Governor Address - 1974


Mr. Speaker and Hon'ble Members of the Manipur Legislative Assembly,

I am glad to welcome you to the first Session of the New Vidhan Sabha, and to congratulate you on your having been chosen by the people of the State to be their representatives. I am particularly happy on the generally disciplined and orderly participation by all concerned in the elective process.


The year that has gone past saw yet another election held in the hill areas to return people's representatives as Members of the autonomous Hill District Councils under the Manipur (Hill Areas) District Councils Act, 1971. Since then the Hill Areas District Councils have been established and have started functioning in respect of the subjects transferred to them.


The mid term elections in the State of Manipur were held on the 19th, 23rd and 25th February, 1974 covering all the 60 constituencies. The voters are more and more conscious of the importance of ballot and displayed great enthusiasm in this democratic process and polling was on an average of 70 to 80%. The Election Department, the Electoral Officers and the Polling Officers carried out their duties in a commendable manner and deserve our praise. Many polling parties covered long distances in vehicles or on foot or even by boats to reach polling stations, moving in some cases through Nagaland, and suffered privation. The State Civil and Armed Police Forces, the C.R.P.F., the B.S.F. and the Army carried sweeping combing operations and gave excellent example of devotion to duty and alertness by meticulous planning. There was a definite requirement for adequate and well integrated security arrangements for domination of vulnerable areas and my Government would like to make special mention of the outstanding contribution made by the 8 Mountain Divn. and the 61 Mountain Brigade, which in spite of their overwhelming commitments and limited resources, provided outer protection cordons in strategic areas of almost the entire State in addition to seeing through the elections within their own sector in an exemplary manner. The Joint Control Centre established at Imphal by the 61 Mountain Brigade in Co-ordination with the other Security forces provided the nerve-centre and an efficient system of collating and disseminating information. The elections in Manipur could not have been conducted so successfully without a team work of the highest order on the part of all agencies, and the spontaneous co-operation and dedication to duty on their part and on the part of the jawans who worked day-in and day-out. It must be said to the credit of everybody that the co-operation from all was spontaneous. My Government regrets that two constables of the B.S.F. lost their lives and sympathise with those persons who suffered injuries.


The crime situations both in the hill and the valley remain well under control except for the unfortunate incidents in August and September 1973. 3,291 cases were registered as against 24,478 in the preceding year to meet genuine public complaints and grievances as far as possible. This increase was mainly due to better enforcement of Excise, Gambling and other special and local laws. As many as 27 new Police Stations were opened in the State in 1972 and 1973 and satisfactory progress was made in raising the 5th Bn. of the Manipur Rifles. The insurgency in some parts of the Hill areas, however, continued as before. My Government will continue to keep the law and order situation in a Border State like Manipur under constant review and would take all action necessary for the effectiveness of the security arrangements and for the safety of life and property of the peace-loving people. I also hope that it would be possible to take up the Police Housing Scheme on a large scale to ameliorate the living conditions of the State Police personnel.


During 1973-74, maize recorded a very good harvest. Paddy harvest was also quite good despite belated rainfall and heavy rains during the harvest time. The area under high yielding varieties went up to 18,000 hectares, against the target of 12,000 hectares. Varieties like “Ratna” and “IR-24” which were new introductions gained tremendous popularity along with the existing high yielding varieties like “Jaya” and “IR-8”. My Government has voluntarily accepted the higher target of 22,000 hectares during the coming year.


2,000 tonnes of nutrient elements were distributed as against the target of 1,900 tonnes. Hon'ble Members will be glad to know that fertilizer consumption per acre in Manipur is higher than any other State in the North Eastern Region. My Government has fixed the target for 1974-75 at 2,700 M.tonnes of nutrient elements. My Government is also very much alive to the problems of procurement of fertilizers and is trying to store the required quantities well ahead.

Double Cropping:

During 1972-73 double cropping of paddy was introduced with the help of stored water from temporary dams. Some farmers even got a yield up to 7 tonnes of paddy per hectare from the first crop. The drought of 1972 seems to have been taken as a challenge by the farmers, and has made them keen to provide against any future drought; and my Government will fully assist in their endeavours. To mobilise water reservoirs in the coming year, 40 small dams will be constructed for raising an irrigated early paddy crop in an extensive area spread over in the valley and in the lower hill areas. In the absence of irrigation, foliar feeding of wheat is being resorted to with great success and this is the single major factor in the increase of area under wheat cultivation.

Pulse Development:

Moong as a principal monsoon crop is being introduced by my Government from this year and intensive work for extension of areas under other pulses like Arhar, pea, gram will also be taken up from this year.

Vegetable Development:

Vegetable development will also be taken up from 1974-75. Large number of demonstration will be laid out, high quality vegetable seeds will be distributed at subsidised rates along with extensive publicity for growing more vegetables; and vegetable seeds of both summer and winter varieties will also be locally raised in existing farms.

Soil Conservation:

Large scale terracing will be taken up in concentrated areas where irrigation will be provided. Preference will be given to those areas where suitable land exists and the farmers voluntarily agree to give up jhooming. My Government attaches great importance to this programme in co-ordination with long term programme of aforestations and hence the allotment proposed for 1974-75 is Rs. 20 lakhs, which is about the total amount spent during the entire 4th plan period.


