Governor Address - 1973


Mr. Speaker and Hon'ble Members of the Manipur Vidhan Sabha,

Once again I welcome you with my warm greetings and good wishes. When I addressed you last time about a year ago, it was a historical occasion, which marked the birth of the State of Manipur and the beginning of a new Chapter in the historical setting. Almost one full year has elapsed since then—an important and significant period marking the foundations on which the edifice of the full statehood is to be built up for the future prosperity of the people of Manipur. It is natural for us, therefore, to recollect in retrospect our programmes and achievements and to re-dedicate ourselves for greater achievements in the ensuing year.


The year just gone by has been a year of anxiety due to failure of rains which still continue to threaten us and due to the severe drought conditions brought about in its trail. From the rainfall data collected from January 1972, it is clear that there has been deficit of 527 mm of rainfall from the normal. The moisture contained in the soil of the paddy fields fell to 14% only against the minimum of 18% required for the seed to germinate. About 1,20,000 hectares of land has been affected during the kharif season of 1972. Consequently, a target of about 25,000 hectares was set for the rabi crop and about 500 pump sets were purchased for distribution to the interested farmers in the affected areas at 50% subsidy. However, the continued drought even during the winter months has adversely affected the Emergency Agricultural Production Programme.

My Government is now busy reforming its forces for a determined drive for the early kharif crop (March-July). A target of 10,000 hectares of land has been fixed and about 800 M. Tonnes of seeds of the early variety of paddy have been ordered for the immediate supply within February 1973. Several check dams have been put up across many rivers in order to utilise river water to feed the fields. Dams at Iram Siphai, Khuga and Wabgai are proposed to be made permanent.

So far the Government of India have sanctioned Rs.37.70 lakhs for minor irrigation under the EAPP which include construction of irrigation dams and bunds etc. A further sum of 25 lakhs has been sanctioned for purchase of seeds, fertilizers and chemicals under this emergency programme. Also a further sum of 20 lakhs have been sanctioned for Lift Irrigation Programmes in 1972-73.

This drought has not only brought about a serious reduction in yield of cereals but has also affected adversely growth of pineapples and orange etc. In all, there would be a short fall of about 1 lakh 5 thousand tonnes of clean rice due to drought thus resulting in wastage of 72 lakhs man-days which would have been utilised in a normal year from harvesting to de-husking. It is also estimated that about 30,000 man-days have already been wasted for the loss of yield of maize in the kharif season.

My Government has, therefore, submitted a comprehensive scheme for Test Relief to the Government of India so that the drought affected people may be given purchasing capacity for food grains from the Government Godowns.

My Government is also taking steps to start an Agriculture University during the 5th Plan. Tea and Coffee plantation in Tamenglong areas and Churachandpur/Jiribam/Moreh and Rubber plantation at Moreh is also receiving attention of my Government.


Fish being the staple food for the majority of the population, a sum of Rs.10 lakhs was provided for the year 1972-73. It is expected that 13 lakhs of fish fingerlings will be produced and the capital works for all the commercial fish farms completed.


During the year 1972-73, 5 Veterinary Hospitals , 4 Dispensaries and 3 Stockman Training

Centres are likely to be opened.


A sum of Rs. 5 lakhs is provided for handling of 21 lakhs 90 thousand litres of milk and production of 5000 kgs of butter, 5000 kgs of ghee, 2000 kgs of cheese and 20,000 kgs, of curds.


A Panchayati Raj Bill has been introduced in the Assembly Session of January 1973 and the same has been referred to a Select Committee. For 1972-73, an outlay of Rs. 1.40 lakhs is provided for giving grants to 41 Gram Panchayats for pisciculture, horticulture, poultry farming and for bee keeping etc.


There are at the moment 14 CD and 21 TD Blocks in different stages. These Blocks are the agency for development for all schemes and programmes including SFDA, CNP, ANP, CSRE and MP/SFAL. 96 Feeding Centres have been opened all over Manipur out of which 91 are in the Hills and 5 are in the Valley and a budget provision of Rs. 8.46 lakhs has been made for 1972-73. The scheme is expected to benefit 12,000 children of 0 to 6 age-group in 1972-73.

