Governor Address - 1987


Hon'ble Speaker and Distinguished Members of the House,

I am very happy to have the privilege of welcoming you to this Session and addressing the First Session of the Fourth Legislative Assembly of the State for 1987.

When I addressed you last, I had occasion to refer to the utmost need to acknowledge the gravity of the responsibility to be shouldered by us for implementing various schemes for providing Social Justice and for ensuring welfare of the masses. It is a matter of deep satisfaction that we have, during the last one year, progressed towards realisation of our overall objective of Growth, Self Reliance, Modernisation and, above all, Social Justice.


It is gratifying to note that the State economy has been able to withstand the strains caused by abnormal drought, followed by extensive damages due to unprecedented floods. Despite handicaps, my Government achieved the financial target of over 60% of plan out-lay of Rs. 87 crores by the end of December 1986. The achievements under the Annual Plan for 1986-87 which represents an increase of more than 24% over the year 1985-86 are being effectively monitored by a Committee headed by the Chief Minister at the State level, and with the Cabinet Ministers as Chairmen of the District Planning and Development Councils at District level. As a consequence, Manipur is one of the few states in the country which has achieved its place above the National average in the field of implementation of poverty alleviation programmes. It is a matter of satisfaction that my Government has almost achieved the targets fixed for distribution of land to the landless, plantation of quickly growing and economic species, enrolment of students in classes, rural electrification and Water supply etc. The employment generated under NREP was 4.6 lakh man days against the target of 2.3 lakh man days which represents an increase of 100% over the target besides an increase of over 30% in the number of families benefited under IRDP.

In keeping with the objective of achieving Self Sufficiency and Growth, the Planning Commission have approved an outlay of Rs. 105crores for the Annual Plan of 1987-88 which represents an increase of more than 20% over the Annual Plan of the current year. The sector-wise allocation of funds under Annual Plan 1987-88 has been finalised taking into account the National objectives, with top priority having been accorded to poverty alleviation programmes. I am hopeful that my Government shall strive for successful attainment of the 7th Plan objectives of rapid growth in production of food grains, increased employment opportunities and higher productivity.


The State's financial position continued to be stable during the year. Neither Overdrafts were taken nor did the Government resort to Ways and Means advances from the Reserve Bank of India . Thanks to the positive opening balance, it is anticipated that the State would end the current year with a surplus.

Revenue collections in the State, both from tax and non-tax sources, have shown buoyancy. There has been substantial improvement in collection of sales tax, interest receipts, public works, state Lottery and Education also as compared to the last year. From the trend of revenue collection it is apparent that the targets will be achieved in full and may even be exceeded in some Sectors. I am sanguine that my Government would be able to manage its finances with in the estimated resources.


During the year 1986, law and order situation remained effectively under control. It is reassuring to note that efforts of my Government to strengthen and revamp the State Police Force have already started yielding results with general crimes showing a downward trend. I am happy that the State Police, with the help of Security Forces have successfully contained the activities of the extremists operating in Valley areas thereby making the environment congenial for achieving overall growth. My Government has initiated positive measures to contain NSCN activities effectively in the Hill Districts. These measures include re-vamping the Intelligence machinery, strengthening the Village Authority, cultivating the Teaching and Church communities, organising youth Festivals and reaching the masses by improving their lot through implementing various welfare and economic schemes. It is hoped that the day is not far when a handful of misguided elements realise their follies and return to join the national mainstream.

While referring to the law and order situation in the State, I may refer to a number of New Schemes which were implemented during the year 1986 with a view to strengthening and re-vamping the State Police set-up so as to make it effective in and capable of tackling all law and order problems without dependence on outside Forces. Special mention in this regard may be made of the steps which include training of State Police Officers and men at the best available Training Institutions in the Country, organisation of specialised Intelligence Courses with the help of Intelligence Bureau and National Security Guards, establishment of Police Motor Transport Workshop and Modernisation of Police Control Room with a view to improving mobility of the Force and thereby reduce response time, setting up a State Forensic Science Laboratory for expeditious investigation of cases, re-organisation of intelligence set-up including re-vamping of arrangements connected with VIP security and prevention of smuggling of drugs and arms, re-vamping of traffic police, establishment of a Police Housing corporation in order to arrive at National level of satisfaction in the field of Police Housing. With the implementation of these schemes, Manipur Police should become one of the best Police Forces in the Country, capable of tackling any law and order situation on its own.


Over-crowding in Imphal Central Jail has been one of the serious problems faced by my Government in the past. The problem has eased to some extent after the completion of Sajiwa Sub-Jail which has become functional. The administration of Jails will further improve once the new Schemes taken by my Government relating to construction of Central Jail and Juvenile Jails at Sajiwa and District Sub-Jail at Churachandpur, Senapati, Tamenglong and Ukhrul, with the help of funds awarded by 8th Finance Commission, are completed. It is a matter of satisfaction that no untoward incident took place in the Jails during 1986 due to improved security measures and humane approach of my Government.


My Government has taken up various schemes for the rehabilitation of misguided youths who have come over ground and joined National mainstream which include grant of financial assistance for self-employment as well as appointment to the Grade III & IV posts under the State Government.