Assistance of famous experts has been sought for and is expected to be available shortly. The extension agency for Horticulture has been strengthened and both the Horticulture Research stations at Ukhrul and Churchandpur are expected to start functioning from 1974-75 when the programme for rejuvenation of the decaying orange orchards will also start. Two new progeny orchards are also proposed to be established during the next year by my Government.

Minor Irrigation:

A provision of Rs. 30 lakhs has been made for Minor Irrigation during 1974-75. Under this programme 4 River Lift Irrigation Schemes will be taken up along with conventional irrigation and drainage schemes in the Hill and in the valley together with construction of a large number of temporary dams for double cropping etc. in view of the fact that water is the most important element in plant life.


Under the scheme of strengthening of Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Department, this Department has been converted into a full fledged Directorate and a Director and 5 V.D.Os have been appointed. A sum of Rs. 50,000/- has been provided for opening of one Regional Exotic Cattle Breeding Farm in this State under the North Eastern Council and necessary proposal for acquisition of land at Leimakhong is under consideration.

Under the Half a Million Job Programme, 70 matriculate unemployed persons are under training. 20 of them are receiving training for Field Assistant-cum-Stock-man, 15 persons are receiving training in Cattle Farming, 20 in Poultry Farming and 15 in Piggery Farming under the Self-Employment Scheme under this Programme. My Government recognized the general lack of Progress in the sector and successfully moved for a provision of Rs.240 lakhs for the 5th Plan, which is 4 times the outlay for the 4th Plan. A sum of Rs. 30 lakhs is allotted in the Annual Plan for 1974-75.


One of the highlights under Co-operation is the Government of India's approval to a scheme for opening of a Departmental Store at Imphal by the Manipur Wholesale Co-operative Society under the Central Sector for accelerated Development of consumers Co-operatives, having growth and employment potential. For implementation of this Scheme, the Manipur Wholesale Co-operative Society has been given additional share capital contribution of Rs. 1.30 lakhs by the State government by diverting funds from other schemes. The society will also receive financial assistance from the Central Government for share-capital contribution, loan-cum-subsidy, for furniture and management.

The Department has taken up three schemes under the Half a Million Job Programme, viz. (i) organisation of 10 primary consumers Co-operative Societies together with the training of 250 Matriculate members for three months, (ii) provision of extension staff to the Manipur Apex co-operative Marketing society and training of three science graduates, and (iii) expansion of Manipur Wholesale Co-operative Society and training of 4 graduates, and 8 Matriculates for six months. The Planning Commission approved a financial outlay of Rs. 2.361 lakhs for these three schemes. The Government of India have also recently approved one additional scheme for the Co-operative Department for organisation of 5 Primary Consumers Co-operatives and training of 125 Matriculates.


During the preceding year a number of important schemes were undertaken to develop local sources for fish which forms an integral part of the dietary of our people. Under Fish Seed Production-cum-Fish Fry Distribution Scheme, the target of production has been fixed at Rs. 15 lakhs worth of fish fingerlings, the target achieved so far is 11.5 lakhs. Under Applied Nutrition Programme, the target of renovation of 140 tanks and supply of 1 lakh fish fingerlings free of cost to the pond owner has been acheived. This scheme is meant for production of fish in the selected block areas and to feed the expectant mothers, nursing mothers and children with a portion of the product in order to counter mal-nutrition. 500 hectares of water area has been brought under fish culture and 5 lakhs fish fingerlings have been provided under the scheme of Commercial Fish farm at Takmu.

Under the scheme of Training, 8 candidates have been sent to different units of the Central Institute of Fisheries Education, Bombay , for undergoing training in fisheries development and administration. Under the scheme of crab culture in Ganges the result so far achieved is satisfactory. Under the scheme of commercial Fish Farm at Waithou, the work of construction of sluice gate and ringbunds etc. is in progress. The works are being executed by the P.W.D. A composite Fish Farm at Ningthoukhong comprising an area of 20 hectares for Composite Culture of Fishes is being established.

While taking special care of the Welfare of the Tribal people my Government also successfully executed the schemes under Special Nutrition programme, community Development, Welfare of Backward Classes, Applied Nutrition Programme and Crash Scheme for Rural Employment.


Fifth Plan and Sub-Plan for Hill areas:

Planning is a continuous process and a Planning Cell has been created for the purpose. The 5th plan of Manipur State envisages an outlay of Rs.91.77 crores, which is nearly three times the size of the Fourth Plan. However in keeping with the actual requirements of this State, my Government would further endeavour to obtain increase in the Plan allocation in the coming years. Similarly the approved outlay for 1974-75 is of the order of Rs. 12.06 crores as against the 1973-74 Annual plan outlay of Rs.7.92 crores. An important feature of the State's Development Plan is the formulation by my Government of a draft Sub-Plan for the Tribal areas with an exclusive proposed outlay of Rs. 30.05 crores which, if approved, will be over and above the 5th Plan outlay. My Government has made this provision in the hope that this will bring about speedy removal of the existing disparities between the Hills and the valley areas, which are complementary to each other's economy. This House will perhaps recall that the socio economic development of Manipur had remained stagnant until recently. The modest outlays of Rs. 1.55 crores for the 1st Plan, Rs. 6.25 crores for the 2nd Plan, Rs.12.88 crores for the 3rd Plan and even more modest achievements in terms of expenditure of Rs.1.03 crores, Rs. 5.97 crores and Rs. 12.81 crores respectively speak loudly of our retarded rate of economic growth. This rate did not improve during the 3rd and 4th Plans according to the required needs of the State. My Government has been largely successful in driving these facts home with the Planning Commission and in securing an ambitious outlay for the 5th Plan in order to make up for the lost time within the next 5 years. This has provided the State with a golden opportunity, but it is also a challenge to the people at large and to the leaders and the administrators of the State in particular.

