The Assam Industrial Development Corporation Limited, popularly known as AIDC was established in 1965 by the Government of Assam as one of the industrial implementing agencies in medium and large sector. Today, it stands as the catalyst in all aspects of industrial development of the state, both in public as well as in private sector. Since its inception AIDC has promoted a number of industrial units in the State in state sector as well as in joint/private sector.


The objectives of the Corporation for promotion of industries in the State are:

  • Identification, promotion of medium and large industrial projects in the state.
  • Implementation of the state government’s package of incentives for entrepreneurs.
  • Providing financial assistance.
  • Participation in equity capital in public and private sector undertakings.
  • Rehabilitation and management of sick industries.
  • Providing technical, financial, managerial and consultancy services to entrepreneurs.
  • Development of human resources.
  • Providing infrastructural support.
  • Facilitating export promotion.


Assam Gas Cracker

The Government of India has issued Letter of Intent to AIDC for establishment of a Gas Cracker and Petrochemical complex with 3,00,000 TPA ethylene capacity.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the State Government and M/s Reliance Industries Limited, Mumbai has been signed for implementation of the Project. The Project is to be implemented at Lepetkata in Dibrugarh District of Assam. The gas supply agreement between Oil India Limited and Reliance Assam Petrochemicals Limited has been signed on 19th October, 2000. A similar agreement would be signed between RAPL and ONGC soon for supply of gas. A large number of downstream processing units will come up in the state based on this project.

Aromatic Complex

The Government of India issued a Letter of Intent (LOI) to AIDC for setting up of an aromatic complex based on Naptha produced in the Refineries of the State. The Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Government of India has given commitment/linkage for supply of Naptha to AIDC for the Aromatic Project. The Project cost is estimated at around Rs 440 crores.


AIDC has completed implementation of an Export Promotion Industrial Park (EPIP) at Amingaon near Guwahati in the district of Kamrup at an estimated cost of Rs 14.62 crores. The foundation stone of the project was laid down on 26th December, 1996 and the project was completed and inaugurated on 3-2-2000. The Export Promotion Industrial Park Developed to provide infrastructural facilities of high standard for export oriented units. The basic objectives of EPIP are

  • To build and provide industrial infrastructural facilities in an integrated manner.
  • To encourage growth of export oriented industrial units in the state.
  • To sustain the involvement and interest of the state govt. in building and maintaining such facilities.

The important features of the EPIP are:

·         The park will provide developed plots and industrial sheds with power, water, road sewerage and drainage, telecommunication and other requisite facilities.

  • The park is located at Amingaon within Greater Guwahati and adjacent to Inland Container Depot. The Guwahati Airport is 15 kms away from the state.

The total areas of the park is 68.10 acres and 3 Nos. industrial sheds have been constructed and allotted to 3 Nos. of industrial units and under production. Another 26 numbers developed plots have been allotted to entrepreneurs for setting up their respective units.


Growth Centre at Chariduar (Balipara) District Sonitpur

The Central Govt. has approved setting up a Growth Centre at Chariduar Balipara in Sonitpur district at an estimated cost of Rs. 24.43 crores to be implemented by AIDC. The possession of Government land measuring 500 acres (approx) has already been taken over and the various infrastructural development works are in progress.

Growth Centre at Matia, District Goalpara

An area measuring 550 acres of Government land has been taken over for setting up a Growth Centre at Matia in the district of Goalpara with a project cost of Rs 22 crores. The various infrastructural development works are in progress.

IID Centre at Bhomoraguri/Naltoli, District Nagaon

The Central Government has approved setting up of an Integrated Infrastructure Development (IID) Centre at Bhomoraguri/Naltoli in Nagaon district at a project cost of Rs 510.00 Lakhs. The possession of government land measuring 41 acres has already been taken over. The foundation stone of the project was laid down on 10th January, 2001 and activities for various infrastructure developments have been started.

IID Centre at Dalgaon, District Darrang

The Government of India has approved setting up of an Integrated Infrastructure Development (IID) Centre at Dalgaon in Darrang District at a project cost of Rs 418.00 Lakhs. The possession of Government land measuring 35 acrres has already been taken over and the project works are in progress.

IID Centres in the Offing

Proposal for two IID Centres to be located at Malinibeel (Silchar) and Demow (Sivasagar) are at the verge of sanction from the Government of India. Land measuring 28 acres at Malinibeel and 37 acres at Demow are earmarked for the above projects. The implementation work of these two projects are expected to be commenced by the end of 2001-2002.

Trade Centre at Manchachar, District Dhubri

The Government of India has approved setting up of the Trade Centre at Mancachar in Dhubri district at a project cost of Rs 426.00 Lakhs to be implemented by AIDC. The various project work has been started.