My Government has taken positive steps for regularising ad-hoc appointments in various Government departments. The Recruitment Rules for various posts have been notified in consultation with the M.P.S.C., wherever necessary and working streamlined appropriately.

A State Academy of Training, under the control of the Administrative Reforms Division, has been set up during the year to co-ordinate, supervise and conduct various Training Courses. During the period under Review, the Academy arranged Foundation Courses for 48 S.D.Cs, besides organising Courses on Developmental Administration in Tribal Areas.

The State Vigilance Commission disposed of 91 complaints during the year 1986. The Vigilance Police arrested 8 persons, involved in cases of corruption and misconduct during the year under review. The Commission conducted surprise raids on trading establishments to check false weights and measures, cinema halls to detect falsification of accounts relating to Amusement Tax, and several Government Offices. These measures have made a positive impact in curbing corruption to a large extent. My Government is fully committed to provide clean administration to the people of Manipur.


The functioning of General Administration Department has been adequately strengthened and streamlined to improve the morale of personnel. The District administration has been made more responsive to the need and aspirations of the people, more specifically of the rural poor. The working of Autonomous District Councils has been made more purposeful and suited to the needs of local people. Establishment of State Council of Science, Technology and Environment to act as focal agencies for Planning, Co-ordinating and Promoting Science and Technology activities will help in developing a strong Science and Technology base and thereby help in uplifting the lot of weaker and down-trodden sections of the Society. A Computer Centre is being opened to enable the important Departments to store and analyse important and valuable data. It will be the first State of the North East to adopt such technology for developmental and other needs. My Government is fully committed to maintain communal harmony and adequate steps have been taken in this regard to implement 15-Point Programme formulated by our late Prime Minster Smt. Indira Gandhi.


Total collection of revenue at the end of December 1986 stood at Rs. 62,14,820.55 Paise. I am happy that, in spite of drought and flood, my Government has taken positive and concrete measures to augment our resources.

During the year, unprecedented floods caused widespread devastation to standing crops, dwelling houses, cattle etc. Though no life was lost, thanks to the various concerned Departments of the State Government, the damage to the public utilities etc. was restricted to Rs. 119.23 as estimated by the State Government. I am happy that, with a view to extending immediate relief to the affected people, the Administration at all levels, swung into action with needed co-ordination. The Government of India have sanctioned a sum of Rs. 196.38 lakhs for flood relief and another Rs. 76.08 lakhs for drought relief during the year.

I am happy to note that 243 landless persons, including 153 persons belonging to weaker sections, have been benefited under the scheme of allotment of agricultural and Homestead lands to weaker sections on 22-11-86 , during the observance of Weaker Sections' Day as a part of Quami Ekta Week Celebrations.


Under Legal Aid and Advice Programme, my Government is proposing to organise two camps on legal aid and advice before March 1987. The Department extended legal aid to 55 applicants during the period under review. For effective supervision over prosecution of cases, the Directorate of Prosecution has now been re-organised into a full-fledged Department. The prosecuting machinery, which had hitherto been under the administrative control of the Secretary (Law), has been placed under the control of the Directorate. My Government has moved the Central Government for establishment of a separate High Court as expeditiously as possible. Further steps have been taken for establishing a separate Family court for speedy adjudication of family disputes. Under the 8th Finance Commission Award, the Government have established another Court of Additional District and Sessions' Judge.


Manipur has made significant progress in the field of agriculture. You will be glad to know that per capita consumption of fertilizers and production of rice in Manipur is the highest in the whole of North Eastern Region. In order to arrange supply of fertilizers to the needy farmers round the year, my Government has made arrangements for stocking fertilizers in advance. The National Seeds Corporation has now agreed to supply certified seeds at Imphal with arrangements for stocking of seeds in advance.

Manipur faced a severe drought during the year. As a result, first crop of paddy and crops in the jhum areas have been badly affected due to delay in raising nursery and transplantation of main paddy. Our State faced an unprecedented flood during last part of the year when paddy crop was either in booting or in the flowering stage. In spite of the best efforts made by my Government, the production of rice will be considerably decreased this year. In order to produce adequate quantities of seeds within the state, my Government has proposed to take up two Seed Farms at Kharungpat and Senapati with assistance from North Eastern Council. The NEC has already sanctioned an outlay of Rs. 53.83 lakhs for establishment of pulse and oil seed Farms at Senapati.

For proper planning and effective implementation of agricultural programmes, the Government has, with a view to collecting accurate scientific data, started Agricultural Census from the current year.

My Government has taken up a joint programme with the ICAR complex for evolving suitable varieties for the mid-hills and cold tolerant varieties for the higher hills. It is further proposed to intensify research programmes, for evolving suitable cropping patterns under irrigated conditions and also for rain fed conditions, in collaboration with the ICAR complex. A joint programme for production of Breeder and Foundation seeds of the recommended varieties of paddy has also been initiated.

My Government has established a Manipur Agro-Industries Corporation to set up and develop marketing and distribution network for providing varied agricultural inputs and allied pursuits, and also for undertaking marketing of surplus agricultural products, setting up of agro-service network and undertaking reclamation of wasteland, etc. During the year, manufacture of animal-drawn agricultural implements has been started.


