitation Centre, a special programme for treatment and rehabilitation of drug addicts under the care and expertise of trained medical staff is being carried out by my Government. Adequate facilities were provided to prisoners willing to pursue their academic career as well as arrangements were made to provide vocational training to long-term convicts to facilitate their rehabilitation in the society, after release from Jail.


My Government continued to implement various schemes introduced for rehabilitation of misguided youths, who come overground and renounce violence, during the year under review. I am confident that benefit of these schemes will be availed by increasing number of youths in coming months, who shall renounce violence, join National mainstream and thereby help their State in ushering in a new era of peace, prosperity and development.


My Government has initiated suitable measures to regularize the services of its employees, in right earnest, and updated Recruitment Rules for various posts. It has established a Pension Cell to ensure expeditious disposal of payment of pension and other retirement benefits to its employees. The State Academy of Training conducted Foundation courses for Civil/Police/Finance/Technical services, besides conducting State Appreciation Courses for the probationers of All India Services, Professional Courses for Finance and Accounts Service Officers and others, as well as Refresher Courses for State government employees, covering 1230 employees, during the year.

The State Vigilance Commission disposed of 186 complaints during the year 1987, out of which charges were substantiated in 56 cases. The Vigilance Police arrested eleven Government employees involved in various corruption cases. It also recommended institution of Departmental Proceedings for major penalty against 33 officials, involved in 22 cases, besides recommending minor penalty proceedings against 20 officials.


My Government is fully alive to the needs and aspirations of various sections of the society and taking all possible measures to improve their lot adequately. These measures include, enhancement of State pension to the Freedom Fighters from Rs.100/- to Rs. 250/- P.M., providing medical facilities to the freedom fighters free of cost and introduction of a new scheme under which each jobless family of a Freedom Fighter will be provided one job under the State Government. The employment opportunities for youths joining NCC have been improved by reserving 10% of the vacancies in Police Department for candidates possessing ‘C' Certificate besides giving preference to ‘B' Certificate holders in matters of employment. A Computer Centre has been established for co-coordinating and promoting Science and Technology activities and to store and analyse important and valuable data.

My Government is fully committed to maintain communal harmony and has taken adequate measures for implementation of 15-Point Programme for welfare of Minorities. The WAKE ACT 1954 has been extended to Manipur and A WAKE ADVISORY BOARD, with adequate representation, has also been constituted during the year. District administration has been made more responsive to the aspirations and needs of rural poor, and Working of District Councils has further been streamlined to improve its performance.


My Government is implementing various legal and constitutional matters, keeping in view, promotion and administration of justice, on the basis of equal opportunities to all segments of our society. The Government has extended Legal Aid and Advice to deserving candidates under the Legal Aid and Advice Programme during the year, 1987. Further, with a view to bringing administration of justice within easy reach of the weaker and downtrodden sections of our society, as well as to expedite disposal of various disputes, each of the five hill districts has now been provided with a Court of the Chief Judicial Magistrate. The Government of India has also been requested to establish a separate High Court for Manipur as expeditiously as possible. The functioning of the Directorate of Prosecution has further been streamlined to improve its performance.


The State's financial position continued to be stable during the year under review. In spite of further commitments, including revision of pay scales of the Government employees, extension of bonus facility to Police personnel and raising of additional Manipur Rifles Bns. during the current financial year, steps have been taken to contain the liabilities within the framework of available resources.

Revenue collection, both from tax and non-tax sources, improved substantially during the year. I am sanguine that my Government would be able to manage its finances well due to strict financial discipline being enforced by the Department.


My Government has re-organised the Revenue set-up by bifurcating existing two Sub-Divisions in Imphal District into four with headquarters at Porompat, Sawombung, Lamphelpat and Wangoi, and created two new Tehsils with headquarters at Tulihal in Imphal District and Heirok in Thoubal District, with a view to bringing the administration closer to the people.

It is re-assuring to note that, my Government has taken positive and concrete measures to augment our resources. I am happy to note that, my Government has allotted house sites to 93 persons including 76 Scheduled Tribes, agricultural land to 29 persons including one Scheduled Tribe and shop sites to 4 persons including one Scheduled Tribe during the year. My Government will see and take up land reforms in the State. Steps/measures for extension of MLR/LR Act throughout the territory of Manipur will be taken up. Reclamation of cultivable lands will be on the top priority.


It is encouraging to mention that the State economy has achieved balanced growth and withstood strains caused by drought and floods successfully. The Members will be happy to learn that, despite constraints, my Government will be achieving the targets laid down for implementation of various economic programmes fully. The Annual Plan of Rs. 105 crores which represented an increase of over 20% over the Annual Plan outlay for 1986-87 is being adequately implemented with top priority being accorded to sectors like Irrigation and Flood Control, Roads and Buildings, Power and Social Services. My Government has also accorded priority to the agricultural and allied programmes including poverty alleviations scheme. To ensure rural employment, substantially enhanced outlay, above the matching share of the Central Government, has been provided to NREP.