One of the land-marks in the history of communications in Manipur, which has from times immemorial remained not only land-locked but also a land without access even to the neighbours, is the opening of the New Cachar Road in June 1973, linking Manipur with Assam directly. The work on the Loktak Project also gained momentum and the 1st phase of generation of power from it is expected to be achieved within a span of two years.

My Government is, however, aware of the inadequacies which however still persist in various sectors at the end of the fourth Plan period. I take this opportunity to recount these inadequacies briefly in terms of inadequate infrastructure in the field of communications, Power, Credit Institutions, skill and entrepreneurship, Inadequately equipped district complexes; continuance of the existing highly unstable agrarian, rural and food economy; a large force of unemployed and under employed amounting to 50,863 job seekers as on 31.3.1973, as per the register of the Employment Exchange; static and unstable per capita income far below the All India average; rapid growth in Education unmatched by economic growth and adequate employment opportunity; and dependence on other States for consumer goods; despite Manipur's own potential. My Government has made endeavour to keep these inadequacies in view in framing the 5th Five Year Plan of the State. The remaining response would need to be provided by the people and their elected representatives whom I have the privilege to address today.


Taxation and Revenue Income constitute a vital factor in re-generation of the economy of the State, and in building up stability and strength of the people. Necessary infrastructure to cope with the increasing responsibility of administering the Taxation, Acts and collecting increasing tax revenues will receive due attention of my Government.


Satisfactory progress was made in improving State Highways like Imphal Ukhrul Road , Imphal Tiddim Road , Imphal Tamenglong Road etc . The construction of Nungba Tamenglong Road for jeepable traffic within a period of about 4 months will open new horizons for the people of West District. My Government has decided to take up construction of Guite road in the coming year.

The 5th plan outlay on roads is of the order of Rs. 21.65 crores. In addition, feasibility of constructing ropeways for quick transportation between (1) Barak and Jiribam via Oinamlong, (2) Kangchup to Ukhrul via Litan and (3) Kangchup to Haflong via Tamenglong is also under examination. My Government hopes that the North Eastern Council will make sufficient funds available for these projects during the 5th plan. The North Eastern Council has also approved the scheme for the inter-state roads, Nungba-Tamenglong-Tousem/Haflong, Nungba-Thanlon-Aijol, Oinamlong-Katon-Willong.

A provision of Rs. 150 lakhs in 1974-75 for Loktak Lift Irrigation with a target to irrigate at least 1000,000 acres of land at the end of the year has been made. Investigation for construction of dams/barrages at Iramsiphai, Khuga, Wabgai, Khoupum etc, has been taken up in the State Sector with a provision of Rs.35 lakhs during the year 1974-75.

My Government also proposes to augment the existing water supply at Imphal by constructing reservoirs at Chingmeirong, Porompat and Canchipur for equitable distribution and also to increase the water capacity at Kangchup during the 5th Plan. Provision has also been made for taking up Water Supply Schemes at Ukhrul, Jiribam, Tamenglong, Singhat and Tadubi, and in other rural centres in addition to the accelerated Water Supply Scheme under the Central Sector.

A special drive was launched for realisation of arrears of house rents for the last many years for which the figure has swelled up to about Rs. 5 lakhs, and also for realisation of water tax which had been held in arrears. One of the important subjects my Government gave attention to was to re-organise the Public Works Department to create qualified cadres and to find competent technical personnel so necessary to build up the much needed infrastructure for our 5th Plan. The process of finding technically qualified personnel and for conducting Refresher Courses and Departmental Examinations will have to continue in the overall interest of Manipur.


Manipur was under President's Rule from 28.3.73 to 4.3.74. During this period, two Presidential Acts namely, (1) The Manipur Taxation Laws (Amendment) Act, 1973 and (2) The Manipur Anatomy Act, 1973, were enacted.

My Government proposes shortly to introduce: (1) Manipur Panchayati Raj Bill, (2) Manipur Municipal Bill and (3) Manipur Town and Country Planning Bill.

My Government further proposes to set up a law Commission to examine the whole structure of Laws applicable to the State of Manipur , including the introduction of new Acts and replacement of Acts of other States now applicable to the State, together with the drafting of the Bills.


The Manipur Hill Areas House Tax Act, 1966 which had not been enforced so long has now been enforced with effect from 10th January, 1974 .

Draft Rules for constituting Manipur Civil Service (Junior) were prepared by my Government for constituting an S.D.Cs Cadre. These are under examination.