As Hon'ble Members are aware, the state is having favourable climatic and soil conditions for growing different types of horticultural crops with pine-apple, orange, lime, lemon and temperate fruits like plum, peach and pear being most suitable fruit crops. The Department is maintaining 10 (ten) Progeny Orchards for production of planning materials, in addition to development Farms for cashew nut, walnut, citrus, spices and potato, etc. A Coffee Nursery Farm is also being maintained to meet the demand for coffee seedlings. The Department conducted 1240 demonstrations in which 3,75,000 seedlings were distributed during the current year, which represents an increase in activities of over almost 100% as compared to the previous year. The Fruit Preservation Factory is expected to achieve its target of 300 tonnes by the end of March 1987.

Under Soil Conservation Programmes, the Department has taken up concrete steps for creation of permanent cultivable areas in hills for Jhumias with a total area of about 30,000 hectares by the end of 1986-87. Achievement of the Department in the field of creation of permanently cultivable areas in hills during 1986-87 was 2000 hectares which represents an increase of over 16% as compared to the previous year. My Government has, with the approval of the Planning Commission, proposed to establish soil conservation Demonstration Farms with a view to motivating Jhumias to give up their traditional practices and thereby help in maintaining ecological balance.


As the Hon'ble Members are aware, the role of forest in State's economy, whether protective, productive, or bio-aesthetic is highly significant and valuable. The enormous depletion of forest over the last few decades has played havoc with the primary agency for environmental conservation and thereby reduced the availability of timber, firewood and other forest products which have been the basis of the rural poors' economy. My Government has, therefore, to cope with the problem, undertook 24 development schemes under the Forestry section with an outlay of Rs. 190 lakhs during the current year. Adequate emphasis is at the same time being laid on maintenance of environmental stability and ecological balance. The Department has covered 1600 hectares with plantation of teak, pine etc., as compared to 1425 hectares during the last year which is creditable. Under Social forestry, plantation in 2700 hectares has been completed by December1986. The area under rubber crop has further been increased by 75 hectares during the period under review. Steps have been taken to construct one smoke-house and rubber processing unit in the state. Effective measures for conservation in Keibul Lamjao National Park have been taken to stop encroachment and ensure continued conservation of Sangai in its natural habitat. Under the Afforestation and Soil Conservation Scheme, afforestation over 1750 hectares has been completed by the end of December and advance works in 1750 hectares are under progress. Another scheme of Rehabilitation of Jhumias recommended by the Task Force for Jhum Control constituted by the Government of India has been undertaken with a plan to rehabilitate 50 Jhumia families by the end of March, with special emphasis on Animal Husbandry, Fisheries, Piggery and Cottage Industries.


My Government is attaching great importance to the utilisation of abundant water resources for the benefit of the people as expeditiously as possible. There are 7 ongoing projects in hand. Irrigation potential to the extent of 49,700 hectares has so far been created up to the period ending March, 1986 and 1.5 mgd of water supplied from Singda from the partial storage created. Additional irrigation potential for 5,000 hectares is expected to be created during 1986-87 up to the period ending June, 1987. Besides, another Medium Irrigation Project on Iril River at Dolaithabi, having an annual irrigation potential of 8,000 hectares, is being taken up during the 7th Plan. A Medium Irrigation Project on Iril River , under NEC programme, at Jiribam for benefiting 8,000 hectares in Manipur and Assam has also been investigated and is being taken up.

In the field of Flood control along with taking up of Multipurpose Reservoir projects on the upper reaches of major rivers, which would be able to moderate flood to some extent, my Government have also started formulation of an outlay Master Plan on Flood control and River wise Flood Control Projects as long term measures. Another Flood Control Project on Wangjing River has also been cleared by the State Technical Advisory Committee and State Flood Control Board and the same is now under scrutiny in Central Water Commission for obtaining clearance of the Planning Commission. Similarly, Flood Control Projects for other major rivers are also under preparation in a phased manner. So far protected area has reached 23,600 hectares by 1985-86 and additional area proposed to be protected during 1986-87 is 1,500 hectares.


The ultimate irrigation potential to be created under Minor Irrigation, both from Surface and Ground Water Resources, is 1,05,000 hectares. Upto the end of the 6th Five Year Plan, 40,235 hectares of cultivable land had been covered under Minor Irrigation. The approved physical target for the 7th Five Plan is 10,000 hectares and upto the end of December, 1986 a potential of 508 hectares has already been created.


I am happy to note that my Government have produced 22 millions fish seeds during the current year. The Government had distributed 20 lakh fingerlings to the fish farmers by the end of December, 1986 which represents an increase of more than one third over the last year. The fish seeds are being made available to the farmers and Co-operative Societies on credit basis, the cost being realised from the sale proceeds of one third of total production after one year.

Under the Preservation and Development of Natural Water Area's Scheme undertaken by the Government, 120 hectares of area infested with aquatic weeds has been cleared.

Under the Assistance to Pisciculturists Scheme, 1560 families, including 960 families belonging to ST/SC communities were given financial assistance and 500 hectares of water area brought under fish culture. The Government has established three Fish Farmers Development Agencies under the centrally sponsored scheme at Imphal, Bishnupur and Churachandpur which are contributing their mite in improvement of fish production.