The progress of implementation of various economic schemes being executed by various departments is being regularly and adequately monitored by quarterly meetings, presided over by the Chief Minister. The District Planning and Development Council, with Cabinet Minister in-charge of the district as the Chairman, acts as co-coordinating point, besides reviewing implementation of various programmes. Besides, there is a High Level Committee headed by the Chief Minister, which supervises and reviews critical programmes including 20-Point Programme, regularly. It is a matter of satisfaction, that, the Planning Commission have approved an outlay of Rs. 122.50 crores for the Annual Plan 1988-89, which represents an increase of over fifteen percent over the Annual Plan of the current year. My Government will accord top priority to poverty alleviation programmes, provision for infrastructure facilities and agriculture and allied sectors during 1988-89. Further, maximum effort will be made to complete ongoing capital intensive projects, to reduce cost overrun and ensure that benefits are generated in time. A beginning has already been made on ‘A Project Approach' in the management of schemes. I am happy that, my Government is taking adequate care of safeguarding the interests of weaker and downtrodden sections of the society as well as of backward areas. To ensure balanced economic development, specific funds have been earmarked for these areas. It is proposed to decentralize planning and delegate enhanced authority to field offices for speedier execution of schemes. To begin with, two districts, one each in Valley and Hill areas, have been selected for introducing decentralized planning.

I am happy to mention that, my Government had been endeavouring to achieve targets, in the field of IRDP, NREP, RLEGP, SSI, PHC, assistance to SC/ST families, Indira Awas Yojana, Tree Plantation, electrification of villages and construction of improved chullah and biogas plant, points 1,8,11,14,16 and 19 of the 20-point programme.


Efforts initiated by my Government, to decentralize the administration by strengthening Local Bodies, with a view to taking administration nearer to the people, continued during the year under review. Important poverty alleviation programmes like IRDP, NREP, RLEGP continued to be vigorously and adequately implemented through the Community Development Blocks. Efforts to secure the co-operation from people and Voluntary Agencies, in implementation of various programmes, are also continuing.


My Government is committed to achieve balanced economic growth of entire State and, in particular, accord high priority to the improvement of the lot of socially and economically weaker sections of our society. With this goal in mind, special programmes have been implemented for the speedy development of Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe communities in the field of education as well as improvement in their socio-economic conditions. The achievements of the Department include implementation of pipe water schemes to the Tribal villages, Land Reclamation Programme, Piggery, duckery and Poultry Development schemes. Other schemes being executed by the Department include setting up Village and Small Industries, construction of Hostel buildings, one multipurpose Community Hall and one Rest House. During the same period, four Roadside Godowns had been constructed under marketing Development Schemes. Under Housing, 23 Tribal families have been extended financial assistance. A special Development programme is being executed for the Maram primitive Tribe. Under the State Plan, various schemes have been undertaken in the sphere of education, economic upliftment, health and housing etc. Two Scheduled Tribe Girls' Hostels have been constructed under Centrally Sponsored Schemes.


My Government has initiated several measures, as a consequence of which, Manipur has made significant progress in the field of Agriculture. It is a matter of deep satisfaction that, consumption of fertilizers per hectare, which stood at 45 kgs. per hectare at the end of Sixth Plan, has reached the level of around 56 kgs. per hectare which, besides comparing favourably with National average of 50 kgs. is the highest among the North Eastern States. In Valley areas consumption of fertilizers has in fact reached around 92.6 kgs. per hectare.

With the irrigation potential created under Major and Minor Irrigation Projects, double cropping, that is, crop of paddy and Rabi crops after main paddy has been introduced in the State covering 17303 hectares, which represents a increase of about 100% over the last year. Further, keeping in tune with the 20-Point Programme, the production of Pulses/Oilseeds has also shown considerable increase during the year.

With the assistance from North Eastern Council, the Government have established two Seed Farms, namely Regional Seed Farm for Major Field Crops at Kharungpat and Regional Pulses and Oil Seeds Production Farm at Senapati. Major achievements of the Department include conducting Agricultural Census Operations for obtaining accurate Scientific data and undertaking a Joint Programme with the ICAR complex for evolving suitable varieties for Mid-hills, and cold-tolerant varieties for higher hills. Programmes for production of Breed and Foundation Seeds of the recommended varieties of paddy have also been initiated at the Rice Research Station, Wangbal. Construction of 1000- tonnes capacity Cold Storage has also been started. Further, to encourage healthy competition amongst the progressive farmers to increase production the Government has, by way of incentives, announced State and District Level prizes, with certificate of honour to the best farmers from current year.

The Command Area Development Authority, which was established in 1982-83 with the objective to properly utilize the potential created by Irrigation Projects, is confident of meeting the approved Annual Plan target fixed for 1987-88 by 31-3-88.

The Manipur Agro-Industries Corporation, which has been set up to develop marketing and distribution network, as well as for providing varied agricultural inputs and allied pursuits, has commenced operations satisfactorily.

During the year 1987-88, 23 students completed their graduation from Manipur Agricultural College, successfully.


Department of Horticulture and Soil Conservation is implementing various programmes, to cover larger areas, under important horticultural crops, including pineapple, orange, lime and lemon, as well as temperate fruits like plum, peach, pear and vegetables. There are nine Progeny Orchards all over the State, engaged in production of plants in addition to Development Farms for Cashew nut, Walnut, Citrus, Spices and Potato. The Department distributed 1,51,130 plants and seedlings, covering an area of 1076.21 hectares, during the year under review and extended benefits to 190 gardeners under various training programmes.

The Fruit Preservation Factory, maintained by the Government, is expecting to process 250 Mts. fruits by 31-3-88.

Under the Soil Conservation Programmes, the Department is carrying out various programmes for creation of permanent cultivable areas in hills for the jhumias. It has established Soil Conservation Demonstration farms in hill areas with the objective of motivating jhumias to give up their traditional practices. The programme for soil conservation has been slightly modified by including follow up programmes in order to utilize the terrace fields, constructed by the Department gainfully. The target of 1000 hectares for creation of permanent cultivable land in the hills, to settle the jhumias, during the current financial year will be achieved fully by 31-3-88.