A sum of Rs. 27 lakhs has been sanctioned by the Government of India in the Budget for 1972-73 in order to generate 2,50,000 man-days in each district under CSRE Schemes. My Government has asked for the release of the balance amount of Rs. 20.25 lakhs from the Government of India.

My Government took special care for Tribal Welfare and gave generous grants for their medical treatment outside Manipur. Government aid was also given for production of text books in tribal dialects.


My Government is making efforts for not only modernizing the traditional and rural and cottage industries like handloom and handicrafts so as to make them competitive in outside markets but also to set up modern industries. One of the highlights of the year 1972-73 has been the setting up of the Khandsari Sugar Factory at Khangabok near Thoubal with the rated capacity of 60 tonnes per day. The expansion and improvement of the handloom design centre under which 4 modern power looms have been installed under the Directorate at Imphal for evolving new designs and patterns has been another highlight of the year. The sanction of the Government of India was also received for establishing 25,520 cotton spindles spinning mill at Loitam Khunou and also for the Manipur Oak Tasar Project. A correlative scheme for growing cotton has also been undertaken. The proposal regarding establishment of bamboo based pulp mill at Chandighat at Jiribam and pine based paper mill at Karong is under advance consideration of the Government of India.

For the year 1973-74 the main highlights will be taking up of preliminary works for setting up of one distillery plant based on molasses produced by Khandsari Sugar Factory. Secondly, the main work regarding implementation of Manipur Oak Tasar Silk Project and the Spinning Mill will be taken up. Under the former 60 Tasar Centres for rearing cocoons on modern lines will be set up during the year all over Manipur and preparations for setting up of filature factory at Imphal in public sector will be taken up. In order to support the growing number of industries in the State in the small sector the role of the Manipur Small Industries Corporation in feeding them with the requisite raw material and other technical expertise is proposed to be substantially increased during the year by doubling its present authorized capital 10 lakhs to 20 lakhs during 1973-74.


Uniform Pattern of Education:

In pursuance of the recommendation of the 36th Session of the Central Advisory Board of Education, my Government has also agreed in principle to the adoption of a uniform pattern of education consisting of 10 years of high school education, 2 years of higher secondary or pre-university education and 3 years of education for the first degree examination. The Government has taken a decision that the 10 +2 pattern of secondary education will be implemented with effect from the academic session 1973-74. Implementation of the 3 year Degree Course as part of a 10+2+3 pattern will however, be dependent on the acceptance of the same by the Gauhati University .

Free Education up to Class-X:

It has been decided that education will be free for boys also up to class X with effect from the academic session 1973-74. Education has already been made free for girls up to the end of the Higher Secondary Course.

Free & Universal Primary Education:

It has been decided that free and universal primary education for children of the age group 6 to 11 years will be brought about in Manipur by the end of the 5th Five Year Plan (1978-79). Free and universal education for children of the age group 11 to 14 will be brought about by 1980-81. Advance action for achievement of these targets has been initiated.

Board of Secondary Education:

A separate Board of Secondary Education for Manipur has been constituted and it has started working. The first High School Certificate Examination under this Board will be held in April 1973.

Provision of more facilities to Aided College Teachers:

The existing grant-in-aid Rules to private college have been amended for providing more facilities to teachers of Aided Colleges. Provision has been made in the Annual Plan for 1973-74 for matching grants from the State Government to enable the private colleges to lift U.G.C. Grants. Funds have also been provided for grants-in-aid to colleges to enable them to start Science classes.

Higher Education:

The foundation stone for the Jawaharlal Nehru University Centre has been laid at Canchipur. Construction of administrative and academic buildings for the Centre will be taken up in right earnest. Post Graduate Classes in Manipuri, Political Science and Applied Biology have been opened over and above the existing classes in Mathematics, English, History and Economics.

Education Policy:

My Government has constituted a high level Committee of Experts including some top educationists in the country to examine the educational system in the State and recommend a suitable educational policy and organization, which will best serve the interests of education and the social and economic development of the area. A preliminary meeting of some of the members of the Committee was held in Delhi in September 1972.