Livestock and Poultry development programmes including animal health coverage and Dairy, play a vital role in upliftment of the socio-economic conditions of rural poor. My Government is fully aware of its responsibility in this field and has initiated positive measures for executing various livestock development and production programmes. The Government is proposing to introduce a new technique on artificial insemination by establishing 3 liquid Nitrogen Plants and one Bull Centre for production of Frozen semen.

Under the Poultry Development programmes launched by my Government, the Department produced eggs and chicks, besides selling birds for table purposes. The farm also incubated eggs for the benefit of private farmers. During the year Broiler Chick production started under the aegis of NEC with 500 parent stocks, produced and supplied about 1 lakh chicks to the farmers, besides raising the parent stock to 1500. A programme for introduction of Khaki Campbell ducks for increased production of eggs and meat has also been taken up during the current year.

Under the Animal Health Coverage Programme, 10,40,791 cases were treated, 12569 vaccinations were given against rinderpest, 2,08,478 animals and birds were vaccinated against other diseases; 1762 castrations were performed besides 221 major operations, 2091 minor operations and 1811laboratory findings up to the end of December 1986, 49 Veterinary Hospitals, 88 Veterinary Dispensaries, 29 Veterinary Aid Centres, 3 Check Posts, 1 State Level Disease Investigation Laboratory and 1 State Level Mobile Veterinary Clinic have so far been opened in the State. Two Dispensaries were upgraded to Hospitals and 7 new Dispensaries were opened during the year under report.

Under Self-Employment Generation Programmes, 175 persons belonging to the weaker sections of the Society were provided assistance for establishing poultry and piggery units. The Fodder Farm at Lamphelpat produced 4800 MT of fodder crops during the year. The Department distributed 5610 kgs of fodder seeds under fodder mini-kit scheme. Under Dairy Development Project, pasteurised milk was supplied to the public through 12 milk-booths in Imphal town. The Dairy Plan at Porompat is expected to handle 1000 litres of milk daily by the end of current year. Under rural Dairy centres, two milk chilling Plants at Kangpokpi and Moirang have been commissioned and opening of two additional Centres at Sekmaijin and Litan is under progress. The Government has taken up three major schemes under North Eastern Council namely Composite Livestock Farm, Regional Buffalo Breeding Farm and Regional Pony Breeding Farm for which construction of functional buildings is being processed. The Feed Mixing Plant at Porompat produced more than 2500 quintals of balanced feed during the year. Two similar plants were also installed at Thenguchingjin and Churachandpur. A Regional Piggery Farm at Tamenglong has also been established.


I am happy that my Government have taken positive and concrete measures for rapid industrialisation. The contribution of the Manufacturing Sector to the Net State Domestic product stood at 7.52% against the All India Average of 15.3% at constant prices. It is gratifying to note that, with the improvement in law and order situation, a favourable industrial climate has been created in the state. It is a matter of satisfaction that my Government has received encouraging response from the private sector, with establishment of modern industries like Computer Project, manufacturing of PVC pipes, electric cables, electrodes, electric conductors, plastics goods etc. giving boost to the State's economy.

The National Small Industries Corporation has, at the initiative of my Government, opened a Regional Office at Imphal and SISI branch as been up graded to a full-fledged Small Industries Service Institute. Further transport subsidy applicable to the North Eastern Region has been increased from 75% to 95% mainly due to the initiative taken by my Government.

The Government is planning to establish Growth Centres at Imphal and Churachandpur shortly, with plans to prepare a Master Plan for Industrial Development on long term basis.

During the current year, 3024 spindles were added to the Manipur Spinning Mill which produced 3,21,455 kgs of yarn valued at Rs. 91.87 lakhs up to December 1986. The Mechanised Dye House will also be commissioned and expanded very soon.

A Drug Market Survey has indicated feasibility of establishing some Pharmaceutical Units and efforts are afoot to start joint ventures with the help of IDPL in the State. A Company is soon being registered.

A Corporation under the name and style Manipur Electronic Development Corporation', (MANITRON) has been established to facilitate rapid growth of Electronic Industries. The Government of India have also agreed to open a Centre for Electronic Design and Technology (CDET) at Akampat which will be one of the four such centres in the Country.

The Manipur Small Industries Corporation is now functioning as Industrial Development and Financial Corporation with an authorised capital of Rs. 200 lakhs. It has sanctioned a sum of Rs. 491.70 lakhs of loan to 426 industrial units. The Mini Cement Plant at Hundung with a capacity of 50 TPD is making steady progress. The Hill Areas Handloom Development Project of Woollen/Acrylic Artificial items in Manipur has already been approved as a Centrally Sponsored Scheme at a total cost of Rs. 2.12 crores.

2,70,000 DFLs in Tasar were produced along with 19.35 lakh cocoons, by the Department of Sericulture during the year which yielded 22000 kgs of silk yarn valued at Rs. 88 lakhs. The Department distributed 21,90,600 numbers of mulberry saplings to 2100 private farmers covering 460 hectares of land. The Department also harvested 44000 kgs of Eri Cocoons.

A Sugar Mill Corporation has been established in Manipur during the year.

Under the scheme of Self-employment for Educated Unemployed youths, my Government have selected 1500 persons as targeted, during the current year. Their cases are being forwarded to the banks for sanction and release of loans by the end of March, 1987.