The Manipur Plantation Crops Corporation produced 18364 kgs. of green tea during the year, besides producing 1,36,600 coffee seedlings out of which 1,20,000 were distributed to the public. The Corporation has also established a Coffee Estate at Bukpi in Churachandpur District during 1987-88.


My Government has been making all endeavours to ensure availability of essential commodities to the public at reasonable prices. The Department had procured 38035 Mts. of rice 6004 Mts. of levy sugar and 338 Mts. of GCI sheets for public distribution upto 31.12.87. During the same period, the Department distributed 38411 Mts. of rice, as against 20409 Mts. of rice in 1986-87, 4839 Mts. of levy sugar and 299 Mts. of GCI sheets to the public through Fair Price Shops. My Government has adequate stock of essential commodities to meet any eventuality.

During the year under review three nos. of godowns of 2500 Mts. capacity in Churachandpur, Imphal and at Ukhrul were constructed. Another godown of 500 Mts. capacity is under construction at Senapati.

As on date, 1535 Fair Price Shops are functioning in the State, covering the entire population, with another 60 Fair Price Shops proposed to be opened by 31.3.88 in Hill areas.

The State Level Price Fixation Committee has been constituted to help maintain price stability in the market. Similarly, District Level Consumers Advisory Councils have also been constituted to protect the interests of consumers. A Vigilance Cell is functioning in the Directorate and keeping close watch to ensure that the essential commodities issued through the Public Distribution System reach the common people. My Government has also initiated all possible efforts to enforce regulatory provisions of various enforcement laws. Thanks to the liberal Central assistance, the fleet of Departmental trucks has been increased.


My Government is actively engaged in drawing up several animal Husbandry and Dairy Schemes, preparing viable plans and implementing these fruitfully through willing participation of the people, with a view to enhancing livestock and poultry production in the State. Adequate stress is also being laid on health coverage, while implementing various schemes by the Department. The measures taken by my Government under Livestock Development Programme include cross breeding of cattle by introducing exotic germ-plasm.

It is proposed to open one Regional A.I. Centre and three ICDP Sub-Centres during the current year. Frozen semen scheme will also be introduced under Central assistance with the proposed establishment of three Liquid Nitrogen Plants, one Bull center and six Semen Depots.

Under the Poultry Development Programme, launched by my Government, the Poultry Farm at Mantripukhri produced sufficient eggs and chicks, besides providing facilities to the private farmers for hatching of eggs during the year. The Department also supplied cross bred ducklings produced by use of Khaki campwell ducks.

Under the Animal Health Coverage Programme, domesticated birds and animals were vaccinated against other diseases, besides vaccinating animals against Rinderpest.

Measures have been taken to combat zoonotic diseases which are communicable from animal to men and vice versa.

Two new Dispensaries were opened during the current year. Under Fodder Development programme, undertaken by my Government, measures were taken to introduce improved varieties of fodder.

Four Major Schemes, sanctioned by North Eastern council, viz. the Composite Livestock Farm, Noney, the Regional Buffalo Breeding Farm, Wabgai, Regional Pony Breeding Farm, Kanglatongbi and Regional Piggery Seed Production Farm at Tamenglong are expected to be made functional shortly.

The Operation Flood III Project and two milk chilling plants are being started in the State shortly to augment milk supply scheme. Other significant activities of the Department include undertaking various schemes for piggery, goat and mithun development as well as self-employment generation programmes, to improve economic condition of poorest of the poor.


Hon'ble members will be happy to learn that the Department of fisheries produced 25.5. millions of fish seeds during the year 1987-88 which represents an increase of about 15% over the production during the last financial year. The Department is confident to achieve the target of production of 6590 tonnes of table fish by 31.3.88. It is distributing seeds to individual Fish Farmers' Co-perative Societies and Piscicultural organisations, on credit basis, under the Fish Seed Bank Scheme, under which 5 lakh fish seeds were distributed during the year. The Department supplied 11000 kgs. of table fish to the public at Government approved rates on 23.10.87 on the occasion of Ningol Chakkouba Festival.

The Department has established one mobile Hypophysation Unit, which extends technical amd material help, in the field of induced breeding of fish farmers.

Under the Preservation and Development of Natural Fisheries Scheme undertaken by the Department 150 hectares of acquatic weed infested area has been cleared. During the year, 881 fish farmers have been extended financial assistance, with the help of NABARD, having a total subsidy-component of Rs.11, 99,793 and the loan component being Rs. 99,22,915. Further, 812,68 hectares of water area, representing an increase of about 60% over the last year, has been brought under Fish Culture. Suitable policy will be adopted to preserve the lakes in this State.

The Government has extended the Group Accident Insurance Scheme to the fish farmers, under which 222 fishermen have so far been insured.

Research work on important local indigenous fish is being undertaken at Fisheries Research Centre, Khundrakpam.


To cope with the problems connected with depletion of forest resources, my Government took up 24 Development Schemes, under Forestry Sector, with an outlay of Rs. 250 lakhs during 1987-88. The Department has also implemented three schemes under soil Conservation, in which emphasis was laid to maintain environmental stability and ecological balance. The important schemes undertaken during the year include economic plantation of industrial and commercial species to increase the growing stock per unit area, covering 1725 hectares. Further, advance works for plantation to the extent of 1950 hectares during 1988-89 will be completed shortly. Under the Social Forestry, plantation of various fast growing and fruit bearing tree-species on 2900 hectares has been completed by 31.12.87.