My Government started special efforts to improve the collection of arrears of land revenue and other government dues which had accumulated from year to year in the past. As against the collection of Rs.7, 62,060.08 in 1971-72 and Rs.15, 25,167.31 during 1972-73 the collection from 1.7.73 to 15.2.74 was Rs.22, 81,183.83. My Government hopes that by the end of the current financial year the collection may reach the targeted figure of Rs.28 to 30 lakhs. In order to ensure that the charges on land management and the revenue administration compared favourably with the total collection during the year the Revenue commissioner has also been asked to undertake a thorough study of the problem. On the basis of such a study, measures to further stream line the revenue administration will be taken up by my Government.

There were encroachments over 313.2750 acres of land in the Imphal Municipality Areas involving 401 persons. 353 evictions were taken up, out of which 349 cases have been finalised.


The resources position of the State in the current year, which is shortly coming to a close, has not been very happy and the State ran into overdraft time and again. The Central Government had to provide a massive Special Accommodation loan of Rs. 5.00 crores to enable the state to meet its immediate requirements. The position in the coming year is, however, likely to improve mainly because of a much larger devolution recommended by the Sixth Finance Commission. My Government is fully alive to the need of keeping vigilance on the resources position of the State and of exercising utmost economy in the Non Plan expenditure so that maximum resources can be diverted for financing developmental activities in the State. My Government has also taken steps to mobilise additional resources, mainly by way of raising market loans to step up the pace of development. The total Plan outlay (excluding the Centrally sponsored and other Central Schemes) will be of the order of Rs.12.06 crores. The size of Central assistance for Centrally Sponsored and other Central Schemes is expected to be of the order of Rs.3.00 crores tentatively.


Manipur Small Industries Corporation:

Handloom Industry in the State faced considerable difficulties due to non-availability of cotton yarn at reasonable price. Efforts were, therefore, successfully made at the topmost level to procure yarn directly from the mills and to distribute it to the actual weavers through the agency of Manipur Small Industries Corporation Ltd., a Government of Manipur Undertaking. As a result, the Corporation is at present having very good stocks of yarn of all counts to meet the local requirements satisfactorily. I may mention that the corporation for the first time undertook this vital task of meeting the yarn requirement of the local handloom industry and the magnitude of the task required substantial increase in the capital structure of the Corporation. A sum of Rs. 20 lakhs was subscribed by my Government to the corporation's share capital in the current year as against only Rs.14 lakhs so far. The Corporation also expanded its activities in procurement of scarce iron and steel materials badly needed by the local industries. In this respect also, the Corporation has been able to build up good stocks which are readily available for use by the local industries at controlled and reasonable prices. At the same time, the Corporation was persuaded to reduce its handling charges from 10% to 7% in the current year for the benefit of the local small scale industries.


Manipur Spinning Mill Corporation:

The erection of Manipur Spinning Mill continued apace although the progress was not as fast as hoped mainly due to certain circumstantial difficulties. The Project Manager is being appointed shortly. Articles of Association and Memorandum of Association of the proposed Manipur Spinning Mill Corporation have been approved by the Registrar of Companies, Shillong, and after reprinting, have been sent to him. The total spindlage has been raised from 25,520 to 28,600 and the range of courts to be produced has been changed from 20-40-50's to 20-40-60-80's plus processing facilities for 2 x 2 yarn, mercerising and bleaching. A provision of Rs. 35 lakhs has been made for this Project in the coming year's budget.


Manipur Tasar Corporation:

My Government is taking keen interest in the Tasar Industry. Efforts are being made to register the Manipur Tasar Corporation which is expected to execute the Tasar Project after it has been rewritten. The Planning Commission has approved an outlay of Rs.2.5 crores for Sericulture for the 5th plan and it is proposed to concentrate mainly on Tasar. A sum of Rs. 24 lakhs is available for the coming year's Annual Plan for this purpose.

Manipur Handloom Emporium, New Delhi :

All India Handloom and Handicrafts Export Corporation, a subsidiary of the State Trading Corporation has been entrusted with the work of interior decoration of Manipur Handloom Emporium at New Delhi at a total cost of Rs. 3.84 lakhs. The necessary advance has been paid and it is hoped that the work will be completed in the next 3-4 months.

Paper Industries:

A major achievement during the year was preparation of an ambitious 5th Plan for industrial development of Manipur and as a result the Planning Commission has agreed to an allocation of Rs. 8.5 crores on industrial development alone which is roughly 8 times the allocation made for the 4th Plan. All the main Projects like setting up of Insulating Paper Mill, Cement Project, Sugar Mill-cum-Distillery, Starch-cum-Glucose Factory etc. have been accepted by the Planning Commission. In addition, a token provision of Rs. 25 lakhs has been agreed to for Setting up the Paper-cum-Pulp Mill at Jiribam pending clearance of the Project Report by the Planning Commission and the Ministry of Industrial Development. It is hoped that this allocation will be raised to Rs. 6 crores for setting up this Project in the joint sector during the 5th Plan if, after scrutiny and examination of the Project Report, it is found viable by the Planning Commission and the Ministry of Industrial Development. High level efforts were made to expedite examination of the Project Report by the Planning Commission and the Ministry.