My Government have utmost concern for education in Manipur. A decision has been taken to implement the New Education Policy, formulated by the Central Government, in Manipur from the Academic year 1988 and introduce the + 2 stage of the 10 + 2 + 3 system of Education in the Schools in a phased manner and + 3 stage in the Colleges. With a view to implementing the New Policy, 20 existing High Schools, ten each in Valley and Hills are being up-graded as Higher Secondary Schools for teaching of Intermediate classes of +2 stage. The preparations for implementation of New Policy on Education in Manipur are on full swing.

In order to provide better quality education to the meritorious children as well as to solve the present critical situation arising from the mushroom growth of educational institutions, emphasis is being laid on quality education drive and three Navodaya Vidyalayas, envisaged as a specific scheme of Education, are being opened where minimum requirements of infrastructure are available.

My Government have strengthened the supervisory level with a view to improving the standard of Schools in hill areas. The computer literacy programmes are now available in 16 schools.

A sum of Rs. 65 lakhs was provided under the Plan for development of Manipur University, besides another sum of Rs. 58 lakhs under non-Plan head, during the year 1986-87. The Government deputed 63 college teachers for conducting Research under Faculty Improvement Programme of UGC. Merit scholarships were sanctioned for pursuing higher studies to deserving students. Various student welfare programmes are also being implemented. Construction of one Boy's Hostel for Imphal College has been undertaken with the assistance from University Grants Commission.


The Schemes under Applied Nutrition Programme are being implemented through the Community Development Blocks to improve nutritional standards of vulnerable segments of the population. During 1986-87, 277 kitchen Gardens, 112 Backyard Piggery units and 46 Backyard Poultry units are to be established.

Under the scheme for Development of Women and Children in Rural Areas (DWCRA) as a sub-scheme of IRDP, construction of 25 Community Halls and 25 nos. of toilets during 1986-87 have been completed. The Government have selected 100 deserving Mahila Mandals and 16 Balwadi Centres for grants during the year. The Government is evincing keen interest in implementing other social welfare schemes of ICDS, Old Age Pensions, and Scholarship to Handicapped Students, Maintenance of Orphanages and Home for Destitute Women.

My Government is keen on taking Culture to the common people all over the state. Manipur State Kala Academy is sanctioning grants to various Arts and Culture Organisations in the field of dance, Theatre and Classical Music, Manipur Film Development Corporation is also playing a vital role in preserving the art and culture of the State.


My Government has been making constant endeavour to streamline and improve the standards of Medicare in the State with the motto “Health Care for All”. The State has achieved notable success in the Health Sector in providing better facilities to the Rural Poor by establishing basic infrastructure with willing community participation. The Government have adopted Primary Health Care Approach for meaningful translation of the goal of ‘Health for All' by 2000 AD into action.

An outlay of Rs. 92.30 lakhs, which constitutes over 35% of the total Plan outlay has been earmarked for the Minimum Needs Programme. Under the programme, 18 sub-centres, against the target of sub-centres, have already been opened. The State Government have sanctioned 7(seven) Primary Health Centres at Ningthoukhong, Borobekra, Mekola, Kakching Khunou, Moreh, Lambui and Noneh by upgrading 7 PHSCs. Another Primary Health Centre was opened at Sinzawl in December 1986.

The Public Health Centre at Sagolmang will be upgraded to a Community Health Centre during 1986-87.

The Department detected 82 new cases of leprosy by the end of December, 1986 which have been brought under treatment. During the same period 103 patients were discharged as cured. Under NTPC, 1441 new TB cases were detected and brought under treatment besides strengthening of 100-bedded T.B Hospital at Chingmeirong.

Under NMEP, a total of 1635 positive cases were detected out of 1.70 lakhs slides examined. The Department arranged two rounds of DDT spray as scheduled. Four Eye Camps were organised in which 1016 patients were examined under National Programme for Control of Blindness.

Implementation of the Universal Immunization Programme has been started in Imphal District with a plan to cover 100% pregnant mothers and 85% of the Children. The achievement of vaccination of DPT during the same period was 118% against the target. In other cases too, the target was fully achieved.


My Government is laying paramount emphasis on supply of pure drinking water to both urban and rural population of the State. The State is facing acute problem in supplying adequate quantity of water to Imphal town due partly to non-completion of Singda Dam and partly due to depletion of water source. As on date, against the demand of 12 mgd the installed capacity, including Singda Pumping, is around 7.20 mgd against which average supply after losses ranges from 4.50 mgd to 5 mdg during dry season. Erratic water supply and voltage drops complicate the problem further. As a result, level of supply could not be maintained.

In order to bridge the gap, the Government has taken up augmentation schemes at Porompat and Kanchipur plants which have altogether a total capacity of 2.50 mgd. Investigation work for a new water supply scheme of about 3 mgd capacities with impounding reservoir across Chirang and Maklang rivers has been started. The schemes will be completed by the end of 7th Five Year Plan if found feasible. Further, as a long term measure, Thoubal Dam water Supply Scheme with a capacity of 10 mgd has been incorporated in the Thoubal Project.

Despite handicaps including lack of reliable hydrological data, efforts have been made to harness ground water resources. Under the scheme, 7 tube wells have already been energised yielding 2.50 lakh gallons of water per day. Further two tube wells, will be energised within March 1987.