The scheme for development of Keibul Lamjao National Park, with the objective of protecting Sangai, in its natural habitat, is being implemented seriously. During the year, digging of cattle proof trenches and providing of ring-bund, for a length of 6 kms. along the periphery of the park, construction of a check post, habitat improvement over 100 hectares and carrying out of an aerial census was completed.

To prevent soil erosion and further deterioration of land vegetation resources, plantation over an area of 1790 hectares has been completed under the Afforestation Schemes, during the year.


Major and Medium Irrigation Projects, which were undertaken in Manipur have made significant progress during the last few years. The Department is proposing to undertake a Medium Irrigation Project at Dolaithabi, on Iril River which will have an ultimate irrigation potential of 7900 hectares.

Annual irrigation potential created by the end of March 1987, which stood at 52700 hectares, is expected to be increased to 57,900 hectares by 31.3.88.

The Department is presently conducting investigations for 16 other projects. It has completed investigation for undertaking a Medium Irrigation Project on Jiri River under N.E.C. Programme at Jiribam which will benefit, on completion, about 5800 hectares in Manipur and Assam.

In the field of flood control, my Government has been executing besides undertaking the construction of Multipurpose reservoir Projects on the upper reaches of major rivers , with a view to moderating floods, essential flood control measures including construction of new embankments, strengthening of the existing embankments, construction and improvement of drainage channels and sluices, etc. The Department has further commenced formulation of riverwise flood control projects, as long term measures. Another Major Project on Wangjing river, costing Rs. 1.18 crores, has been cleared by the Central Water Commission and is awaiting concurrence from the Planning Commission.

The Manipur Flood Plan Zoning Bill, which was passed by the Assembly, has been enacted, as the Manipur Flood Plan Zoning Act, 1978. I am happy to mention that Manipur is the first state in the country to have enacted such a law. Relevant Rules have also been formulated and notified in the Gazette


My Government is implementing various schemes, aimed to create adequate irrigation potential for increasing agricultural production. Estimates indicate that ultimate irrigation potential which could be created under Surface Water Resources will be about 1 lakh hectares, together with Ground Water resources as 5000 hectares, for the State. Another 50,000 hectares could be brought under the Permanent Terraced Paddy Field Cultivation in hill areas. By the end of December, 1987 the Department had created irrigation potential for additional 850 hectares successfully. I am confident that the department shall achieve both physical and financial targets set for the current financial year fully by 31.3.88.


With the liberalization of policy and removal of restrictions on the issue of permits for the convenience of the travelling public, the number of vehicles plying in the State has gone up to 28360 as on 31.12.87, representing a growth rate of over 20% during the last one year. The Government has set up a Planning Cell for conducting traffic surveys. The Government has also set up Road Safety Councils, at State and district levels, as well as in participating in Central Fund scheme of the Government of India under which the victims of road accidents in hit and run cases are suitably compensated. For the convenience of travelling public as well as Transport operators a central parking place has also been constructed. Against the target of Rs. 1.52 crores for revenue collection, the Department had collected Rs.1 crore approximately by 31.12.87 and hopes to achieve the target fully which represents an increase of more than 40% over the collection during 1986-87.

The Manipur State Transport Corporation hopes to carry 16 lakhs commuters, in its buses, by performing 26.40 lakhs effective kms. during the current year, which represents an increase of about ten percent over last year. The Corporation transported 12 lakhs Mts. of goods during 1986-87, which is expected to reach to 15 lakhs Mts. during the current year. My Government wants to improve communication within the State and attempts will be made to introduce Night Service.


I am happy to mention that road-density of the State, which stood at 21 kms. per 100 square kms. at the end of Sixth Five Year Plan, is anticipated to reach to about 23 kms. per 100 square kms. by 31.3.88. It is gratifying that my Government has initiated serious measures to undertake mechanized construction so essential for achieving good-riding quality and proper surfacing. The Department is laying adequate emphasis on completion of on going projects to reduce cost escalation. During 1987-88, an additional length of 122 kms. is likely to be completed, as compared to 94 kms. added during the last year, apart from improvement of Low-grade sections of the State Highway system, strengthening of weak and damaged portion of State Highways, etc.

The Department has undertaken several improvement works, to improve the riding–quality of the surface and cross drainage at several reaches on National Highways. Out of 4 Major bridges under construction, bridges at Karong and Senapati are targeted for completion by March, 1988.

Under N.E.C. programmes, 28 kms of formation-cutting was completed, besides undertaking metalling and premix carpeting of 65 kms. and 25 kms. respectively which are being completed shortly.

The Department has made significant progress in the field of construction of both Public Administration and rental buildings during the year. Important Public Administration buildings completed during the year included Banquet Hall at Raj Bhavan, Secretariat Building, Phase II and Mini secretariat at Senapati. Construction of Medical Directorate buildings at Lamphelpat, District Hospital complex at Porompat and DMO's Offices at Thoubal and Bishnupur are in advanced stage of completion. Construction of Rural Welfare Centres at Moirang, Wangoi and Nungba, Urban Family Welfare Centre at Porompat, Deaf and Mute School, Remand House and Working Ladies Hostel are in good progress. Construction of Tourist Home at Khongjom is targeted for completion during the year.