National Industrial Development Corporation has been entrusted by my Government with the preparation of a feasibility report for setting up a Cement Plant at Hundung based upon low-shaft process, the know-how for which is being obtained from the National Research Development Corporation. Necessary funds for this purpose have been sanctioned.

Small and Medium Industries:

The National Council of Advance Economic Research has been engaged in the current year for carrying out feasibility surveys for setting up various types of small and medium industries like Starch Factory, Match Factory, Ply Wood Factory, Pine apple Fibre, Fruit Canning, Extraction of Ginger oil and Cinnamon oil etc., and they are already on the job. My Government also intends to pursue the establishment of a watch factory and a cycle parts factory in Manipur.


Khandsari Sugar Factory had its first full working season during the year, although the factory experienced some teething troubles like low-recovery due to indifferent quality of cane, inclement weather etc. as a result of which the performance was not up to the mark. An expert from National Sugar Institute, Kanpur was invited to advise us on these problems and his recommendations are being implemented. As a result, it is hoped that the factory will go on to achieve satisfactory working results in the coming year. My Government intends to introduce suitable varieties of cane which would lead to higher output.

Part of the Industrial Estate at Takyelpat was completed during the year under report and 8 industrial sheds were recently taken over by this Department for allotment to industrialists. The progress on the remaining sheds was held up due to shortage of construction materials.


Uniform Pattern of Education:

In pursuance of the decision of the Government to adopt the general pattern of 10 years of School Education plus 2 years of Higher Secondary or Pre-University Education followed by a Three Year Degree Course, my Government introduced the High School course in Class IX of all Higher Secondary Schools in Manipur from the academic session 1973-74. My Government will speed up implementation of the Three Year Degree Course as part of the 10+2+3 pattern.

Special XIIth Year Course:

As a consequence of the change in the pattern of the Pre-University Course of the Gauhati University , the students who have passed out from Class XI of the 11 Year Higher Secondary Course had to seek admission in the Second Year of the Two year Pre-University Course which caused inconvenience to them. In order to overcome their difficulty, the Board of Secondary Education, Manipur introduced a Special XIIth Year Course and started classes in two Higher Secondary Schools from 1973-74. This Special Course will be opened in those Higher Secondary Schools and will continue till 1975-76. The Gauhati University has given recognition to this course.

Higher Secondary/Pre-University Education:

In order to provide sufficient accommodation for students in various parts of the State at the level of the two year Higher Secondary/Pre-University Course in the new pattern, my Government have decided to up-grade eight selected Higher Secondary Schools out of the existing Higher Secondary Schools to the 12 Year course Higher Secondary Schools and also to introduce science courses in 6 of the existing colleges.

Higher Schools/Colleges in Sub-Divisional/District Head Quarters in the Hill Areas:

Under a scheme for establishment of one High School in each of the Sub-Divisional Headquarters in the Hill districts, grants-in-aid have been extended to 5 high Schools in the Hill districts and to four Junior high Schools. My Government also intends to have one College at each Head Quarters of the Hill District.

Transfer of Primary Schools to the District Councils:

With the constitution of the Autonomous Hill District Councils, the maintenance of all Government Primary Schools and the administration of grants-in-aid to the aided Primary Schools in the Hill districts have been transferred to these District Councils.

Enrolment Targets:

By the end of the Fourth Plan, the number of children in the age-group 6-11 in Primary Schools constituting 72.5% of the total number of children of this age-group will reach the figure of one lakh and twenty thousand. During the Fifth Plan, it is proposed to bring 26,100 more children of this age-group to schools in order to raise the percentage of enrolment to 82%. The target for 1974-75 is to enrol 5,200 additional children in Primary Schools. In the Middle School Standard there are 38,000 children of the age-group 11-14 constituting 45% of the children of this age-group. During the Fifth Plan 14,800 additional children will be brought to Schools to raise the percentage to 55%. During 1974-75 it is proposed to bring a total of 3,000 additional children under regular schooling.

Pre-Primary Education:

There are more than 61,000 children below the age of 6 years attending Primary Schools. During the Fifth Five Year Plan, 500 Pre-Primary Centres will be opened to impart Pre-School Education to 15,000 of these Children. During 1974-75 100 Centres will be opened with 100 Matrons to cater to the needs of 3,000 such children.

Sainik School :

The Sainik School has shifted to its permanent accommodation at Pangei. My Government is taking keen interest in making it as one of the best schools in the north eastern region.

Higher Education:

Extension and improvement of the Administrative Block of the Jawaharlal Nehru University Centre at Canchipur, which is being also used for academic purposes, has been satisfactory. It is proposed to acquire adequate private and khas land during 1974-75 for the University Centre at Canchipur to start construction of the academic and other buildings during 1974-75. Provision has also been made for matching grants by the State Government to enable private colleges to secure grants from the University Grants Commission.