Under Rural water supply, safe drinking water supply has been extended to 1057 villages by the end of 1985-86. In the beginning of 1986-87, there were 692 problem villages and 333 non-problem villages. The Government has planned to cover 160 villages during 1986-87, out of which water supply schemes in respect of 98 villages has been completed by the end of December 1986. By the end of 7th Five Year Plan, it has been planned to cover all problem villages in the State. The Department has commissioned two additional drilling rigs ((light) during the year. The yield from 450 successful bore holes is presently 500 to 2000 gallons per hour.

The Department has taken up drainage works in certain important areas in Imphal town. 205 low cost latrines have been constructed in 15 rural villages. The Department has planned to construct 600 units under the State Plan during the period under review. Another centrally sponsored scheme is being introduced from current year which will go a long way in easing the problem of sanitation.


The Power scenario in Manipur has shown marked improvement since the recommissioning of the Loktak Hydro Electric Project in August 1984. My Government is now laying proper emphasis towards utilisation of Loktak power to the maximum extent possible as well as to curtail uneconomic generation of power from D.G. sets. The existing load demand has reached upto 30 MW at peak hours which is expected to reach 60 MW by the end of 7th Five Year Plan. The energy consumption which was 102.533 MU during 1985-86 is expected to reach around 160 MU by the end of 7th Plan.

The Department is proposing to install two standby D.G. sets of 1 MW capacity each at Imphal in order to meet emergency demand of Imphal town. Steps have been taken to install small D.G. sets at towns not yet connected with Loktak Grid by shifting the D.G. sets from Imphal and Leimakhong Power Houses. 400 KW Lokchao Micro Hydel Project is being commissioned before the end of March, 1987. The construction work for Booning Hydel Project (2 X 0.5 MW) and Leimakhong stage III (2 X 0.5 MW) are under progress. 1.5 MW Khuga Hydel Project has also been cleared and work will be taken up shortly. The Department has completed investigation at 5 places during the year under review and has also taken up investigation of another 4 Hydel-Electric Project sites under NEC financing. The Department has taken up extensive Transmission and Distribution Programme. The 25 MVA Yurembam Sub-Station has been augmented to 40 MVA with the second circuit 132 KV Transmission line from Leimatak to Yurembam being charged from Yurembam side. Another 6.3 MVA 132/33 KV sub-station at Jiribam is nearing completion and work for the 25 MVA Ningthoukhong Sub-Station will be started during this year. At present there are 11 numbers of 33 KV Sub-Stations under operation, with all District Headquarters except Tamenglong having been connected to the State Power Grid. 720 villages have been electrified upto December 1986 by my Government. By the end of 7th Plan, 1315 villages are planned to be electrified. All the 85 targeted villages were electrified during the current year.


My Government is committed to decentralisation of administration by strengthening local Bodies with a view to taking the administration nearer to the people. The Government has accordingly bifurcated the erstwhile Imphal East Development Block into independent Blocks with headquarters at Sawombung and Keirao Bitra. The Government has further constituted Panchayat Samiti for each of the 2 Blocks. Important poverty alleviation programmes, like IRDP, NREP, RLEGP continued to be vigorously and adequately implemented through the Community Development Blocks with full and willing participation of the people. My Government has taken positive measures to ensure that the identification of beneficiaries under IRDP to cover the poorest of the poor in rural areas is done at grassroot levels.


With the approval of the Central Government, Manipur Development Society has taken up employment-oriented development programmes in the fields of Minor Irrigation, Agriculture, Handlooms and Light engineering Industries, apart from taking up schemes for beautification of towns. The Society is contributing its mite, towards upliftment of the lot of rural poor, in right earnest.


Upliftment of the weaker and downtrodden sections of our Society has been a cherished goal of my Government and is being accorded a high priority. The Directorate of Tribal Development and Backward classes is playing vital role in this regard by way of supplementing the overall efforts of various development Departments. The achievements of the Government include construction of 6 nos of school buildings, 3 nos of Community Halls and financial assistance to 11 villages under Education Scheme, improvement of 6 Km length of road under Economic Upliftment Scheme, financial assistance to 96 scheduled caste families for taking up various self-employment schemes and assistance for medical treatment to 587 patients under Health and Housing Scheme, with 18 families being granted one housing scheme each. Special coaching in science and Mathematics, scholarships for pursuing post-matric and higher studies, financial assistance in the field of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Fisheries, Village Industries and Marketing Development Programme were other major activities of the Department during the period under review.


During the year, the Food and Civil Supplies Department procured 1615 MT of Rice, 4877 MT of levy sugar and 700 MT of GCI sheets for public distribution. During the same period, the Department distributed 20408 MT of rice and 4482 MT of sugar to the public which represents an increase of over 30% in distribution of Rice over the last year and was creditable. The Government has established ten additional Principal Distribution Centres in hill areas as nerve centres of Public Distribution System under the new scheme for distribution of food grains at specially subsidised rates. A number of mobile fair price shops were opened during the recent floods in affected areas. As on date, 1477 Fair Price shops are functioning in the State with 50 additional shops being opened during this year in hill areas. My Government has taken special measures and constituted District Level Consumers Advisory Councils with State Level Price Fixation Committee to protect consumers' interest and to maintain price stability. A Vigilance cell has been created in the Directorate for keeping close watch over its activities and maintain high standards of administration.