The Department has completed construction of Grain-Godown and Office building for the Directorate of Food and Civil Supplies in record time which is creditable. It has also completed construction of 23 Primary School buildings under 8th Finance Commission award. Similarly construction of Jail buildings at Sajiwa, Senapati and Chandel, and Naga Nullah Project, are also in good progress.


I am happy that my Government has implemented the National Policy on Education from the current Academic Session, in right earnest, by re-structuring the existing pattern of education into 10+2+3 system. The Government has also finalized the Operation Black Board Project with a proposal to cover 54 Primary Schools in first phase.

With a view to successfully implementing New Education policy, the Department has delinked Pre-University course in science in 5 colleges and in Arts in 12 colleges, besides opening Three Year Degree Course in 16 colleges, which has received approval from the Manipur University. Further, Bridge Courses have been opened in 18 colleges from the Academic Session 1987-88.

My Government is committed to provide better and quality education to the meritorious children of +2 stage. With this end in view, it has opened four Navodaya Vidyalayas from the current Academic Session. Further, approval of the Government of India has also been obtained for opening three Navodaya Vidyalayas during the next Academic Session. Activities of the Government in the field of Education also include opening of 284 Schools in villages where there were no schools and upgrading sixty single-teacher schools as two-teacher schools during the year.


My Government is implementing various Social Welfare Programmes, aimed at providing social care to the poor, destitute, neglected, mentally and physically handicapped persons, including women and children, with a view to rehabilitating them in society. These programmes include grant-in-aid to Balwadis, undertaking five child Welfare projects, which provide supplementary feeding, Referral Services and Health Education, construction of Museum-cum-Doll House-cum-Library at Khuman Lampak, financial assistance to the destitute children,etc. For the welfare of handicapped, the Government is running Ideal Blind School and Deaf and Mute School. The Department, besides extending financial assistance to 502 handicapped persons, during the year, is also running one Infirm-Aged House-cum-Clinic. In the field of Women's Welfare, one Working Ladies' Hostel at Takyel Welfare Complex has, started, besides a Training-cum- Production Centre for widows, divorced and destitute women.

My Government has introduced the scheme of old age pension to the needy people, besides arranging supplementary nutrition to pre-school children, pregnant and nursing mothers under the Minimum Needs programme, which covers 16 ICDS Projects, Balwadies and 36 Family and Child Welfare Centres. My Government is evincing keen interest in implementation of various Social Welfare programmes.

My Government is committed to preserve Manipuri culture and achieve integration, in real terms, between Hills and Plains, through the medium of arts. It is encouraging to note that popularity of our traditional martial arts has now crossed the national boundaries. Significant activities of the Department include organisation of an Exhibition of Traditional Costumes at G.M. Hall, repairing of the Thangal General Temple and holding of Joint workshops in the field of dance, drama, painting and folk song during the year. The Government of Uttar Pradesh has sanctioned a sum of Rs. 2 lakhs for renovation of the Samadhi to Thangal General at Radhkund in Mathura district. I extend my thanks to the Government of Uttar Pradesh for this gesture. Members will be happy to learn that the permission to excavate the ruins of the old palace site of Maharaja Gambhir Singh at Canchipur has been accorded by the Archaeological Survey of India and the work is going to be started shortly.


I am happy to mention that my Government has successfully implemented compulsory Physical Education Programmes in Middle/Secondary Schools, and imparted Refresher and orientation training to 326 Physical Education and Primary Teachers. It is further gratifying to note that National Physical Fitness Programme has been implemented, and the National Physical Fitness Festival has been observed. The Members will be happy to know that, in the National Inter-School Winter Games Meet held at Durg (Madhya Pradesh) State Team bagged 3 (three) bronze medals in Judo and 13 sportsmen were selected for admission to Sports Authority of India adopted Schools. Similarly, three boys from Manipur bagged Gold/Bronze medals in All India Rural Sports Group II Meet held at Gumla (Bihar).

The Department of Sports and Youth Services organized residential/non-residential coaching programmes at State/District level during the year 1987. It organized a residential coaching programme in nine disciplines at Imphal, in which 400 boys/girls were given training.

During the year, about 3000 youths have derived benefits from different Youth Welfare programmes like Anti-Drug Camps, Youth Leadership Training camp, Youth Exchange Programmes as well as conferences/workshops and seminars, etc. In the State Level Youth Folk Festival, 200 youths from all over the State participated in Imphal.

The Department extended financial assistance to two adventure clubs, one Flying club, two Hang-gliding clubs and Ten Voluntary organizations for implementation of various youth programmes. 4950 youths belonging to 25 colleges participated in the National Service Scheme (NSS) during the year.

With the establishment of NIS Centre for North Eastern Region at Imphal, the Standard of sports of our youth is expected to improve further. My Government has established a State Youth Hostel, where a sports Hostel has been opened by NIS Centre, in which 70 boys and girls are attending regular coaching in various sports disciplines. I am happy to mention that the Department sponsored a cultural troupe and a Mukna team for participating in the Festival of India held in the USSR.


I am happy to mention that, my Government is making concerted efforts to make health services responsive to the needs of the people in the State. The achievements of the Department in building vast infrastructure of health services in rural and hill areas, under the Minimum Needs programme (MNP) have been creditable.