Quality improvement:

To clear the huge backlog of untrained Elementary School teachers my Government proposes to open 4 additional Basic Training Institutes and one Basic Training College with a total intake of 500 teachers during 1974-75. A State Institute of Education has already been opened and is a landmark for quality improvement. This institute is taking up various schemes of quality improvement in education which is a crying need in this State. A post of Sr.Research Officer has been created for Teacher Education. A State Council for Teacher Education has been constituted. It is proposed to open a Science Unit in the State Institute of School Education during 1974-75. 170 Science graduates have also been appointed as stipendiary teachers for teaching Science in Junior High and High Schools. The examination system at the Elementary stage of education has been reformed. The Compulsory Examination at the end of Class VIII has been abolished and the Junior High Schools have been asked to present their candidates to the promotion examinations held by neighbouring High/Higher Secondary Schools. My Government proposes to introduce a system of School Complexes with the requisite High or Higher Secondary School and the feeder Junior High Schools forming as one Complex so that a sustained and planned initiative in improving the standards of the feeder schools is maintained. The Board of Secondary Education, Manipur held its first High School Leaving Certificate Examination, in April 1973 on an improved standard. The National Council of Educational Research & Training, New Delhi , has submitted its report on the Comprehensive Education Survey of Manipur. The Visiting Team of the University Grants Commission has also submitted its report on higher education in Manipur. It is proposed to convene formal meetings of the high level Committee of the Experts constituted by the Government to examine the existing system of education in Manipur and to recommend a suitable policy and organisation which will best serve the interests of education and development in the State.


A separate provision for the development for Culture has now been made under the Fifth Five Year Plan. Some of the important schemes will be implemented through the State Kala Academy . There is provision of a State Archives and an Art Gallery in the Fifth Five Year Plan.

Technical Education:

A separate Department for Technical Education has been established with the Principal, Government Polytechnic as Controller of Technical Education. The Government Polytechnic will be developed into a full fledged Polytechnic and the intake capacity will be raised from 70 at present to 120 when the construction of the buildings at its new site at Takyel is completed. New courses will be opened during the Fifth Plan to cater to the needs of Agriculture, Industries, P.W.D. and the Electricity Department.

Pre-Service Coaching:

The Government have also taken steps for sending out trainees for Pre-Service Coaching for I.A.S., I.F.S., I.P.S., Central Services etc, examinations. It is hoped that the Scheme will start operation from May next.

University of Manipur :

My Government is aware of the pressing necessity of having a full-fledged University for Manipur.

Tribal Dialect Text Books:

My Government has decided to introduce text books in tribal dialects in primary Schools.


My Government is fully aware of the limitations of developing tourism in Manipur without removal or relaxation of Inner line permit system, and will take up the matter with the Centre with this end. There is provision of about Rs.9.00 lakhs for a Tourist Hotel at Imphal. But in 1974-75 there is a provision of Rs.0.50 lakhs only for Tourism and out of this only Rs.0.10 lakhs are earmarked for buildings. My Government intends to approach the Central Government for more funds to improve this industry.


Recruitment Rules.

Recruitment Rules were framed in cases where such rules were not in existence, and in many cases the existing Recruitment Rules had to be amended so as to provide promotional avenues for the officials already in service and also to recruit candidates having better qualification to meet the needs of the developing State. During the year, 52 fresh recruitment rules were framed and 23 were amended, bringing the total to 75. Along with the finalisation of Recruitment Rules, action has also been taken to make regular appointments. In the last year, there were 46 Class I and 131 Class II ad-hoc appointments. Out of these 9 in Class I and 7 in Class II were regularised in consultation with the M.P.S.C. and 23 cases in Class I and 92 in Class II were referred to M.P.S.C. for regular appointments. The M.P.S.C. have been very co-operative and with their help and co-operation the Government has been able to achieve this in spite of the Commission being a newly set-up organisation.

Service Rules

Along with the regularisation of the ad-hoc appointments, my Government have also taken up framing of a number of service rules to organise and streamline new services. The new services which are being constituted are (1) Manipur Health Service, (2) Manipur Finance Service, (3) Manipur Judicial Service and (4) Manipur Civil Service (Junior). The Draft Rules for these services are being finalised and the new services are expected to come into being shortly. To increase efficiency of the officials under this Government the Departments have been organising training programmes and a number of officials have also been deputed for in-service training outside the State. With the help of the Government of India, Department of Personnel, short courses are also being organised for giving training to the subordinate staff and lower level and middle level officers at Imphal. Classes are also being organised for teaching Manipuri to non-Manipuri officials. Two short-term refresher courses were organised for the Secretariat L.D.Cs/U.D.Cs and superintendents.

A number of instructions in the form of guidelines have been issued to the Departments explaining the constitutional position of the M.P.S.C. and procedures that are to be followed in making the appointments by direct recruitment and by promotion in respect of posts which are within the purview of the Commission. For giving guidance to the officials, a manual of instructions is also being prepared.


Action has also been taken to re-organise and streamline the administration. A number of ex-officio Secretaries/Joint Secretaries/Addl. Secretaries have been appointed. The Chief Engineer, P.W.D. and the Director of Industries were made ex-officio Secretaries of their respective departments. The Director of Medical, Health & Family Planning Services and the senior most Superintending Engineer of the P.W.D. have been made ex-officio Addl. Secretary and Jt.Secretary respectively.

Representation of Scheduled Castes/ Scheduled Tribes.

With a view to ensure proportionate representation of Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe population of the State in the services, my Government have recently issued orders revising the percentages of reservation from 15% and 7 ½% to 1% and 31% on the basis of the 1971 census figures of the State.