Comprehensive Educational Survey:

In pursuance of the recommendations of the said meeting, the N.C.E.R.T. has conducted a comprehensive survey of education in Manipur. The high level committee will examine the report of this survey and recommend suitable measures for re-organisation and improvement of education in the State.

The University Grants Commission also constituted a Visiting Team to inspect the colleges in Manipur and recommend suitable measures for improvement in the quality of collegiate education in Manipur. The team visited colleges in November 1972. Their recommendations will be examined by the Govt. and suitable measures taken to bring about improvement in higher education.

Teaching of Science:

A pilot project for the teaching of Science at the school stage under UNICEF Aided Project will be taken up in 80 Schools from the session, 1973-74.

Separate Post Graduate Training College:

A separate Post Graduate Teachers' Training College with a separate Principal and separate staff has been established. The intake capacity of this college has also been increased from 60 to 100. Over and above this, 40 fresh candidates will be given admission for pre-service training during the session 1973-74.

State Institute of Education and Science:

A State Institute of Education and Science is being opened during the current year. This will serve as the academic wing of the Education Department. Training and Research facilities in education and science will be provided in this Institute.

Technical Education:

The Adimjati Technical Institute has now been taken over by my Government and converted into a Government Polytechnic. 16 acres of land have been allotted for it at Takyel for construction of new buildings. Construction of workshop buildings and staff quarters at the new site is in progress. The intake capacity has been raised from 60 to 70. New courses will be opened during the Fifth Plan to cater to the needs of agriculture, industries and Government Departments like the P.W.D. and Electricity.

Stipends and Scholarships:

Action for payment of stipend to deserving candidates for the All India Services like the I.A.S., I.P.S. etc. and the Central Services for attending classes in approved coaching institutions has been taken up by the Government.

A scheme for the grant of research scholarships to deserving candidates for research in the fields of science, humanities, technology etc. is also being taken up.

Youth Services, Sports, Games & Culture:

During the current year a Nehru Yuva Kendra has been inaugurated at Imphal for providing youth services and community services for all sections of youth including non-student youth.

For promotion of games and sports in the state, a stadium is being constructed at Khuman Lampak, Imphal. A regional coaching centre for games and sports has also been opened at Imphal in collaboration with the National Institute of Sports. Five Rural Sports Centres have also been opened at the five District headquarters. The physical education staff has also been strengthened. The 18th All India National Schools (Autumn) Championship, 1972 was held at Imphal in October, 1972.

My Government is also taking action to open a Centre for Manipuri Culture at Imphal.


The publicity organisation has been strengthened and District Offices are being opened shortly. Action is also being taken to open a T.V. Centre at Imphal during the 5th Plan period.


My Government appreciated that the resources for this new State have to be generated through our own effort and took steps with effect from the first September, 1972 to raise certain taxes and duties with a view to make a substantial addition to the State's tax revenues. As a result of this resource mobilisation and that of the centre, our plan outlay was enhanced by about Rs. 17 lakhs. The additional plan outlay, as a result of our own effort, granted by the Planning Commission would be mainly spent on communication and agriculture. My state, however, is spending about Rs. 9 crores on various development schemes this year.

The plan outlay for 1973-74 is expected to hit the target of Rs. 8.91 crores. In addition, an outlay of about Rs. 1.40 crores on the Loktak Lift Irrigation is being considered for being met from a special programme being formulated by the Planning Commission. In order to give an idea of some important projects in the coming year, I may mention the following:-

(i) Expansion of the Potato farm at Mao and the State mechanised farm at Lamphelpat.

(ii) Setting up of 2 sub-stations for research in growing of temperate and tropical and sub-tropical fruits.

(iii) Expansion of the Fruit Preservation Factory at a new site.

(iv) Comprehensive ground water survey to be financed separately by the Government of India outside the State Plan.

(v) Under the Loktak Lift Irrigation Scheme it is expected that with the outlay mentioned above in 1973-74 and some more outlay up to June 1974, about 8000 hectares can be provided with irrigation facilities.