Achievements of the Department, under the Programme, include establishment of 28 Medical Institutions, bringing the number of Health Institutions, in the State, to 471 with 1727 beds, providing 23 Primary Health Sub-Centres which has reduced the population coverage to 3100 per Sub-Centre in the Hills and 5100 per sub-Centre in Valley areas. The Department had established 5 new Primary Health centres by 31.12.87. It is proposed to bring down the population coverage per Health Centre to 20,000 in Hills and 30,000 in Valley by the end of 7th Plan.

During the year, construction of four Community Health Centres was started and expected to be completed by 87-88. The Government has also started implementation of Multipurpose Workers Scheme (MPW) by introducing in two PHCS initially. It is proposed to cover all hill districts by introducing the Scheme by 1990.

During the year, 1246 Leprosy patients were discharged as cured. Under NTBC, 1578 T.B. cases were detected and brought under treatment. Under NMEP, 1084 Malaria cases were reported which represents substantial decline in Malaria cases over last year. There was no case of death due to Malaria.

The Department organized 13 Eye-camps and treated 1029 patients for various diseases besides examining 2638 patients.

Implementation of Universal Immunization Programme to cover 100% pregnant mothers and 85% of children has been started by the Department. It is expected to achieve all targets, fixed for vaccinations, by 31.3.88. fully.

Major achievements of the Department, during the year under review, include establishment of two School Health Units for Thoubal and Bishnupur, organisation of School Health Camps, and Orientation Training of School Teachers.

In the field of Family Welfare, significant achievements have been made in various fields through mass communication and motivational activities of my Government. It is a matter of satisfaction that by the end of December,1987, couples-protection level has reached over 40% which is much higher than All India Level. The Annual Birth Rate of 27.5 per thousand, for the State, is among the lowest in the country. The State has, already, achieved the Death Rate of 6.9 per thousand, against the National target of 10.4 per thousand fixed for 1990. The preliminary investigation conducted into Infant Mortality Rate indicates the State average to be much below the National target of 87 per thousand, set for the year 1990.


Members will be happy to know that my Government is laying adequate stress on supply of pure and safe drinking water to the people, living in both urban and rural areas of the State. The problem of inadequate supply of water, which is being faced by the people of Imphal, with a shortfall of around 4.5 Mgd. against the existing level of demand, is being solved gradually. The measures taken by my Government, to bridge this gap, include undertaking augmentation schemes at Porompat and Canchipur, with the capacity of 2.5 Mgd. which are expected to be commissioned by 31.3.89. Efforts are also being made for exploring ground sources leading to successful energization of 8 tube wells which are presently yielding around 2.5 lakh gallons of water per day. The problem of overflow of gas, while digging the tube wells, has been successfully eliminated with the help of suitable advanced technology.

In rural areas, 700 tube wells are now being operated successfully yielding 1,200 gallons per hour on the average. I am happy to mention that the Government have covered 27 out of 31 Small Towns, by water supply system and work is in progress in the remaining four Small Towns.

It is encouraging to note that, number of villages covered by Rural Water Supply scheme, which stood at 1,229 as on 31.3.87 has gone up to 1,325 villages as on 31.12.87. The Department is planning to cover 117 additional villages by the end of financial year. I am sanguine that, my Government shall implement the target of covering all problem villages by the end of 7th Five-year plan.

In the field of sanitation, 24 demonstrative units have been completed in Urban areas, which include feasibility study conducted by UNDP for rural sanitation. Further, project reports for construction of household latrines in five small towns are under preparation. Under MNP, the Department has constructed 1,000 household latrines in 55 villages. Another 104 units have been completed under Central Schemes in six villages.


Although sufficient power is now available from Loktak Project, the benefit could not yet reach the consumer, due to problems in Transmission and Distribution system. The total Sub-Station capacity, at present, continues to be below the All India norm. My Government has, therefore, laid maximum stress on the transmission and distribution system. It is gratifying to note, that by initiating serious measures, the Transmission and Distribution losses, which stood at the level of 60% at the end of 1984-85, could be reduced to 37% by 31.3.87. The Hon'ble Members will be happy to learn that measures have been initiated to reduce the losses to 22% by 31.3.89.

The commercial operation of Lokchao Micro Hydel Project (2 x 0.2MW) has been started. Similarly, the construction of Booning Micro Hydel Project (2 x 0.5 MW), Gelnel Micro Hydel Project (2 x 0.2 MW) and Leimakhong stage III Micro Hydel Project ( 2 x 0.5 MW) are in progress. Over and above, the Department has also undertaken Maklang (0.8 KW) and Khuga (1.5 MW) Micro Hydel Projects.

Against the total installed capacity of Diesel Generating sets of 14.39 MW, the effective firm capacity was around 5 MW only. The installation of two 1 MW Diesel Generating sets at Imphal Power House is in progress and sets are scheduled to be commissioned shortly. The capacity of Tamenglong Diesel Power House has been augmented by installing two 248 KW Diesel Generating sets during the year under review.

The 6.3 MVA Sub-Station at Jiribam was commissioned during 1987-88. The Department is planning to augment 40 MVA Yurembam Sub-Station to 60 MVA. The level of rural electrification which stood at 39.3% as on 31.3.87 has improved to 42.5% by 31.12.87. During the first 9 months of the current financial year, 65 villages have been electrified.

Investigation for six projects was completed by 31.2.87 and work for another 3 sites is expected to be completed by the end of this year. Under the Centally Sponsored Schemes, restringing of 33km. long send circuit of 132 KV line from Leimatak to Yurembam has been completed. Under the NEC Scheme, investigation of Irang (90 MW) is on the verge of completion. NEC has also approved investigation of Sanalok and Maklang.