The Corporation has taken steps to establish a Bio-tech park1 at its Industrial Growth Centre, Balipara. The basic objective of this park is to promote sustainable long term development of economic sectors like horticulture, floriculture, medicinal herbs, aquaculture, sericulture etc. with the use of biotechnology. All the above sectors can play a vital role in socio-economic development of the State if proper value addition is administered. The proposed park will serve as a platform for effective transfer of proven technologies to the entrepreneurs in the State. This would include providing the infrastructure, know-how, training etc. required for setting up their own ventures. The Park will also open facilities for development of related sector like bio-fertilisers, bio-pesticides, food processing, pharmaceuticals etc.


The corporation has taken steps for setting up a Herbal Technology Park in the State with an objective of creating integrated infrastructure for preservation, cultivation and extraction of herbal medicines and essential oils. Potential entrepreneurs/established pharmaceutical companies from inside and outside the State shall be allotted developed plots for setting up their trial cultivation cum nursery units and extraction units along with other common infrastructure facilities. This Park will be the first of its kind in the entire country and is proposed to be set up with support from the Central Government.


The corporation has also taken steps for setting up the first Agri-Export Processing Zone in the State under the AEZ Scheme of Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA), Government of India. The following export oriented food processing units are proposed to be set up in the AEP Zone:

·         Banana Pulp and Puree Processing Plant

·         Multipurpose Fruit Processing Plant

·         Tomato Processing Plant

·         Frozen Fruits and Vegetables Plant

Potential entrepreneurs/established industrial houses from inside and outside the State shall be allotted developed plots for setting up the above units along with other common infrastructure facilities.


The corporation has also submitted a proposal to Spice Board, Government of India for its support towards setting up a Spice Park at IID, Bhomoraguri to facilitate high value addition of spices grown in the State/region. The following export oriented units have been identified for setting up in this Park:

  • Spice Oil and Oleoresin Manufacturing Plant
  • Ginger Processing Plant


AIDC has taken up steps to set up a Resorts cum Recreation Centre at Numalijollah, Amingaon near Guwahati to create high standard recreation for tourist considering the high percentage of tourist flow to the region.

The proposed Resorts and Recreation Centre at Numalijollah, Amingaon have been planned to meet the basic requirements and demand of tourists in the gateway of North East i.e. Guwahati in the coming years by creating standard infrastructures like park, boating facilities, swimming pool, Café/Health Centre, Hotel/Cottage etc. with the creation of modern amenities and facilities, it is expected to draw the attraction of tourists as well as meet the increasing demand of food and lodging needs in future.


  • Granite based projects
  • Silk based projects
  • Medicinal herbs and plants based projects
  • Floriculture
  • Ramie based projects
  • Jute based projects
  • Rubber based projects
  • Mushroom


The corporation is implementing the Industrial Policy of the Government of Assam, 1997 for medium and large sector industries through Udyog Sahayak. Udyog Sahayak division of AIDC processes the applications/claims for the following incentives from entrepreneurs.

  1. Power subsidy
  2. State Capital Investment Subsidy
  3. Sales Tax Exemption
  4. Subsidy on generating Set
  5. Equity Participation in the Assisted Sector
  6. Contribution to Feasibility Study cost
  7. Miscellaneous subsidy comprising drawl of power line subsidy, subsidy on fees for procurement of NRDC technology, subsidy on pollution control measures and quality control measures
  8. Subsidy on infrastructure facilities
  9. Manpower development subsidy
  10. Special incentives for pioneer unit
  11. Special incentives for Export Oriented Unit comprising of additional SCIS and special incentives for getting ISO 9000 and BIS 14000 series
  12. Special package of incentives for Women entrepreneurs, Physically handicapped persons and Agro-Food Processing Industries.


The Government of India in December 1997 had announced a separate Industrial Policy for the North Eastern Region. This policy with its synergetic package of incentives was specifically designed to stimulate development of industries so that the region overcomes its continuing backwardness. Major portions of the policy have become operationalised for the State of Assam and Tripura.

According to this Policy, the following benefits are available:

  1. Central Capital Investment Subsidy
  2. Exemption of Excise Duty
  3. Transport Subsidy
  4. Interest Subsidy on Working Capital Loans
  5. Comprehensive Insurance for Industrial Units.


AIDC acts as a financial institution to provide financial assistance for setting up medium scale industries in the State. The corporation operates the Refinance Scheme of IDBI and the Assisted Sector Equity Scheme of Government of Assam to provide to various units under IDBI’s Refinance Scheme and Equity assistance under Assisted Sector Scheme.


AIDC has provided training to entrepreneurs, engineers, Diploma holders etc. under its Human Resources Development programme to create a sound entrepreneurial base and to prepare the technical manpower for competitive environment.

AIDC has trained a number of graduate engineers diploma holders and entrepreneurs as a part of its orientation training programme at EDII, Ahmedabad to create entrepreneurial interest among educated unemployed and new generation of entrepreneurs.




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