(vi) To reduce the power shortage additional diesel generating sets manufactured by M/S Garden Reach Workshop Ltd., are expected to be received and commissioned shortly. It should be possible to electrify more villages in the coming year.

(vii) Construction work on 25,520 cotton spindles Spinning Mill will be stepped up.

(viii) The Khandsari Sugar Factory, in which trial crushing is proposed to be undertaken shortly, will go in full production in the coming year's season. A Distillery is also proposed to be taken up for execution alongside.

(ix) Surveys for a Vacuum Pan Sugar Factory, Minerals, use of other agricultural products like cinnamon, ginger are proposed to be undertaken through the agency of the National Council of Applied Economic Research.

(x) The Oak Tasar Silk Project which will eventually provide employment to about 10,000 persons directly and to about 1 lakh on part-time basis. It will be taken up for execution from the beginning of the year 1973-74.

(xi) The Sainik School is expected to shift to its permanent site in the coming year. Activities of Manipur State Kala Academy, Board of Secondary Education, the State Institute of Science & Education, Adimjati Technical Institute are proposed to be stepped up.

(xii) Preparation of Imphal Capital Project Scheme to provide for various amenities and services befitting a State Capital is on hand and my Government proposes to submit a scheme in this respect to the Planning Commission shortly.

(xiii) My Government is also contemplating formulation and presentation of certain schemes to be taken up in the coming year as advance action for the Fifth Five Year Plan for which funds are expected to be separately provided by the Centre.

(xiv) An Area Development Programme outside the Plan is also proposed to be undertaken in the Khoupum Valley with substantial outlays.


In addition, my Government has also submitted some important regional schemes and projects to the North-Eastern Council Secretariat for consideration out of the 50 crores allotment made to this Council by the Government of India for the 4th Plan period.

As for the formulation of the 5th Plan, every effort has to be made not only to get an outlay double the size of the 4th Plan but also to present a good case before the Planning Commission for a much larger 5th Plan which should aim at removing the regional imbalances as well as provide for the basic infrastructure so essential in Manipur. We have to make up for the late start in our Statehood and to come up abreast with many other States in this region as well as outside.


My Government held free and fair elections for Imphal Municipality and five notified areas. Elections to the District Council under the Manipur (Hill area) District Councils Act 71 are scheduled to be held during the month of April 1973.


My Government introduced 21 Bills during 1972-73 which were all passed except the Bills relating to the Land Ceiling Law and to the Manipur Panchayati Raj which have been referred to the Select Committee. A particular reference may be made to Shri Govindajee's Temple Act, 1972 which will cater to the proper management of the seva puja of the Deity and of the debutar properties by a Board to be constituted by the Government.


My Government has plans to increase the extension of activity under the Forest Department by opening some new forest divisions and to increase the coverage throughout Manipur. Survey work was undertaken for the enumeration of pine and bamboo for setting up the Paper Mills based on pine and bamboo trees.

The anticipated expenditure during 1972-73 is expected to be of the tune of 12 lakhs. The anticipated physical targets are to cover 460 hectares with plantations. Other expected targets are 460 hectares of economic trees and firewood species, consolidation of 360 of forest, preparation of working plant for 440 of forest, construction/improvement of 10 kms. of Forest Road, extraction of 15000 Electric posts, 4000 railway sleepers and preservative treatment of 400 cubic metres of timber as well as construction of 10 buildings and 2 rest houses and enhancement of growing stock of Teak Gurjan and other economic species on Burma border.


My Government took steps to establish the Regional Medical College at Imphal with effect from 14th September, 1972 with 79 students.

The existing 80-bedded Women's Hospital is being upgraded into 131-bedded hospital and the existing 300-bedded General Hospital is being expanded into 600-bedded Hospital not only to meet the requirements of medical services but also to serve as teaching Hospitals. Similarly the Women's Hospital, T.B.Hospital and the Leprosy Hospital have also been declared as the Teaching Hospitals and these will work under the control of the Principal of the Regional Medical College. A Public Health Laboratory is being established in the General Hospital by the UNICEF which will also extend their assistance to the pediatric Department during1972-73. Churachandpur hospital has already been upgraded to 50-bedded hospital which is also being planned for Tamenglong, Karong, Ukhrul and Jiribam. Similarly, establishment of Primary Health Centre in each Block head quarter and upgradation of the PHCs is closely under consideration.