Manipur, an industrially backward State, has seen a perceptible change in its industrial environment during the year. My Government has undertaken preparation of feasibility reports with the help of the National Industrial Development Corporation Ltd. for deciding the strategy to be adopted for the industrial development of the State and prepared project profiles of a number of identified feasible industries that may be set up in the State.

The Khandsari Sugar Factory is expected to achieve the production target of 1,200 quintals which represents an increase of almost cent percent over the last year. It is contemplated to establish a seed Multiplication-cum-Production Farm at Haosouching in Heirok area shortly. The Manipur Sugar Mill Ltd. has been incorporated. Substantial progress has been made in implementation of the Project. About 1884 hectares of land are so far under sugarcane cultivation. Systematic thrust to increase areas under sugarcane cultivation is being made to meet the entire requirement in a phased manner. The requirement of term loan for implementation of the project amounting to Rs. 605.00 lakhs is expected to be sanctioned by the Industrial Development Bank of India shortly.

My Government has selected two sites for establishment of Industrial Growth Centres to be developed at the cost of Rs. 4 crores, one each in Imphal and Churachandpur Districts. Project report for the proposed Growth Centre at Imphal district has been completed and the Central Government and the IDBI have been approached to sanction their share of fund for the project. The preparation of the Project Report for the other selected Growth Centre will be completed shortly.

Realising the potential in increasing importance of plastic industries, my Government has actively encouraged and assisted setting up of units in this Sector. It is gratifying to note that the Government of India have approved setting up of an Extension Centre of Central Institute of Plastic Engineering and Tools (CIPET) at Imphal, with a matching contribution by the State Government to cater to the needs of the North-Eastern Region.

I am also happy to note that the Central Government has taken concrete steps for setting up of Drug formulation unit in the State of Manipur which will have far-reaching effect toward development of industries in the State.

The 50 MT Cement Plant at Hundung is under trial-run and is expected to be commissioned shortly.

The Manipur Industrial Development Corporation Ltd. (MANIDCO) extended financial assistance to 1064 Industrial Units during the year and sanctioned loans amounting to Rs. 1126.39 lakhs. The Corporation is planning to expand its activities to the raw-material tradings by lifting cement ,coal polyester yarn ,plastic granules, T.V. components, etc. for the benefit of industrial units in the State.

The implementation of Bamboo Chipping Plant has made steady progress with the assistance of the Hindustan Paper Corporation Ltd. on turn-key basis. The Project which is at Jiribam is expected to be completed within the scheduled time.

In order to meet the increasing demand of acrylic yarn in the region my Government has taken necessary steps to set up an acrylic yarn manufacturing unit to be attached to the Manipur Spinning Mills Ltd. with the assistance of the Indian Petro-Chemicals Ltd. My Government has also encouraged other chemical and Petro-Chemical based industries in the State with active guidance and assistance from the Central Government.

The Department undertook geological investigations for minerals with the successful discovery of idocrase and serpentinite. The North Eastern Council has agreed to sponsor exploration of serpentinite and idocrase at a project cost of Rs. 40 lakhs. Establishment of a Chromite Grinding Unit is also being taken up.

In the field of Village and Small Industries, the Department extended financial assistance to 328 units during the year besides undertaking construction of more industrial sheds at Takyel Industrial Estate and stressing the role of Entrepreneurial Development Programmes covering 250 entrepreneurs including 50 women.

The Department of Sericulture distributed 1,80,958 DFLs and produced 37,95,869 nos of cocoons valued at Rs. 3,79,586/- during the year besides supplying 4,17,000 mulbery DFLs producing cocoons valued at Rs.37,61,250/- by December, 1987. Similarly 3,68,000 Eri DFLs were distributed which produced cocoons valued at Rs. 32,05,000/- during the same period.

A project for the development of Mulberry and Eri sector for the State with an outlay of Rs. 33.48 crores has been approved in principle by the Central Silk Board and is awaiting final decision from the Government of India.

Realising the increasing prospect and importance of Electronics Industry my Government has made comprehensive plan for development of Electronics Industries in the State of Manipur. The Manipur Electronics Development Corporation Ltd. has been formed and the same has been smoothly functioning having perspective plan for implementing various projects. The Corporation expected to achieve assembling of 543 Black & White T.V. Sets, 1025 Colour T.V. Sets and 6342 Black & White portable T.V. Sets by the end of current financial year. The Corporation has taken concrete steps to set up Electronic Complex. With the assistance of Central Electronics Ltd., UPTRON Ltd. Deptt. of Electronics, Government of India, the Corporation has taken up various projects including communication equipments , training, computer, software, servicing of Electro-Medical equipments and trading.

It is gratifying to note again that the Deptt. of Electronics, Government of India, has sanctioned and started taking necessary action for establishment of Centre for Electronics Design & Technology at Akampat, Imphal, to cater to the needs of Eastern and North-Eastern States of India. Some infrastructural development works are in progress at the 30 acres of land allotted by the State Government at Akampat. The Project costing Rs. 12.70 crores including Rs. 4.50 crores for the first phase will contribute to the faster development of Electronics Industries in the State.