My Government has liberalised its policy and removed restrictions on the issue of permits for taxis, public carriers, national permits and regular stage carriage permits for the convenience of the travelling public. The number of permits issued during the year include 10 (ten) each of National permits and All India Tourist permits. 127 E/Z permits, 368 bus permits, 74 minibus permits, 56 taxi permits and 158 A/rikshaw permits. The Manipur State Transport Corporation is operating 5 inter-State, 39 inter-District and 10 City services as on date. By the end of current year, it plans to carry 16 lakhs of passengers and 19221 MTs of goods. It is proposed to introduce two additional Inter-State services between Imphal and Guwahati and Imphal and Shillong during 1987-88.

With a view to benefiting both the M.S.R.T.C. and the Food and Civil Supplies Department, my Government is negotiating a long term contract and a loan with the Food Corporation of India.

The target of revenue collection is expected to be exceeded by at least 15% during the year under review.


The thrust of the 7th Plan has been towards increased agricultural production and therefore adequate stress has been laid on agricultural co-operatives and agricultural credit institutions.

As a result of sustained efforts made by the Government, the Manipur State Co-operative Bank Ltd. is now eligible for fresh Short Term Credit from NABARD. A credit limit of Rs. 50 lakhs has been already sanctioned by NABARD. In order to optimise utilisation of fresh credit limit sanctioned by NABARD, 58 Primary Agricultural Credit Co-operative Societies have been brought under a programme of re-vitalisation by giving them assistance in the form of share capital and managerial subsidy.

An integrated approach has been adopted by utilising Gram Panchayat Level Multipurpose Co-operative Societies as agents for distribution of chemical fertiliser, essential commodities and for increased agricultural production. 36 (thirty six) additional Co-operative Retail outlets were opened for sale of chemical fertiliser during the year to enable the farmers to purchase fertiliser in time and at Government controlled rates. As a result, a record quantity of 11,522 MT of chemical fertilizer worth Rs. 243 lakhs was sold during the Kharif season of 1986 by the Co-operative Societies. Action for improvement of these Societies, as suggested by the Societies to strengthen the democratic functioning of the Co-operative Societies in matter of policy formulation, implementation of scheme and management of Societies, is being taken.

The Manipur State Consumers Co-operative Federation, which has been under the programme of rehabilitation, has started producing encouraging result. The sale proceeds from July to December 1986 have alone exceeded Rs. 46.78 lakhs. It is expected that annual turnover exceeding Rs. 1 crore will be achieved by the end of Co-operative year against the turnover of Rs. 20.06 lakhs during the previous year.

Up to the end of December, 1986, the Department utilised an amount of Rs. 47.00 lakhs out of the total net outlay of Rs. 64.00 lakhs. It is expected that the Department will be able to achieve cent per cent target during the current financial year.

Apart from the State Plan provision, the Department is implementing various schemes under NCDC, CSS and CPS. The schemes include opening of Agro-Service Centres, Rural Consumer Projects, Purchase of Vehicles and the launching of an integrated Co-operative Development Project in Bishnupur District during the current year. The NCDC has so far made a blanket sanction of Rs. 110.614 lakhs.


As an agency involved in highlighting the progress of implementation of development schemes undertaken by my Government as well as to read the pulse of the people and their aspirations, the Department of Information and Public Relations has been playing a significant role in the over-all administration of the State. The Department organised Press Tours and arranged Press visits to acquaint the Press community with the developmental activities of the State. It organised a Mobile Photo and Cut Poster Exhibition on Development works at Ukhrul in December 1986 to acquaint the people of the area with the States' welfare activities.

The State Government has set up a Tourism Advisory Board for undertaking constant review. It is gratifying to note that Tourism has been declared as an Industry in the State. Noteworthy activities of Manipur Tourism during the year include construction of 50-bed capacity, of IIIrd phase, in the campus of the Hotel Imphal Ashok which is under progress; Tourist Home at Khongjom which is likely to be completed by the end of financial year; Tourist Guest House at INA Memorial Moirang with Cafeteria and other facilities; construction of a Cafeteria at Mao gate and implementation of a new Scheme under central sector to set up Jatri-Niwas at Churachandpur. There is also a proposal for preparation of a Techno-Economic Project Report for development of Water Sports and marine facilities in the Loktak Lake. A high power Telescope is being installed at Keibul Lamjao National Park. By the end of December 1986, 29014 tourists visited Manipur as against 24,457 in the year 1985-86.


During 1986-87, an additional length of 94 kms is being added, against 80 kms during 1985-86, to achieve a total length of 3860 kms out of which surfaced portion will cover length of 2153 kms with 1707 kms being un-surfaced. An additional length of 5 kms of State Highways, 23 kms of other District Roads of Inter-Village Roads (under Minimum Needs Programme) and 6 kms of village Roads have been added. It is anticipated that by the end of March, 1987, only 132 kms of State Highways will have low grade section. During this period, 7 nos. of major bridges, 14 nos of suspension Bridges and 65 nos. minor Bridges and culverts are expected to be completed.

The Department completed urban bypass near Langol and approach road of link road to the housing complex at Langol. Widening of Tinsid Road, construction of Traffic Islands and other safety measures have also been taken up. It is planned to modernise and mechanise the road construction system by 1987-88.