As on 31st December 1972 there were 42,249 males and 6620 females on the live register out of which placements were made for 562 males and 75 females. A new Employment Exchange was also opened at Jiribam. 4 Industrial Training Institutes are being opened in the 4 Hill Districts with limited number of training courses. The two Hill I.T.Is at Ukhrul and Churachandpur were started from October 1972 and the remaining two I.T.Is at Karong and Tamenglong will be started from the first August 1973.

My Government has so far declared 15 notified areas during 1972-73. Sufficient funds are allotted to these notified areas for implementing development schemes. A master plan for Imphal is under active consideration of my Government. This will be published very shortly for eliciting views of the general public. A draft Town and Country Planning Bill will also be introduced in the Assembly in due course.


Electricity supply position continued to be acute during 1972-73. Efforts were made for purchase of additional Diesel generating sets of the aggregate capacity of 1400 k.w. My Government purchased power from Loktak Project. The Gujarat State Electricity Board has already promised to give us one set of 1060 as soon as the power situation in that state improved sometime in 1973. To improve distribution of power inside Manipur, action is underway for erection of 33 k.v. Ring-main around Imphal and radial lines for Kakching, Litan, Kangpokpi and Moirang.

Under the rural electrification programme the benefit of electricity has been extended so far to 193 villages and all the hill district Head Quarters have been electrified.


So far 2295 kms of roads have been constructed and my Government is trying to reach the target of 2790 kms of roads by the end of 1973 and 2874 kms of road by 1973-74. My Government is also giving special attention for the development of communications in the Hills against a provision of Rs. 165 lakhs for roads in 1972-73. Rs. 287 lakhs have been proposed for 1973-74. Some inter-village roads maintained by the C.D. Department are also being taken over by the P.W.D.

During 1972-73 total anticipated expenditure on buildings will be of the order of Rs. 173 lakhs. Important building projects such as the Medical College, extension of General Hospital, Industrial establishments, Polytechnic at Takyel, Spinning Mill at Loitam Khunou, Ghana Priya Women's College, Sainik School at Pangei and Manipur State Transport Office Workshop at Mantri Pukhri, Khandsari Sugar Factory at Wangbal and Jawaharlal Nehru University Centre have been taken up and some of them have progressed satisfactorily.

To improve 60 year old water supply in Imphal Town, arrangements have been made for construction of reservoirs at Chinga Hill, Chingmeirong and Porompat. Action has also been taken for augmenting water at source by taking Leimakhong water to Shingda. In the current year my Government is planning also to provide water supply schemes to 24 Hill and 26 Valley Villages Water Supply Works at important villages like Moirang, Mao, Maram, Sugnu, Thoubal, Kakching and Pukhao are also in hand and it is hoped that the problem of scarcity of drinking water will be notably relieved.

The failure of rains during 1972-73 created drought conditions. The Irrigation Department took up a number of schemes by way of damming rivers. Bunds have been erected on the Imphal river at Iram Siphai, Sekmai river and Khuga river etc. to enable the cultivators to get water in the fields. My Government has proposed an outlay of Rs. 150 lakhs for minor irrigation schemes during 1973-74 in addition to Rs. 104 lakhs for the Loktak Lift Irrigation Project which would enable lifting of 600 cusecs of water from the Loktak Power Channel for distribution to 60,000 acres of land.


During 1972-73 there was wide spread drought which still continues. This led to scarcity conditions in food grains. The prices soar high. In order to stabilise the prices, my Government distributed 11,000 M.Tonnes of rice and 580 M.Tonnes of wheat. The Government also arranged for procuring and distribution of levy sugar quota. Fair Price shops were opened. In order to meet the deficit during the coming year, my Government is taking necessary steps to procure sufficient quantities of food grains. About 1970 acres of land was allotted to people and agricultural, land improvement, horticulture and Punjab Backward Class loans amounting to Rs. 3,90,000 were distributed during the year. The drought situation, however, continues and the recovery of the land revenues and other Government dues has been adversely affected so far.