The Co-operative Movement was established from roots in Manipur. My Government has been laying adequate emphasis towards the goal of increased agricultural production, through stimulating Agricultural Co-operative and Credit Institutions. It is gratifying to note that, my Government had initiated serious measures to improve the recovery of over-due loans which has resulted to the lowering down of percentage of over-due loans to 19.5% of the demand. With the improvement in recovery of loans, a sum of Rs. 130 lakhs was sanctioned by NABARD for kharif crop during 1987-88 and another sum of Rs. 120 lakhs for Rabi crop during the same period. Apart from sanctioning loans to the farmers for seasonal agricultural operation, the Manipur State Co-operative Bank took up handloom finance under Refinance scheme of the NABARD under which the Bank sanctioned loans, amounting to Rs. 26.82 lakhs to Primary Handloom Weavers Co-operative Societies during 1987-88.

As on date, 28 Agro Service Centres are operating in the Co-operative sector with an investment of Rs. 92.55 lakhs. My Government is proposing to establish 20 additional centres by 31.3.89 covering the Hill areas.

The Manipur Apex Co-operative Marketing Society, through its State wide net-work of 69 Co-operative sub-agents and 327 individual sub-agents, is hoping to distribute 16,000 Mts. of chemical fertilizers by 31.3.88, which represents an increase of over 25 percent from last year.

In the field of Handloom Industry, Handloom Weavers Co-operative Societies, having 667 branches all over the State, and with one State level Society, are playing a significant role for its development. These societies are being given financial assistance in the shape of share capital contribution and managerial subsidy. The Government had sanctioned a sum of Rs. 3.50 lakhs per Society, under NCDC Scheme, for constructing a common Workshop. Further, with the financial assistance from NCDC, a new scheme designated as Integrated Co-operative Development Project (ICDP) has been launched in Bishnupur District with an outlay of Rs. 201 lakhs. The scheme envisages intensive development of Co-operative in the field of Agriculture, Handloom, Fishery and Dairy. A similar project is being taken up in Thoubal district for which project report is under preparation.

During the year under review, two Sericulture Co-operative Societies, located in the hill districts, were given financial assistance for construction of Rearing House at a block cost of Rs. 2 lakhs per Rearing House.


The Department of Information and Public Relations continued to play key role, as the mouth-piece of the Government in publishing its policies and programmes as well as its achievements in various fields of its activities. The Department also continued to play a significant role in the field of keeping the State Government fully informed about the needs and aspirations of the people. During the year the Department organized Mobile Photo Out Poster Exhibition on developmental works at Imphal besides attending to various other activities.

The Department of Tourism has initiated several measures for development of tourist infrastructure for promotion of tourism by providing facilities including accommodation, way-side amenities, adventure and leisure facilities and Holiday Resorts, throughout the State. Significant activities of the Department, during the year, include construction of 50-bed capacity in Hotel Imphal Ashok, which is nearing completion, construction of Tourist Houses at Khongjom, Siroi and Churachandpur, which are at various stages of completion, organizing conducted tours, which have become very popular and opening of proposed Tourist Centre at Imphal Airport. I am confident that, construction of Tourist Home at Moirang, watchtower fitted with powerful telescope at Keibul Lamjao, provision of Water Sports facilities in Loktak lake and construction of way-side amenities at Mao, Kangpokpi, Santing and Litan will further promote tourism in the State.


The Directorate of Municipal Administration, Housing and Urban Development continued to function as regulatory and supervisory organ of my Government in respect of various Urban Local Bodies, including the Planning and Development Authority, for implementing housing schemes and development of urban areas effectively during the year. In the field of housing, a sum of Rs. 16,36,607/- was released for construction of 100 houses, under the IYSH Scheme, at Lamdeng Indira Gandhi Housing colony. The Government is further proposing to construct houses for Economically Weaker Sections and persons belonging to Low Income Group under Composite Housing Colony Scheme which will be executed through PDA.

The construction works in respect of development of Naga Nallah are in full swing. A sum of Rs. 7,09,120/- has been provided for implementation of EIUS Scheme for development of slum areas in Koirengkhul, Dimdaijangkhul,Tellipati and Ningthoukhong. I am happy to mention, that, my Government has initiated several measures, in right earnest, for beautification of Imphal town, including development of Kangla Park and moat, provision of street lighting, installation of Bronze Statue of Kangla Sha at the Shahid Minar, improvement of drainage in the market areas, etc.

As a part of Integrated Development of Small and Medium Towns Scheme (IDSMT), a sum of Rs. 12 lakhs has been sanctioned for executing various development works in Jiribam Town. The Government of India have agreed to release a sum of Rs. 17 lakhs as Central share for taking up Low-Cost Sanitation Scheme at Kakching and Jiribam Towns.


Manipur Development Society, which has been established to undertake employment oriented development programmes in the Valley districts extended its activities to the five Hill districts during the current year on the recommendation of the Central Steering Committee. The Society has created employment for 31,34,953 man-days under various schemes so far, besides providing indirect employment to weavers and educated unemployed females.

To promote light engineering industries, the society has floated a public limited company, under the name and style of Manipur Cycle Corporation Ltd., which has established its factory and started trial-run.

While briefly outlining significant achievements of my Government in this august House, I intend to draw the attention of Hon'ble Members towards the tasks ahead, which remain unfulfilled for one reason or the other, and fervently request the Hon'ble Members to sincerely contribute their mite towards the fulfilment of noble goals enshrined in our Constitution, including Equality and Justice, and thereby make our country one of the foremost in the world. I am confident that, with my Government being whole-heartedly committed to achieving the aforesaid goals, our State shall continue to emerge stronger and stronger, in the days to come.

During this Session, you will be deliberating on a number of Legislations and also examine and consider other Issues and Measures.

I wish all of you success in your deliberations.





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