Manipur State Transport continues to provide passengers and goods services on various routes. During 1973-74, 2 new services namely, Imphal-Jiribam service on the New Cachar Road and Imphal-Thingkieu on Tipaimukh Road were started. Imphal-Jiribam service has opened up better and cheaper means of communication for the common people who had so far to depend entirely on the I.A.C. Flights. This route has also provided an alternative link with the rest of the country which may be more effectively used in the event of the frequent land slides on the Imphal-Dimapur Road . Imphal-Thinkieu service has opened up areas of South District. During the year, Manipur State Transport also introduced an express service between Imphal-Dimapur.

The Department was called upon to shoulder responsibility for the transport of large quantities of goods between Dimapur and Imphal. This was particularly necessitated on account of the larger import of food-grains as a consequence of the failure of crops in 1972, as also import of fertilisers and other agricultural inputs as part of agriculture production campaign. The MST handled a total of 42,035 metric tonnes of goods during the year (upto 15th March, 1974 ) as against a total quantity of 34,941 metric tonnes in 1972-73 and 13,679 metric tonnes in 1971-72. The Department also made arrangements for the transport of food-grains in various parts of the State.

The ‘receipts' of the Department have shown a considerable increase. In the current financial year (upto 15th March 1974) the ‘receipts' of the Departments have been of the order of Rs. 81 lakhs as compared to Rs. 49 lakhs in 1972-73 and Rs.30 lakhs in 1971-72.

A number of steps have been taken to re-organise the Department and to effect improvements in its working. A new building to house the administrative office, workshop and stores is coming up at Mantripukhri. The posts of Deputy General Manager, Works Manager and Traffic manager have been created for higher administrative and operational efficiency. Arrangements have also been made to get the officers and staff at various levels trained in the Central Institute of Road Transport, Poona and various Automobile and ancillary industries.

Under the Half a Million Job Programme, the Department is training 50 educated unemployed youth in Motor Mechanics for 6 months on payment of stipend of Rs. 100/- per month. Under the same programme the Department will give margin money to private entrepreneurs for purchase of 20 buses, 40 Trucks, 10 Taxis, 30 Auto-Rikshaws, 30 Mini-Buses and 15 Tempos. This will give employment to 485 educated unemployed persons.

The Department is faced with the problems of scarcity and rising prices of vehicles, spare parts and P.O.L. products. This being a country-wide problem, the M.S.T. has to live with it.

The proposal to convert M.S.T. into a corporation is also under active consideration.


As on 31st December, 1973 there were 34,480 males and 5,548 females on the live register, out of which placements were made for 766 males and 110 females. The two Hill I.T. I's at Karong and Tamenglong will be started from the 1st August 1974 .


The draft Master Plan for Greater Imphal is under the active consideration of the Government. In the frame work of the Master Plan and Town Development schemes lay out plans for widening of roads, development of parks, colonies, bazaars etc. for the capital city of Imphal have been prepared. Some of the notable works under implementation are widening of the road in front of the Raj Bhavan and the Secretariat, development of Kangla Park , construction of Kwakeithel Bazar and public cycle shed near the Polo Ground, and development of Lamphel Housing colonies. In addition, some steps have been taken to develop Imphal area or any other suitable neighbouring area as a capital complex befitting the State capital. For this purpose a Town Development Committee was constituted with 16 members including Shri P.G.Valsangkar, Addl. Town and Country Planner, Town and Country Planning Organisation, New Delhi , and the Chief Architect, C.P.W.D. New Delhi .

As for the hill towns layout plans for the district Head Quarters of Hill Districts have been prepared for developing them into Municipal Townships.


My Government made concerted and detailed planning for food production, procurement locally and from FCI Godowns and distribution through established centres in the year following the drought during 1972-73. Quantities distributed during 1973-74 were – Rice – 15,310.989 Metric Tonnes, Paddy- 1,117.984 M.tonnes, Wheat- 3,193.400 M.Tonnes and Atta- 2,245.900 M.Tonnes.

The work of procurement of paddy was entrusted to the Food Corporation of India and a quantity of 1,450 M.Tonnes of paddy was procured. My Government has also placed our requirements of rice for the year 1974-75 at 10,000 M.Tonnes. Given good rainfall and good harvest for the next two crops, the figure will be reviewed at the appropriate time, according to the actual requirement. Similarly, the position regarding sugar, GCI Sheets and cement is also now satisfactory, after the serious cement shortage recorded last year.


My Government took various steps not only to stream-line the Forest Administration in general, but also to put the Department on a proper commercial basis. For the first time steps were taken to lease out Cane-Mahals, Bamboo-Mahals and Stone-Mahals on commercial lines, to properly exploit the forest produce for generating incomes. The 5th plan allocation has been fixed at Rs. 100.00/- lakhs as against Rs.37.20 lakhs in the 4th Plan.