I have so far described some of the important land marks in various sectors of Development in Manipur which my Government had taken up.

In order to carry out and implement such a varied programme it was necessary to gradually put our own household machinery in order. Manipur, during the course of years gone by, have passed through a number of administrative changes and the State inherited an administrative machinery which was the culmination of such an evolution. With the attainment of full-fledged Statehood it was not only necessary to oil-up that machinery but also gradually to transform it to suit the requirements of Statehood. The joint All India Cadres of Manipur/ Tripura were accordingly to be subjected to a triennial review to provide for the basic administrative infrastructure. Such a triennial review have rightly provided for a Commissioner for the Hills and a Commissioner for revenue, Land Reforms and taxes. Development being the key note of a Government these days, a Development Commissioner has also been provided. With the positioning of these officers the administrative re-organisation is now being given a shape. The Government continues to suffer however, from the lack of sufficient officers in the All India Cadres and for the delays in recruitment to these cadres from the State Services. I hope that the process of arriving at a final re-organisation with necessary reforms will be completed before long. My Government is also taking steps for the constitution of a Manipur Health Service Cadre and a Manipur Judicial Service Cadre.

The efficiency and morale of the services count enormously towards the stability of any Government and my Government took steps to establish the Manipur Public Service Commission as early as October last year. Simultaneously my Government has reviewed all the rules and procedures for recruitment, promotion and disciplinary action and has evolved necessary revised guidelines and instructions for various Government departments. When implemented, it is hoped that the new rules and procedures will result in greater efficiency, stability and security for the services.

My Government also took steps to set up a Law Commission and a Pay Commission both of which have been functioning in right earnest. The proposal for constituting a Vigilance Commission to meet the requirements for Vigilance is also under consideration and it is hoped that the Vigilance Commission will come up in the ensuing year.


Crime situation remained well under control. There was appreciable decrease in murder, attempted murder, robbery and theft as compared with the previous year.

My Government undertook to raise a new Battalion of the Manipur Rifles to be known as the 5th Battalion, and a part of it is already being raised in the current year. Re-organisation of the District Administration has been receiving attention of my Government and it is hoped that proper administrative infrastructure along with new Police Stations will be accomplished during the coming year. Expansion of Manipur Fire Service to combat rapidly increasing fire risks will be one of the major concerns of the Government in the coming year. The Police earned a number of commendations for extraordinary devotion to duty under different conditions, 8 other ranks were recipients of the police medals for meritorious services during the last year.


Above all I should like to repeat how important it is for the development and growth of Manipur at large and hill areas in particular to ensure the basic requirement of maintaining peace and tranquility. My Government is aware that the political aspirations of the people have already been fulfilled by the attainment of the Statehood and it is expected that the insurgent organisation would dissolve themselves and fall in line with the masses at large in promoting the economic growth and prosperity of this State. I should like to remind again that peace and tranquility is something that should take roots in the minds of all sections of people in Manipur and the fruitless and futile confrontation with the Government forces of law and order should end for good. The politicians, intellectuals, religious leaders and above all the elected representatives should jointly exercise their minds on this most pressing problem of restoring complete security of life and property and maintenance of peace and tranquility particularly in the Hills. The Indian Constitution bestows equal rights and opportunities for all and has no place for violent means, I hope that all patriotic people will exert their maximum pressures for restoration of peace and tranquility in the hills in particular which continue to be disturbed by the senseless insurgency by a few who hold the welfare of the majority to ransom.

I have placed before this House in retrospection a narration of what my Government has been engaged in. I also wish to congratulate the members of this august House for the dignity of manner with which they have devoted themselves to the task of legislation in the service of this State and its people. The people indeed look to this House with great hope and expectation for their overall development and welfare. I have no doubt that this House will seriously devote itself to its task and face the challenge of poverty and backwardness.





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