Thanlon-Khawzawl Road has been opened upto Tuivai river bordering Mizoram. Works on Jiribam-Tipaimukh Road upto Barak River are in progress. The pavement works on Tamenglong-Haflong, Jiri-Tipaimukh and Thanlon-Khawzawl roads are in progress.

Considerable achievement has been made in the construction of Public Administration Building and other department buildings. Completion 600 nos of quarters at Langol complex in a short period of about 7 months will raise the housing satisfaction from 15 to 25% in the field of rental housing. Another 90 quarters are being completed expeditiously. Construction of Imphal District Hospital, which is expected to be commissioned by April, 1987, will add another feather in the cap of the Works Department. Construction of 10-cabin Special Ward at Lamphelpat, 30-bedded Rural Hospital at Tamenglong and 9 nos of PHCs are in good progress. Rural Family Welfare Centres at six places, 255 nos of Primary School buildings out of which 105 have already been completed, 116 nos of Higher Secondary School buildings, Seed cutting Houses at Noneh and Dollang, Deaf and Mute School, Remand Home and Working Ladies' Hostel, extension of Tourism buildings at Imphal, Grain Godown at Sangaiprou and buildings belonging to Veterinary, Manipur University, Archives, RMC and Police in District Headquarters have also been undertaken with progress.


The implementation of compulsory Physical Education Programmes in Educational Institutions, the promotion of sports and games and the organisation of Youth Welfare programmes constitute the main activities of the Department of Youth Affairs and Sports.

In the field of Physical Education, the Department has not only implemented the compulsory Physical Education programme in 1962 Educational Institutions but has also provided in-service training to teachers so as to enable them to impart physical education in their schools. The compulsory Physical Education programme is also proposed to be extended to an additional 100 schools by the end of the current financial year. In addition, the National Physical Fitness Programmes and the National Physical Fitness Festival have also been implemented/observed.

The Department has extended maximum possible financial assistance to 44 State Level Associations for participation of the State teams in various competitions. The State Government has also extended Rs. 3.31 lakhs as Incentive Awards to 77 outstanding players at International and National level. The Organisation of the Festival of Indigenous Games and Martial Arts of the North Eastern Region and also the First Sports Festival of the North Eastern region in collaboration with Sports Authority of India and Netaji Subhas National Institute of Sports respectively, have been the highlights of the year. In addition, the Department has also assisted in the organisation of National Championships in several fields like Boxing, Arm Wrestling, etc. These have been over and above the organisation of usual annual events.

In the field of Youth Welfare, institution of a State Youth Award for the first time has been a highlight of the year.

The Department also organised anti-Drug Camps, Youth Leadership Training Camps, National Youth Day/Week Camps, Youth Folk Festival and Integration Camp, and NSS camping programmes at different levels, involving more than 5000 youths.


As the Hon'ble Members are aware, the Government of India have allocated a sum of Rs. 5 crores for 7th Plan under the Urban Development sector, for undertaking Capital Development project. An expert team, led by Chief Planner, Town and Country Planning Organisation, Government of India which visited Imphal recently has made certain recommendations on the basis of which estimates amounting to Rs. 271 lakhs have been prepared and sanctioned for development of Naga Nullah as a part of the scheme. The Government has further undertaken a project at Lamdeng under the scheme for International Year of Shelter for Homeless.

During the year 1986-87, Master Plans for Bishnupr, Tamenglong, Kakching and Nambol have been prepared. Similarly Master Plans for Churachandpur and Chandel towns have already been published in the Gazette. The Department will take steps for preparation of Master Plans for Thoubal, Moirang and Senapati towns during 1987-88.

I am happy that the Government of India has agreed to take up two more Towns under Integrated Development of Small and Medium Towns Scheme for Bishnupur and Lamlai, for which Project Reports have already been prepared by the Department. Environmental Improvement Urban Slum Scheme was continued during the year. Under the Scheme three tribal habituated areas in Imphal town were covered during the year 1986-87. The Government has provided a sum of Rs. 63.00 lakhs under the Social Housing Scheme for implementation of Low Income Group Housing and Economically Weaker Sections Schemes. The Government is also planning to implement Urban Basic Services programme in the State during the 7th Plan.

During the year, elections for two Municipalities and 5 Small Town Committees have so far been held. It is proposed to hold elections for 5 Municipalities and two Small Town Committees in March, 1987. Other major activities of the department include Beautification of Imphal Town, installation of street lights which is already taking place, improvement of the Drainage System in the market area and streamlining of administration to improve its overall performance.

In briefly outlining the multifarious activities of my Government in this august House, my fervent intention is to request the Hon'ble Members to appreciate the responsibilities which lie on us for ensuring Justice, social as well as economic, to our People. If we fail to fulfill our cherished and avowed goals of Growth, Self Reliance, Modernisation and Social Justice, we shall, no doubt, be answerable to the posterity. With my Government being fully committed to achieving the aforesaid goals, our State shall continue to emerge stronger and thereby contribute towards making our Country strong, prosperous and one of the foremost in the world.

During this Session, you will be deliberating on a number of Legislations and also consider other Issue and Measures.

I wish all of you success in your deliberations.





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