My Government took special care to make up quickly for the inadequacies and deficiencies in respect of the Regional Medical College set up in September, 1972 to cater for the needs of the States/ Territories of the North Eastern Regions. 50 students were admitted in the second batch during 1973 as agreed to at a meeting of the North Eastern Council. This House will be happy to know that the initial difficulties and reluctance of the Gauhati University for affiliation were ultimately overcome, as a result of which the University has now granted temporary affiliation to the Regional Medical College. This will enable the first batch of MBBS students admitted with the opening of the College in September, 1972 to sit at the first University Examination in May, 1974. Advance and timely steps were taken for recruitment of necessary teaching staff when the first batch of students, after the aforesaid University Examination, would enter the Third year of MBBS. Similarly, timely steps were taken to provide for more accommodation, purchase of additional equipment and other requisites. The Anatomy Bill has also since been passed and has received the assent of the President. This would enable the Medical College to procure unclaimed dead bodies for use in the Anatomy Department. In accordance with the suggestion of the Planning Commission and the Union Ministry of health, the North Eastern Council have now drawn up a draft for the Articles of Association for this Regional Medical College and the same are under examination by this Government.

Other Medical Institutions Opened:

2 Dispensaries, one at Parbung (South District) and the other at Chingai (East District) have been opened. Another 2 Dispensaries at Tuining and Tuaitengphai at South District which have been sanctioned by the Government are now under establishment during the current year. One Primary Health Centre at Kangpokpi (North District) has been opened since October, 1973. Another Primary Health Centre at Wangoi (Central District) will be opened during the current year. Necessary building has been completed for the Primary Health Centre, and staff appointed. One T.B. Clinic at Churachandpur has been sanctioned and established. 4 S.E.T. Centres for Leprosy Control Programme under the Centrally sponsored scheme has been sanctioned by the Government and is now under the process of establishment.

Other Health Programmes:

7 Centrally sponsored schemes, such as the National Malaria Eradication Programme, National Small Pox Eradication Programme, Anti T.B.Control Scheme, National Trachoma Control Scheme, V.D. Control Programme and Family Planning are continuing satisfactorily during the year under report.


23 Medical Officers, including one Dental Surgeon, two unit Officers, one Matron, 53 Para Medical personnel and 36 Grade IV staff have been appointed during the year under report.

During the winter just ended, the out-break of Gastroentritis among children was more severe than during the past 4 years. As many as 2883 cases were treated through out the Sate during the months of November, 1973 to February, 1974. This was against the average of barely 300 cases during the earlier 3 years. At our request, the Government of India sent a Special Team headed by the Director of Cholera Research Centre, Calcutta who undertook extensive investigation and visited a number of villages in the rural areas. The detailed report of the Team is awaited. However, according to the preliminary report, it is expected that useful result may be achieved after through investigations in the Research Centre at Calcutta.


In order to meet the growing shortage of power, 2 X 700 KW Diesel generating sets were purchased and commissioned towards the end of November, 1973. In addition, a second-hand 1080KW Diesel generating set was also purchased from Gujarat. Its installation is in progress and is expected to be completed shortly. My Government is arranging to purchase 250 KW of power from Nagaland/Assam for Jessamy and Jiribam areas as a commercial proposition. Orders have also been placed for purchase of 8 x 248 KW generating sets through D.G.S. & D and the same are expected to arrive shortly. As a result, the supply in the current year, including purchases from other sources was of the order to 150 lakhs units, as against 129 lakh units in the preceding year. The revenue earnings of the Department are expected to rise to Rs. 28 lakhs as compared to Rs. 22 lakhs in the preceding year. Besides vigorous steps were undertaken to liquidate the arrears of collection of dues from the consumers.

My Government took steps also to strengthen the organisation of the Department to cope with the increasing work load. One additional circle and one project division were created and efforts made to fill large number of vacancies existing in the Department, through departmental promotions and by direct recruitment, or by deputation from other States to the extent possible. Accordingly, one Executive Engineer was regularly promoted, 14 Assistant Engineers directly recruited and services of one Additional Superintending Engineer were obtained on deputation. Order has also been issued for appointment of one Executive Engineer on deputation. Despite these a large number of vacancies still exist, and have had to be filled up on ad-hoc basis.

Erection of lines has been completed by my Government in 30 villages in the valley and in the hill areas, but they could not be energized due to want of power so far. My Government is taking up erection of lines in more villages in the valley and Hills in the coming year.

Apart form these normal schemes, tenders were invited for the 2nd Inter-State Line from Imphal to Jiribam. A notable feature of the coming year is the proposed completion of the 2nd stage of the Leimakhong Hydro Electric Project and undertaking of the construction of Lokchao Micro-Hydel Scheme near Moreh. Construction of Yurembam sub-station for the 132 KW transmission line between Loktak and Mao is already in progress. My Government also proposes to investigate other Micro-Hydel Projects like Duiphou in West District.

Lastly my Government is fully aware of the need to regulate and improve the service conditions and emoluments of the employees of the State. An interim relief as recommended by the Manipur Pay Commission has been granted with effect from 1.1.1973. My Government hopes to get the recommendations of the Manipur Pay Commission in the next few months, and it will take further action when they are received.

Hon'ble Members, I have indicated to you the policies and programmes pursued by my Government, and those that have been adopted or proposed for fulfilment of our objectives of reducing economic inequalities and achieving social justice. I have also briefly touched upon the problems facing the State. I have no doubt that you will endeavour to assist the Government in providing for the people a clean and efficient administration for the economic development of Manipur. I wish you all success. I now leave you to your deliberations in the hope that your endeavours will enhance the rich traditions of this State





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